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Iran Uprising Blogging: Latest Updates...31july!

Updated:>>>List of Killed,Arrested and Released ! <<<

  • Yesterday people were mourning the 40th day of Neda and many other's death and that had formed nationwide protest around the country.

People chants :Death to the Khamene'i
Vali asr Ave. 30th july 2009

In Mashhad people were gathered in Mellat park and were chanting: " coup d'etat government/shame on you, shame on you" "do not be afraid, do not be afraid/ we are all in this together" " down with Russia" and others against the government. many have seen others get arrested and state the militia and basij were speeding through the crowd on their bikes.

تهران تقاطع ولیعصر-تخت طاووس
Tehran taxte tavous St.30th july

In Isfahan also in front of Kosar hotel and the park across from it was field with crowed that were chanting: " coup d'etat government/ resign, resign" and " down with dictator" which was accompanied by moving cars that were honking their horns and were showing their thumb in sign of victory. Amir Kabir reports plain-clothes and militia were trying to disperse the crowed, but were unsuccessful and people were still joining them in large groups.

Also In Kianpars of Ahvaz many were gathered and were chanting against Ahmadinejad and the government which many of were arrested on the spot.

Ahvaz-Kianpars St.30th july

Since this motning in Shiraz many security forces were seen and the town was military like, but still people were gathered in freedom park and Gas sq. and sang the "Yare Dabstani" which is an older leftist song. the crowd was attacked by militia and other roads towards gas sq. were colsed.

At Least 50 Arrested in Tehran's protests in 30th july
  • Public prosecutor of Iran: By end of the week majority of the detainees will be released.
According to IRNA on Wednesday; on behalf of the public prosecutor of Iran, Ghorbanali Dari Najaf Abadi; majority of the detainees has been released yesterday and will be during the next few days. He said hopefully by the Nime Shaban (Shiite religious day) they will be able to investigate the situation of all the detainees.
Dari Najaf Abadi insisted on easing the process of phone contact and visits of detainees.

In regard to the killed people in recent incidents he said: a serious investigation is in process by the public procedure office and law forces and they are responsible to fulfill their statutory responsibilities.
The public prosecutor of Iran added: according to direction provided by the supreme leader; we are trying to investigate all complains and will accelerate the process.
  • The number of arrested university students is unknown
The chief of universities form different cities informed the training and research committee that the arrested students from their universities are released and they do not have any dead student. Therefore; very few students of Tehran universities are remaining in detention. Mohmmad Hasan Dogani member of the training and research committee who is also a member of the investigator of recent detained students committee in answer to IRNA journalist in regard to the number of detained students said: unfortunately we do not have the complete list of all arrested students. However, the authorities of law enforcements have promised us that they will provide us with a complete list of arrested students and council members of all universities.
  • Latest news from Detainees
Yesterday contrary to the vast news of Saeed Hajarin release from prison, he was not released. However, Mohammd Tavasoli the chief of political office of freedom movement, Aida Mesbahi journalist and Shadi Sadr women attorney were released. Some of the detainee’s families were informed to get their security deposit ready. Ms. Ayda Mesbahi is a journalist which was released from prison by bail after 37 days. Mohammad Tavasoli was released to go back home on Monday night by personal surety. According to some news, Abdul Fattah Soltani law attorney and Abdul Reza Tajik journalist were informed to be prepared to have security deposit for their release. Also, close friends of Mohammad Atrianfar reported, he has contacted his family and has assured them of his health.

Families of arrested women which have received no news during these times are concerned about their loved ones situations. Families of Hengame Shahidi and Somaie Tohidloo reported that they are concerned about their children since they haven’t been able to get in contact with them. According to some news, family of Zhila Baniyaghoob were able to visit her and her husband Bahman Ahmadi in Evin prison separately.

Families of Abdul Reza Tajik and Mahsa Amirabadi were able to visit them yesterday in Evin prison. Reports indicate that yesterday families of Saeed Lailaz, Ahmad Zaidabadi, Ali Tajernia and Kave Mozafari were gathered in front of the Evin prison and asked for ability to visit their detained family members.
  • Mohammad Poor Abdulah Political Student Remained in Drug Prison against the Law
Mohammad Poor Abdulah a university student, who was arrested on Bahmn 2th of 1387, with security accusation, after 40 days detention in solitary cell at Evin Prison, has been detained at Ghezel Hesar (Drug prison where they keep drug dealers) for more than 4 months now. Prior to his arrest Mohammad was under lots of pressure by the ministry of security. Mohammad Poor Abdulah said, he doesn’t except the accusation against him and his intention has never been to risk the security or propaganda against the country. He also denied cooperation with any opposition group and said his activity was only under student and social demand for freedom.

  • Confession of Parliament member to Existence of Detention Barrack at the Country’s Ministry Office Amir Kabir News Agency: After almost month and a half after finding a detention barrack at the ministry office, where the arrested Kooye Tehran University students were kept and tortured; Kazem Jalali reporter of security committee confessed to the existence of the jail in the country’s ministry office.
Jalali, the house representative told the group of journalist; the committee of investigations has received some information in regard to “Detention Barrack -4 floor” at the ministry office where the recent arrested protestors are kept. The committee is in process of investigating the situation.
  • Sardar Iraqi: The dead of Neda Agha Soltan were orchestrated, we are not playing; and anyone who raises a voice against the regime will be strictly dealt with!
The chief commander of Mohammad Rasullah Army by pointing to the death of Neda Agha Soltan said; this incident occurred at one of the sub street where neither one of the Basij or security force were present. However, the video shooting of her death shows that the incident was completely preplanned.

Sardar Iraqi which was answering to some of the university students said; as it has been mentioned by our leaders this sedition was a huge sedition; which made it hard to recognize the truth for the majority of politician and the loyal servants of the regime. He indicated that we are not playing with anyone, and those who try to go against the regime with be strictly dealt with.

  • ISNA: The chief of the Evin Prison: 90 Detainees of the recent unrests have been released
Last night, 90 detainees of the recent unrests have been released and more than likely another group of 40 will be released today. The chief of the Evin prison by announcing this news told ISNA: Last night 7 members of the house visited the prison between the hours of 1700 and 2200 and spoke to number of detainees.
He also added, 40 other detainees will be released by bail or personal surety.
  • Masoud Pezeshkian: Postmortem Debugger has denied the fact that Mohsen Ruholamini has died due to Meningitis in prison!
Masoud Pezeshkian a house member of the Islamic committee council and the health minister during Mohammad Khatami’s presidency said: The postmortem debugger has denied the death of Mohsen Ruholamini due to meningitis. This statement that he died because of this deadly disease was made by Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran’s prosecutor in response to the situation of detainees in prisons.

  • The ceremony of Ahmadi Nejad affirmation will take place on Mordad 12th!
According to news agencies in Iran Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad will be officially appointed as a president by Aiatollah Khamenei during the affirmation ceremony on Mordad 12th. According to the 110 amendment of constitutions in the Islamic Republic; the election of president by people has to be approved by the supreme leader.

  • Neda’s mother, Hajer Rostami Motlagh, who had previously announced her intention to go to her daughter’s grave for the memorial service, announced last night that for unspecified reasons she and her family had canceled their plan to go to Behesht Zahra.

  • The name and identity of another supporter of the Freedom Movement, who got killed has been revealed. Mostafa Kiarostami whose only sin was taking part in the first "green" friday prayers, was beaten by baton on head in proximity of the friday prayers location, and a few hours later passed away.
  • Identity of another dead protestor has been identified; Amir Housain Toofanipoor was shot dead on Khordad 25th at Azadi Square.

  • Professor Akhavan, previous prosecutor of Yugoslavia's national court has stated although we have not seen solid proof, but reports of Iran's prison's show signs human rights is being broken. although he did mention it may be a while to catch those in charge, but has stated he hopes that one day the ones that are in charge of this brutality could be taken to court and prosecuted.
  • In accordance to IRNA's report, UN has over ruled Shirin Ebadi and some other peace nobel winner to send a representative to IRan. The report states on Wednesday Ban Ki-Moon did not agree with this idea and had state: " at this point i am personally and closely watching the situation in Iran" , he also state some commissioner in UN have pointed out the situation and have been persistent about the severity of the current situation.
  • Tehran court's prosecutor has sent out a notification regarding the recent prisoner's that are to stand in court within the next several weeks: " recent affair in the 10th election of Iran has brought out many aspects of this country, we were expecting the people to stand against the foreign intruders but unfortunately what we saw was people giving in to their lies. however the number of those is not as high, they still have to be prosecuted and their crimes consists of
1. Attacking military stations with gun and firearms
2. Attacking governmental facilities and setting them on fire
3. Destroying public properties
4. Creating scarce between people
5. Being in Contact with other against the government known as "Monafeghin"
6. Attacking militia personnel
7. destroying personal properties
8. Supplying foreign media with news
9. dispersing "knighpapers" amongst people
at the end i must add, their cases will be sent to court ASAP, and people will be notified of the results.
  • Saeed Shariati a member of Mir Hossein Musavi's campaign was arrested by Judge Mortazavi's Warrant. Norooz news has reported on Wednesday he was taken from his home, and transferred to an unknown location. we have no news as for his accusations. He was arrested back in 2000 (1979) with Shirin Ebadi and Amir Farshad Ebrahimi, which only lasted one day.

  • Alireza Davoodi was arrested by security forces on Thursday 24th of Bahman of 1387 at his house. He was released by security deposit for 100 Million Toomans ($100, 00.00). During the time in jail; he was under lots of mental and physical pressure and after he was release from jail he died at his house due to severe depression.

Alireza Davoodi an accounting student was the spoke person for the student whom wanted freedom and equality in the Isfahan University. Before his arrest he was deprived from education due to political activities.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm Live Blogging from Tehran...


3:30pm: Many older people are on the move to behesht-zahra
3:32pm: Lots of basiji and plainclothes police are in 7-tir Square
3:36pm: Entrance to metro and the square are full of police at 7-tir Square
3:10pm: Rumor is that the Metro exit doors to behesht Zahra are closed
3:42pm: Many are planning to turn up at protests/mourning
3:45pm: GPRS link to my contact in Tehran streets goes down. have 2 wait til comes back online!
4:00:Anti riot forces today have established their basis at Behesht Zahra cemetry where the 40th memorial day of death of those who lost their lives during recent demonstrations, will take place.
4:05:A large number of persons are moving towards Behesht Zahra. Mousavi and Karroubi have also confirmed participation at todays ceremony
Behesht-zahra: loads of ppl and rising
4:12:Jafar Panahi the famous film maker and director of the Iranian cinema and Mahnaz Mohamadi, womans activist and documentary maker, have been arrested this afternoon in Behesht Zahara cemetry.

These 2 film makers, this morning had gone to Behesht Zahra to place flowers over the graves of the persons who lost their lives in the post-election events and were arrested around 2 pm and taken to an unknown location.
4:15:Dozens of riot police are attemptng to disperse mourners at a Tehran cemetery
Mousavi Arrives Tehran Cemetery To Commemorate Victims Of Unrest
4:17:Iranian police arrest mourners for victims of Iranian election unrest at Tehran cemetery
Iran police arrest mourners at cemetery
Mourners being beaten with sticks, batons and belts by police
4:20: People are chanting "This a day of mourning ..This is a day of mourning"
Iranian police tell mourners to leave the cemetery or "face the consequences."
People in cemetery chanting Our Neda is not dead It's the regime thats dead
4:26:Clashes between people and the security and para-security forces verifying in Behesht Zahra.
4:28:Police 'Beat Mourners' At Iran Cemetery
4:30:A large number of people gathered in center and south areas of Tehran and police is serverly preventing people from gathering in Ferdowsi Square.
are singing yare dabestani in beheshte zahra
4:35: I have just spoken to Mahsa Amrabadi's mother and she confirmed that Mahsa has not been released but said that will be released by middle of the month of "Sha'ban"(fereshte qazi)
4:36:Cries of "Death to the Dictator" can be heard
4:38:A large number of anti-riot guards and police are present in the area. People throw flowers on them and chant "Support us ..Support us".
Riotpolice chasing chantng youngstrs, weather is hot, girls on the frontline amid uncomfortable clothing
4:45:The slogan of "Death to dictator" can be heard louder than ever
4:46:People are singing yare dabestani(a revolutionary anthem) in beheshte zahra
4:47:About 3000 mourners around Neda's grave site
Police charge people at grave site. Clashes taking place
4:49:Police and security forces have closed lot n. 257 in Behesht Zahra cemetery and do not allow people to enter.

4:50:Forces are stopping people by the gates of behest zahra, clashes have started at the gates
Riot police has blocked all entrances to "Behesht Zahra"
Old man tells police "Go ahead hit me!"
Mourners chant: "Death to Dictator!" Basijis now chanting "God is Great" too.
4:58:Anti riot police are fighting with those who are trying to film the situation
5:00:Basijis and security officers videotaping mourners and protesters
Hundreds of plain cloth militia riding bikes toward Mosalla
5:02:Police forces Mir Hossein Mousavi to leave the ceremony of Neda organized in Behesht Zahra cemetery. The armed forces arrest tens of persons and try to disperse others.
5:12:No network around behesht zahra,we have some problems for updates...
5:15:Mir hosein Musavi has left behesht zahra and is going to Mosalla
5:16:People starting to gather all over tehran biggest so far AT ferdousi SQ
5:17:With the entrance of Karroubi at lot number 257, people rushed towards and entered the lot.
5:18:Thousands are gAthered in front of mosala in Tehran
5:19:Government agents are dispersing people and hit them with batons
5:20:Mosala, fatemi street & the streets next to them are blocked with the riot police
5:21:Tear gas exploded and police attack people with tear gases.Many are hurt and wounded.
5:24:People are chanting: my murtyred sister, I won't let your blood be passed
5:30:Karroubi has gone to Mosallah and Mrs. Rahnavard (Mousavi's wife) in Behesht Zahra cemetery has told people not to go to Mossallah since the Basij are planning to massacre people there.
5:31:People are chanting: koodeta government, resign, resign
5:32: Hadi ghafari is at behesht zahra
5:34:People are chanting: "Mojtaba you will die and not see yourself in leadership"
People are chanting: "We do not want to see crocodile tears, we do not want to see the Mesbah government"ما اشک تمساح نمیخوایم دولت تمساح نمیخوایم
5:36:People are chanting: fire, yank, basij will not work anymore
5:38:People are chanting:"Political prisoners must be released" , "Death to coup d'etat"
5:40:Vali-asr street from vanak sq to vali-asr is field with people, anti riot and basij forces
5:42:people are going towards mosala and other streets around it
5:44:Large groups of people going in the streets.Women protesters in streets are more than men.
5:45:people are going towards mosala and other streets around it. People are leaving behesht zahra


6:00:Hundreds of anti-riot agents have occupied Northern Amirabad street. People gradually gather in the lateral streets
6:05:At Vozara junction, severe clashes going on between people and regim forces.
6:15:Heavy clashes around Abbas abad ave.
6:17:People Gathering in Mofatteh and sharyati St.
6:20:People in Sharia'ti and Moffateh streets are chanting "Death to dictator" and "Coup governmnet , resign resign" ...also "political prisoners should be released "
6:23:People are chanting and moving towards Enghelab sq
6:25:At the place where Neda was killed more than hudreds of agents and anti-riot police are settled.
6:27:Roads ending to Mosala, Enghelab and vali-asr are field with people, militia and basij forces
6:30:Beheshti avenue is full of people. The crowd chants slogans against the regim.
6:33:People are moving from Beheshti and Mofatteh Street's towards Mosalla.Vali-e Asr St and routes ending to it are full of peopel. Police is arresting people by plastic handcuffs!
6:40:Roads ending to Mosala, Enghelab and vali-asr are field with people, militia and basij forces
6:44:Militia forces have been placed in Mosala but people are passing them in groups, shops are starting to close down
6:45:large group of people as a family gathering and in greean and black clothes are going towards Laleh park.
6:50:Security forces fired shots in the air and used tear gas to disperse crowds
6:53:Vali-asr street is field with prople that are chanting: People aren't dead, it's Mojtaba who is dead.This crowed goes all the way to Vanak sq.Vali-asr st is field with fire and fog
6:57:Metro waggons are field with people who are chanting Death to dictator and and other chants against IR
7:00:Severeal people arrested in Behesht Zahra
7:05:Security forces have been placed all around shiraz, specially Shah cheragh is field with Basij and plain-clothes
7:06:Crowed is moving towards Fatemi, many have been arrested but people are still joining the crowed
7:10: Security forces fired shots in the air and used tear gas to disperse crowd

7:17:There is a big traffic made by militia forces in order not to let people join each other and poeple reacting by blowing their car's horns
7:20: Hard clashes in Abbas abad ST.
7:24:The crowd hast set a police motorcycle on fire in Vozara street.

Kianoush Aassa's brother in beheshte zahra today

7:29:No network in central of tehran
7:30: They are beating people in the most violent way in Abbas Abad strett with batons and rod
7:35:Thousands of peopel are in Vali-e Asr street and Police is beating them up brutally by electric baton and cable
7:40:Heavy clashes at Takht Tavos St. police shooting tear gas
7:50:Protesters in Ahvaz (around KianPars ave) despite heavy smog
8:12:In esfeahn 5 to 6 thousand ppl holding green signs protesting
8:15:Unconfirmed reports one killed in Valiasr street
8:16:Black smoke caused by tires set on fire has spread over the sky in Tehran
8:20:In Isfahan 5 to 6 thousands poeple with green symbols had gathered in Enqelab Sq and around 33 bridge area
8:25:2 young men were arrested and placed inside a van, but a group of demonstrators broke windows & pulled men out of vehicle
8:45:Following block of mobile phones and interference in the SMS services, a total power black-out has also occurred in many areas of Tehran. The reason for the slight delay in our live-blogging service, is due to the fact that we've had to move to another location
Thousands protesters in Vali-asr Ave. Also a huge crowd in Modarres express way
8:55:Many anti-riot police & plain cloths in Tajrish up to Vali-asr intersection & there up to Jamalzade ave.
8:56:Anti-riot police attacking people w their bikes. Ppl have put large garbage containers on fire
Clashes continue in Beheshti, Motahari, North Hafez, Vali-asr, Zartosht, Fatemi & surrounding areas
9:00:Clashes between protestors with plain-clothes and special guards in Mashhad city Mellat park
Both sides of Khosravi ave (where neda was shot) blocked by forces

The name and identity of another supporter of the Freedom Movement, who got killed has been revealed. Mostafa Kiarostami whose only sin was taking part in the first "green" friday prayers, was beaten by baton on head in proximity of the friday prayers location, and a few hours later passed away.
9:05:About 500 ppl marching toward IRIB
9:10:Gunshoots at Amir Abad,at least 10 ppl injured, 2 Police motorcycls on fire
9:11:Police arresting some protesters in Abbas Abad street

9:12:Basij have shot the doors in mosala and protesters are lock inside they need help
9:13: The crowd in Behesht Zahra cemetery today was 40,000
9:15:Jafar Panahi & Mahnaz Mohammadi are released !
9:17:There are too much damaged cars with broken windows in Takhte tavous , Abbas Abad streets and surrounding areas where a large number of people are still there. Some of the automobiles drivers have told that they have been told by plain-clothes and militia forces not to blow the horns and for threatening drivers ,they are hammering cars by baton and bars
9:30:Another documentarist (Rokhsare Ghaem Maghami) was also arrested with Panahi & is now released

End Quotes

Chatter Box (2)! [freedom, equality, human identity]

"This is a text which me and my dear friend from the States recorded.we call it "CHATTER BOX".we decided to share our thoughts and needs here.I hope all the bloggers and people join us, so we can extend our point of views and make better days of humanity , freedom,joy , peace , love and happiness"

1) How has the interaction of the internet changed how you and others communicate about daily happenings?

I don’t understand the part about the changes of internet, but I think you will get your answer after what I’m about to say. Most websites are built to serve a purpose of social connection, friend finders, or to get in touch with people form different side of the world. Facebook for example is one of these social network places which deliver news and information along with Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Flicker, and etc.

I don’t think internet can force the identity and activities of its users. Instead it’s the user’s activities and personalities which gives the internet an identity. Internet has lots of capabilities which can be used and defined per user’s daily needs. In addition to all the capabilities presented to us by internet, informing and finding ways from the long walls of limitation and censorship in Iran, nowadays internet has played and undeniable role.

The experience of the recent protests in Iran and the violation of human rights in other countries have proven that internet is dependent on human’s identity. Right when there is a case of violation of human identity, internet reflects the objections of people to the crime and violation.

We use every possible tools and friends, mobile phones to capture pictures and film an event, or by using internet to send news across the board to keep informing people on a daily basis and get their feedbacks. We try to avoid using journalism’s language and instead use ordinary people language to speak with them. Therefore, our work might be professional, but the language we use is far a way from the limitation and censorship of journalism connected to the government. And this is why our recipients are different.

2) If you could sum up your life motto in a few sentences, what would it be?

Few years ago, March 8th on women day; we started this slogan in Iran’s universities which I think has been the main focus of our fight against the existing situation; freedom, equality, human identity was our slogan on women’s day, which was the foundation of political analysis in Iran.

Freedom is an undeniable right of all human beings, unconditional sexual equality, social and rights is one of my slogan in definition of human rights which at the end human’s identity is my starting point and it gives me meaning to my fight and purpose for my political beliefs. Human identity in its depth denies any religious beliefs and nationalism and announces that human are made from human and any definition of human’s identity through religious beliefs are done by governments due to their fear of nations unity. Therefore, I think this is the one slogan which can express my beliefs.

3) I have read that you are a very important source for so many people when looking for news about Iran, does that affect how you present events and people?

At the beginning there were doubts that our reports and news are not reliable since we would present all the news taken by our own activists, but after a while this activity had a vast aspect.

We tired to report the news by including pictures and films taken from the events away from world’s media and government state TVs eyes. We got lots of attention from world’s media and human rights organizations right after the video of Neda Agha Soltan dying on the street was broadcasted on internet by us for the fist time.

After that we begin to get more attention and a mass support from all around the world. Currently the majority of people depend on our news and information and this becomes obvious to us when we see their reactions. If we make a smallest mistake such as a wrong date or title, they will contact us and questions us about it. This shows how much they pay attention to our work and how we play an important role in delivering news.

4) Lastly, I am wondering what inspired you to be so active in political events and what encourages you to share all of your experiences with others?

The hope for a better world and better living situations for human beings gives us energy and the power to continue. Our attitude is a reflection of the existing situation, and certainly in society where people are being putdown, hanged and stoned in masses such activities and activists grow and nourished.

The more aggression to human rights grows; the reaction of people around the world gets vast and deeper. With our activities we try to deliver the news to the people and we encourage them to be the voice to ask for their human rights. With providing more information, the society would step up to the plate on its own.

Therefore, the growth of communication and ways to inform people is one of our key goals. History has proven that these basic human rights such as gathering rights, protest and formation which we have lost lots of lives to it in Iran, was not born in one night in the western and European countries. It was a result of innumerable revelations and fights in the past decades which has been violated and threatened by governments. Therefore, we are fighting to gain our rights not as an Iranian, but as human and if such violation happens anywhere in the world it will faced with the same reaction.

Iran Uprising Blogging: Latest Updates...

  • After the election some of religious resources have decided to move to Najaf!
It’s been said after the recent indidents in Iran, several of religious referances have decided to permanently move to Nahaf, Iraq.Fraction new station states, one of Shie online sources says: “ It has been estimated these people, will finalize their decisions in the next couple of days.”I must add some of the recent decisions in the government and parliament have played a big role in this decision.This reliable source adds: “ recent news states Najaf domain and others around them have stated their state of joy, and are ready to be welcoming them to their town.”
in another hand they have extremely reacted towards Mshai being introduced as the vice president of Iran, and have announced it to be illigal.

  • Shadi Aadr has been released!
couple of hours ago Shadi Sadr was released after 11 days in Evin prison. Despite the authorities telling her family she was going to be released at 6 p.m., she got home a couple of hours the time of her arrival, her family were planning a welcoming party for her, which made them all really happy and excited.
it seems she was released a little earlier, to avoid crowding in front of Evin prison by her friends and family.


  • National security commissioner and foreign affairs representative states, Tehran's Parliament have reported of 140 people being released from Evin prison and stated only 150 remain imprisoned.
In an an interview with Mehr online newspaper's reporter Doctor Kazem Jalali reported from yesterday's meeting that was specifically put together for recent arrests and stated: " although in this meeting we have been told to encounter recent prisoners with Islamic laws, about 140 of them are being released today."

He also made a point of 150 of them remaining in prison and said: "in regards to prosecutors' statement, and the evidence in hand, they were armed of and have destroyed public and personal properties around town.he also stated, we are hoping to get their sentences in the near future.

he said 50 of these people are political prisoner and some are from different partitions against IRI, and other foreign prisoners are proven to have a hand in recent riots.


  • Kazem Jalali, stated the ones remained in prison are anti-Islamic, and have had a major role in recent riots. and also stated they have destroyed public properties and have played a role in riots and recent scares.
Ahmad Khatami, had asked the authorities to "encounter with leaders of riots, which have been planned by USA and Israel."
Saeed Mortazavi has promised to get to their cases as soon as possible and give his final verdict in the near future.
They have announced that 300 people are imprisoned at the moment, but Human Rights activists state the number has to be much larger than stated.

  • In a recent signed statement about 150 of Iran's lawyers have asked for the freedom of 3 of their colleagues who are still in detention.The statement reads as follows:
Iran's protests has also seen the arrest of noblemen and lawyers. thos statrted when one of the best lawyers in Iran Abdolfatah Soltani was arrested in his firm, only 3 days after the election, but it did not end there. later on Mohammad Ali Dadkhah a human rights activist as well as a wonderful lawyer was arrested accompanied by his coworkers.
The worrisome new we have heard about him and not being able to contact him has his family extremely worried.
By signing this statement we all ask the authorities to stop making false cases against lawyer and many writers who have peacefully defended their client in regards to finding him in possession of handgun and drug, because this is against humanity.
On the other hand Shadi Sadr has also been brutally attacked and arrested by plain clothes and we have no news as for her current condition.

  • Yesterday, after the parliament's meeting Behrroz JAvid Tehrani, was brutally beaten and transferred to ward 5 of Gohardasht prison. it has been said that he was transferred so Human rights who had gone to visit ward 1 in Gohardasht prison. His family were able to visit him, and state torture marks have been noticed around his body.
  • Ali Kalai a committee member of Human rights , weblog writer and a student activist was once again summoned to Enghelab court and has a court date for september 25th (4 mehr) at 9:30 a.m. he was first arrested in 2007 (1386) and was released after 57 days in Evin prison which he spent 36 of them in solitary confinement.
  • 16 days have passed since the arrest of Kaveh Mozaffari on july 9th around Enghelab sq and the condition of his case remains unknown. in the past couple of days he was transferred from ward 240 of Evin prison to ward 7 of Andarzgah solitary.
Although he remains prohibited from visits has has some minimal contacts with his family. he was arrested while he was driving his mother-in-law to the hospital and was taken to Zhandarmeri detention facility for further questioning. his accusations include: "riot against national security, acting against police's wish and destroying public. properties. at this point many who have been arrested within the first week have court dates for the next couple of weeks and might get sentenced without having the chance to defend themselves.

  • Waht goes on in women's prison?
Mahboobe abbas gholizadeh an activist who had spent some time in ward 209 of Evin prison states: " cells are like 3 by 2 rooms with a small bathroom in one side and green colored cement walls. showers are in the beginning of the corridor ad all together it was a u shaped hallway. she continues: "the in the same hallway we you could see the guard's room that had a TV and teapot in it."
Mahboobeh, who had spent 2 weeks in this ward says the solitary area consists of several small rooms, with metal doors which no one knew what's going on behind, the bathrooms were also in the area so during that time the prisoner would not even get to go out for anything. but there is a small garden in the begging of it that holds the only clean water within ward 209. with all that said it seems that all others that are not even in solitary would be in a bad condition due to the size of their cells, not having clean air and not even being able to get clean water.

  • Mostafa Ahookhosh, another of Ahvaz university students has been arrested.
he was threatened yesterday during a phone conversation with the security forces to turn himself in. this happened while 2 other students with the names of Saeed Shojayizadeh and Khsoro Musavi are still imprisoned and their conditions are unknown. according to Fars news yesterday their families were informed of their transfer to Ahvaz from Tehran and were told they are dong pretty good.Ahvaz university authorities will not take responsibility and have only stated they were arrested by the militia.
  • 5 guys who have been arrested last year in Kurdistan have been accused of Moharebeh (act or fight against GOD) in Sanandaj Enghelab court on Sunday 26 July .Their families are worried about them because they would be sentenced to death by Sharia law for being accused of Moharebeh crime.
  • Based on received news from released detainees who were kept in Kahrizak camp , the health conditions of detainees have been so awful and they even haven't had enough oxygen to breath as these camp had been built for addicted people and it was unused for sometimes and just some of addicted who are dieing and there is no hope for them to live have been keeping there , this camp is actually out of order and also this camp is ruling under direct inspection of General Radan and reportedly ,he was going to this camp during the past few weeks by helicopter and was beating up and torturing detainees by himself and arrested people just 2 days before getting released were transferring to Evin and during the time that they were in Kahrizak ,they were kept in an unhygienic environment despite of all their injuries.
  • Kahrizak camp(detention)was closed.Kahrizak is the detention which Khamenei ordered it to be closed because of lack of necessary conditions for detainees rights.
  • According to the news 140 people were released yesterday but non of them are the famous political activists .
  • Following disputes between Mohseni Ejeiee and Hosseinian with parallel information authorities and dismissing of Mohseni Ejeiee, all the security responsibilities will be provided to Ahmad Salek former representative of leadership in Intelligence protection of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hossein Taeb former commander of Intelligence protection of Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
  • Hassan Salehzadeh ,Saqezi teacher was arrested on 13 July and after few days being in detention and when he was supposed to be released and in the prison's yard while he was going to door to go out to his family ,he was arrested again and transferred to prison! He is accused to act against national security but there is no evidence to prove this charge in his case.He just demanded for Farzad Kamangar and other imprisoned teachers to be released in Saqez teachers gatherings.
  • Ali Maghami was arrested for the second time after election on Monday evening 27 July .
He was a active member in Karoubi campaign and he was arrested for the first time during the first week after election but released 3 days after being in detention but this time he was missing since Monday evening and by following up by his family , they recognized that he is in jail again.


  • Hossein Akhatr Zand who was killed by Basij forces on 15 June in Isfahan actually was thrown down by them from third floor and despite all the efforts people did to save him from Basijis and bring him to hospital ,he died the same night that he was thrown down in hospital and in front of his mother,brother and sister's eyes.
  • Head of Education Office in Tehran city : for Islamic trainings we will install surveillance cameras in schools.
He added : I don't think that installing cameras will cause any kind of limitation for students and actually it will help them to be in a more secure place to educate in and we just got some problems about some girl schools where the girl students have no hijab inside classrooms and are free to act in schools and it makes us to be unable to install the cameras in those kind of schools and there is also not any restrictions in law to prohibit us from doing it.

  • Some authorities and to do more censor ordered newspapers booth and kiosks not to put critical newspapers such as Etemade melli ,Etemad ,Aftabe Yazd and Sedaye Edalat(which is banned yesterday) in front of their kiosks and in a place where can be seen easily.And this order was done on Monday 27 July in Tehran ,specially in sensitive areas of city .
  • Hossein Akbari is one of those people who was killed by security forces after arresting during the unrests in the first week after election and his family could not get any news about him by referring to Evin and Enghelab court till 21 July but they have been called on 22 July to go to Imam Khomeini hospital and take their son's body. His funeral was on 26 July .
  • Saeed Abbasi 27-year-old was shot dead in head on 20 June and in front of his father's eyes.
His body was delivered to his family only after charging them an amount of money and also an assurance stating that the do not have any complaints and when some agents went to their house after funeral to give their condolence ,his family were told if they want to use martyr organization benefits they have to admit their son was killed by rioters(people)but his family reaction was to drive them out.


  • Mansour Ghoujazadeh a young guy from Khoy city(north of Iran) was killed by plain-clothes in Tehran's demonstrations.His death reason was because of hard and severe beatings.His funeral was very quite and even many people didn't know how he was killed.And all these happens because of Khoy city being a small,limited city and security control can be performed easily and that's why peopel are afraid and are not able to complain.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What is Velayate faqih(Guardianship of the Islamic Jurists)?

Introduction to the most important part of Islamic politics; the unconditional power of Supreme Leader
The answers are provided from Aiatollah Mesbahe Yazdi’s notebook:
  • Q. Is the supreme leader elected directly by people?
A. Due to people’s weak judgment to recognizing such important role, the supreme leader gets elected indirectly and by approval of the religious jurisprudence and the guardian councils.
However, these are all just outward appearance of the matter, the real election is done directly by god, and he is the one who helps the religious jurisprudence and the guardian councils in electing the right person.
  • Q. Does the supreme leader serves for a known period of time, i.e. 4 or 5 years, or is it forever?
A. Since the supreme leader is chosen by god and is representing the innocent Imam (referring to the last Imam in Islam and Shiite religion), he will serve forever.
  • Q. Is the supreme leader responsible to answer to anyone?
A. No, he is only responsible to answer to the greatest god and not to others.
  • Q. Has the supreme leader been defined to ordinary people?
A. The answer is no, as it has been mentioned before; ordinary people’s mind is not capable of digesting such matters, therefore; they are not allowed to participate in this part of the Islamic politics.
  • Q. Can the other Islamic leaders define the supreme leader?
A. No, the other Islamic leaders are not allowed to interfere in the government and therefore; they are no different than ordinary people. However, they are responsible to obey the supreme leader just like everyone else.
  • Q. Are the guardian councils, or the council’s leader able to question the supreme leader?
A. The guardian councils are responsible to elect the supreme leader; however after they have chosen the supreme leader; they must not question any of his decisions since this will be considering disrespect towards the supreme leader. They shouldn’t even write a letter in regard to his deeds.

An example of disrespecting the supreme leader is the latest letter written by Mr. Rafsanjani which remained unanswered by the supreme leader. This was the best answer given to Mr. Rafsanjani.
  • Q. Is there a limit to supreme leader’s authorities?
A. The supreme leader has unlimited authorities over anything. He is capable of changing main religious laws such as pilgrimage to Mecca, so there is no question about little things like appointing, or removal of positions.
  • Q. Does the authorities of supreme leader limited to one place, one country?
A. No, the supreme leader is considering of being the leader of all Muslims around the world.
  • Q. Does the supreme leader obey the constitutions?
Since we now understand that he is the unconditional leader of Muslims at any given time and is not responsible to answer anyone but god, does he obeys roles which are made by human such as constitutions?

A. No, what have been mentioned in the constitutions are only basic laws which do not apply to the supreme leader role. The role of the supreme leader is absolute and can’t be limited by constitutions. Otherwise it wouldn’t be the only independent power.
  • Q. Due to Quran’s emphasizing of consultation, can the religious jurisprudence council be another choice?
A. No, the supreme leader is continues of prophetic mission, and at any given time only one person can be gifted by god to take on this responsibility, therefore the religious jurisprudence council is null.
  • Q. What is our position towards his commands?
A. Since he is representing the absent Imam (referring to the 12th Shiite Imam), ordinary people’s position must be obeying all his commands and doubting any of his commands is a result of devil’s temptations.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging: Latest Updates...

>>>List of Killed,Arrested and Released !<<<


  • Video:Interview With Saeed Valadbaygi on SKYTG24!

In English:
Simona Vasta:
“He is called Saeed, however his true name remains a mystery, especially for the Intelligence of the Iranian regime that has opened the hunting bloggers, guilty of telling the world what is really happening in Iran and prove it through amateur dramatic videos that, before ending up on u-tube, are often posted on Saeed’ blog. In the network he and his Revolutionary Road have become a point of reference for international media and the voice of Saeed is perhaps the only independent that you can hear from Tehran even if through a lot of precautions”.

Saeed Valadbaygi:
The real face of the Islamic Republic has emerged and led people to protest and chant anti-government slogans. People desire a free society that respects human rights and they know that all these are being denied in the Islamic republic. Initially protests were peaceful but after people getting attacked by security forces, the situation totally has changed . At last protests turned into a massive street war.
Moussavi was Khomeini 's Prime Minister during Iran-Iraq war era and as a policy there is not much difference between him and Ahmadinejad in my opinion.

We recognize Moussavi and Rafsanjani as leaders and supporters of the Islamic Republic, we believe that their duty is to keep the allies of the Islamic Regime rather than meeting people's desire. Ahmadinejad supports the radical and fundamentalist Islamic leadership so always defends politic decisions of Khamenei.

The situation in Iran prisons needs to be concerned , in addition to political prisoners who already are in jail recently a big number of political activists and journalists has added.The other factor is the torture and infuriating interrogations. State prisons and hospitals have not publicized names of dead prisoners . There are just few countries which attack and mistreat and even kill their own people as the Islamic Republic does.

In addition to the anti-riot police, Islamic Republic also has Revolution Guards and Basij. During the recent protests we have seen that the Basij and the Revolution Guards among the most repressive and authoritarian regime's forces.
Protests have not stopped. In the past few days we have seen demonstrations in Tehran, radical slogans against the regime and even fights at nights which continue in Tehran and some other cities.
People's peaceful demonstrations have already been changed to aggressive and violent demonstrations and there are some real clashes between armed forces and people and that is happening because people has lost support and leadership of the so-called leaders.
Actually we do not expect much from these kind of leaders and to be in the events and among the people because they always have accompanied by the armed forces and in the next few days we will be witnessing even more huge gatherings...

  • Hossein Akbari a 16-year-old teenager was killed in Evin prison and under brutal torture!
A reliable source in Iranian Revolutionary Guards who wanted his name not to be revealed by confirming this news said : Because of lots of injuries and anal tears this teenager was suffering from blood infection disease and has died pitifully .Crimes against humanity in Iran detentions have reached its peak.

  • Davoud Sadri 27-year-old and resident of Andishe town in Karaj city was shot dead on 15 June. His body delivered to his family 6 days later in Sharyar Imam Ali hospital but they charge them 350,000 toomans(appr US$ 350) for bullet price and 6,000,000 toomans(appr US$ 6000) for delivering the body.
When his father goes to juridical authorities and complains about this matter ,they tell him if he announce that his son has been a Basiji and has been killed by people ,they will give his son's blood price(Diyeh)and also they will cinsider him as a martyr and his family will be able to have the benefits of martyrs foundation.

  • Meysam Ebadi death!
Meysam a 17-year-old teenager was shot dead in his stomach last night at 11:30 pm in Tajrish Sq in Tehran and during the unrest.He was dead by a klanshenkof bullet and considering the presence of Police in the place , judge Shamlou said that they will continue investigating about this case .
and then they arrested him and after 15 days keeping him in detention he was released but he had lots of torture marks on his body and had told his mother that he has being hanged by his feet for several days in detention and because of clot blood in his long and being in hospital for few days after releasing has died in hospital.

  • An interview with Ashkan Sohrabi's mother about how he got killed!
His mother says : Ashkan was a 20-year-old IT student of Qazvin Uni who goes to see a friend who was living about 5 mins walk from their place and while coming back home he was shot dead on 20 June and government did not let them to hold a funeral ceremoney and warned them not to make too much noises while burying him.

  • Details of Ramin Ghahramani's death!
Ramin was identified by a surveillance camera in a bank due to recent unrest but when agents went to his house he was not there and after he came back home and because his mother was sure that he did not do any thing wrong and illegal goes with him to the place where police had told her and then they arrested him and after 15 days keeping him in detention he was released but he had lots of torture marks on his body and had told his mother that he has being hanged by his feet for several days in detention and because of clot blood in his long and being in hospital for few days after releasing has died in hospital.

  • Transferring Nabavi,Tajzadeh,Arabsorkhi and Hajarian to Sepah No.66 prison!
"Iran Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization" senior members , Behzad Nabavi,Mostafa Tajzadeh,Feizollah Arabsorkhi and Saeed Hajarian who are not in good health conditions already because of being under torture ,possibly transferring from Evin and some other detentions to "Sepah No.66" prison which is ruling under direct supervision of Supreme leader representative.It seems that they are being transferred to Sepah 66 prison to be under more pressure and torture and to confess to what regime looking for and this made their families and relatives to be worried and concerned about them more than ever.

  • Health minister : 2000 meningitis ampoules have been sent to Tehran prisons!
Lankarani ,health minister by going to Rouholamini's house and giving a condolence to them for their loss has said :To fight with infectious disease and meningitis in prisons, within the last few days over almost two thousand strong penicillin and anti-meningitis ampoules have been sent to Tehran prisons.
Sending this large number of ampoules to prisons shows that prisoners are being beaten up severely and apparently Mohsen Rouholamini also has died because of injuries in his head and lack of medical treatments which caused him to die of infections.

  • Detention of cinema actress Pegah Ahangarani!
Based on unconfirmed news from Iran Pegah Ahangarani the actress who played in movies such as : a girl with linen shoes , Max , women’s prison ,… has been arrested due to recent unrest in huge protests against presidential election results , and there is no information available about her situation .
Saturday 25th of July was her 25th birthday.
She and a huge number of Iranian cinema artists were supporting the green wave campaign in the past few months.

  • Saman Valadbaygi a student activist from Kermanshah Technical University,last night has been arrested and transferred to an unknown location.Sunday evening he had gone to Chemistry College in Kermanshah Razi University to participate in fortieth day ceremony of Kianoush Asa's death and had given a lecture for several minuets in solidarity with this killed student's family.

In this ceremony which was held by Asa's family and a big number of Kermanshahi citizen's presence , security guards and plain-clothes forces were being seen every where and at the end when people were chanting slogans such as "Death to Dictator","Coup government ,resign,resign" and "Illegitimate government ,shame on you" then some clashes happened between students and plain-cloths.

Saman who is a Kermanshah leftist activist ,so far has been summoned to University preservation and disciplinary committee several times for reasons such as being participated in Worker's International day(1 may 2009) but he doesn't have any prison or cour records.

Last night and without any explanations a big number of plain-clothes attacked their house and confiscated his personal belongings , his writings ,his PC and also they have been confiscated every family member's personal phones and have taken them.Before this and during the post-election protests once again Saman's father house had been attacked and everyone in house been investigated and every thing had been inspected.

Since last night his family and friends have gone to revolution court and Kermanshah Intelligence office news bureau and wanted to know the reasons for his detention and also demanded to know his whereabouts in official detentions but up to now they could not get any clear response and confirmation about him being arrested by Intelligence and security forces.These all are happening while plain-clothes in attack to his father's house have told the gate keeper that they are from Intelligence service office.
  • Deputy of Tehran Prosecutor in prison affairs: We do not have any political prisoners!
Salar kiya , Deputy of Tehran Prosecutor in prison affairs in an interview with Mehr news agency and in response to the question that if the formed committee is responsible to review the recent arrested political prisoners situations, said : We do not have any prisoners under the name of political prisoners in Iran prisons.
Salar kiya also indicated : Parliament Committee members are visiting prisoners with different crimes and is not limited to prisoners with "act against national security" crime.

  • Abou Ghoraib prison dissociated Bush but no one is responsible in Evin!
Hamidreza Jalaipour Uni professor and father of Mohammadreza Jalaipour Oxfors PHD student who was active in Mousavi campaign and now is in evin for more than 40 days by comparing the crimes which are taking place in Evin with what had happened in Iraq Abou Ghoraib prison said that everyday we are getting infomed about some new people getting killed in Evin or other official and non-official Islamic Repulic's prison but no one is responding people about these crimes .

  • Parliament head board member : Gathering in front of parliament on adjuration day is illegal !
Hojjatoleslam Mohammadreza Mir Tajoddini ,a member of parliament head board announced that any kind of gatherings in front of parliament on Ahmadinejad adjuration day which would be next week on Tuesday or Wednesday is illegal and police will encounter protesters and added these kind of gatherings are political which are not allowed in constitution.

  • Early publication of Mir Hossein Mousavi's statement to form a political front!
ILNA reports : War era Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi statement regarding the formation of a political front will be published early next week.

  • Coup in the Ministry of Information!

Based on received reports number of high level employees of ministry of information whom have been dismissed or forced to announce retiring are more than 20 and all this has happened after they prepared a report stating that considering investigations of recent prisoners so far there is no possibility or prove about any kind of "velvet revolution" and non of the gathering was planned and that report made Ahmadinejad so angry that he has gone to the ministry of information and has said that he is satisfied with Revolutionary guards operation and not satisfied with the information ministry .

  • Two ministries without Ministers: Mohseniee Ejeiee was dismissed , Saffar Harandi resigned!
While Fars news agency reported on Sunday evening that Saffar-e Harandi Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Mohseni Ejeiee Minister of Intelligence Ministry are dismissed from their positions,IRNA news agency quoted form an authority that the only dismissed minister is Ejeiee and his replacement is introduced too and this official authority did not confirmed any of published rumors about other ministers.

  • Odd analysis of Ayandeh site: Ahmadinejad's mission is to overthrow Islamic Republic!

This site which some of its Editorial members were arrested few days ago , last week published an article analyzing the current situation in Iran and by pointing to Ahmadinejad 's race and changing his family name to Ahmadinejad and also his point of view about Holocaust and removing Israel and by criticizing everyone in the Islamic regime ,claimed that he is trying to overthrow Islamic Republic and now after dismissing 4 ministers in 1 hour and against supreme leader opinion , they are coming to this conclusion again that his mission is to overthrow regime.

  • Kayhan newspaper (Tehran): Mousavi , Khatami and Karroubi are blamed for citizens poured bloods , the hired thugs by reformers have killed people!
Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi yesterday by publishing a joint request demanded Ministry of Interior to let them hold a ceremony for fortieth days of victim's murders . These two have claimed that they want to hold this ceremony in Mosalla and without any speech and simply by reading the Holy Quran .
So it seems that the are trying to follow the same method which caused people to come in to streets few days after declaration of election results and also mentioned victims basically were invited to the illegal demonstration because of Mousavi,Khatami and Karoubi's Offense and lost their lives.According to available evidence a number of victims were killed by thugs who were hired by reform claimants and all of them should be trialed and punished in courts along with Mousavi and Khatami.

  • A group of Iranians and Canadians cycled over 450km from Toronto to deliver a petition initiated by Amnesty International, to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa.
The petition, signed by over 3,500 supporters, calls on the authorities to respect the human rights of all Iranian citizens and for the immediate release of those arrested for expressing their critical opinions of the elections since June 12, 2009.

  • Hunger strikers in Berlin want Iranian prisoners freed!
Former Iranian political detainees now living in Germany were among the protesters at the Brandenburg Gate with water bottles, hot drinks and blankets to denounce "a new wave of violence and oppression" in Iran.
"We demand the unconditional release of all political prisoners and abolition of all kinds of torture in prisons," they said in a manifesto that also called for an end to capital punishment in the Islamic republic.
Shadi Amin, a spokesman for the hunger strikers, said the protesters also want governments around the world not to recognize Ahmadinejad's re-election and to "put human rights ahead of economics".
The hunger strike in Berlin was to continue through Sunday, alongside protests in other German cities including Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich over the weekend.


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