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  • England spy trial was held in Iran
Trial of Hossein Rassam political senior analyzer of British Embassy was held in accusation of Espionage
  • Judge agreement for 10-day moratorium demanded by lawyer of two defendants of the recent disturbances
Head of Branch 15 of Tehran's Revolutionary Court agreed to demand of lawyer of Mohammad Ali Zamani and Arash Rahmani for 10-day moratorium.
  • One of the defendants to hearing court of velvet coup case : I have had two years Espionage Activities for Emirates intelligence service
Reza Rafiee Forushani said he had co-operation with Emirates intelligence service for 2 years duration and was getting paid 5 thousands derhams monthly and was sending the information via mobile phone to them.
  • French citizen in hearing court of velvet coup case:I hope people and Iran court forgive me
Clotilde Reiss in hearing court session of velvet coup case confessed to her mistakes and said : I should not have gone to illegal protests and also should not have sent the images. I am regret .Therefore I apologize to peopel and Iran court and hope they forgive me.

  • To dispatch people to USA through the bases in Dubai, Istanbul, Baku, London and Frankfurt

Americans did a new idea in the name of "Exchange project" which in that project individuals and groups are sending to USA with exorbitant costs and through the existed bases against Iran( Dubai, Istanbul, Baku, London and Frankfurt)and the axis is Dubai.
  • Design and planning of soft overthrow in Iran by foreign countries
Deputy of Tehran's General and the Revolution Prosecutor in reading the text of indictment against second group of defendants of velvet coup failed project revealed two sections of planned and designed programs of foreign countries in order to soft overthrow in Iran and their involvements in post-election riots.

  • Special Procurements of BBC channel and terrorist and anti-revolution(Islamic revolution)groups in recent riots
Deputy of Tehran's General and Revolutionary Prosecutor divulged the Procurements of BBC news channel and terrorist and anti-revolution(Islamic revolution)groups in recent riots.
  • Englang government role in recent riots
Making relatiomship with elites,political parties and figures in order to collect information and to be in touch with media and press to influence the body of society including the efforts of British Embassy in the recent riots case.

  • Penetrate of terrorist group of Mojahedin in to reformist candidate's elections campaign
some related group to Mojahedin terrorist group have confessed,with the aim to collect information ,they had penetrate to Karoubi election campaign and had some plans to explode one of Mousavi's lectures by bombing.
  • Member of kingdom association :We had mission to penetrate in to political parties, universities and workers union
Mohammadreza Ali Zamani defendant of velvet coup case said in the court: Some of our programs which we had mission to do them for American forces and Iran kingdom association was to penetrate in to the parties which were going to participate in elections.

  • Investigation to indictment of an active member in 2009 campaign on charges of espionage
Reza Rafiee Foroushani was active in 2009 campaign and his charges are espionage for USA and UAE(United Arabic Emirates) intelligence services.
  • We were trained for methods of making Molotov cocktails and setting buses on fire
Abdolhosseini in the second hearing session confessed to effort for converting the peaceful gatherings to disarray,taking photos of empty voting branches and sending them to MKO and preparing images of Mojahedin leaders and putting them around universities.

Security forces on Motorcycles beats protesters in nearby streets chanting Mortazavie jalad/Margat bad ,margat bad...
Protests outside the show trails, crowded in khayam & nearby streets. Chanting allaho Akbar, Marg bar dictator
Khayam st protests going on, plainclothes start beating people


Farsnews:Member of terrorist group of kingdom association in court:We had received the formulas to make strong bomb with the purpose of creating explosion and insecurity in Iran

Mohammadreza Ali Zamani said:Iran kingdom association used to send us the formulas to make weak and strong bombs and ask us to give it to our people in Iran and this way they can use them and through explosion make insecurity.

Member of terrorist group of kingdom association in court:We had the mission to attack and bombing some holy and crowded places.

Arash Rahmanipour accepted the charges and said : The duty of Iran kingdom association is to distort the history and holy Quran and tries with distorting historical events specially Iran Islamic history to induct its members that Islam has oppressed Iranians
  • Summary of the text of indictment for second group of velvet coup defendants
"Design and planning of foreign countries for the soft overthrow in Iran."
New policies of west specially US and UK to deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran:
1-Making democracy (democracy to suit the interests and goals of West)
2-Engaging regime by creating internal insecurities and aggravation of differences inside Iran
3-Inhibition of regional power of Islamic Republic of Iran

Which they used all their power such as media,public diplomacy,creating organizations based on people and relation network and organizing opposition people with the target of civil disobedience and and covering all the funds to reach their goal.
Strategies to collapse Islamic Republic of Iran :

1-Advertising and promotion of necessity in regime political change
2-International support of worker unions, traders, so-called human rights groups and forming the civil groups in opposition of Islamic Republic of Iran
3-Economic sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran
4-Financial strengthening of the opposition powers inside the regime in hidden forms
5-Identify, attract and empowerment centers and individuals and effective classes in society as women, youth, NGOs and etc due to achieving certain goals

To reach their goals ,they used the opportunities in pre-election free environment and in forms of public diplomacy and cover actions tried to ac achieve their target.
The most important objectives of this project and from theorist's points of view includes :

1-Forceing regime to be in the same direction and desire they want through popular pressure
2-Creating the atmosphere of mistrust to regime's authorities and disorder in decision-making process
3-Diversion of society public opinions from interests and principles of system and promote the desired techniques in society through doubt the values of system
4-create difference in society different tendencies and division and separation between the people and sovereignty through accusation of lie to system authorities and leaders
5-Fission in thinking,ethnic, religious groups and with the purpose of making disorder in national unity

Major subjects of reports which stressed on necessity of using public diplomacy tactics,shows the plans of west governments against Islamic Republic of Iran:

1-Utilization of Iran internal disputes
2-Using the soft overthrow instead of military action
3-To provoke civil disobedience in student and non-governmental and trade unions organizations as pressure important tools on Iran
4-Emphasis on the necessity of international supervision for elections
5-Pharisaic support of human rights and democracy in Iran
6-Establishment and strengthening of numerous radio and television networks to fool people
7-Support internal opposition
8-Facilitate the activation of NGO's aligned with the West
9-Facilitate the issuance of visas for people aligned with the goals of the West
10-Inviting Iranian young activist to participate in abroad seminars to attract and targeted training for what happened in countries such as Serbia, Philippines, Indonesia, Chile, Ukraine and etc

On the other hand and in some other statments have said that they have more concerns about Iran and the only way for their worriness to be ended is Iran to follow their policies and also they stated that they will use all the political ,economic and diplomatic tools and whatever we have for destruction of tyranny and promoting effective democracy in Iran which are as follows:

1-Exposing the human rights violations
2-Support the reformists through holding meetings in the Foreign Ministry and their own embassies
3-Apply the sanctions to create gap between people and sovereignty
  • "Second session of velvet coup accusers case began"
The Second session of velvet coup accusers case began at 9.00 am in branch 15 of Tehran Islamic Revolution Court.
This session will be held as a public one and with presence of media representatives.

Fars News said:Ali Tajernia,Ahamd Zeid Abadi ,Shahabeddin Tabataiee,Hedayate Aqiee ,Javad Emam and some people from terrorist parties and street riots accusers will be in the trial.

Clotilde Reiss and Douk Afshar also will be present in today's court.

Clotilde Reiss and Ahmad zeydabadi in today's trial

  • Judge Salavati : accuser's lawyers have read the indictment and met them

Based on political correspondent of Fars News Agency's report,the trial of post-election event's accusers is currently holding at branch 15 of Tehran's General and Revolutionary court and with the presence of some of accusers.

Judge Salavati said ,court is a neutral element between the issued indictment by public prosecutor and statements from the defendant's side and will judge and issue the orders based on law.

He added:Both side in the court have the right to choose and have a lawyer.

He Also said:there are two indictments ,the first one has been issued for each and every one individually and the second one is the public one which I will be reading it first.

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