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Iran Uprising Blogging: Latest Updates...

>>>List of Killed,Arrested and Released !<<<


  • Video:Interview With Saeed Valadbaygi on SKYTG24!

In English:
Simona Vasta:
“He is called Saeed, however his true name remains a mystery, especially for the Intelligence of the Iranian regime that has opened the hunting bloggers, guilty of telling the world what is really happening in Iran and prove it through amateur dramatic videos that, before ending up on u-tube, are often posted on Saeed’ blog. In the network he and his Revolutionary Road have become a point of reference for international media and the voice of Saeed is perhaps the only independent that you can hear from Tehran even if through a lot of precautions”.

Saeed Valadbaygi:
The real face of the Islamic Republic has emerged and led people to protest and chant anti-government slogans. People desire a free society that respects human rights and they know that all these are being denied in the Islamic republic. Initially protests were peaceful but after people getting attacked by security forces, the situation totally has changed . At last protests turned into a massive street war.
Moussavi was Khomeini 's Prime Minister during Iran-Iraq war era and as a policy there is not much difference between him and Ahmadinejad in my opinion.

We recognize Moussavi and Rafsanjani as leaders and supporters of the Islamic Republic, we believe that their duty is to keep the allies of the Islamic Regime rather than meeting people's desire. Ahmadinejad supports the radical and fundamentalist Islamic leadership so always defends politic decisions of Khamenei.

The situation in Iran prisons needs to be concerned , in addition to political prisoners who already are in jail recently a big number of political activists and journalists has added.The other factor is the torture and infuriating interrogations. State prisons and hospitals have not publicized names of dead prisoners . There are just few countries which attack and mistreat and even kill their own people as the Islamic Republic does.

In addition to the anti-riot police, Islamic Republic also has Revolution Guards and Basij. During the recent protests we have seen that the Basij and the Revolution Guards among the most repressive and authoritarian regime's forces.
Protests have not stopped. In the past few days we have seen demonstrations in Tehran, radical slogans against the regime and even fights at nights which continue in Tehran and some other cities.
People's peaceful demonstrations have already been changed to aggressive and violent demonstrations and there are some real clashes between armed forces and people and that is happening because people has lost support and leadership of the so-called leaders.
Actually we do not expect much from these kind of leaders and to be in the events and among the people because they always have accompanied by the armed forces and in the next few days we will be witnessing even more huge gatherings...

  • Hossein Akbari a 16-year-old teenager was killed in Evin prison and under brutal torture!
A reliable source in Iranian Revolutionary Guards who wanted his name not to be revealed by confirming this news said : Because of lots of injuries and anal tears this teenager was suffering from blood infection disease and has died pitifully .Crimes against humanity in Iran detentions have reached its peak.

  • Davoud Sadri 27-year-old and resident of Andishe town in Karaj city was shot dead on 15 June. His body delivered to his family 6 days later in Sharyar Imam Ali hospital but they charge them 350,000 toomans(appr US$ 350) for bullet price and 6,000,000 toomans(appr US$ 6000) for delivering the body.
When his father goes to juridical authorities and complains about this matter ,they tell him if he announce that his son has been a Basiji and has been killed by people ,they will give his son's blood price(Diyeh)and also they will cinsider him as a martyr and his family will be able to have the benefits of martyrs foundation.

  • Meysam Ebadi death!
Meysam a 17-year-old teenager was shot dead in his stomach last night at 11:30 pm in Tajrish Sq in Tehran and during the unrest.He was dead by a klanshenkof bullet and considering the presence of Police in the place , judge Shamlou said that they will continue investigating about this case .
and then they arrested him and after 15 days keeping him in detention he was released but he had lots of torture marks on his body and had told his mother that he has being hanged by his feet for several days in detention and because of clot blood in his long and being in hospital for few days after releasing has died in hospital.

  • An interview with Ashkan Sohrabi's mother about how he got killed!
His mother says : Ashkan was a 20-year-old IT student of Qazvin Uni who goes to see a friend who was living about 5 mins walk from their place and while coming back home he was shot dead on 20 June and government did not let them to hold a funeral ceremoney and warned them not to make too much noises while burying him.

  • Details of Ramin Ghahramani's death!
Ramin was identified by a surveillance camera in a bank due to recent unrest but when agents went to his house he was not there and after he came back home and because his mother was sure that he did not do any thing wrong and illegal goes with him to the place where police had told her and then they arrested him and after 15 days keeping him in detention he was released but he had lots of torture marks on his body and had told his mother that he has being hanged by his feet for several days in detention and because of clot blood in his long and being in hospital for few days after releasing has died in hospital.

  • Transferring Nabavi,Tajzadeh,Arabsorkhi and Hajarian to Sepah No.66 prison!
"Iran Islamic Revolution Mojahedin Organization" senior members , Behzad Nabavi,Mostafa Tajzadeh,Feizollah Arabsorkhi and Saeed Hajarian who are not in good health conditions already because of being under torture ,possibly transferring from Evin and some other detentions to "Sepah No.66" prison which is ruling under direct supervision of Supreme leader representative.It seems that they are being transferred to Sepah 66 prison to be under more pressure and torture and to confess to what regime looking for and this made their families and relatives to be worried and concerned about them more than ever.

  • Health minister : 2000 meningitis ampoules have been sent to Tehran prisons!
Lankarani ,health minister by going to Rouholamini's house and giving a condolence to them for their loss has said :To fight with infectious disease and meningitis in prisons, within the last few days over almost two thousand strong penicillin and anti-meningitis ampoules have been sent to Tehran prisons.
Sending this large number of ampoules to prisons shows that prisoners are being beaten up severely and apparently Mohsen Rouholamini also has died because of injuries in his head and lack of medical treatments which caused him to die of infections.

  • Detention of cinema actress Pegah Ahangarani!
Based on unconfirmed news from Iran Pegah Ahangarani the actress who played in movies such as : a girl with linen shoes , Max , women’s prison ,… has been arrested due to recent unrest in huge protests against presidential election results , and there is no information available about her situation .
Saturday 25th of July was her 25th birthday.
She and a huge number of Iranian cinema artists were supporting the green wave campaign in the past few months.

  • Saman Valadbaygi a student activist from Kermanshah Technical University,last night has been arrested and transferred to an unknown location.Sunday evening he had gone to Chemistry College in Kermanshah Razi University to participate in fortieth day ceremony of Kianoush Asa's death and had given a lecture for several minuets in solidarity with this killed student's family.

In this ceremony which was held by Asa's family and a big number of Kermanshahi citizen's presence , security guards and plain-clothes forces were being seen every where and at the end when people were chanting slogans such as "Death to Dictator","Coup government ,resign,resign" and "Illegitimate government ,shame on you" then some clashes happened between students and plain-cloths.

Saman who is a Kermanshah leftist activist ,so far has been summoned to University preservation and disciplinary committee several times for reasons such as being participated in Worker's International day(1 may 2009) but he doesn't have any prison or cour records.

Last night and without any explanations a big number of plain-clothes attacked their house and confiscated his personal belongings , his writings ,his PC and also they have been confiscated every family member's personal phones and have taken them.Before this and during the post-election protests once again Saman's father house had been attacked and everyone in house been investigated and every thing had been inspected.

Since last night his family and friends have gone to revolution court and Kermanshah Intelligence office news bureau and wanted to know the reasons for his detention and also demanded to know his whereabouts in official detentions but up to now they could not get any clear response and confirmation about him being arrested by Intelligence and security forces.These all are happening while plain-clothes in attack to his father's house have told the gate keeper that they are from Intelligence service office.
  • Deputy of Tehran Prosecutor in prison affairs: We do not have any political prisoners!
Salar kiya , Deputy of Tehran Prosecutor in prison affairs in an interview with Mehr news agency and in response to the question that if the formed committee is responsible to review the recent arrested political prisoners situations, said : We do not have any prisoners under the name of political prisoners in Iran prisons.
Salar kiya also indicated : Parliament Committee members are visiting prisoners with different crimes and is not limited to prisoners with "act against national security" crime.

  • Abou Ghoraib prison dissociated Bush but no one is responsible in Evin!
Hamidreza Jalaipour Uni professor and father of Mohammadreza Jalaipour Oxfors PHD student who was active in Mousavi campaign and now is in evin for more than 40 days by comparing the crimes which are taking place in Evin with what had happened in Iraq Abou Ghoraib prison said that everyday we are getting infomed about some new people getting killed in Evin or other official and non-official Islamic Repulic's prison but no one is responding people about these crimes .

  • Parliament head board member : Gathering in front of parliament on adjuration day is illegal !
Hojjatoleslam Mohammadreza Mir Tajoddini ,a member of parliament head board announced that any kind of gatherings in front of parliament on Ahmadinejad adjuration day which would be next week on Tuesday or Wednesday is illegal and police will encounter protesters and added these kind of gatherings are political which are not allowed in constitution.

  • Early publication of Mir Hossein Mousavi's statement to form a political front!
ILNA reports : War era Prime Minister Mir Hossein Mousavi statement regarding the formation of a political front will be published early next week.

  • Coup in the Ministry of Information!

Based on received reports number of high level employees of ministry of information whom have been dismissed or forced to announce retiring are more than 20 and all this has happened after they prepared a report stating that considering investigations of recent prisoners so far there is no possibility or prove about any kind of "velvet revolution" and non of the gathering was planned and that report made Ahmadinejad so angry that he has gone to the ministry of information and has said that he is satisfied with Revolutionary guards operation and not satisfied with the information ministry .

  • Two ministries without Ministers: Mohseniee Ejeiee was dismissed , Saffar Harandi resigned!
While Fars news agency reported on Sunday evening that Saffar-e Harandi Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance and Mohseni Ejeiee Minister of Intelligence Ministry are dismissed from their positions,IRNA news agency quoted form an authority that the only dismissed minister is Ejeiee and his replacement is introduced too and this official authority did not confirmed any of published rumors about other ministers.

  • Odd analysis of Ayandeh site: Ahmadinejad's mission is to overthrow Islamic Republic!

This site which some of its Editorial members were arrested few days ago , last week published an article analyzing the current situation in Iran and by pointing to Ahmadinejad 's race and changing his family name to Ahmadinejad and also his point of view about Holocaust and removing Israel and by criticizing everyone in the Islamic regime ,claimed that he is trying to overthrow Islamic Republic and now after dismissing 4 ministers in 1 hour and against supreme leader opinion , they are coming to this conclusion again that his mission is to overthrow regime.

  • Kayhan newspaper (Tehran): Mousavi , Khatami and Karroubi are blamed for citizens poured bloods , the hired thugs by reformers have killed people!
Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi yesterday by publishing a joint request demanded Ministry of Interior to let them hold a ceremony for fortieth days of victim's murders . These two have claimed that they want to hold this ceremony in Mosalla and without any speech and simply by reading the Holy Quran .
So it seems that the are trying to follow the same method which caused people to come in to streets few days after declaration of election results and also mentioned victims basically were invited to the illegal demonstration because of Mousavi,Khatami and Karoubi's Offense and lost their lives.According to available evidence a number of victims were killed by thugs who were hired by reform claimants and all of them should be trialed and punished in courts along with Mousavi and Khatami.

  • A group of Iranians and Canadians cycled over 450km from Toronto to deliver a petition initiated by Amnesty International, to the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Ottawa.
The petition, signed by over 3,500 supporters, calls on the authorities to respect the human rights of all Iranian citizens and for the immediate release of those arrested for expressing their critical opinions of the elections since June 12, 2009.

  • Hunger strikers in Berlin want Iranian prisoners freed!
Former Iranian political detainees now living in Germany were among the protesters at the Brandenburg Gate with water bottles, hot drinks and blankets to denounce "a new wave of violence and oppression" in Iran.
"We demand the unconditional release of all political prisoners and abolition of all kinds of torture in prisons," they said in a manifesto that also called for an end to capital punishment in the Islamic republic.
Shadi Amin, a spokesman for the hunger strikers, said the protesters also want governments around the world not to recognize Ahmadinejad's re-election and to "put human rights ahead of economics".
The hunger strike in Berlin was to continue through Sunday, alongside protests in other German cities including Cologne, Frankfurt and Munich over the weekend.


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No Iranian government has denied the opposition permission for a public commemoration of the victims of the clashes followed the demonstrations against the regime. The agency Fars reported, citing a note from the Minister of the Interior.

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Human rights in western democracies. Please go to the link below and read/watch this and much more:

Man Tortured To Death In Police Custody

The use of electric shock as a method of torture was first documented in Nazi, Germany, but today it is still used as an acceptable use of torture in the United States.

In Gwinnett County, Georgia, an un-edited police videotape shows 31-year-old Deacon Frederick Williams being struck with a TASER five times in 43 seconds, just 4 minutes after being led into the jail.


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Photos of the dead body of Hossein Akhtar Zand, tortured to death.

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Kids Assaulted by Arkansas Police

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A Polish citizien arrived in Canada where at the airport he was TASERed to death. Just for fun - he didn't assault anyone and was killed in cold blood. Watch the video:


Police used the stun gun as Dziekanski was walking away from them, with his back to them

And not only this Pole but hundreds of people have been TASERed to death in Western democracies. Among them even kids, just because they were carrying a Bible, like this one:


Kid killed by taser for shouting 'I want Jesus.'
JERSEYVILLE, Illinois (AP) -- A teenager carrying a Bible and shouting "I want Jesus" was shot twice with a police stun gun and later died at a St. Louis hospital, authorities said

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