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Beating of mourning mothers in Laleh Park!

Beating of mourning mothers in Laleh Park

Writer: Shirin Family

  • A group of mourning mothers in recent days, had called upon fellow Iranians to gather in Laleh park, every saturday at 7 pm, (the exact time Neda Agha Soltan had innocently lost her life) to quietly show their sadness and mourn their lost children. But their first gathering on saturday, June 29th was suppressed by interference of Iran's police department.

“pouya azizi, a witness states, the mothers were quietly mourning their children. I arrived at Laleh Park around six forty five that day, when I noticed the uniformed police stationed all around the park, most of them seemed to be from the police department, and against what we had seen before not many plain clothes were around except a couple that I spotted whom were carrying walkie talkies and seemed to be from ETELAAT department. Besides the fountain, where the mothers were settled seemed to be very quite, without any

propaganda except the fact that they fact that they were too close to the fountain. I called a friend of mine from within the crowd as soon as I noticed them, and told her to be careful, I told her the scene I had seen outside. During the conversation, I noticed them being attacked, they were very abusive and asked to leave the premisses.

Did their gathering fly away after that incident?

The mothers started moving in an alley towards Keshavarz Blvd, where they were attacked severely, with usage of foul language. They were being beaten with batons which had caused them to scream and that started attracting other pedestrians whom were standing around the crowd and watching the scene. They were not doing anything because they knew any objection would have resulted their arrests.

Did anyone get hurt?

I saw many people hit by baton, but did not exactly see where they were being hit. I only saw a lady sitting in the grass, surrounded by many female officers I noticed her being hit in the face a couple of times.

How many mother were gathered?

Approximately thirty to forty that were in the main crowd, but I also noticed many more under the trees and in the surrounding area. But the main crowd which had rallied towards Keshavarz were between thirty to forty people.

It has been said that many were arrested.

Yes, specially since they had brought many female police as well, some were arrested on the spot. ERSHAD Police cars, had cleaned their signs and actually moved in the park, even though no cars are supposedly allowed in there. They even arrested some teenagers who were just watching the scene.

Was the beating done by only female officers?

No, for the most part female officer did not interfere with the beating. until the time of the arrest, they were not even in the picture. After the mothers were arrested, they came out of their cars, and started doing their parts.

How many were arrested? Has any of them been identified?

The number definitely exceeds twenty people, which from that crowd, some were taken to Vozara and some are still in Shapoor detention facility in Vahdat Eslami street.

Do you mean both mothers and witnesses were arrested?

Yes, and Fars news as well as some other news stations were reporting the scene.

  • Tehran residents continued with their protests against the regime last night by going to their rooftops and shouting chants. This has been the trend since the uprising started in Iran following the mullahs’ sham election on June 12.

Cries of “death to dictator” and “death to Khamenei” could be heard from 10:00pm local time from all parts of the city.

Special Forces, the Revolutionary Guards, Basij forces and plainclothes agents tried to make their presence felt before dark in a bid to create fear among people. The suppressive forces damaged people’s property on the streets and attacked the houses where people were chanting anti-government slogans. The forces threw stones and shattered the windows of houses. They also damaged entrances to houses with truncheons.

The rooftop protests continued throughout the night despite all repressive measures.

Major-General Firouzabadi: “European Union is not qualified for negotiation with Iran”

  • Major-General Hassan Firouzabadi, Head of the Armed Forces General Command Headquarters, declared that European Union has lost the qualification necessary for negotiation with Iran due to their intervention in recent unrests after presidential election in Iran.

After announcement of the result of the election, millions of Mousavi supporters rallied in the streets in different cities and demanded for the election to be canceled. Clashes broke out between the riot police and plain clothes and protesters, 20 of which died during the demonstrations.

Firouzabadi also condemned Javier Solana, Secretary-General of EU, for biasing for rioters in Iran and stated that he has never had a firm stand and is not supported by Member States of the EU.

Major-General Firouzabadi then demanded that the authorities of EU apologize for their “mistakes” and clearly prove that they are remorseful. Otherwise, they will not be given the right to speak of negotiation, said Firouzabadi.

Negotiations between Iran and permanent members of UNSC (P5 and Germany) regarding Tehran’s nuclear program has been called off since last year. Veto Wielding members are trying to find a way out for Iran’s nuclear issue.

A few days earlier, Javier Solana announced that EU still wants to commence nuclear negotiations with Iran.

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“Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name”

This video is recorded to support freedom movement of Iranian people and green is just a symbol of movement and doesn't have anything to do with any religion,nationality,
nment or political factions.

Iranian-American musicians, artists, and filmmakers united in keeping the struggle for freedom alive.

“Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name” is dedicated to the people of Iran and the citizens of the world who stand with them.


lt's a silence the lonely know
in the fire the rainbows grows
you can push it down my friend
it will come up ten fold again

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

how much blood must be shed
on the streets of unrest
we will bleed as long need be
that river will remove you from history

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

you have robbed us for many years
but we have saved every last tear
we have suffered all of your hate
and now we march down to your gates

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name
Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name

you think your power is secure
when you startle us with the threat of war
but fear has its limits too
we are no longer scared of you

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

we will burn your temple to the ground
we will tear all your prisons down
your gallows will be set for burning
just before one last hanging

we will erase your name, we will show no restraint

Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name
Freedom, Glory, Be Our Name

now we give you one last chance
to do what's right and to let us dance
or the hand of fate will become a fist
a force your thugs can not resist

The fields where soldiers practice their killing
can be a spread of green grass
where the boisterous rainbow children may dance
while the one who beams with
ultimate command
will merely be a smile (Written by Shamloo)

Shoukoeh Azadi Ba Mast

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Anonymous said...

Slap us on face, inflame our wrath, you'll burn in it someday, and that day is not that far.
slap us on face, beat our mothers and sisters and brothers, we'll respond someday, and that day is not as far as you think...who am I kidding.."think"! if only you had brains...

Anonymous said...

How do you say "I'm proud of being an Iranian" ( which of course hints at a quotation of Kennedy in Berlin)in Farsi? That could become
the slogan of the non Iranian supporters of your actions ? Please uese the Latin alphabet. Thank you

Anonymous said...

"The Mothers of Laleh Park", has a nice ring about it!


This kind of organised peaceful gathering can be quite effective. Only a tyrannical government would persecute grieving mothers, the whole world knows that - and whether Kameneini/Nejad like it or not, the whole world is STILL watching

Anonymous said...

Not sure how did you get that picture on the top of the page, but i used to live on that block long back. I couldn't believe when i saw that.

Keep up the good work man

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous July 2, 2009 5:46 PM:

Man eftekhar mikonam ke Irani am.

president said...

love the song, what courageous people! But they need to get a general strike going and overthrow the regime completely

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