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Iran Uprising Blogging...Tuesday 25th August!

  • Swedish artists demand their prime minister to help current plight of iranians

  • Possibility of referral the Iran judicial(criminal)case to security council in an interview with Abdolkarim Lahiji
Deutsche Welle : Dr. Abdolkarim Lahiji Iranian lawyer and resident of France says:" crime against humanity" has a specific legal definition and right now by referring to that definition,it is not possible to demand a judicial follow-up in international courts for people who have caused the recent events in Iran. But he says : there is a possibility of bringing up the Iran case in UN General Assembly that is to be held in the month of September . Lahiji also believes , criminal case of Iran can be send to UN Security Council.
  • Nightly lobbies to get vote of confidence for new cabinet
Secular news : Mottaki has the maximum and Najjar has the minimum vote in Parliament national security commission.
By re-opening of parliament after summer holiday,Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calls representatives in groups to go to his office and talks to them about the new cabinet and the proposed ministers . These nightly meetings are holding while earlier Ahmadinejad had not accepted for consultations with representatives in regards of choosing the ministers.
He tries to get their votes of confidence for his proposed ministers and representatives believe that he should have talked to them before he 'd choose the ministers.
  • General Jazayeri's statements against Mirhossein Mousavi and his organization
Secular News: General Masoud Jazayeri without declaring Mir Hossein Mousavi's name explicitly ,stood-up against his new organizations.
Cultural and defense advertising deputy of armed forces organization by indicating to creation of crisis during the presidential election and put some of the factors on trial and condemning the process of velvet coup , demanded for disclosing and trial of other disturbance factors and said : those who their betrayal reputation is pervasive must not claim for forming group and party.
  • Saeed Hajarian and Saeed Shari'ati resign from Participation front party
Saeed Hajarian and Saeed Shari'ati during their defensed at hearing court of defendants of velvet coup case ,officially resigned from Islamic Iran Participation party.
  • Report on encountering Tehran Bus Union
Human rights reporters committee : verdicts of worker's activists whom had been fired by Tehran bus company from work canceled by court of administrative justice's verdicts.Public board of the court of administrative justice with the maximum votes has canceled all workers dismissed verdicts and sent their files to employment organization reconsidering.The only member of Tehran Bus Union who is still in jail is Mansour Osanlou.
  • Representative's visit to part 302 and dismissal of managing director of Behesht-e Zahra
While Nowruz news site informs about dismissal of Mahmoud Rezaeian ,the managing director of Behesht-e Zahra , Parleman news has informed about representative's visit to part 302 of Behesht-e Zahra.Mahmoud Rezaeian have been working as managing director of Behesht-e Zahra for 18 years.
  • Decision of early release of "St. Petersburg" movie by Behrouz Afkhami caused the sanction of Fajr film festival to be started
Behrouz Afkhami in an short interview has said that : I don't know when this movie will be ready for releasing but possibly it would be before Fajr film festival because I'm reluctant to participate in the festival.
  • Hashemi Rafsanjani ,Friday Imam of Qods day
Keyhan newspaper in a news about appointment of Hojatoleslam Kazem Sediqi as the temporary Friday Imam of Tehran denied the rumors about Hashemi Rafsanjani's replacement with Sediqi on Qods day and wrote Tehran Friday prayers on Qods day will perform by Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani.
  • Azad university denied the statement of recent events defendants about this university
Secular News: Islamic Azad University following the statement of 2 of defendants in hearing trial of the Tehran recent event's case denied their statement about Islamic Azad University and spending any money to support any of presidential candidates.
  • 3 of police chiefs charged with participating in murders at Kahrizak detention
A reliable source informed about issuing a heavy indictment for 12 of police personnel including 3 of police chiefs with the charge of participating in murders.However there is no news about violating judge trial who is named as the main factor of Kahrizak disasters.
  • Protest gathering of detainee's families in front of similarly court
Based on received news to human rights and democracy activists in Iran from 9.00 am yesterday and simultaneous with holding the similarly court ,families of detainees gathered in front of the court and objected to this similarly trial . Till 10.30 am the number of protesters was more than 160 and repression forces and their threats could not disperse families .
  • Second declaration of a group of killed people's families in 80's

Let's hold the remembrance ceremony of murdered people during 30 years killings of Islamic regime in Khavaran cemetery.

Thirty-one years have passed since confiscation of the revolution.The governing Islamic regime in all these thirty-one years and uninterrupted has been doing repression, imprisonment, torture and executions and still is. Anti-revolutionary repression system of regime without any sensitivity to «family» type differences which sometimes have been too noisy , just has continued its anti-revolutionary and anti-democracy path and has been a beyond-faction tool for protecting regime and suppressing opponents.

But in the last 31 years and in two different periods of opponent's killing and torture has showed that this regime is worst than the previous ones in Iran.Once in 80's which with the excuse of war was able to massacre and eradication in a 10 years attack and in its peak point in 1988. massacred and eradicated and the other in the past 2 months : when people after 30 years and by deepening of the gap between government factions were able to bring their cries on the streets and roof-tops and demand for recapturing their revolution.

By passing 30 years of the Islamic government and despite the deepness of faction gaps , the repression system again does what he did to its opponents 30 years ago : repression , prison,torture , rape, execution,confession shows and making judicial case for opponents...but this time because regime aim was more about scaring the opponents , enforcement of brutality and medieval tortures was worst than any other previous fascist regimes.

If news of 80's massacres particularly group killing of prisoners in 1988 heard less in the world and many of "human rights defenders" organizations and " democracy defenders " governments had shot their mouths,this time and because of people loud screams , popular news coverage ,public opinion pressure and developed forces across the world ,there is no power that can ignore the people's cries even some of the Islamic regime elements .But regardless of who are supporting these cries , the modality of these cries are not different from the breaking cries of 80's : all of them are demanding freedom and justice .But despite of all these cries and public opinion pressure , the Islamic regime repression machine is doing the same thing that it did to opponents in 80's .So Islamic regime and its repression machine is standing against all of us , we all are from the same family .Our pains and desires are same and have shouted the same cry.

We families of killed people in 80's during all these years have been in the most difficult situation and know that if this routine continues what has happened to us will happen to the recent killed families as well.
They kidnapped , tortured and executed our loved ones.We didn't know any thing about time of their trial and did not see the people who put our loved ones on trial and did not understand what was their charges.Their testaments were not given to us neither their bodies and were not told about their burial places .After a long time of search we were told that our loved ones have been buried in individual or group graves at Khavaran or similar cemeteries in other cities.

Today opponents are being killed on streets by baton or bullet or being faced in official or non-official prisons by the most brutal tortures and rape and if we are lucky we can take their bodies back.During this period they harass us (families of detainees) like our loved ones.We've been deprived from studying and fired from work places and closed any way on us for any kind of progress and develop.

Our families torn apart and meanwhile some of the family members went mad or had serious disease.Some forced to leave their country and suffer from depression , poverty and disease.
The survivors of recent killings are not allowed to cry for their loved ones or talk about them.They are being threatened and a way to cemetery is being closed to them.The same thing that happened to survivors of 80's killing ,now is happening to them.

Even they closed the way to the graves that they ,themselves had given us their location.There was a time that they closed the gates of Khavaran cemetery .some other time and with an other excuse they plowed the land and planted trees instead of graves.

We were even banned to hold funeral ceremonies in out homes . We and our children were threatened and arrested .They attacked to the ceremonies that we had held in our homes and out families under pressure no to hold nay ceremony at home.And isn't the same thing happening today?

So we-some of the 80's killed families- invite the freedom demanders to gather at Khavarn on Friday August 28th ,9.00 am and in 21st anniversary of prison's massacre and sympathy with survivors of 80's killings and recent event killings .

Our gathering demands are as follows :
  1. The people who caused the 80's killings to put on trial , particularly group executions in 1988 and repression ,killing ,torture and rape in recent events.
  2. Announce the names of 80's buried people at Khavaran cemetery and also names of killed nad arrested people in recent events.
  3. Unconditional release of all political and ideological prisoners
  4. Cancellation of execution verdict for any crime and torture under any situation and condition
  5. To deliver the indictment of political convicts and executed people during these 30 years and revealing the reason for their execution
  6. To get the testaments of executed people
  7. Recognition of burial place for executed people during the 30 years of Islamic governing in Tehran and other cities and unconditional delivery of recent events killed people to their families and permission to hold ceremony in their homes or in cemetery.
  8. permission to put grave-stone on the graves
  9. To put the people who ordered for destroying Khavaran and similar cemeteries in other cities on trial and harass the survivors during all these years .
  10. To bring back the citizenship rights to the families and stop any kind of social ,political ,cultural and economical deprivation and limitation from them
  11. Acceptance and keeping the Khavaran and other similar cemeteries in other cities as historical evidence by local and international organizations.
17 August 2009

International Committee against Execution

  • Invitation to press conference
International Committee against Execution launches report on current violence (List of 100 killed by Government and situation of political prisoners) in Iran

International Committee against Execution is holding a press conference to launch its new report 100 killed faces and thousands tortured bodies: the publication of the list of a hundred people killed in the recent revolutionary movement and in exposing the crimes and torture and rape of Political Prisoners by the Islamic Republic. The report looks at the names and details of 100 people killed and giving out a report of the recent killings, reports on the numbers and status of the Islamic Republic jails and political prisoners and moving and documented reports on torture and rape of the Political Prisoners by the eye witnesses are read out so as to make the world public opinion aware and demand prosecution and trial of perpetuators of this Islamic Holocaust in front of the International Criminal Court in the Hague.

11:00 – 13:00 Friday 28 August 2009
BV Perscentrum NieuwspoortAdres:
Lange Poten 10
2511 CL's-Gravenhage, Den haag
  • Mina Ahadi, Head of the international committee against stoning
  • Farshad Hoseini Head of the international committee against execution
  • Freshte Moradi, executive committee of against discrimination.
  • Shiva mahboobi, Executive committee for freedom of political prisoners.
  • Farideh arman, Woman rights activist whom her husband killed by Iranian regime.
  • Akram Beyranvand, Ex-political prisoner writer of a book Yalda (De schrijver van de langste nacht)
  • And someother victims.

We will be available for interviews in English and Dutch and German.

For more information, please contact Farshad Hoseini, on number +31-(0)633602627, or by email:

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