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Iran Uprising Blogging...Monday 24th August!

  • Families of Recent Unrest Detainees continued with their protest in front of Revolutionary Court and Evin Prison
Human rights and democracy activists: According to received news, the families of Iran’s uprising detainees continued with their protest in front of revolutionary court and Evin prison and asked for their loved ones release.

On Monday Shahrivar 2nd (August 24), more than 150 family members of the detainees gathered inside and outside of the visit rooms of Evin prison. The reason for the families gathering was due to the news of burial of many of unknown bodies at Beheshte Zahra graveyard. Families asked to visit with their loved ones.

Employees of this unit of the prison begun with reviewing the visitor’s cards from 9:00 am; however, they didn’t allow most of the families to visit. Family members were very angry and worried, especially since their loved ones used to call them, but it has been 2 weeks since hey haven’t been in touch with them. Families were told, until the end of their trails they will not be able to visit, which made them even angrier. The employees told the families, it is not in their hands and they should go and speak with Mortazavi (Tehran’s prosecutor) or Salarkia to get permission to visit. In response, families would curse Mortazavi, Khamenei and all their followers.

Some families, after not being able to get any answer went by the revolutionary court. Today 60 family members gathered in front of the revolutionary court to get news of their loved once.

Below is the list of some other detainees of Iran’s uprising:
  1. Mohammad Yazdan Parast 30, self employee. Arrested on Monday Mordad 12th at Vanak. Transferred to Evin prison
  2. Khosro Mardani 25, computer student. Arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th around the Mosala area. Transferred to Evin prison.
  3. Hosain Ehsanifar 24, bachelors in agricultural. Arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Enghelab Sqr. Transferred to Evin prison.
  4. Amir Yahyavi 27, bachelors in law. Arrested on Thursday Tir 18th at Amir Aabad. Transferred to Evin prison.
  • CIA’s Report of Tortures in United States Prisons
Today Central Intelligence Agency will publish a new report, which indicates details of tortures against recent year’s prisoners in the secret prisons of this agency. According to radio voice of America, in this report which will be published by the head inspector of CIA, the way of interrogation; such as fake executions and “water boarding” or drowning in water has been extremely criticized. This report which was collected and completed back in 2004 remained confidential. This report indicates events where the detained person believes someone has been shot, and he is next. Fake death and making the prisoners believe they are about to be executed is illegal in U.S. Nashiri is one of the at least 3 CIA prisoners whom has been tortured by “water boarding”. Even though this method of interrogation was approved by the ministry of justice back in 2002, president Obama and U.S. public prosecutor has banned it as a method of torture.
  • Fars: Court will review the charges against head members of Mosharekat Party
  • Jahan: Hajaryan tomorrow in Court
Fars: The fourth trail of responsible agents of recent disturbance will take place while according to some sources the trail of reviewing charges against heads of Mosharekat party will be televised. The original court date was suppose to be on Wednesday Moradad 24th (August 12th) which was postponed by the request of defense attorneys of accusers. During the past 3 court sessions; cases of reformists, members of small hypocrite groups, embassy agents and some street disturbers who were arrested during the recent unrests were reviewed. First session was on Mordad 10th (August 1st) and the second session was on Mordad 17th (August 8th) and the third session was on Mordad 25th (August 16th). During these sessions accusers by confessing to charges against them tried to present a defense case with the help of their defense lawyers. On Sunday August 23rd, Mosharekat party published another statement; accused the government and denied the confession of its members.

Jahan website wrote: In the 4th court session, faces such as Saeed Hajaryan will be presented to defense him self against the charges. According to a reliable source, due to bad physical situation of Hajaryan, at first his wife was suppose to read the defense text along with his letter of dispense from all political activities. But due to the affects of this letter and to show that the letter is not that important, Hajaryan’s daughter in an interview with Doiche Vele claimed that someone else will read the letter prepared by some secret people.
  • Conviction of a Citizen in Kurdistan to 3 years in Prison
A citizen of Eshnoie, Mostafa Rizi son of Rasoul got sentenced to prison. According to news agency of Mookarban, Rizi who has been in detention for more than 6 months, has been convicted to cooperation with an anti-regime party and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. Rizi has spent sometime in Naghade and Oroumie prisons.
  • Hengameh Shahidi has been transferred to the General Section in Prison
Hengameh Shahidi after 50 days since her arrest was transferred to the general section from isolated cell. Her mother by announcing this news to Saham News said: she contacted home on the first day of Ramadan and told us she has been transferred to the general section after 50 days and is sharing a cell with another woman. However, has said interrogations still continues. She continued: Hengameh said she is doing fine and continues with taking her medication, but I’m still concerned about my daughter’s health due to her heart situation. According to Saham News; Hengameh’s mother said: based on the promises made, all the political prisoners were supposed to be released prior to Ramadan, but many are still in prison and therefore, I ask the authorities to please release all the prisoners.
  • Continues of Insisting on Disallowing the Worker Activists from going on Leave of Absence
Revolutionary court has denied the request of workers activist of bus syndicate to go on leave of absence again.
Firoozi, of revolutionary court has denied the request of leave of absence for Mr. Ebrahim Madadi, vice president of the bus syndicate. His reason for rejecting the request is due to a negative image of this group by the security office. They believe once they release Mr. Madadi and Mansour Osanlo (president of bus syndicate) they will continue with their activities. It is essential to add that earlier, Judge Hadad, Tehran security assistant had asked the families of the worker activists to not waste their time in requesting for leave of absence.
  • Dr. Mohammad Maleki is transferred to section 209
Son of Dr. Mohammad Maleki, the first president of Tehran University after revolution who was arrested 2 days ago; said his father was transferred to section 209 of Evin prison. He was transferred to the medical center and under medical attention right after his arrival. Ammar Maleki reported; in a visit of Dr. Yousof Molai, lawyer of Mr.Maleki on Sunday Shahrivar 1st (August 23rd) with the judge, Mr. Maleki has signed his power of attorney. He has been arrested due to stimulations against the regime after the election. However, he has denied and objected to the charges and stated he did not even participate in the election since he was sick and on bed rest.
His son has warned that due to his father’s illness, prostate cancer and heart arrhythmia at the age of 76, captivity of him in an isolated cell of 209 in Evin can add to his illness.
  • Bahman Aamooi, Journalist is prohibited from having Visitors
Today, family of Bahman Ahmadi Amooi journalist went to visit him at Evin prison. After long hours of waiting and going to the visit place, they were told “he is prohibited from having visitors”. Bahman Ahmadi’s brother said:” I don’t understand why they did not tell us he is not suppose to have visitors from the beginning; we were even given a visit card. But after hours of waiting one of the officers of 209 took us to the visit place and we waited there for another hour and then he told us “Bahman is prohibited from having visitors”. If this is not a torture of the detainee’s family what is it then; a family who’s under lots of mental pressure due to their loved ones being in prison.

According to Ahmadi, his brother is one of the few prisoners who has contact his family only once during the past 65 days. He continued:” my sister in-law Zhila Bani Yaghoub who has been released by bail few days ago, came along with me to be able to see her husband after a long time. Safar Ahmadi who had drove long hours, after this incident left to drive back home with teary eyes to bring back another bad news to their old mother.
  • Stores of Fantezy Bread went on Strike in Kurdistan
According to news from Kurdistan, owners of fantezy bread stores in Kurdistan from Shahrivar 1st (August 24) to show their objection to an unfair decision made by the this states authorities are on strike and has announced that until they are not given an answer to their demands they will remain on strike. According to Kurdane, this strike is due to discontinue subsidies of flour in poor states such as Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Eilam ant etc… The governments help in providing cheaper flour to the other states such as Tehran, Isfahan, Khorasan, Fars and Ardabil remains the same.
This strike caused all the sandwich stores to close down.
  • Karroubi Published one of his proof of Sexual Harassments of detainees in Kahrizak
Karroubi in response to all those who had said he doesn’t have any proof about the Sexual Harassments of the detainees in Kahrizak said: I have turned in a statement made by one of the detainees to Saham News. He added, only this statement will be published at this time. If the same situation continues, other statements will be published as-well!

Following is the complete statement of this prisoner:

Mr. Karroubi after my statement let me live with him for many days, and only spending time with him helped me gain my crushed pride. He spoke with me for hours and hours and like a psychiatrist would give examples to make me believe that I was innocent. He would use religious stories and example then compare my situation to those. He made me believe that if someone who is completely tied down and has no power, gets raped not only he hasn’t committed a sin he is innocent.

It took me days until I start feeling better and get over thoughts of committing suicide. Finally on Wednesday 88/5/2 (July 22nd, 2009) and by the order of Mr. Shahroodi head of the judiciary, they took me to representative of Mr. Dari (country’s public prosecutor) with the name of Mr. Mohammadi who was a respectable person. After talking with me and seeing my situation, my pitiful situation; spoke with me kindly and kept asking about my captivity place, my investigators and those who tortured me. We even got somewhere and he did guess some of the places. At the end, he prayed for me and asked me to stay strong and rely on god. He hugged me and kissed me (on the chick) I start crying, he told me to be a man. One thing bothered him, which was the fact that two of Karroubi friends knew about my situation.

The Thursday 88/5/29 (August 20th, 2009) incident was totally different. It was around 2 in the afternoon when 3 people from other origin of judiciary came to the office of Mr. Karroubi and after that they gave me an investigation papers. I didn’t know if I was the accuser or the one who had complained. Judge Moghadami and 2 others began with interrogation. At first they asked, who do you have complain against, I said I don’t have a complain and I have only told Mr. Karroubi what had happen to me, but they kept repeating the same question. I had no other choice but to say, you tell me who I can file complain against and let me choose. The judge understood what I was trying to say and didn’t say anything. They told me to write what exactly had happened and I did. Then they started with questioning again, which mainly was about how do I know Mr. Karroubi, how did I trust him, how did I met him, why am to pant, how did I trust Mr. Karroubi to tell him everything, how did I let Mr. Karroubi to film me, why did we make a film, what was Mr. Karroubi’s purpose in informing Mr. Gerami Moghadam and Mr. Davar, who are these people, when did I call the party, what phone number, with what excuse, what did I say, what did they say, who picked up the phone when I called, who did they connected the call to, what did I tell that person, who did I go with, in which protests I participated, and thousands other unrelated questions to my rape.

I did object after 3 hours. They told me they don’t know if I’m telling the truth and that I have questioned the entire holy regime. How would we know they haven’t corrupted you? And when I told them, I think you’ve forgotten what the problem is, they began to ask some basic questions, like how far did they entered into me, and was that person satisfied or not? Such questions made me feel worse again. I feel that friends of Mr. Mortazavi are trying to demolish my self-confidence to take my case towards a direction that I have gotten money from Mr. Karroubi, or I have been paid by Mr. Karroubi to make this claim. They asked me to go to the Dr. with them and despite the fact that I asked them to postpone to another day, they refused and we went to the Dr. together. On our way to the Dr. judge told me that Imam Jafar Sadegh has stated that foolish and unlucky people are those who sell their future life to happiness in this life.

You tell me what did he mean by this statement? Then he told me to not be fooled by the political games and when I said it was a fraud, he sadi:” When Mr. Karbaschi has voted for Mr. Moosavi, you should know what is going on, and I’m certain that Mr. Karroubi has voted for Mossavi”. When I asked him why they treated the youngsters, what had they done to deserve such treatment? He said, when the supreme leader said the election was accurate it means it was accurate. I told him, supreme leader is not god, or impeccable, but I got quit once again after he started with his nonsense. On our way, two other officers came to switch their shifts, I asked judge Moghadami to please if possible do not let them know and he said he will give me letter, but not only he didn’t give me the letter, he start whispering with one of the officers once we got to the Dr’s office. The officer opened the letter and gave it to the secretary. I don’t know what he had written in the letter that the Dr red it for almost 5 minutes.

Then the Dr. began with examination and called the judge few times. He would go far from me, so I won’t hear the conversation. The Dr. told me he will give me 2 letters to get more information from the other doctors I have been to, so he can make his decision. However, that officer did not give me the letters and even I reminded him and told him I saw you getting the letters, but he denied. While we were waiting for an answer he told me, I don’t think anyone would do this, and then he accused me of being a liar. He said if I can’t prove “do you know what will they do to you”? When he saw how strong I’ve stand and after I told him I’m only scared of god. He said even if something had happened you should’ve not said anything, you should’ve left it to god.

Then I referred to the Dr’s statement that after month and a half they won’t be able to prove anything, he said if there was anything they will be able to give you the size, this is our job. I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence. On our way back, when I told him Ramadan will be a little hard without drinking water during the day, he gave me a dirty look and said this is the best part, people will realize how hell would be for them. Today they have came to my neighborhood and has asked my neighbors questions about me and my family.

What are they trying to do, intimidate me by publicizing my story? I have a small question, from those who interrogated me like an accuser. They arrested me, I was in prison, blind folded and handcuffed. They beat me to death and worse than worse, they did something to me which is indecent by any religion. I only dared to contact Mr. Karroubi and let him know of my story. I’m not angry with the person who did this to me because I know in our country the little people or group get blamed and the real responsible people get away with it once again.

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