Monday, July 6, 2009

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  • "Five thousand" workers at the Haft Tapeh Sugar Cane Plantation and Industry Company in the Iranian city of Shush (khouzestan) went on STRIKE!

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  • 6 ppl hanged in Evin in front of other prisoners & told they will all get hanged!

  • It's confirmed that male prisoners are getting raped inside Evin prison in Tehran!

  • Tehran time 04:00 am(6july):3 people Executed in mashhad Prison!

  • Psychological pressure in Evin Prison very heavy - prisoners are starting to break down!

  • In Evin they bring innocent people into room and shoot them in the head in front of prisoners!

  • Faculty member of Chamran Uni of Ahwaz(Jafar Barvaieh) shot in head & killed in Tehran protests!

  • One man freed from Evin can't talk - he is damaged from what he saw. He is frozen from fear
  • Journalist Masood Bastani arrested!
  • Head of Mousavi's youth campaign Hamzeh Ghalebi's mother:It's my right to know where & why my son's been detained for 15 days?
  • Bastaani got arrested in revolutionary court following up on his wife, Mahsa Amrabadi's 20-day detention!
  • Washington Post reporter released!
  • Some prominent literary & artistic figs who supported Mousavi were banned from TV!
  • Thousands of people of Tehran visited the graves of martyrs to honor them with flowers!
  • Ahmadinejad addressed to Western governments: You are wrong to be concerned about Iran, It’s none of your business!
  • Keyhan newspaper: Shajaryan-traditional singer is working for foreign and colonialism!
  • Bita Samimi Rad, one of Leftists students who was detained 3 weeks ago freed on bail tonight!
  • Tomorrow families of detainees will go to Evin prison with gifts & flowers!
  • Tabnak hard-liner site: Michael Jackson was Shi'e!
  • Mohammad Mollabashi the minister assistance of science said; active students in riots and protest will be deprived from education!
  • Most detainees in recent days have been charged with attempts against national security!
  • Zarghami:It's not possible to deal with real Muslim people just by "Facebook",Tweeter"and"Youtube"!
  • Ahmadinejad addressed to Western governments:You are wrong to be concerned about Iran,It's none of your business!
  • Thousands of people of Tehran visited the graves of martyrs to honour them with flowers!
  • Some prominent literary & artistic figs who supported Mousavi were banned from TV!
  • Jalal Mohammadlou, another member of the participation front (IIPF) was arrested!
  • Hundreds of detainees families gathered infront of Islamic Rev, Court and Evin Prison again!
  • The Dutch Parliament has passed a resolution calling to ban the sale of internet filters to Iran!
  • Attack on Iran would be 'very destabilizing' -- US military chief!
  • Biden: the administration will not restrain Israel if it decides on military act. against Iran!
  • These days, police confiscate satellites...
  • Threshold of 10th anniversary of Hezbollah and Plain clothes attack to Tehran University dormitory on July 9th 1999,since yesterday Tehran University dormitory was closed for a 2 weeks duration.

Closing down Tehran University dormitory in these days happens every year to prevent students protests and gatherings.

In July 1999 organized plain clothes forces attacked the dormitory and beaten in students.However all authorities condemned the attack to dormitory back then but the people who caused that disaster ,never introduced or trialed.

Once again this year ,after students protests against election fraud , organized Ansar Hezbollah and plain clothes along with anti-riot forces attacked Tehran University dormitory early morning Monday ,June 15th and destroyed parts of dormitory and beaten up students and arrested more than 100 of them.Most of students transferred to Ministry building and beaten up for hours by plain clothes forces.

But this time authorities didn't reveal all the aspects of dormitory attack.Although due to plainclothes widespread barbaric behavior , authorities showed reaction to the event immediately but after few days ,they started to cover up the event not to let people know who is the main responsible for that again.However it's obvious to most of people and students that militia forces and plainclothes do the attacks together and orders make by authorities.

This year along with closing down the Uni dormitory for July 9th ,Uni exams also postponed to September!

Although the authorities of Tehran University are worried about students protests on July 9th but university student assistant has said about dormitory being closed for 2 weeks: This decision was already taken and dosen't have any thing to do with recent events and dormitories were supposed to be closed from July 6th.

  • Mohammad Mlabashy Deputy student Minister of Ministry of Sciences: Students active in protests will be deprived of further education!

Hamedan's Deputy Student Minister of Ministery of Sciences and Research and Technology said:
Students who committed the crimes in the current presidential election, have damaged not only people's financial rights but also intellectual ones. Therefore, they will will be expelled and detained from further education.

"Mahmoud Malabashy", on the sidelines, Saturday night, forty-fifth meeting of the deputies and directors of Student and Cultural Affairs for the universities and centers of higher education, gathered among the reporters in Hamedan, added: Anyone of the students who has actively protested is to face the severe consequences. The ministry is now involved in gathering conclusive Information and Feedback on the issues of student's delinquencies in some of the Universities nationwide, from pre and post election.

In his electoral campaign, it is said that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, rejected any student from being excluded, banned and detained from studying!

  • Ahmadinejad with pointing to west interference with Iran’s internal matters said “human thoughts is global and can’t be limited. They attempt to disrupt our nation, but the presence of 40 million aware people was a big slap to their faces. In accomplishing their goals; they’ve shown their true color and now they’ve announced that they are not interfering with Iran’s internal matter; they are only worried about Iran’s situation. This is none of your business; you have no rights to be worried. You are responsible for all these events and you are only worried about theories of liberal democracy you have to go on trail for this. With the help of god you’ve lost once again”.

In meeting with presidents of medical science universities yesterday, he pointed to the fenced political in the world and said “in this election the theoretic governorship was destroyed and therefore, they are not happy and are screaming out loud. In our election a different side of democracy was shown which is incomparable in the world. In this election the core of the policy of Iran’s regime was open on the table and that’s why their prestige is under question by this side of democracy”.

Ahmadinejad also said: "in battle between the revolution and the dictatorship and our
thought and believes and the though of the world; the revolution made a big difference in the equations. The dictator in quarrel with nations and revolutions brings interactions into nations. However, in our revolution Emam Khomaini took the quarrel and used it against the enemies. A good example is announcing Rooze Ghods (day to sympathize with Palestine), meaning a change in these quarrels and the ambition of our enemies are to bring these scenarios back to Iran. After the revolution and at the beginning, there were disturbance/riot everywhere, and it was against the revolution instead f the dictatorship; however, they all failed. In the recent years they've been successful to bring quarrel back to Iran. As we remember July 9th events and the riots, if the internal forces stand against one another, the nation won’t grow. Ahmadinejad added, “In the recent years the revolution has gone further out of Iran. They had lots of hope! Remember the political expansion event, we were waiting for something huge to occur, however, this quarrel was sent over to NY and Washington, and therefore they are angry"!

Ahmadinejad referred to the recent election in Iran and said “the power of people of Iran has gone up tremendously. He said they want the energy which can be used to build the country inside and to change the United Nations rules out, has been condensed and that's why they question the legitimacy of our election”. The president added, “I announce that soon Iran will begin its diplomatic activities 10 times more powerfully. He also announced I will go to United Nations and ask President Obama to have a public debate with the presence of press and not behind the close doors”.

“The result of public debate and in presence of world press is obvious. They have to stop interfering in other nations internal maters; this attitude will soon disappear in the world. The attitude as they know it all has ended; they are lagging behind in political matters. Today people are mature enough to decide for themselves”. At the end he stressed “%85 of people participated at the free election. These people believed in glory, and elevation in Iran”.

  • In a statement on June 25, the Norwegian Committee of the Friends of a Free Iran comprised of parliamentarians and political and human rights personalities expresses support for Iranian people’s uprising and rejects mullahs’ sham election. It also calls for a UN- supervised free election based on people's will and not the rule of the clergy. The statement follows:

We, in the Friends of a Free Iran Committee - Norway state our support for the Iranian people's uprising across the country, chanting "Down with dictator" and seeking a regime change and establishment of democracy in Iran. We also declare our sympathy with the families of those who were killed, injured or arrested in this uprising.

We recall:

1. Nationwide uprising of the people of Iran illustrated the volatile state of the Iranian society and demand of near unanimous majority of the people for democracy. This uprising and widespread support for it by the Iranians in exile shows that unlike what was publicized, this regime posses neither popular support nor stability.

2. Brutal crackdown on the people's uprising in Tehran and other cities of Iran which reached a climax on June 20 has left more than 200 killed and thousands of wounded and arrested in the first ten days. On June 20, the world was shocked by watching the final moments of a young girl, Neda, who was shot dead by the security forces in North Tehran. Today the Iranian people as well as the alert conscience of the world expect a firm reaction by the western countries, toward the barbaric actions of the religious fascism ruling Iran.

3. Massacre of the defenseless protestors clearly demonstrates the frantic hostility of this regime toward its opponents.

4. We urge the government of Norway and the UN Security Council to:

a. Reject Iran's sham election and re-appointment of Ahmadinejad, and to force the regime to accept a free UN- supervised election based on people's will and not the rule of the Supreme Religious Leader;
b. Suspend all political and diplomatic ties with the mullahs’ regime until the suppression is completely stopped;
c. Impose a trade, diplomatic, arms and technology embargo on the regime and a foreign travel ban on its high officials;
d. Call on the UN Security Council to refer the crimes committed by the regime's officials in particular Khamenei, to an international tribunal

Lars Rise
Friends of a Free Iran – Norway

Morten Hoglund
Member of the Foreign affairs committee
Norwegian Parliament

Bjorn Jacobsen
Member of the Enlarged Committee of Foreign Affairs
Norwegian Parliament

plain clothes and basijis in Isfahan,June 2009!


Anonymous said...

Is this guy, Ahamdinajad the village idiot, for real?????? He has his head so high up his ass that he cannot see beyond his own Shit factory. I have news for him and his puppet master, the Supreme Fool, those who chose to be nothing but a loud mouth will sooner or later find themselves hiding in a hole, Just ask Saddam Hussein.

Why any university dean would sit in silence and listen to this brain-dead guy who looks like a pathetic mouse. We had a good laugh when he was thoroughly humiliated at Colombia University in New York. It was painful watching him not understanding he was being ridiculed. Someone needs to put his guy out of his misery and spare the rest of the world from the trash that comes out of his mouth. I cannot believe Iranian elected him four years ago or did they?

Renegade Eye said...

Thank you for the update.

I've been involved with the local (Minneapolis) Iranian community, helping organize protest against the dictatorship.

It's been shocking how ambivalent or actually on the wrong side, some activists are on the left. We (IMT) got heat at an antiwar meeting, when we proposed supporting the June 26th actions.


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