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  • Office of Hasehmi Rafsanjani: A Complicated Conspiracy to Induct Discrepancy among the Parts of the Islamic Regime
After the recent statements made by Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, the Expediency Discernment Council published an announcement in which they insisted on denying his statement and warned: despite the hard work of well-known characters of the regime in calming the atmosphere down and standing up against the conspiracies of external enemies; there seems to be a complicated conspiracy to induct discrepancy among the part of the Islamic regime and adding up to this conspiracy will add more disappointment in the society.

Below is the complete text of this statement:

Following the publish of Mr. Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie statement, made among the head member of Yarane Khorshid committee, some websites and news agencies; by relating the timing and the place of where the statement was made, and also by looking at the person who has made the statement itself is a clear evidence that his statement is nonsense. However it is necessary to explain parts of his statement to inform the head of the president’s office and also for public clarifications.
Surly, saying sentences such as “Mr. Hashemi was inclined to put pressure on the supreme leader by using people’s support”, is one of those misgivings sentences, which the supreme leader has asked everyone to avoid.
The background of Mr. Mashaie in “incorrect and ignorant statements” is so obvious which doesn’t require any answer. Parts of Mr. Mashaie’s statement are repeat of the president’s speech in one of the presidential debate, which was criticized by the supreme leader at the Friday prayers after the election. Accusation of having contact with a foreign authority in the first 6 months of presidency is a claim which needs to be reviewed and to and dealt with in a fair court.
May the great god would give justice and fairness as part of human being’s essence to all, and especially the authorities.
  • Terrifying Arrest of a University Student and his Torture in Prison

According to Amir Kabir news agency A.G. Student of Ferdosi Mashhad University was stolen on Tir 23d at the Poonak area in Tehran by the police forces. He was beat down and insulted by indecent language, tied down and was taken to an unknown place. Police forces along with plain cloths officers, with out presenting an arrest warrant took him into custody and transferred him into a place which was unknown to him.

This student was transferred from an unknown place to Evin prison after one week. During this time he was kept at the isolated cell in prison. According to Amir Kabir news agency, despite the severe injuries and broken face and hand fingers, prison officers did not allow him to be treated by the doctors in prison.
He was interrogated blind folded at all time. Also interrogators with black mask on their faces tortured him viciously. During his detention time, the officers would accuse him with many charges such as; Moharebe (fight against the god), connection and cooperation with foreigners, attempt against the national security, leading disturbance and damaging public properties.
This student was recently released by 50 million Toomans ($50,000) bail for treatment.
  • A member of Special Committee Revealed: Rape with Baton and Coke Bottle

A member of special committee of researching post election incidents stated:” Rape with baton and cock bottle against some of the detainees of post election incidents has been confirmed by us”.
According to Parliament News, this member of the house who did not want his name to be revealed said:” unfortunately some of the post election detainees were raped with baton and coke bottle and this has been confirmed by our committee”. He added:” we don’t have reliable evidence of detainee’s rape; however, this will not change anything. Once our report is complete, we will turn it in to head of the house and other authorities”.
  • Khatami Denied any Connections with George Soros

Following the publish of statement made by one of the detainees of post election incident during yesterdays’ trail, the office of Hojatol Islam Syed Mohammad Khatemi, by publishing an announcement denied the statements made about him.
According to Mehr news, the statement is as follows: During the political incidents after the election, unfortunately we are witnessing immorality in publishing accusations to fulfill the purpose of destroying the image of effective characters in the society.
This unfair and destructive process and especially during the recent weeks and days, news and incorrect accusations about Mr. Syed Mohammad Khatami has been obvious through out the confessions, trials and via the news agencies, websites and from writing and statement made by some of the detainees. One of the detainees has claimed that Mr. Khatami has connections with someone name “George Soros”.

It is imperative to know in what situation this confession has been made and if they are reliable. At the same time we announce that such claims and statements are lies and far from truth. It is time to ask the authorities to stop such immoral acts and lies which can damage the regime before even damaging the person’s character.
  • Kazem Jalai: Chief Editor of Etemade Meli Asked for Karroubi’s Arrest
Mohammad Ghoochani the chief editor of Etemade Meli newspaper who has been in prison for a while, asked for Karroubi’s arrest.

According to Jahan news agency, Kazem Jalali member of the special committee of the house to research the reason of the recent arrests, by pointing to his last visit with Mohammad Ghoochani said: Ghoochani by admitting to writing Karroubi’s statements sated; the subject and text would come from Karroubi and his advisors, I would only write/type the statements. He is very sorry for his arrest and said:” the main guilty person is Karroubi, go and arrest him whatever his charges are I would accept half of it”.
It is essential to know that Karroubi had published some statement during and after the election about dishonestly in election and it seems like Mohammad Ghoochani is pointing to these statements.
  • Statement of Iranian Writers club in regard to Revealing Rape of Detainees

The Iranian writers club has asked for revealing the truth by the victims of rape to fight against this inhuman behavior.

According to basic human rights or even the constitutions of the current regime, unless the crime of the person has been proven in the court; punishing this person is ignoring his human rights. In a simple sentence, even an accuser can’t be deprived from his human rights. If we don’t want to speak about the previous regime, it has been 30 years we have been witnessing violation of prisoner’s rights and especially political prisoners before proving their crimes in court. An example and obvious violation and trample of basic human rights is the rape of recent incident detainees which has been the center of debate of public. However, rape of the political prisoner to break them and force them to confess against themselves is not limited to the recent incidents. There are many reports which indicates this type of behavior against the political prisoners and especially the prisoners of (60’s) which with out doubts needs to be investigated.

The sad part is the fact that the torturer freely torturer and rapes the prisoner, but the prisoner is too ashamed to share what has happen to him/her with anyone. In fact the torturer who commits such inhuman and shameful act, by relying on denial of the victims uses the same method to make them surrender. Fortunately people have been witnessing that the victims of rape bravely and morally reveal the fact to public and are not afraid of doing so, which is an honorable act towards introducing and punishing the guilty people who are responsible for violating such human rights.

The Iranian writer club has previously asked for punishment of all those who are responsible in violating human rights in any place or position. We are welcoming this movement of detainees and especially the young victims of rape and we are informing them that revealing truth in public will not take away from their characters; instead it will help the society to clear up these types of infected glands. These youngsters must know, they live in the heart of every free and honorable people, and the society will embrace them with open arms and rewards them with flowers.

Revealing sexual harassment and rape is another fetter of freedom of speech.


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