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Latest Updates on the Protests in Iran!

  • Clashes between anti-riot forces and protesters in central Tehran!

Today's reports from Iran indicate that anti-riot forces along with plain-clothes tried to disarrange peaceful demonstration by beating up hundreds of protesters against presidential election results.

An eyewitness has told Reuters news agency that hundreds of Mirhossien Mousavi supporters have tried to hold a protest march in Haft-e Tire Square.

According to this report there are some clashes between demonstrators and anti-riot forces around Haft-e Tir Sq and Karimkhan St and security forces have used tear-gas.

Reuters reports that protesters were chanting " Ahmadinejad ,resign ,resign " and " Death to Dictator ".

Eyewitnesses also have had some news about arresting dozens of people during the protests.

These protests have been held in occasion of 21 July 1952.On this day after five days of bloody protests and full of casualties in Tehran and some other cities, Mohammad Reza Shah was forced to accept conditions of Mohammad Mossadegh and Ghavamo saltaneh government was toppled.

General Ahmad Reza Radan,police chief successor had warned earlier today that any kind of gathering will be encountered.

Ahmad Reza Radan in an interview with Mehr News Agency and by referring to rumors about holding a protest rally had said: It is police duty to encounter with this illegal rallies.


  • The list of detainees during different days:
  1. Javad Sedighifar(29 yrs old, BS in Mechanical Eng, detained on the 20 June in Boustan (Roudaki); kept in Evin Prison)
  2. Ashkan Aghazadeh(26 yrs old, Student of school of Economics, detained on the 9th of July in Enghelab Sq.; whereabouts unknown)
  3. Mohamad Kazemzadeh( 24 yrs old, HS diploma, detained on the 9th of July in Enghelab Sq.; whereabouts unknown )
  4. Farhad Lashkari (26 yrs old, detained on the 9th of July in Enghelab Sq.; whereabouts unknown )
  5. Jalil Nourifar (30 yrs old, Business owner, detained 25th of June in Baharestan; whereabouts unknown)
  6. Mohamad Hossein Vossoughi( 32 yrs old, BA in Art, detained on the 17th of July in Enghelab Sq.; whereabouts unknown )
  7. Mohamad Ali Salehi( 22 yrs old, Student of School of Linguistics, detained on 17th June in Janat Abad; whereabouts unknown)
  8. Amin Moghbeli( 25 yrs old, AS in Food & Bev., detained 9th of July, whereabouts unknown )
  9. Salar Najarzadeh( 31 yrs old, BS in Petrochemical, detained 9th of July, in Enghelab Sq.; whereabouts unknown )
  10. Arash Mohamadi (27 yrs old, Business owner, Detained 20th of june in Shademan; kept in Evin Prison)

  • In accordance of reports from A-t ward of intelligence department in Isfahan's main prison, many people of Isfahan specially youth have been under physical and psychological torture in solitary confinement. at this moment solitary confinement of ward A-t are field with recent arrests. as the statewide arrests continue and specifically in city of Isfahan, intelligence agents are still attacking people's homes to arrest civilians.

Many children between the ages of 15-17 can be seen between prisoners and one of the 17 year old teenagers has a broken jaw, which is a result of sever torture during the investigation. some of arrested youth have been taken too militia detention facilities and are under savage torture. The situation of some is still unknown and their families have not heard any are still in the unknown list, but their families were present and seen their arrest. they are in serious danger at this point.

The families of detainees in Isfahan are under a lot of pressure by the intelligence agency investigators to not reveal their detained family members names or condition to anyone. The family members are threatened that if they reveal any type of information not only they will be arrested, but they will also be responsible for what happens to their loved ones. It’s a very scary situation the families of the detainees are trapped in. Also, the youngsters whom are get arrested by the security forces in their own houses have to bear brutal beating in front of the eyes of their family members.


  • The behavior of the security forces with detainees from the streets is very harsh and severe and many of them are blatantly tortured.

In one of the cases, a person detained who is deaf and mute, was severely tortured for several days due to them suspecting his deaf and muteness been fake until a released letter from his doctor confirming his deaf and muteness and eventually they let him go.

  • Several days after the wide spread strike on Kurdistan's bazar, and the memorial services which were held state wide in memory of " Dr. Ghasemloo", the militia police in Mahabad and Bekan have arrested several citizens.

Due to security force's films which were taken from the closed stores, many stores have been forced close, and the the electricity has been cut off to several parts of the cities by security force's order.

It's been anticipated due to the spread of this year's strike, the force and arrest of Kurdish civilians in cities that had participated will be increased.


  • Shadi Sadr, law attorney and feminist activist was transferred to “Evin” prison.

Mohammad Mostafaie, Shadi Sadr’s attorney after announcing this news mentioned that after all the researches we found out that Shadi Sadr was arrested on Friday at “Karim Khan” street and then got transferred to security section of “Evin” prison. Mostafaie divulged a concern about Shadi’s physical condition and added “no one has explained anything in regard to her charges and our researches have no result as of right now. On the other hand, Shadi has to be under the watch of her doctor due to her physical condition and illness.

  • A number citizens from Mahabad: Mr. Hasan Sheikh Aghayi, Taher Faramarzi, Karim Soofi Moloodi, Jafar Vahab Poor, Hasan Atash Poosh and Soleiman Parviz Khani, were arrested during the recent days in Mahabad.
Mr. Sheikh Aghayi is a caricaturist, Karim Soufi Molavi is a writer and head of cooperative affairs assembly, Taher Faramarzi is in charge of machinery accessories union, Soleiman ParvizKhani is a shopkeeper, Jafar Vahab Pour is the board's president of the cooperative city of Kaveh and Hasan Atash Poor is a bazar's shopkeeper, all from Mahabad. The reason or reasons for their arrests have not been declared by the legal authorities so far.

  • On July 7, 2008, security forces got to martyred Ebrahim Nezhad' home in Khoram abad, while beating and taking his brother and sister, Hamid and Pouran EbrahimNejad, to detention. Until present there is no news of their whereabouts.

It is important to bear in mind that Pouran Ebrahimnejad is suffering from a severe heart condition and had an open heart surgery recently. To keep her in prison is dangerous to her health.
Ezatollah EbrahimNejad has graduated from University of Chamran of Ahvaz in Law and is one of the attacked victims of Ansar-e-Hezbollah and the police forces in the dormitory and after his death he was accused and tried at the Revolutionary Court for the crime of acting against the national security.

  • The chief of the human rights in Kurdistan was put on trial in Mahabd due to propaganda against the regime.

On Sunday July 19th, Mr. Mohammad Sedigh Kaboodvand was put on trial in the first section of Iran’s “Dadgahe Enghelab” (Supreme Court) in Mahabd. He is accused of preparing and distributing articles in regard to Kurd women human rights.
Mr. Kaboodvand is the chief of the weekly news of “Payame Mardom” and the founder of human rights in Kurdistan. He is known as a political icon because he has bravery admit to all his political activities with regard to human rights and journalism and because of this he has been sentenced to 11 years in prison.

  • Veria Morovati has been sentenced to 6 years in prison by the verdict of “Dadgahe Enghelab“ of Sanandaj.

Veria Morovati, a law student of university of “Payame Noor” in Bijar which has been in prison for the past year was sentenced to 6 years in prison by the “Dadgahe Enghelab” of Sanandaj. It’s essential to mention that Veria Morovati is the activist of environmental association in the state of Kurdistan. His verdict has been extension 4 times by the security forces, until at the end he was threatened by the judge to a much tougher verdict.

  • Revolutionary Guard Captain Yadollah Javani in a note on thursday 30 Tir (21 July) published on official state news agency has declared "It is necessary to broadcast the confessions made by those who were arrested, so that it will be clear who and how planned the "win-in-anycase" strategy, and in this strategy it was planned to encourage unreliability towards the system and the leadership in peoples thoughts".

The revolutionary guard forces and the Basiji had a major role in the recent unrests in Iran and it is reported that a number of political activitists who have been arrested have been made available to the intelligence department of the revolutionary guards.

So far two of these arrested, Amir Hossein Mahdavi (member of the Islamic Revolution Organization Central Council) and Maziar Bahari (journalist and documentary film maker) have held "interviews" with news agencies inside, Iran which the opposition consider them to be part of the "Confession Obtaining Project".

  • A group of photo reporters have protested the silence of Photographers Cooperative Organization regarding the arrest of seven photographers in the recent incidents.

The 66 persons undersigning the letter of protest, have asked their organization to strongly protect the photo reporters and persue the reasons for their arrests in the recent weeks.

Alfred Yaghoobzadeh, Tohid Baygi, Majid Saeedi, Satiar Emami, Marjan Abdollahian, Kourosh Javan and Saeed Movahedi are the seven photo reporters that were arrested and imprisoned during the unrests after the elections in Iran. Persons who signed the letter have further asked the Photographers Cooperative Organization not to pursue "silence" with regard to the arrest and beating of photo reporters, otherwise they would lose their support from part of photographers society.

Alfred Yaghoob Zadeh, Nioosha Tavakolian, Hasan Sar Bakhshian, Hossein Soleyman Zadeh, Arash Ashoori nia, Babak Borzoieh and Mehran Afshar Naderi are among photographers who singed this letter. They have set forth in their letter that during the last month, "a wide group of photographers have been beaten and subject to arrests, threats, destruction of their equipment, confiscation of photo material, ban from photography and news production, etc".

  • The body of Mohammah kamrani who had lost his life last Thursday due to the severity of his injuries in Mehr hospital, was buried yesterday morning in the local cemetery of tehran.

Mohammad Kamrani, who was only 18 at the time and was supposed to take his medical school's entry exam next friday, was arrested on july 10th around Vali-Asr Sq, and was taken to Kahrizak detention center.
Couple of days later Mohammah Kamrani and another group of detainees were transferred to Evin prison. His family were informed, when an Evin official had read the list of Evin's prisoners and told them he was transferred from Kahhizak .
His family's follow ups were to the point that were notified of his release which had been ordered. when they went to pick him up on july 14th, they were informed of his hospitalization due to sever injures.

After their arrival at Loghman hospital, his family were confronted with his half dead body which was still being watched by police forces. After coordinating with hospital employees, yet under strict control from militia they transferred their child to Mehr hospital, but his doctors team's struggle to save his life were left unresolved and Mohammad Kamrani 18 besides Neda Agha soltan, Sohrab A'rabi and others joined the People revolution.

  • Karroubi Criticizing the current situation after the presidential election, said: "I, as a member of this system, am ashamed of all the blatant lies and inconsiderate talks that are being said by this regime".
"But after all these events, something interesting happened, the same people who opened fire on the protesters are now denying it all and putting the blame on others which in reality is a strange twist of events. "
While stressing that we now live in the age of communication, he stipulated: "People had witnessed the treatment that the armed forces were giving to the protesters and throwing women inside the water creeks. As we living in the communication age and these events were broadcasted to the world.
To our sorrow, the reflections of the integrity of our Imam, Founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Islamic system, has been undermined."
Karoubi addressed the perpetrators of such events: "those who are doing these things do not know where they are living, or have forgotten that this is the age of communications."

  • In continuous of disguised attacks to Baha'i''s business places in Semnan, another civilian's store was set on fire.
In midnight of July 11th 2009 disguised invaders ,after attacking the mechanic shop of a Bahai citizen of Semnan by the name of "Shirdel Pirasteh", not only torched the place, but also caused many injuries towards himself. Unfortunately although it has been over a month since the start of these attacks, Police forces have not done anything to identify the attackers as of yet.

I must add in addition to demolition of Bahai cemeteries in this city, torching their stores, and attacking their homes, sometime ago in a strange action, several governmental offices prepared a list of Bahai's who work in Semnan and put it up in the bulletin boards around town without explanation given.




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The Poem on the Wall

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[Yuan Chen wrote that on his way to exile he had discovered a poem inscribed by Po Chu-i, on the wall of the Lo-k'ou Inn. China A.D. 810]

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