Monday, August 31, 2009

Message of Qaleb Hosseini to workers and worker activists

Coordination committee of workers and worker activists;

As you know, I was arrested on 1 May 2008 for participating in international May day celebrations.

This day that is celebrated everywhere across the world and architects of human progress stop work to call attention to the inequality in the world with solidarity and class unity.

But the people who all have brought to effect all the basis of a civil society through their work and suffering are themselves denied the fruits of their labour.

I, like hundreds and thousands of other workers participated in the ceremony and was arrested for that alone, and after interrogation and trial was condemned to 50 lashes and 6 months imprisonment. On 21 Feb 2009 after the implementation of the 50 lashes verdict, I was transferred to the central prison of Sanandaj for the implementation of the imprisonment verdict.

My loved ones, this is not the first time that the working class is undergoing such a cost to defend its rights and demands, nor will it be the last...more than 150 years have passed since the first worker struggles, the strikes of women weavers of Chicago for the reduction of working hours and an increase in wages. This struggle continues with all its up and downs, workers’ leaders in history have been tortured and executed by capitalist elements.

There is not a day that workers have not been harassed for pursuing their true rights.

There is not a day that we don’t receive news of worker accidents because of work places not being safe and capitalist owners being eager to gain more profit. Every day several workers’ hands and feet are crushed under machines and buried under a ton of stones and soil along with huge explosions from mines. These disasters and crimes belong to a capitalist system!

4My worker friends;

If verdicts of imprisonment and lashes and even the death penalty stand in the way of freedom for the working classes and defending all people's rights for a better life, and exploitation and slavery have become inevitable…if imprisonment and torture should be tolerated for the irradication of poverty, misery, hunger, unemployment, corruption and all social inequalities…if for living a better life full of welfare and comfort one must bear prison and lash verdicts to achieve these human demands, then we must tolerate them.

We demand a world where noone is abused and insulted when seeking a meal to feed him/her self and her/his family and no one would choose crime, terror, corruption and prostitution to have something to eat.

We demand that humans develop freely and equally in a society without poverty and hunger, with freedom of expression and thought far away from exploitation and devoid of slavery – one that is worthy of human life.
In a way, to achieve this human life and for the relief of poverty, prison is better than any palace for us. When we are released and have broken the chains of slavery, with garlands of red flowers around our necks, we will celebrate victory day.

Workers and chain-reactions;

Only by creating autonomous class unions can we provide a platform for creating a worthy life. So we must take steps to make worker organizations and build on them.


Thank you all for your sympathy and concern for me and my family during my arrest and imprisonment and the unsparing efforts that you have made in this regard.

I sincerely thank members of the "Coordination Committee for help in creating work organizations", " Australian Construction Painter Workers", "Women's Council" and all friends and relatives who have been like-minded and caring during the time of my arrest time and upon my release, with their warm welcome, bringing hope alive in many hearts.

Without a doubt making a joyous homecoming for a worker who has been lashed and imprisoned for participating in May Day celebrations is in defense of workers’ demands and in defense of working class dignity and respect. So this worthy tradition that is a symbol of class understanding must be continued.

Finally ,once again my sincere thanks to everyone for welcoming me and all that they have been through in doing so. I dedicate the best of my wishes like the most clear class sentiments to your firm steps. I stand with all loved ones to defend our rights and our classmates’ rights and will do all I can in this path.

Our solidarity, unity and class consciousness are the only guarantees for a workers victory.

Move towards creating working unions.

Be Victorious,

Qaleb Hosseini

Iran Uprising Blogging...Sunday 30th August!

  • Mohammad Khatami : There is no place left for defending the Islamic Republic
Seyed Mohammad Khatami has said that people are waiting for the public trials and prosecution of "the clear and heinous crimes of shooting people and illegal arrests". He also said these recent treatments have left no place left for defending the Islamic Republic. Because of recent events the face of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the world is irrational, violent, incompatible with human and ethical standards. Khatami asserted that the regime had been inattentive to people's votes and even inattentive to its own rules and standards . He has also indicated to the torture and murder that has taken place in the prisons , maintaining that there have been gross discrepancies in post-election events.
  • Zarqami : IRIB's viewers have reduced during the post-election events
Zarqami has announced that TV is not welcomed at people's homes.
Head of IRIB has said that TV viewers have reduced to less than %40 after recent events and the reason is unilateral performance of IRIB.
  • Saeed Mortazavi became deputy of general prosecutor
Sadeq Larijani , Head of judiciary appointed Saeed mortazavi former Tehran's prosecutor as deputy of general prosecutor.
  • Beating and hospitalization of Keyvan Samimi
Despite Sobhani's promis ,security investigator in Tehran branch No.3 due to issue the freedom verdict for Keyvan Samimi ,judge Mortazavi has prevented it to happen so far.
According to Nowrouz reports ,this political activists has had visitors twice in 2 and a half months and has been prevented from having a visit with his lawyer.And despite all the authorities claims about prisoners not being beaten up in prisons Keyvan has told his family in the last visit that he had been beaten up once that they have been forced to hospitalized him in prison's clinic for one day.
  • Summoned a journalist to Intelligence ministry and arrest an other journalist
Masha Allah Shamsolva'ezin , spoke-person of defense from press freedom association summoned to Intelligence ministry and has been threatened not to have any kind of interview with medias.In the past 40 days it was the second time that this prominent journalist has been summoned to Intelligence ministry in regards of interviews.
On the other hand Mehdi Hossein zadeh , journalist and economical analyzer has been in detention for 3 weeks now due to his article about confessions against one of the regime's authorities.
  • Disclose the identity of a murdered girl whom her body has been burned by acid and secretly buried after rape
Saeedeh Pour Aqayee(Amayee) is a young girl whom has been buried at section 302 in Bheshte Zahra in one of the unknown graves.
Saeedeh was the only child of martyr Abbas Aqayee whom has been arrested one night after she was chanting "God is great " on their roof-top by Basij and plain-clothes forces.
Her body had been identified by her mother 20 days after her arrest in a morgue at south Tehran but the authorities had not delivered the body to her mother and secretly buried her and after couple of weeks her family got informed of her secretly burial at section 302.Her family had been threatened not to reveal the truth and just say she has died of kidney disorder which her relatives have claimed that she was not suffireing from any disease and an informed relative disclose the story of her being raped , murdered , burned by acid nad secretly buried.
  • Governor of Tehran : Continue of protests leads Tehran University to be closed for one semester
Governor of Tehran in a letter to Tehran university dormitory management has demanded closure of the Tehran university for at least one semester .This order has issued due to supporting of civil movement by students and chanting "God is great " every night at 10 pm in Tehran university dormitory.
  • Gathering of detainees families in front of Tehran's Revolutionary Court and false promises of authorities
On Sunday August 30th about 120 persons of recent detainees families gathered in front of Tehran's Revolutionary Court and protest against recent events.
These families have been told that their loved ones will be freed till the end of this week but families objected to this talk and told the authorities you had told us earlier that our loved ones would be released before the month of Ramadan and they have not yet so we can not believe you.
This should be mentioned that lots of these families have no source for earning money due to their hhusbands being in jail and have had financial hardship during this period of time.
  • Ahmadinejad's decision for 4 of 9th government ministers to be appointed as ambassadors and manager of nuclear business
Kamran Lankarani ,minister of health in the ninth government to be Iran's ambassador in China .
Zahedi ,science minister in the ninth government to be Iran's ambassador in UAE.
Sadeq Mahsouli ,interior minister in the ninth government to be Iran's ambassador in UN.
Parviz Fattah , minister of power in the ninth government to be authorized person of "nuclear energy export company" which has not been established yet .
  • Workers of "Iran Khodro"company support the strike of "Pars Wagon" company's workers
Workers of Iran Khordo company addressed Pars Wagon workers:
-Right to life is your inalienable right .
-You,not getting paid for several months is an obvious theft.
-Thieves of worker's salary must be dismissed and tried.
-To achieve your true rights , protest and strike are the only ways.
-We welcome your struggle and announce our solidarity with your demands.
-We are standing beside you till you achieve your demands.
-We want all workers , Human rights organizations and worker associations not to leave Pars Wagon workers alone and make governor authorities to respond to their demands.
Long live worker solidarity
Long live Pars Wagon worker's true struggle
A group of Iran Khodro workers

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging...28th and 29th August!

  • Possible Outburst of Iranian Workers
The internet website of “Alef” of Ahmad Tavakoli conservative member of the house warned about the poor economic situation and a possibility of workers protests.
According to this news, 200 thousand workers of 500 factories have not been paid for at least the past 3 months. After pointing to continues protests of Bookan weavers, Dena plastic, Parris and farming and industry of Haft Tappe: During the past month and a half, unemployment has increased by 3% and 1646 workers have lost their jobs.
Dehghan Kia stated: more than 7, 200, 000 workers live in this country, which their salary is imperative to them and they want to know how the central bank thinks that price of meat, chicken, milk, cooking oil, and other items used on a daily basis by families has been cheapened? While the prices of most of used items have increased during the recent weeks, central bank has announced that inflation has decreased 14%.
The main reason to instigate the blue movement is being worried to be able to provide for families, pay rent, pay for kid’s education, food, and health charges.
  • The request of Conservatives Women for Resign of a Woman Minister
The conservative women have asked Ajorloo, prior to being approved by the House of Representatives; put your resignation letter on Ahmadi Nejad’s desk.

Tehran Emrooz wrote: one of this conservative woman said:” there are lots of other experienced and well-deserved women than Ajorloo amongst the conservatives, who could’ve been nominated by AN and easily be approved by the house”.

According to some news, the conservative women are busy these days to get Ajorloo to change her mind and get her to resign. They believe that only Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi has the better chance than the other two women to be approved by the house of the representatives.
  • The plan of social Discipline will begin to work Next Week
After few months since the closedown of some police forces projects; beginning next week, the plans and projects of Tehran police will begin throughout the city.

General Mehdi Ahmadi, chief of the information of Tehran police in an interview with ILNA said: the plan of social discipline to perform law and bring more discipline will begin next week at the area 6 of Tehran. He added: this plan in the previous stages has been performed in different parts of Tehran and during the last stage it was performed at the 3 and 12 areas. According to this news, the chief of fight against drugs in capital has also announced his plan in regard to gather the drug addicts, beginning next week.
The social discipline project begin to work last year and in continues of other plans of police forces and even though, their goal was to bring more discipline and smoothening and helping with traffic, warning and dealing with violators, but the officers of special unit has came to help the police officers with this project.
  • Children Abuse has increased by 4 times in Western Azarbaydjan
The number of child abuse cases has increased 4 times comparing to the same time last year in Azarbaijan Gharbi (city in Northwest Iran). According to Mookrian news agency, Javad Jahangiri the assistant director of social services of Azarbaijan Gharbi by announcing this news said: from the beginning of this year 21 child abuses has been reported to social services of this state, which compare to last year this time we only had 5 child abuse reports. Jahangir stated, majority of child abuse victims are under 13 years, girls under 9 and boys above 9 years old are the cases of child abuse; mental and physical.
He added child abuse cases have been seen mainly at the downtown areas among poor families and due to poverty.
  • Ahmadi Nejad has asked for encounter of Moosavi and Karroubi
Ahmadi Nejad during his Friday prayers speech in Tehran asked for encounter of those whom according to him are the responsible and main sources of post-election incidents. He said: the head responsible people for the unrests should be encounter. Let’s not punish the deceived people only; we shouldn’t let the responsible people walk free and secure.
According to ILNA, he spoke about his re-election and stated: the entire world knows that election in Iran is fair and unlike other democratic countries is not a pre-planned exhibition. Unfortunately some were fooled by the scenarios made by our enemies and doubted the result of election. As result, in the recent incidents some were killed and others wounded.
He added this was an unfair response to the people of Iran and its pure election. About the attack to the university students in Tehran and other inappropriate behavior at the detention centers said: what happened at Kooye Daneshgah and detention centers were also parts of our enemies’ scenarios which were identified and stopped by our forces.
  • A 100,000,000 Toomans ($100,000) of Credit, Promised to each representative whom are about to be approved by the parliament
The nominated housing ministry who is about to get approved by the House of Representatives, purposed a 20 billion Toomans budget for villages.
Website Aiande wrote: Nikzad the assistant director of agricultural ministry, nominated for housing ministry has asked for 20 billion budget for “repair and build mosques in villages”. This weird proposal has been brought up by him in threshold of approval by the House of Representatives, while any budget approval gets reviewed and approved at the beginning of the year. This proposal right before the month of Ramadan and prior to approvals is suspicious of influencing the decisions made by the representatives.
  • The request of Congress representative from Obama: Stop Ahmadi Nejd from Traveling to NY
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, representative of U.S. congress in a letter to Barak Obama president of this country asked him to stop Ahmadi Nejad from traveling to NY and participate in the UN conference. According to news agency of GTI, this representative in her letter claimed, the government of Iran has repressed its people harshly, supports terrorism, and its president has asked for Israel to be wiped off map. Ros-Lehtinen claimed AN’s travel to U.S. can put this country’s security in danger.
  • The sixth Information Ministry with the Duty of building a ministry of 70 Million
Heidar Moslehi who is responsible to build a security ministry of 70 million, is a trusted person by Ahmadi Nejad and one of his closest friends. Ahmadi Nejad in a TV program by introducing his proposed ministers by criticizing the information ministry said information ministry has to be of 70 million.

Ahmadi Nejad has been insisting on building a 70 million ministry; however, he has never clarified that if babies and young kids have to cooperate with the information ministry to be able to make this a 70 million ministry.

Talking about building a 70 million ministry gets even more “deliberated” when someone from AN’s friend circle and student of Mesbah Yazdi is the responsible person to fulfill AN’s wish.
  • Execution of 1367 (1988) were Planned from Months before
At the 21st anniversary of execution of anti Islamic regime, the Iranian human rights in a report announced, group executions of 1367 (1988) were planned before the Fatwa of Ayatollah Khomeini to suppress them. This agency in their report with the name of “deadly fatwa: the execution of Iranian prisoners during 1988” said, we have proof and documents which has been discovered by speaking with the victims family members, which indicates the execution of the last group of anti Ayatollah Khomeini happened prior to the attack of Mojahedin Khalgh to Iran from Iraq during the summer of 21 years a go.
The “deadly fatwa” has been published while Ayatollah Khomeini the current supreme leader and the president during the execution of 1367, has acknowledged to the incidents post election. But the regime opposition believe what has happened recently is not comparable with what took place during the past 20 years.
  • Some news of Mazyar Bahari and Ahmadi Amooi in Evin
Bahman Ahmadi Amooi after 10 days contacted his family via phone and spoke with them. This journalist who was arrested 2 month ago with his wife Zhila Bani Yaghoub, during a phone conversation on Thursday with his family said: his case is supposed to be sent to Revolutionary court next week. According to Zhila, his wife, Bahman is still being kept at an isolated cell.

Foreign ministry of Canada, during a conference in Turkey and in a conversation with Manoochehr
Mataki, foreign ministry of Iran, asked for Mazyar’s realease, an Iranian-Canadian Journalist. According to France news agency, Lawrence Canon told Iran’s foreign ministry “Canada is deeply concerned about Iran’s disrespect of human rights. Maziary Bahri remains in prison with out any proof”.
  • The claim of Khatami’s meeting with George Soros was taken back
Assistant director of Soros had met with close people of Khatami

Javan newspaper took back the claims against Syed Mohammad Khatami and claimed something new.
After publishing the answers of Mohammad Khataami in regard to denying his meeting with George Soros with the presence of Anthony Richter, assistant director of Soro’s Middle East foundation and someone name “Nayer”; a source has given us some new information about the Soros foundation and his assistant director’s travel to Iran during Khatami’s presidency. This source said: They might deny their meeting with Soros, but they can’t deny the fact that Anthony Richter traveled to Iran during Khatami’s presidency. He added Richter met with different ministers and advisors of Khatami such is S.H, M.T, and some other ministers. Richter’s journey to Iran took place under high security watch.
  • The Islamic Republic’s file is opened in the Hague International Criminal Court
International Committee against Execution launched report on current violence in Iran in front of the International Criminal Court in Hague on August 28th. In this conference, Farshad Hoseini, Mina Ahadi, Shiva Mahboobi, Farideh Aarman, Akram Biranvand and Fereshte Moradi participated and discussed the crimes of the Islamic regime during the past 30 years, from murdering and torturing the people to prosecuting underage children, to the terror of political opponents inside and outside of Iran. This gathering took place under a severe rain at 2:00pm. Protestors were holding pictures of the killed people on behalf of dead, victims of torture and rape and political prisoners. In this gathering, Farshad Hoseini, Mina Ahadi, Fereshte Moradi, Saeed Parto and Farideh Arman each gave speech in Farsi, English and Dutch.
  • Time to Prosecute Plain Cloths and Unauthorized forces
The leader of the Revolutionary Guard: trail and investigating crimes of unauthorized forces
Mohammad Ali Jafari leader of revolutionary guard in a news meeting on Saturday morning by refereeing to the supreme leader’s order in regard to investigating the unauthorized forces crimes said: by identifying these people, more than likely they will be put on trial within the next month. He reminded: Basij forces were not involved in an attack to University (Kooye daneshgah), but some plain cloths and unauthorized forces were involved and by identifying them we will take action against them.
  • Students Activist received Starts by their names (Group of Students Deprived from Education)
After announcing the final results of pre-masters exam (similar to GMAT) by all universities of Iran, a group of students who passed the first test with high numbers were deprived from education. According to Amir Kabir, numbers of student activists event though had passed the first test with good numbers were not able to review the grade of their final test. They were addressed with either (failed) or (please report to acceptance committee). This is while the government of Ahmadi Nejad due to the elections, unlike the previous years did not discriminate while choosing majors and during the first round of testing; however, after the election they continued with depriving some of the student activists, despite their good results.
This year another group of student activists were added to students with starts list.
  • Mortazavi got Dismissed
Ayatollah Aamoli Larijani, head of the judiciary in separate orders appointed the judiciary prosecutor, assistant director of judiciary training and the public prosecutor and Tehran. According to ILNA, Ayatollah Aamoli Larijani, the head of the judiciary appointed Hojatol Islam Ahmad Shafii as judiciary prosecutor, Hojatol Islam Ahmad Vaezi Jozie to the assistant director of judiciary training and Abbas Dolat Abadi as a public prosecutor.
  • Kahrizak Detainees had Verdicts/ No one has died at Kahrizak
The chief of the police forces of Tehran in regard to Kahrizak incidents said: Not a single people entered or exit Kahrizak with out a verdict.
According to Mehr news agency, commander Aziz Alloah Rajab Zadeh on Saturday amongst the news reporters said: 140 of the detainees during the recent unrests due to not having enough space in other prisons were transferred to Kahrizak detention center, which all were kept in this detention center for 3 days. He stated, no one was killed at Kahrizak, and a committee has been appointed by the information ministry to investigate the incidents of Kahrizak, which were are still waiting for the results of this investigation.
Rajab Zadeh in answer to a question about the attack to university (Kooye Daneshgah) said: police forces didn’t have a negative role in this incident.
  • Arrest of another Teacher in Saqhez
Last week, Hamed Donyaie the principle of Imam Khomeini high school of Saghez was arrested by the security forces and there is no information about the his charges or his situation. It is vital to add that he is one of the social activists and a previous head of the education of Zevie. During the past few weeks we have witnessed extensive arrest of teachers in this area.
  • Bloody clash between the Armed forces and Citizens Kurdistan
Protests after the murder of a young adult by the police forces ended in clashes. On Thursday Shahrivar 5th (August 27th), police forces of Kolber killed a young adult name “Samet Kheder Rasool” at the Sawan of Sardasht. Following the murder of this young adult, the people of “Dawdawa, Mam Kawa and Sawan” villages whom were extremely angry about the death of Samet gathered in front of the sentry post of Sawan, which due to unknown reasons it ended in clashes between the people and police forces. The commander office of this sentry post was killed and few others were wounded. After the fight between the people and police forces, help troops were sent to this area. This fight ended in bloody repression of the people and arrest of some. It is essential to know that during the past few days the village of “Darman Awa” of Sardasht clashes happened between the people and police forces, in which the police forces with an excuse of smuggling items attacked people’s houses and after opening fire on people a girl name “Goolala Salimi” was wounded severely.
  • Continues Pressure on Shadi Sadr
Even though Sobhani, the prosecutor of branch 2 of security court in Tehran has issued the reclamation verdict of Shadi Sadr and her family’s belongings; the authorities of section 209 Evin prison are not executing this order. According to Meidan Zanan, her lawyers have been to the Evin prison twice but they have not been successful yet. This report also indicates that after the release of Shadi Sadr on Mordad 6th (July 28th) on a bail of 50 million Tooman ($50,000), she has been bothered and under pressure by the unknown calls at her house and her workplace. Sahdi Sadr was arrested on Tir 26th (July 17th) at Keshavarz Blvd. The security officers took her mobile phone along with her camera which were in her purse, and afterwards went to her house and took her identity card, work documents hard drive of her, her husband and her kids’s computer.
  • Kaveh Rezaee sentenced to 18 months in Prison
Kaveh Rezaee who is finishing his first days in army services, has been sentences to 18 month in prison by the revolutionary court of Karaj. According to Azadna, Kaveh Rezaee member of Islamic committee of Booali Sina university of Hamedan and a member of 1 million signature campaign was dismissed from this university at the beginning of 1387 and at the end of the same year was arrested by the security officers of Hashtgerd and was transferred to Hamedan information office. He was released after 90 days and by 50 million Toomans ($50,000) bail. He was arrested last week by the Hashtgerd security officers, but was released on bail after 48 hours.
  • Some of detainees visited their Family members
According to the wife of Mostafa Taj Zadeh, she was finally allowed to visit her husband after close to 80 days. Visit of families of 5 reformists with their loved ones happened in person and with conversation. According to Parliament news agency, Fakhrol Sadat Mohtashami poor stated:” from Wednesday until now and after the promises made by the public prosecutor of Tehran, to allow the political prisoners to visit with their families; family of Mr. Mirdamadi, Tajzade, Ramezanzadeh, Safaie Farahani and Noroozi visited them in person.

She was not allowed to visits her husband by the order of Tehran prosecutor, stated:” In his visit with his parents, Mr. Tajzadeh was in a good physical and mental condition. The only concern is his neck arthritis pain due to long and tiring investigation during the first few weeks of his arrest.
  • Families of Recent Unrest Detainees gathered in front of Revolutionary Court and Evin Prison
According to received news, on Saturday Shahrivar 7th (August 29th) close to 100 family members of the detainees, gathered in front of Evin prison and revolutionary court and asked for the release of their loved ones. Majority of family members have been to Evin and revolutionary court for more than 70 days. They have been sent back and forth between judiciary, public prosecution, Evin and revolutionary court. Today the family members were even angrier and according to them they are fed up with this situation.
To get rid of families, they have been told by the officers of Haddad office to announce a representative among themselves and write a letter with their demands and they will investigate, then on so and so date come and get your answers. But up until now, the representative of families has not been allowed to go to Hadad’s office.

Below is the new list of detainees of Iran’s uprising:

  • Ali Naseri 25, bachelors in Language. Arrested on Monday Mordad 26th at Zand ST, transferred to Evin.
  • Mehdi Goodarzi 19, computer student, arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th and transferred to Evin.
  • Navid Agha Mirza 28, arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Amir Aabad and transferred to Shahpoor detention center and then to Evin
  • Ramtin Samavati 29, bachelors in agricultural. Arrested on Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Video from Archive
  • Political Prisoners in Exile reports: Opressors of the Islamic Republic have banned today’s Khavaran ceremony according to reports from Tehran, Friday 6 Shahrivar (28 August). In recent weeks families have been put under pressure and warned against going to Khavaran Cemetery to mark the 21st anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners at the mass grave. Today the agents of the oppressive regime brought to siege Khavaran and the surrounding area and did not allow anyone entry to Kahavaran Cemetery. We hereby give notice of this to all. It was reported that we went to Khavaran as planned and there was a large crowd there.

Security forces occupied the entire Khavaran road and would not allow entry to Golzar. They arrested anyone who protested or insisted on their right and discarded their identity cards. The forces aggressively blocked any gathering of the families. The families gathered in dispersed groups near their cars. From time to time forces on motorbikes attacked them, trying to disperse them further and make them leave the area. Many of the families hadn’t come at all. One of the mothers explained that many of the mothers, wives and sisters of the deceased had been called to the intelligence ministry and after interrogation were warned not to commemorate the anniversary and not to go to Khavaran.

A number of families were called and warned that if they attended the ceremonyor marked the occasion they would be responsible for whatever occurs there. It has been said that next of kin of others such as Nasser Zarfeshan had also been contacted and banned from going to Khavaran. After losing all hope of entering Khavaran Cemetery, I and members of some other families took the flowers that we had brought with us and placed them alongside the road. A group of people stayed as we were leaving in the hope that they could enter after the forces had left. The main gate of Khavaran Cemetery remains closed and noone can enter.

Last week a few people from the families had gone to Khavaran to leave flowers on the graves of their loved ones. To enter Khavaran you must use the gate above via the Bahai cemetery. It is said that all the trees that had been planted in Khavaran are now dry and shriveled.

Iran Uprising Blogging...Thursday 27th August!

  • Khamenei : in the post-election events some crimes took place , we encounter but no need to propaganda
Supreme leader on Wednesday evening and in a group of university students said : in the post-election events some crime have happened in Kahrizak and Tehran university dormitory and have caused some people to die .Since the very first day we ordered to encounter with the authorized people whom are responsible in those crimes but there is no need for it to be on media.He continued : some people ignore the huge injustice which happened to people and regime and pretend that the main disasters are the crimes that have taken place at Kahrizak and Tehran university dormitory while this though ,itself is injustice and not fair.
  • Abdolfattah Soltani released
On Wednesday August 26th ,Abddolfattah Soltani ,a prosecution lawyer was released after 72 days being in jail.He has been released on 100 million Toomans(appr USD 100,000) bail bond.
  • Tajzadeh demanded Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani to be put on trial
Mostafa Tajzadej ,member of Participation party who has been arrested during the post-election riots , while accepted most of his charges and accusations ,several times indicated to effective role of Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani in planning and organizing the recent riots and has requested for him to be arrested and prosecuted as well.
  • Kamyab private sugar-cube factory workers protest to not getting paid
On Thursday about 20 of Kamyab sugar-cube factory workers in Khomeini Shahr city gathered in front of governor's office in Khomeini Shahr and protested over not getting paid for three months .Kamyab factory is the only private factory in the city and however it got some financial hardship but the primary materials for produce are available in factory and workers want to get back to work. Due to this protest a meeting held by the presence of workers representatives , governor's office authorities ,police and jon office to follow-up on this matter .
  • Acute physical condition of a prisoner student ward 209 of Evin prison
Mahsa Naderi 19-year-old student of Qom Mofid university is suffering form Severe discomfort in kidney and bladder infection.She has been in jail for almost 6 months now and 3 of these months has been in solitary and under severe tortures.Now she needs to use toilet freely but she is not not allowed to and even they don't let her to buy liquids to drink due to her physical condition.
  • Italian lawyers call against the violent repression in Iran and for respect to basic human rights of Iranian citizens
We announce our support ans sympathy for Iranian people due to violent repression , arresting and threats which have happened from government side and its oppressive forces after June 12 election.
Italian democrat lawyers will not withhold their supports for people who showed their objection in peaceful protests .We condemn any kind of violence against human and human basic rights .
  • Arresting of some election political activist in Mashhad
Farshad Azizi member of Mirhossein Mousavi campaign in Mashhad and Seyed Hasan Ahmadnejd member of student branch of Khorasane Razavi Participation front and some other election political activists have been arrested since Monday in Mashhad and have been transferred to an unknown detention.
  • Shahou Mohammadi ,Marivani student of Mashhad university got fired
Shahou Mohammadi ,final year degree student of genetics at Neishabour branch of Mashhad university deprived from education and fired from university.He has been accused of act against national security and condemned to three years imprison , He is in Sanandaj jail now.
  • Iranian Revolutionary Guards will buy Telecommunication Company of Iran in 20 days

Largest trading in Iran bourse history will be held at September 9th and corporation foundation of Iranian Revolutionary Guards has got some plans to form a consortium in this big deal and buys the share of 1+50 percent of Telecommunication Company of Iran.
Share of Telecommunication Company of Iran were supposed to transfer to private section previously and for 3 times but every time postponed with an excuse.
  • Strike of Pars wagon-making factory workers
workers of Pars wagon-making factory following the tension with owners and managers of factory about their delayed salaries , it is 5 days that have been on strike and on Tuesday August 25th they sat on the ground in the factory yard and blocked the entry gate of factory and prevented managers to get in .But the authorities threatened workers and specially who were on contract and even the permanent ones but despite of all threats they could not make workers to get back to work .They even promised to pay-appr USD 250-to each one for now while workers must be paid an amount of appr USD 1500-2800 .Workers announced that if factory managers continue their provocative decisions they will protest more serious .
  • An other killed person in recent events was buried in Kermanshah
Yesterday noon Mohammad Javad Parandakh an other killed in recent events was buried in Gilan-e Qarb in Kermanshah province.He was post graduate student in petroleum at Isfahan university who had participated in post-election protests in Isfahan.Bsed on unconfirmed news he was arrested by security forces and after few days his body was delivered to his family at morgue .At his funeral people chanted some protesting slogans and right now the city is under security atmosphere .His family also been told and under pressure by security organization not to hold ceremonies for him and announce car crash as the reason for his death .
  • Inhuman and heavy verdict for prisoner student
Hasan Tarlani 22-year-old student condemned to inhuman verdict of 10 years imprison and exile to Kerman prison.This verdict announced to his family and his lawyer on Tuesday August 25th .He is a political prisoners and had been accused of act against national security, propaganda against regime and Moharebe(fight against God) but he has denied all the these accusations.He also accused of relation with MKO.
  • Several worker activists from Sanandaj and Kamyaran summoned to court

Shaou Hossein Panahi whom had been summoned to court in relation of holding may day ceremony in Sanandaj this year , put on trial for third time.
On the other hand on Thursday August 27th 4 of coordination committee members afshin Nadimi , Kaveh Gol MOhammadi , Sho'aib Saberi and Azad Monirinia after two days of interrogation and mental and physical pressures in intellignce office transferred to Central prison of Sanandaj city.
Mehrdad Sabouri Member of coordination committee and Reza Gol Mohammadi and Farouq Moniri Nia have been released but on Saturday August 29th they have to be in the court of Kamyaran city .

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging...Wednesday 26th August!

  • Office of Hasehmi Rafsanjani: A Complicated Conspiracy to Induct Discrepancy among the Parts of the Islamic Regime
After the recent statements made by Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, the Expediency Discernment Council published an announcement in which they insisted on denying his statement and warned: despite the hard work of well-known characters of the regime in calming the atmosphere down and standing up against the conspiracies of external enemies; there seems to be a complicated conspiracy to induct discrepancy among the part of the Islamic regime and adding up to this conspiracy will add more disappointment in the society.

Below is the complete text of this statement:

Following the publish of Mr. Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie statement, made among the head member of Yarane Khorshid committee, some websites and news agencies; by relating the timing and the place of where the statement was made, and also by looking at the person who has made the statement itself is a clear evidence that his statement is nonsense. However it is necessary to explain parts of his statement to inform the head of the president’s office and also for public clarifications.
Surly, saying sentences such as “Mr. Hashemi was inclined to put pressure on the supreme leader by using people’s support”, is one of those misgivings sentences, which the supreme leader has asked everyone to avoid.
The background of Mr. Mashaie in “incorrect and ignorant statements” is so obvious which doesn’t require any answer. Parts of Mr. Mashaie’s statement are repeat of the president’s speech in one of the presidential debate, which was criticized by the supreme leader at the Friday prayers after the election. Accusation of having contact with a foreign authority in the first 6 months of presidency is a claim which needs to be reviewed and to and dealt with in a fair court.
May the great god would give justice and fairness as part of human being’s essence to all, and especially the authorities.
  • Terrifying Arrest of a University Student and his Torture in Prison

According to Amir Kabir news agency A.G. Student of Ferdosi Mashhad University was stolen on Tir 23d at the Poonak area in Tehran by the police forces. He was beat down and insulted by indecent language, tied down and was taken to an unknown place. Police forces along with plain cloths officers, with out presenting an arrest warrant took him into custody and transferred him into a place which was unknown to him.

This student was transferred from an unknown place to Evin prison after one week. During this time he was kept at the isolated cell in prison. According to Amir Kabir news agency, despite the severe injuries and broken face and hand fingers, prison officers did not allow him to be treated by the doctors in prison.
He was interrogated blind folded at all time. Also interrogators with black mask on their faces tortured him viciously. During his detention time, the officers would accuse him with many charges such as; Moharebe (fight against the god), connection and cooperation with foreigners, attempt against the national security, leading disturbance and damaging public properties.
This student was recently released by 50 million Toomans ($50,000) bail for treatment.
  • A member of Special Committee Revealed: Rape with Baton and Coke Bottle

A member of special committee of researching post election incidents stated:” Rape with baton and cock bottle against some of the detainees of post election incidents has been confirmed by us”.
According to Parliament News, this member of the house who did not want his name to be revealed said:” unfortunately some of the post election detainees were raped with baton and coke bottle and this has been confirmed by our committee”. He added:” we don’t have reliable evidence of detainee’s rape; however, this will not change anything. Once our report is complete, we will turn it in to head of the house and other authorities”.
  • Khatami Denied any Connections with George Soros

Following the publish of statement made by one of the detainees of post election incident during yesterdays’ trail, the office of Hojatol Islam Syed Mohammad Khatemi, by publishing an announcement denied the statements made about him.
According to Mehr news, the statement is as follows: During the political incidents after the election, unfortunately we are witnessing immorality in publishing accusations to fulfill the purpose of destroying the image of effective characters in the society.
This unfair and destructive process and especially during the recent weeks and days, news and incorrect accusations about Mr. Syed Mohammad Khatami has been obvious through out the confessions, trials and via the news agencies, websites and from writing and statement made by some of the detainees. One of the detainees has claimed that Mr. Khatami has connections with someone name “George Soros”.

It is imperative to know in what situation this confession has been made and if they are reliable. At the same time we announce that such claims and statements are lies and far from truth. It is time to ask the authorities to stop such immoral acts and lies which can damage the regime before even damaging the person’s character.
  • Kazem Jalai: Chief Editor of Etemade Meli Asked for Karroubi’s Arrest
Mohammad Ghoochani the chief editor of Etemade Meli newspaper who has been in prison for a while, asked for Karroubi’s arrest.

According to Jahan news agency, Kazem Jalali member of the special committee of the house to research the reason of the recent arrests, by pointing to his last visit with Mohammad Ghoochani said: Ghoochani by admitting to writing Karroubi’s statements sated; the subject and text would come from Karroubi and his advisors, I would only write/type the statements. He is very sorry for his arrest and said:” the main guilty person is Karroubi, go and arrest him whatever his charges are I would accept half of it”.
It is essential to know that Karroubi had published some statement during and after the election about dishonestly in election and it seems like Mohammad Ghoochani is pointing to these statements.
  • Statement of Iranian Writers club in regard to Revealing Rape of Detainees

The Iranian writers club has asked for revealing the truth by the victims of rape to fight against this inhuman behavior.

According to basic human rights or even the constitutions of the current regime, unless the crime of the person has been proven in the court; punishing this person is ignoring his human rights. In a simple sentence, even an accuser can’t be deprived from his human rights. If we don’t want to speak about the previous regime, it has been 30 years we have been witnessing violation of prisoner’s rights and especially political prisoners before proving their crimes in court. An example and obvious violation and trample of basic human rights is the rape of recent incident detainees which has been the center of debate of public. However, rape of the political prisoner to break them and force them to confess against themselves is not limited to the recent incidents. There are many reports which indicates this type of behavior against the political prisoners and especially the prisoners of (60’s) which with out doubts needs to be investigated.

The sad part is the fact that the torturer freely torturer and rapes the prisoner, but the prisoner is too ashamed to share what has happen to him/her with anyone. In fact the torturer who commits such inhuman and shameful act, by relying on denial of the victims uses the same method to make them surrender. Fortunately people have been witnessing that the victims of rape bravely and morally reveal the fact to public and are not afraid of doing so, which is an honorable act towards introducing and punishing the guilty people who are responsible for violating such human rights.

The Iranian writer club has previously asked for punishment of all those who are responsible in violating human rights in any place or position. We are welcoming this movement of detainees and especially the young victims of rape and we are informing them that revealing truth in public will not take away from their characters; instead it will help the society to clear up these types of infected glands. These youngsters must know, they live in the heart of every free and honorable people, and the society will embrace them with open arms and rewards them with flowers.

Revealing sexual harassment and rape is another fetter of freedom of speech.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging...Tuesday 25th August!

  • Swedish artists demand their prime minister to help current plight of iranians

  • Possibility of referral the Iran judicial(criminal)case to security council in an interview with Abdolkarim Lahiji
Deutsche Welle : Dr. Abdolkarim Lahiji Iranian lawyer and resident of France says:" crime against humanity" has a specific legal definition and right now by referring to that definition,it is not possible to demand a judicial follow-up in international courts for people who have caused the recent events in Iran. But he says : there is a possibility of bringing up the Iran case in UN General Assembly that is to be held in the month of September . Lahiji also believes , criminal case of Iran can be send to UN Security Council.
  • Nightly lobbies to get vote of confidence for new cabinet
Secular news : Mottaki has the maximum and Najjar has the minimum vote in Parliament national security commission.
By re-opening of parliament after summer holiday,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls representatives in groups to go to his office and talks to them about the new cabinet and the proposed ministers . These nightly meetings are holding while earlier Ahmadinejad had not accepted for consultations with representatives in regards of choosing the ministers.
He tries to get their votes of confidence for his proposed ministers and representatives believe that he should have talked to them before he 'd choose the ministers.
  • General Jazayeri's statements against Mirhossein Mousavi and his organization
Secular News: General Masoud Jazayeri without declaring Mir Hossein Mousavi's name explicitly ,stood-up against his new organizations.
Cultural and defense advertising deputy of armed forces organization by indicating to creation of crisis during the presidential election and put some of the factors on trial and condemning the process of velvet coup , demanded for disclosing and trial of other disturbance factors and said : those who their betrayal reputation is pervasive must not claim for forming group and party.
  • Saeed Hajarian and Saeed Shari'ati resign from Participation front party
Saeed Hajarian and Saeed Shari'ati during their defensed at hearing court of defendants of velvet coup case ,officially resigned from Islamic Iran Participation party.
  • Report on encountering Tehran Bus Union
Human rights reporters committee : verdicts of worker's activists whom had been fired by Tehran bus company from work canceled by court of administrative justice's verdicts.Public board of the court of administrative justice with the maximum votes has canceled all workers dismissed verdicts and sent their files to employment organization reconsidering.The only member of Tehran Bus Union who is still in jail is Mansour Osanlou.
  • Representative's visit to part 302 and dismissal of managing director of Behesht-e Zahra
While Nowruz news site informs about dismissal of Mahmoud Rezaeian ,the managing director of Behesht-e Zahra , Parleman news has informed about representative's visit to part 302 of Behesht-e Zahra.Mahmoud Rezaeian have been working as managing director of Behesht-e Zahra for 18 years.
  • Decision of early release of "St. Petersburg" movie by Behrouz Afkhami caused the sanction of Fajr film festival to be started
Behrouz Afkhami in an short interview has said that : I don't know when this movie will be ready for releasing but possibly it would be before Fajr film festival because I'm reluctant to participate in the festival.
  • Hashemi Rafsanjani ,Friday Imam of Qods day
Keyhan newspaper in a news about appointment of Hojatoleslam Kazem Sediqi as the temporary Friday Imam of Tehran denied the rumors about Hashemi Rafsanjani's replacement with Sediqi on Qods day and wrote Tehran Friday prayers on Qods day will perform by Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani.
  • Azad university denied the statement of recent events defendants about this university
Secular News: Islamic Azad University following the statement of 2 of defendants in hearing trial of the Tehran recent event's case denied their statement about Islamic Azad University and spending any money to support any of presidential candidates.
  • 3 of police chiefs charged with participating in murders at Kahrizak detention
A reliable source informed about issuing a heavy indictment for 12 of police personnel including 3 of police chiefs with the charge of participating in murders.However there is no news about violating judge trial who is named as the main factor of Kahrizak disasters.
  • Protest gathering of detainee's families in front of similarly court
Based on received news to human rights and democracy activists in Iran from 9.00 am yesterday and simultaneous with holding the similarly court ,families of detainees gathered in front of the court and objected to this similarly trial . Till 10.30 am the number of protesters was more than 160 and repression forces and their threats could not disperse families .
  • Second declaration of a group of killed people's families in 80's

Let's hold the remembrance ceremony of murdered people during 30 years killings of Islamic regime in Khavaran cemetery.

Thirty-one years have passed since confiscation of the revolution.The governing Islamic regime in all these thirty-one years and uninterrupted has been doing repression, imprisonment, torture and executions and still is. Anti-revolutionary repression system of regime without any sensitivity to «family» type differences which sometimes have been too noisy , just has continued its anti-revolutionary and anti-democracy path and has been a beyond-faction tool for protecting regime and suppressing opponents.

But in the last 31 years and in two different periods of opponent's killing and torture has showed that this regime is worst than the previous ones in Iran.Once in 80's which with the excuse of war was able to massacre and eradication in a 10 years attack and in its peak point in 1988. massacred and eradicated and the other in the past 2 months : when people after 30 years and by deepening of the gap between government factions were able to bring their cries on the streets and roof-tops and demand for recapturing their revolution.

By passing 30 years of the Islamic government and despite the deepness of faction gaps , the repression system again does what he did to its opponents 30 years ago : repression , prison,torture , rape, execution,confession shows and making judicial case for opponents...but this time because regime aim was more about scaring the opponents , enforcement of brutality and medieval tortures was worst than any other previous fascist regimes.

If news of 80's massacres particularly group killing of prisoners in 1988 heard less in the world and many of "human rights defenders" organizations and " democracy defenders " governments had shot their mouths,this time and because of people loud screams , popular news coverage ,public opinion pressure and developed forces across the world ,there is no power that can ignore the people's cries even some of the Islamic regime elements .But regardless of who are supporting these cries , the modality of these cries are not different from the breaking cries of 80's : all of them are demanding freedom and justice .But despite of all these cries and public opinion pressure , the Islamic regime repression machine is doing the same thing that it did to opponents in 80's .So Islamic regime and its repression machine is standing against all of us , we all are from the same family .Our pains and desires are same and have shouted the same cry.

We families of killed people in 80's during all these years have been in the most difficult situation and know that if this routine continues what has happened to us will happen to the recent killed families as well.
They kidnapped , tortured and executed our loved ones.We didn't know any thing about time of their trial and did not see the people who put our loved ones on trial and did not understand what was their charges.Their testaments were not given to us neither their bodies and were not told about their burial places .After a long time of search we were told that our loved ones have been buried in individual or group graves at Khavaran or similar cemeteries in other cities.

Today opponents are being killed on streets by baton or bullet or being faced in official or non-official prisons by the most brutal tortures and rape and if we are lucky we can take their bodies back.During this period they harass us (families of detainees) like our loved ones.We've been deprived from studying and fired from work places and closed any way on us for any kind of progress and develop.

Our families torn apart and meanwhile some of the family members went mad or had serious disease.Some forced to leave their country and suffer from depression , poverty and disease.
The survivors of recent killings are not allowed to cry for their loved ones or talk about them.They are being threatened and a way to cemetery is being closed to them.The same thing that happened to survivors of 80's killing ,now is happening to them.

Even they closed the way to the graves that they ,themselves had given us their location.There was a time that they closed the gates of Khavaran cemetery .some other time and with an other excuse they plowed the land and planted trees instead of graves.

We were even banned to hold funeral ceremonies in out homes . We and our children were threatened and arrested .They attacked to the ceremonies that we had held in our homes and out families under pressure no to hold nay ceremony at home.And isn't the same thing happening today?

So we-some of the 80's killed families- invite the freedom demanders to gather at Khavarn on Friday August 28th ,9.00 am and in 21st anniversary of prison's massacre and sympathy with survivors of 80's killings and recent event killings .

Our gathering demands are as follows :
  1. The people who caused the 80's killings to put on trial , particularly group executions in 1988 and repression ,killing ,torture and rape in recent events.
  2. Announce the names of 80's buried people at Khavaran cemetery and also names of killed nad arrested people in recent events.
  3. Unconditional release of all political and ideological prisoners
  4. Cancellation of execution verdict for any crime and torture under any situation and condition
  5. To deliver the indictment of political convicts and executed people during these 30 years and revealing the reason for their execution
  6. To get the testaments of executed people
  7. Recognition of burial place for executed people during the 30 years of Islamic governing in Tehran and other cities and unconditional delivery of recent events killed people to their families and permission to hold ceremony in their homes or in cemetery.
  8. permission to put grave-stone on the graves
  9. To put the people who ordered for destroying Khavaran and similar cemeteries in other cities on trial and harass the survivors during all these years .
  10. To bring back the citizenship rights to the families and stop any kind of social ,political ,cultural and economical deprivation and limitation from them
  11. Acceptance and keeping the Khavaran and other similar cemeteries in other cities as historical evidence by local and international organizations.
17 August 2009

International Committee against Execution

  • Invitation to press conference
International Committee against Execution launches report on current violence (List of 100 killed by Government and situation of political prisoners) in Iran

International Committee against Execution is holding a press conference to launch its new report 100 killed faces and thousands tortured bodies: the publication of the list of a hundred people killed in the recent revolutionary movement and in exposing the crimes and torture and rape of Political Prisoners by the Islamic Republic. The report looks at the names and details of 100 people killed and giving out a report of the recent killings, reports on the numbers and status of the Islamic Republic jails and political prisoners and moving and documented reports on torture and rape of the Political Prisoners by the eye witnesses are read out so as to make the world public opinion aware and demand prosecution and trial of perpetuators of this Islamic Holocaust in front of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

11:00 – 13:00 Friday 28 August 2009
BV Perscentrum NieuwspoortAdres:
Lange Poten 10
2511 CL's-Gravenhage, Den haag
  • Mina Ahadi, Head of the international committee against stoning
  • Farshad Hoseini Head of the international committee against execution
  • Freshte Moradi, executive committee of against discrimination.
  • Shiva mahboobi, Executive committee for freedom of political prisoners.
  • Farideh arman, Woman rights activist whom her husband killed by Iranian regime.
  • Akram Beyranvand, Ex-political prisoner writer of a book Yalda (De schrijver van de langste nacht)
  • And someother victims.

We will be available for interviews in English and Dutch and German.

For more information, please contact Farshad Hoseini, on number +31-(0)633602627, or by email:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging...Monday 24th August!

  • Families of Recent Unrest Detainees continued with their protest in front of Revolutionary Court and Evin Prison
Human rights and democracy activists: According to received news, the families of Iran’s uprising detainees continued with their protest in front of revolutionary court and Evin prison and asked for their loved ones release.

On Monday Shahrivar 2nd (August 24), more than 150 family members of the detainees gathered inside and outside of the visit rooms of Evin prison. The reason for the families gathering was due to the news of burial of many of unknown bodies at Beheshte Zahra graveyard. Families asked to visit with their loved ones.

Employees of this unit of the prison begun with reviewing the visitor’s cards from 9:00 am; however, they didn’t allow most of the families to visit. Family members were very angry and worried, especially since their loved ones used to call them, but it has been 2 weeks since hey haven’t been in touch with them. Families were told, until the end of their trails they will not be able to visit, which made them even angrier. The employees told the families, it is not in their hands and they should go and speak with Mortazavi (Tehran’s prosecutor) or Salarkia to get permission to visit. In response, families would curse Mortazavi, Khamenei and all their followers.

Some families, after not being able to get any answer went by the revolutionary court. Today 60 family members gathered in front of the revolutionary court to get news of their loved once.

Below is the list of some other detainees of Iran’s uprising:
  1. Mohammad Yazdan Parast 30, self employee. Arrested on Monday Mordad 12th at Vanak. Transferred to Evin prison
  2. Khosro Mardani 25, computer student. Arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th around the Mosala area. Transferred to Evin prison.
  3. Hosain Ehsanifar 24, bachelors in agricultural. Arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Enghelab Sqr. Transferred to Evin prison.
  4. Amir Yahyavi 27, bachelors in law. Arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Amir Aabad. Transferred to Evin prison.
  • CIA’s Report of Tortures in United States Prisons
Today Central Intelligence Agency will publish a new report, which indicates details of tortures against recent year’s prisoners in the secret prisons of this agency. According to radio voice of America, in this report which will be published by the head inspector of CIA, the way of interrogation; such as fake executions and “water boarding” or drowning in water has been extremely criticized. This report which was collected and completed back in 2004 remained confidential. This report indicates events where the detained person believes someone has been shot, and he is next. Fake death and making the prisoners believe they are about to be executed is illegal in U.S. Nashiri is one of the at least 3 CIA prisoners whom has been tortured by “water boarding”. Even though this method of interrogation was approved by the ministry of justice back in 2002, president Obama and U.S. public prosecutor has banned it as a method of torture.
  • Fars: Court will review the charges against head members of Mosharekat Party
  • Jahan: Hajaryan tomorrow in Court
Fars: The fourth trail of responsible agents of recent disturbance will take place while according to some sources the trail of reviewing charges against heads of Mosharekat party will be televised. The original court date was suppose to be on Wednesday Moradad 24th (August 12th) which was postponed by the request of defense attorneys of accusers. During the past 3 court sessions; cases of reformists, members of small hypocrite groups, embassy agents and some street disturbers who were arrested during the recent unrests were reviewed. First session was on Mordad 10th (August 1st) and the second session was on Mordad 17th (August 8th) and the third session was on Mordad 25th (August 16th). During these sessions accusers by confessing to charges against them tried to present a defense case with the help of their defense lawyers. On Sunday August 23rd, Mosharekat party published another statement; accused the government and denied the confession of its members.

Jahan website wrote: In the 4th court session, faces such as Saeed Hajaryan will be presented to defense him self against the charges. According to a reliable source, due to bad physical situation of Hajaryan, at first his wife was suppose to read the defense text along with his letter of dispense from all political activities. But due to the affects of this letter and to show that the letter is not that important, Hajaryan’s daughter in an interview with Doiche Vele claimed that someone else will read the letter prepared by some secret people.
  • Conviction of a Citizen in Kurdistan to 3 years in Prison
A citizen of Eshnoie, Mostafa Rizi son of Rasoul got sentenced to prison. According to news agency of Mookarban, Rizi who has been in detention for more than 6 months, has been convicted to cooperation with an anti-regime party and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Rizi has spent sometime in Naghade and Oroumie prisons.
  • Hengameh Shahidi has been transferred to the General Section in Prison
Hengameh Shahidi after 50 days since her arrest was transferred to the general section from isolated cell. Her mother by announcing this news to Saham News said: she contacted home on the first day of Ramadan and told us she has been transferred to the general section after 50 days and is sharing a cell with another woman. However, has said interrogations still continues. She continued: Hengameh said she is doing fine and continues with taking her medication, but I’m still concerned about my daughter’s health due to her heart situation. According to Saham News; Hengameh’s mother said: based on the promises made, all the political prisoners were supposed to be released prior to Ramadan, but many are still in prison and therefore, I ask the authorities to please release all the prisoners.
  • Continues of Insisting on Disallowing the Worker Activists from going on Leave of Absence
Revolutionary court has denied the request of workers activist of bus syndicate to go on leave of absence again.
Firoozi, of revolutionary court has denied the request of leave of absence for Mr. Ebrahim Madadi, vice president of the bus syndicate. His reason for rejecting the request is due to a negative image of this group by the security office. They believe once they release Mr. Madadi and Mansour Osanlo (president of bus syndicate) they will continue with their activities. It is essential to add that earlier, Judge Hadad, Tehran security assistant had asked the families of the worker activists to not waste their time in requesting for leave of absence.
  • Dr. Mohammad Maleki is transferred to section 209
Son of Dr. Mohammad Maleki, the first president of Tehran University after revolution who was arrested 2 days ago; said his father was transferred to section 209 of Evin prison. He was transferred to the medical center and under medical attention right after his arrival. Ammar Maleki reported; in a visit of Dr. Yousof Molai, lawyer of Mr.Maleki on Sunday Shahrivar 1st (August 23rd) with the judge, Mr. Maleki has signed his power of attorney. He has been arrested due to stimulations against the regime after the election. However, he has denied and objected to the charges and stated he did not even participate in the election since he was sick and on bed rest.
His son has warned that due to his father’s illness, prostate cancer and heart arrhythmia at the age of 76, captivity of him in an isolated cell of 209 in Evin can add to his illness.
  • Bahman Aamooi, Journalist is prohibited from having Visitors
Today, family of Bahman Ahmadi Amooi journalist went to visit him at Evin prison. After long hours of waiting and going to the visit place, they were told “he is prohibited from having visitors”. Bahman Ahmadi’s brother said:” I don’t understand why they did not tell us he is not suppose to have visitors from the beginning; we were even given a visit card. But after hours of waiting one of the officers of 209 took us to the visit place and we waited there for another hour and then he told us “Bahman is prohibited from having visitors”. If this is not a torture of the detainee’s family what is it then; a family who’s under lots of mental pressure due to their loved ones being in prison.

According to Ahmadi, his brother is one of the few prisoners who has contact his family only once during the past 65 days. He continued:” my sister in-law Zhila Bani Yaghoub who has been released by bail few days ago, came along with me to be able to see her husband after a long time. Safar Ahmadi who had drove long hours, after this incident left to drive back home with teary eyes to bring back another bad news to their old mother.
  • Stores of Fantezy Bread went on Strike in Kurdistan
According to news from Kurdistan, owners of fantezy bread stores in Kurdistan from Shahrivar 1st (August 24) to show their objection to an unfair decision made by the this states authorities are on strike and has announced that until they are not given an answer to their demands they will remain on strike. According to Kurdane, this strike is due to discontinue subsidies of flour in poor states such as Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Eilam ant etc… The governments help in providing cheaper flour to the other states such as Tehran, Isfahan, Khorasan, Fars and Ardabil remains the same.
This strike caused all the sandwich stores to close down.
  • Karroubi Published one of his proof of Sexual Harassments of detainees in Kahrizak
Karroubi in response to all those who had said he doesn’t have any proof about the Sexual Harassments of the detainees in Kahrizak said: I have turned in a statement made by one of the detainees to Saham News. He added, only this statement will be published at this time. If the same situation continues, other statements will be published as-well!

Following is the complete statement of this prisoner:

Mr. Karroubi after my statement let me live with him for many days, and only spending time with him helped me gain my crushed pride. He spoke with me for hours and hours and like a psychiatrist would give examples to make me believe that I was innocent. He would use religious stories and example then compare my situation to those. He made me believe that if someone who is completely tied down and has no power, gets raped not only he hasn’t committed a sin he is innocent.

It took me days until I start feeling better and get over thoughts of committing suicide. Finally on Wednesday 88/5/2 (July 22nd, 2009) and by the order of Mr. Shahroodi head of the judiciary, they took me to representative of Mr. Dari (country’s public prosecutor) with the name of Mr. Mohammadi who was a respectable person. After talking with me and seeing my situation, my pitiful situation; spoke with me kindly and kept asking about my captivity place, my investigators and those who tortured me. We even got somewhere and he did guess some of the places. At the end, he prayed for me and asked me to stay strong and rely on god. He hugged me and kissed me (on the chick) I start crying, he told me to be a man. One thing bothered him, which was the fact that two of Karroubi friends knew about my situation.

The Thursday 88/5/29 (August 20th, 2009) incident was totally different. It was around 2 in the afternoon when 3 people from other origin of judiciary came to the office of Mr. Karroubi and after that they gave me an investigation papers. I didn’t know if I was the accuser or the one who had complained. Judge Moghadami and 2 others began with interrogation. At first they asked, who do you have complain against, I said I don’t have a complain and I have only told Mr. Karroubi what had happen to me, but they kept repeating the same question. I had no other choice but to say, you tell me who I can file complain against and let me choose. The judge understood what I was trying to say and didn’t say anything. They told me to write what exactly had happened and I did. Then they started with questioning again, which mainly was about how do I know Mr. Karroubi, how did I trust him, how did I met him, why am to pant, how did I trust Mr. Karroubi to tell him everything, how did I let Mr. Karroubi to film me, why did we make a film, what was Mr. Karroubi’s purpose in informing Mr. Gerami Moghadam and Mr. Davar, who are these people, when did I call the party, what phone number, with what excuse, what did I say, what did they say, who picked up the phone when I called, who did they connected the call to, what did I tell that person, who did I go with, in which protests I participated, and thousands other unrelated questions to my rape.

I did object after 3 hours. They told me they don’t know if I’m telling the truth and that I have questioned the entire holy regime. How would we know they haven’t corrupted you? And when I told them, I think you’ve forgotten what the problem is, they began to ask some basic questions, like how far did they entered into me, and was that person satisfied or not? Such questions made me feel worse again. I feel that friends of Mr. Mortazavi are trying to demolish my self-confidence to take my case towards a direction that I have gotten money from Mr. Karroubi, or I have been paid by Mr. Karroubi to make this claim. They asked me to go to the Dr. with them and despite the fact that I asked them to postpone to another day, they refused and we went to the Dr. together. On our way to the Dr. judge told me that Imam Jafar Sadegh has stated that foolish and unlucky people are those who sell their future life to happiness in this life.

You tell me what did he mean by this statement? Then he told me to not be fooled by the political games and when I said it was a fraud, he sadi:” When Mr. Karbaschi has voted for Mr. Moosavi, you should know what is going on, and I’m certain that Mr. Karroubi has voted for Mossavi”. When I asked him why they treated the youngsters, what had they done to deserve such treatment? He said, when the supreme leader said the election was accurate it means it was accurate. I told him, supreme leader is not god, or impeccable, but I got quit once again after he started with his nonsense. On our way, two other officers came to switch their shifts, I asked judge Moghadami to please if possible do not let them know and he said he will give me letter, but not only he didn’t give me the letter, he start whispering with one of the officers once we got to the Dr’s office. The officer opened the letter and gave it to the secretary. I don’t know what he had written in the letter that the Dr red it for almost 5 minutes.

Then the Dr. began with examination and called the judge few times. He would go far from me, so I won’t hear the conversation. The Dr. told me he will give me 2 letters to get more information from the other doctors I have been to, so he can make his decision. However, that officer did not give me the letters and even I reminded him and told him I saw you getting the letters, but he denied. While we were waiting for an answer he told me, I don’t think anyone would do this, and then he accused me of being a liar. He said if I can’t prove “do you know what will they do to you”? When he saw how strong I’ve stand and after I told him I’m only scared of god. He said even if something had happened you should’ve not said anything, you should’ve left it to god.

Then I referred to the Dr’s statement that after month and a half they won’t be able to prove anything, he said if there was anything they will be able to give you the size, this is our job. I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. On our way back, when I told him Ramadan will be a little hard without drinking water during the day, he gave me a dirty look and said this is the best part, people will realize how hell would be for them. Today they have came to my neighborhood and has asked my neighbors questions about me and my family.

What are they trying to do, intimidate me by publicizing my story? I have a small question, from those who interrogated me like an accuser. They arrested me, I was in prison, blind folded and handcuffed. They beat me to death and worse than worse, they did something to me which is indecent by any religion. I only dared to contact Mr. Karroubi and let him know of my story. I’m not angry with the person who did this to me because I know in our country the little people or group get blamed and the real responsible people get away with it once again.

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