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  • Senior analyzer of British Embassy in hearing court of velvet coup :
English diplomats continuously had contacts with Mousavi's election campaign

Hossein Rassam by expressing that the first secretary of political in British embassy has gone to Mousavi campaign and had meeting with his advertising authorities and advisers said:we also had meetings with members of Natinal Trust Party and these contacts continued even after election and in disturbances.
  • European Union Condemned group execution of 24 people in Iran
Sweden as the EU president council published an announcement on Thursday in which they condemned the execution (allhanged) of 24 people in Iran which is a biggest group execution at the recent year.
In this announcement, the president of the EU council stated: “we condemn the execution of 24 people in the city of Karaj on July 30th which makes us concerned about continues of group execution”.
On Wednesday, Etemad newspaper of Tehran on behalf of Mahmoud Salarkia; the assistant to Tehran’s public prosecutor, published this news.

  • Protest Reports from People of Tabriz during the Inauguration and the 40th mourning days
Even though, some might think Tabriz hasn’t been as active as other big cities in protesting against the election coup d'etat; reports indicates that during the inauguration ceremony and the 40th mourning days for the killed people in the recent unrest, Tabriz youngsters gathered in the different part of the city. According to “green wave of freedom” on Khordad 14th, in an occasion of anniversary of constitutional government; some youngsters had peaceful demonstration in front of the constitutional government house, the 4 ways of Aabresan, and Vali Asr Falake. News also indicates that police forces, armed with batons were settled at these three areas.

  • Member of National Security Committee: Possibility of investigating charges against Khatami without his presence at the court!
Javad Karimi Ghodoosi, in an interview with Irna’s politic news reporter by pointing to the charges against Khatami, the chief of Boniade Baran during the recent unrests said: based on my experience, people such as Khatami due to their past history in the IRI will not be summoned to the court. He continued; I’m certain that supreme leader and the belief of Islamic guardianship wouldn’t want these type of people (referring to those whom have served the IRI) to be summoned to the court, unless they are heavily guilty towards the people. We will investigate all the charges against him without his presence at the court.
  • Tomorrow, the prosecution of 10 accused people of Tehran’s recent unrests
Branch 15th of revolutionary court in Tehran has published an announcement in regard to the second trail of the accused people of the recent unrests, on Saturday Mordad 17th (August 8th). In this court more than 10 people will be put on trial. According to Mehr news, at the first court which took place on Saturday, Mordad 10th (July 31st), about 100 accusers were presented and the next trail was supposed to be hold on Thursday Mordad 15th, which due to the detainees lawyers requests, judge Salvati has accepted two days period for more case preparations.
  • Continuous of Prosecution and Unreasonable Arrest of Journalists
Freelance journalists are condemning the increase of number of arrested journalists at the beginning of the Stalin style of prosecutions of protestors against the fraud and re-election of Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad. During the past 48 hours at least 3 journalists have been arrested. The freelance journalists by insisting on the unconditional freedom of all the detained journalists announced: “Unlawful arrest of journalists in Tehran and other cities is still occurring. We are extremely concerned and especially we are concerned about the situation of Mehdi Yazdani Khoram, who’s suffering form heart problems.
  • An Attack to Kianoosh Aasa’s 40th day mourning Ceremony in Kermanshah
The ceremony of the 40th day mourning ceremony for Kianoosh Aasa, University student of Kermanshah whom was killed by the officers of the coup d'etat state during the unrests and protest after the election; took place on Thursday evening. The ceremony began quit peacefully, but after the ceremony and once the people gathered on his tomb; it ended in harshness acts by the police forces and plain cloths people. They also arrested a considerable number of people.
  • Araman Estakhrian a youngster who got killed in Shiraz
Arman Estakhrian,16 year old son of Ahmad, one of the killed people after the election on Tir 3rd due to a severe stroke in his head.

Arman Estakhrian, 16 year old attended the protest in Shiraz which ended in conflicts between the plain cloths and people. In these conflicts, Estakhrian got hit and was transferred to Namazi hospital of Shiraz. He remained in coma for 17 days and after he passed a way, his body was given back to his family after 3 days. In the doctor report, the cause of death has been reported due to car accident, however; according to witnesses, at that day due to the huge number of attendees and all the clashes at this place there was no way a car could’ve hit him.

It is essential to know, Estakhrian’s father was amongst the political prisoners in the previous years, which had spent 10 years in prison and passed a way 2 years a go.

  • Announcement of Khabar Univercity students on Journalist day: Our colleagues are in prison with a crime of being journalist and photographer
A group of students and members of disband committees published an announcement on Journalists day. By condemning the arrest of journalists and recent confession of the detainees after the recent unrests, they asked for thee release of all the journalist and photographers who have been arrested in the past two months.

In this announcement, they said: during these hard and dark days, where our friends and colleagues are being arrested with a crime of being a journalist and photographer; we sum our shouts in the pen and with the ink we write history so that the enemies of journalism don’t write the truth they way they want it. In these days where the people of coup d'etat instead of attempt to content people, preferred in attempting to silence them, it is not time to sit calm and in silence.
  • 18.5 Billion Dollars, god’s given gift or a gift from Iran’s Treasury!
The puzzle of 18.5 billion dollars which according to some news has left Iran and confiscated by Turkey’s customs gets complicated each day with different news.

The story was reflected on media, when Shenul Ozol, a Turkish lawyer in an interview with one of the news channels in Turkey announced someone with the name of Esmail Safarina has asked him to follow up on his case, after presenting some documents which indicated him as the owner of this money. Now after 10 days of the interview of Shenul Ozol and after government officials of both Iran and turkey denied the exit and enter of this money, Mr.s Ozol via a letter has announced that he made a mistake by getting trapped in his client’s games.
  • They went to arreset Dr. Masoud Nili, well-known economist, director of Sanati Sharif University and previous assistant of program and budget, he wasn’t home.
They went back few more times, he still wasn’t there. Instead, they arrested his neighbors, Dr. Ali Kermanshah and Dr. Mohammad Kermanshah, well-known professors of Sanati Sharif University to confess where Dr. Nili is at. According to them investigate, but to us torture to make them confess. They didn’t know, and they released them.
  • Immature Engineering: Arrested Thursday, on Trail on Saturday!
The second court session of the objectors of the recent election took place on Saturday Mordad 17th (August 8, 2009) with a presence of a French citizen and two employees of France and UK local embassies. According to the published pictures by the Iran’s news reporters, one of the few women in the court session was Nazok Afshar, an employee of cultural section of France embassy in Tehran. On this topic, Arash Naiemina, son of Mrs. Afshar who is a student in Paris has answered to Radio Farda’s questions in regard to his mother’s situation. He indicated that all these happened so quick that I can’t even evaluate it myself. Last time I spoke to her, she was supposed to meet me for dinner in Paris on Saturday. I don’t understand, how can they arrest an individual and put on trial within 30 hours!
  • UK Condemned the court of recent Election’s Detainees
In reaction to the trail of one of the UK embassy employee in Tehran, London said this trail is “unacceptable” and against the guarantees given by the high authorities of Iran in this matter. In the second session of the group court of the objectors to the recent election in Iran, which included numerous faces of reformists, Housain Rasam; Iranian employee of UK embassy in Tehran was presented at the accusers place. The foreign ministry of UK added: “we condemned these type of confessions and courts in which the human basic rights are being ignored”.

Recent News

  • >Trial of protesters seems only to hurt Iran, analysts say
Los Angeles Times:

The televised proceedings fail to silence the opposition or quell protests, and appear to be damaging the international credibility of the Iranian judiciary and political systems, observers say.
Reporting from Beirut — The alleged French spy stood at the lectern in Tehran on Saturday and described her dastardly act of collusion.

Clotilde Reiss, a pale, soft-spoken 24-year-old who had been teaching French in the central Iranian city of Isfahan when she was arrested, confessed to sending a single e-mail to a colleague in the capital...Continue
  • >With Iran Blaming West, Dual Citizens Are Targets
Washington Post:

With Iran Blaming West, Dual Citizens Are Targets
Location of 2 Men Unknown, Families Say

Among the more than 100 people on trial after Iran’sdisputed presidential election are two dual citizens: Kian Tajbakhsh, 47, an American Iranian urban planner, and Maziar Bahari, 42, a Canadian Iranian filmmaker and Newsweek reporter...Continue
  • >Iran Tries 2nd Group Accused of Overthrow Plot
Washington Post Staff Writer:

Iran Tries 2nd Group Accused of Overthrow Plot

TEHRAN — A second group of dissidents, demonstrators and embassy workers appeared in court Saturday as prosecutors pressed their case against opposition members accused of plotting to topple Iran’s religious leadership.

More than 100 defendants were put on trial Saturday, a week after a similar hearing involving other groups of politicians, journalists and protesters. State television showed several pro-opposition politicians and demonstrators in gray prison uniforms sitting in the dock, guarded by police officers...Continue
  • >Iran puts British embassy ’spy’ on trial

Iran puts British embassy ’spy’ on trial

Iranian employee of Foreign Office accused of recruiting network of agents to end President Ahmadinejad’s rule

An employee of the British embassy in Tehran went on trial yesterday, accused of being a spy in a move the foreign secretary David Miliband said “brings further discredit” to Iran’s regime.

A tired-looking Hossein Rassam, chief political analyst at the embassy and an Iranian citizen, “confessed” in court that he had recruited a network of 50 agents on behalf of the embassy in the past year and attended pro-democracy demonstrations to gather information and foment unrest....Continue
  • >Darius Guppy, full-dress apologist for Iran’s thuggish regime

Darius Guppy, full-dress apologist for Iran’s thuggish regime thumbnail

News trickles out of Iran concerning the fate of a girl named Taraneh, who was disappeared by government security forces in the wake of last month’s post-election protests...Continue
  • >UK embassy worker in Iran court

A decision by the Iranian authorities to put a British Embassy worker on trial in Tehran has been condemned as an “outrage” by the Foreign Office.

It confirmed Iranian Hossein Rassam - the embassy’s chief political analyst - was among the accused at a mass trial which began on Saturday morning...Continue
  • >British, French embassy workers on trial over Iran protests
British, French embassy workers on trial over Iran protests thumbnail

TEHRAN, Iran (CNN) – A mass trial of Iranians and others arrested in post-election demonstrations resumed Saturday, with about 100 defendants in Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, state-controlled media reported...Continue


Anonymous said...

About the 18.5 Billion missing dollars.

Maybe this was a 419 scam like the supposed millions of dollars I get letters about from Africa and Iraq. It's always the same story: they have millions from a previous dictator and need help getting it out of the country. They promise a large % as reward, then start asking for money for "fees".

As soon as political trouble happens, the scammers make up new stories and start sending emails.

The lawyer's client may have been lured into one of these scams.

Anonymous said...

Forced confession
Modern day usage

Since 2001, as part of its War on Terror the United states using the CIA operates a network of off shore prisons, called black site, Probably the most infamous of which is Guantánamo Bay detention camp. State officials have admitted to the press and in court to be using various torture techniques (authorizes by the District attorney) to interrogate suspects of terrorism, sometimes after Forced disappearance.
When this systematic act was made public by the international media the European Union, United Nations, the international press and various human rights movements condemned this practice. The US supreme court did not discontinue its usage and repeatedly ruled against hearing citizens that underwent forced confessions, even after they were found innocent, claiming that a trial will constitute a breach of national security.[1]
A famous case study of Khalid El-Masri is a good example of this. He appealed several times aided by different international human rights movements and lawyers, yet the US Supreme Court retained its usage of forced confession techniques, and denied a hearing of the evidence.

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