Sunday, July 12, 2009

" Honorary Police Officers " in Tehran

By:Ayda Kiani

  • Tehran Times : "Tehran police is planning to set up a 50,000-strong special constable-like force called the 'honorary police officers' to provide assistance to the police support units."
As reported by Tehran Times ; Tehran Police is planning to train 50,000 new forces and use them in Tehran Police units and in the next stages increase this number to 300,000 and across the country.
Publishing this news in current situation could have 2 reasons :
  1. Making atmosphere of fear in post-election unrests.
  2. Lack of repression forces.
There's no doubt , one of the main reasons for this public call is to make young people scared and not to go out onto the streets anymore because it's not their(Police, Basidj, revolutionary guards ,Plain-clothes)policy to do such a thing by public call and usually they do this sort of things secretly and these days,Tehran police is busier than having time to arrange long term plans like training 50,000 to 300,000 new forces in country.

However Tehran police has announced that these forces would be in service for rescuing in abnormal events , occurrence of crises and public security & comfort but the fact that they will be employed by police on temporarily basis and in special occasion specifies their goal : Repression and anti-riot forces.

By public call for this so-called job opportunity we can come to this conclusion as well, they seriously do not have enough repression forces and also there is no one has left from insiders(People whom belong to Islamic regime and their relatives)to be trained so this is their last option.

Considering these reasons we can be positive and use the same time they are training their forces and try to organize mass of people and do not waste time thinking about first reason.
It is the time to focus on "Unity" and teach people how to stand strong and fight back ...

  • Unity
  • Organizing
  • Victory


Janis said...

Vital information and your take on it is excellent - use the time to come together and organize. There is no doubt in my mind that the people of Iran will succeed in obtaining their liberty. Thank you, once again, dear Saeed for being the voice of the Iranian people!

Bullmoosegal said...

A sure sign of totalitarianism is the over-abundance of civilian security forces on the street.

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