Thursday, March 5, 2009

Salesmen not allowed in women's boutiques!

Aziz-o-allah Rajabzadeh head of the State Security Forces – Islamic republic' suppressive police – in greater Tehran said in an interview with the state-run news agency ILNA on Monday that "salesmen are not allowed to work at women's dress boutiques."

"If the police run into such shops will deal with them firmly," Rajabzadeh said.

In a meeting with the Shop Owners Association, the new guild lines were given, Rajabzadeh added.

"In regular patrols, police will clearly inform them that there will not be any salesmen working in the women's dress boutiques. The only male employee allowed will be the casher. The rest have to be strictly women employees," the police chief said.

We will deal with those who violate the dress codes; "shopkeepers and shoppers" are obliged to obey the law, Rajabzadeh commented.

"Likewise, women shoppers going to boutiques must wear in accordance with the law. Police have instructed the shop owners to report violations," Rajabzadeh said.

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