Friday, July 3, 2009

Group of social and worker activists:I am the owner of this land!

  • We,producers of social wealth,with our work and efforts in big and small factories,services and treatments in medical centers and hospitals,as a teacher in schools and universities,producing in energy , water ,telecommunications,gas and oil,petroleum,steel and car factory and centers not only,do not have any control on product distributions and manufacturing services,do not have the right to participate in managing the place or center we work in or to have any labor or employee independent organizations and councils but also,there's no right to have our own produce wealth and we are getting paid with minimum wage and salary which is not enough to live a normal life and is below the poverty line.

After thirty years of working,we are not able to have a proper place to live or pay our children education high costs or have a appropriate medical treatments or have fun.And worse than all of these with temporary or short terms contracts and giving all the power to greedy and exploitation contractors,there's no relation between us and our employers and no one is responding to our demands.We have to be worried all time even for this minimum and be waiting to see if they extend our contracts or not?and our living level can be compared to the slaves before human civilization.Even it's worse than that because those slaves had something to eat anyway,but when they do not need our workforce there's no food too.So to have these minimums at least and not being unemployed we can't speak out and have to self-censor ourselves.

All of us have the experience of bending over in front of our managers or employers in order to take something that actually is part of our right and it's became a believe from their side that they have to treat us this way and it's more than our right.In November 1978 during the revolution,if we, worker and employees of small and big factories,oil,energy,water companies would not have gone on a general strike there were no damages to Pahlavi system and the current rulers and managers would not have any of these positions.But unfortunately not having enough information about situation and following the mullah and market traders by some of us in that era caused the current condition.

Now we produce all the values and wealth but benefits go straight to exploiter ,loculars and stray division who are our uneducated,oppressive managers and giving us orders.sometimes they close the factories and make us unemployed just to share the land or sell it and make more money.There is no salaried employer who can pay for her/his children education in a high level elementary or high school which costs at least 5 million tomans($5000)per year or even medical main costs.And it means that it will be much worse in the future because the education also will be provided to mullah and market traders and high level managers and pirates of wealth.Why should our country be in some special group's hands?Why more than %80 of social wealth should be available for %20 of people?Why %100 of political powers should be available to 200,000 mullah and market traders and their children and family members and relatives and the rest of population which is 50,000,000 people can not have any political powers?And at last have to choose between bad and worse?Do all these match to any natural, humanity, justice or God rules and laws?Except for the unfounded,justified laws by the supreme leader which restrict people.And by demanding smallest,basic rights,they use Police forces who are trained by these people's money and has the duty to make society safe and secure,against people and to reach their frowzy goals.

Chain gangs!!Workers,Labors,Employees,Teachers,Nurses ,Women,Youth,Uni Students and unemployed;after a thirty-year captivity,Sound of chains breaking was heard with presence of millions of people.People are not afraid anymore and government has given its Legitimacy to people movement storm.So we have to use this opportunity to obtain our humanity demands.Government does not have enough forces to send to all industrial,production,training and service centers.Doesn't matter in what section we are working,we have to select our representatives in technical ,industrial ,production, they can create employees independent councils of factory ,hospital,Oil company,training centers and schools and telecommunication ,energy,water ministries and with alliance of representatives of each guild and then their own guild public council and at last make public councils of students ,women, employees,workers and labors in all country so we can have our part in social wealth and political power of wealth and power share.

In current situation government dose not have legitimacy and is in the peak of political,economic crisis and is not able to directly repress people in factories,industrial centers,universities,...By wasting time do not be slaves anymore.

Organizing councils in work places and employees public state councils not only has to become a modern target of every employees but also these councils have to get their share of economical and political benefits.But they have to be aware of not focusing only on small benefits in work places because even though getting that benefit is so important but if we can not relate and join it to class interests of all salaried and workers,at the end we will lose it.It's so simple, just compare the workers and employees wages, salaries,permanent employment,insurance and right to participating to twenty or thirty years ago,it's so much worse than then.Because they were happy with those partial benefits and with a price shock and inflation or a change of laws in a Council of Ministers and Parliament meeting,they lost all their achievements and that was just because workers could not link their partial demands to their classified long-term interests.

So as long as we have time and government is busy with its social,political and economical crisis,we have to organize our councils.It's too simple.In each and every center or factory,representatives of different sections make their center council or organization.Alongside the work,we can work on improvements and reforms and it's not necessary for everything to be alright from the beginning.The most important thing is to have independent representatives council and then representatives have to be in touch with each other in different work places and industrial areas in cities and provinces and at last they can have their general councils for workers ,teachers ,nurses and etc.

Same as clergies,Friday Imams,managers,commanders and governors we have to have public and areal organizations.Only after having independent and public organizations all employees can ask for their rights in political ,management ,economic fields and when we are organized like this and government ignore us and do not give us our logical demands then we can go on general strike and that way show governmnet we are an important part of society.Then they do not have any other options rather than giving us an honorable life and also share wealth and benefits with people as much as their efforts.That is the time that we can have free,motivated and creative people and a country full of peace and freedom and at last we can have public participation in everything.

By creating independent councils in our workplaces and employees general organizations will take our share of social wealth,public participation and political power.

Group of social and worker activists
30th June 2009

Translated by Pegah

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Steve said...

Out of the park, Saeed! Out of the PARK!


MM.CD said...

Thank you, Saeed...Stay safe
As Always
In Solidarity

אייל said...


It so true, without the working class the shah dictatorship was still in power - Its again the working class that can throw out the IRI. But this time to replace it with workers and poor's government.

Not only independent workers organisations are needed, but a revolutionary socialist workers party

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
But let me say, we are all men, and when men are in charge of other men, be they mulluhs or catholic priests, union leaders, factory manager, ....let me say power corrupts. The unions worked here in USA for a while, giving very good conditions to the workers etc., but then the top guys got greedy and ruined everything. That is men, get used to it, but don't ever become like them. All you can do is run your life differently.

אייל said...

To anonymous from above,
I disagree. It's true we all men, but the nature of political regime can make a difference.

Trade union. for example, can be run democratically, it depends on the level of political activity and consciousness of the membership.

Anonymous said...

saeed, you are a true trooper and very well spoken.
stay strong and be safe, you are our number one source of information

sending our love and prayers from canada!

Andrea said...

Hi Saeed

Italy is with you!!!

"The situation in Iran, the infamous and brutal oppression perpetuated by the police of
Ahmadinejad requires to take a clear position and
net by Europe''. He said yesterday the italian Minister for political community Andrea Ronchi meeting a delegation Women of the Iranian democracy in Italy, guided by the President, Shahrzad Sholeh.
"Iran- added Ronchi - must know that the Union European land high level of attention and not allow that those arrested in the protests are forgotten"".
Shahrzad Sholeh thanked the Minister Ronchi "on behalf of
Neda and all women and young Iranians who in these days
are risking their lives for democracy and freedom in
Iran". "In this difficult and sensitive issue in Iran we need your help because the situation very more serious than you can imagine in Europe", has explained

Megan said...

The only way to get rid of oppression is for people to arm. You cannot fight bullet with green ribbon and symbolism. You cannot fight stupidity with logic. Organize and get weapons and get rid of rule of thugs. In the U.S., Second Amendment of Constitution gives people the right to bear arm. Without the Second Amendment the First Amendment that is Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, and Freedom to Assemble would have never happened. If Iranians want to have freedom, every citizen should have weapon to defend his or her rights. There is no other way.

With bullet, you can kick all mullahs, ayatollahs or whatever the heck they call themselves out of politics and out of government. Send them all back to Qum and put a wall around Qum just like Vatican in Rome, Italy.

The land of Persia was occupied by Mohammad’s army some 1400 plus years ago, they murdered citizens, burned libraries to void Persia of its culture, its heritage, its rich history, its language so they spread their stupidity in the name of God. They came to steal, rape, murder and destroy. Here we are in the 21 century some 1400 plus years after Mohammad’s army forced itself upon Persia like plague, the offspring of the same savage army are still raping, murdering, stealing, and holding the citizens of Iran hostage to the same stupidity in the name of God except instead of sword they use bullets. In my opinion, the biggest crime Pahlavi dynasty perpetrated against Iranians was the fact that it did not kill and burn every single mullah in Iran. Reza Shah could have and should have wiped the mullah clans off of the map in Iran. He did not and his son, the shah, paid the price. Now it is up to this generation of Iranians to do what their ancestors did not do and that is to end this long occupation and to free their country from theocracy which in reality it is nothing but thugacrocy (ruled by thugs). It is time to turn the country into a nation governed by constitution that provides for a government of people, by the people and for the people. It is time for Iran Constitutional Republic.

Anonymous said...

I would be grateful if you could add a link to the Persian original source, if possible. Thanks in advance.

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