Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tehran Girl !

She said "be kind to me and I will tell you my mind sweet
and we will sweat to the heartbeat of the Iranian sun"
"Walking through the streets of my home sweet
and I will show you the taste of my Iranian home"

my Tehran girl tell me
when will we be ever free
oh Tehran girl tell me
will they let you and me breath

Hold me you gotta run 'coz they told me
If they would ever see you with me they would tear us apart
In the forest where the people care for us
without old-fashioned morals we could have a great life

my Tehran girl tell me
when will we be ever free
oh Tehran girl tell me
will they let you and me breath

Love of mine, we will be free \'til the end of time when we try
when we die, there will be people who know we tried you and I

my Tehran girl tell me
when will we be ever free
oh Tehran girl tell me
will they let you and me breath

Dedicated to all the friends who are standing by me selflessly and whole heartedly:


Amos said...

You may have to hide from the police, but at least you get all the girls.

and more seriously, i think you are very lucky to have such good friends and salute you all.

rainywalker said...

Fitting song, very very sad video. Time is on your side and your freedom fighters can strike as ghosts. My blog will continue to have articles and pictures of your fight for freedom. We are all in this together. Stay safe and like the Swamp Fox attack and retreat!

Anonymous said...

I love the song.
To you, my fellow comrade, i wish you freedom and above all stay safe!
Marg Bar Basiji!
Marg Bar Jomhooriye Eslami!
Down with all those who attack our dignity as human beings, for freedom and socialism.
I will (even as an atheist) pray for you.
Nico from Germany

Beppe said...

Iranian women are a symbol of this battle and a model for every woman in the world..against the unequal rights, against the commodification of their bodies (as it's happening in Italy by the trash television and policy). We all look to them with respect and pride.

One special hug to your brave women friends!

Go on Saeed!

Anonymous said...

To all of you Iranians inside Iran standing bravely in front of those bloody dictators, you've made us all proud and we don't know how to thank you all enough for being such great souls.

I hope you don't feel like you are alone, we never forget any of these and wish you all be safe and get the freedom well deserved.

Lots of love for you all from Canada.

Anonymous said...

from Italy very near of you,
very near of them,
very near like your mind and your body,
we support you until of the last blood
the history of Iran is still beginning now

with love only NO to Violence
from Italy

Anonymous said...

dear saeed i pray for you and all the are not alone in your struggle because a lot of people are interested in what it's happening.i'm sure that peace and freedom will win!
a hug from an italian girl

Anonymous said...

The only freedom is the freedom to dissent. Never give in. Organize, train and arm yourselves. Smash the regime. The guards show no quarter; neither must you. The guards show no mercy; Neither must you. Make them fear you as you fear them. Victory for IRAN. Victory for the international proletariat.

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