Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Riot police in alleys, Tehran,1 july!

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  • In a preemptive move to control protests, Revolutionary Guards and Basij paramilitary forces were dispatched on Wednesday from various military bases across Tehran to main squares and high streets. The suppressive forces started moving at midday to Baharestan Square facing the regime’s parliament, and Toopkhaneh and Imam Hossein squares. Some were also dispatched to Vanak and Enghelab squares. Government employees’ buses were used to transfer the forces to avoid drawing attention.

In Enghelab and Vali-e Asr squares the State Security Forces have been patrolling since 2:00pm. The number of people on the streets was growing and the regime’s agents did not allow any gatherings.

The situation at 5:30pm local time was tense in Tehran and Basij forces have been harassing people on the streets.

  • Islamic Republic on Wednesday hanged six people in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. The regime’s Judiciary gave no details of their identities or charges. The regime on Monday set up a three-man committee comprised of leading henchmen of the regime to see to the files of those arrested in the course of the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising. The members of this committee are among the key officials responsible for the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in summer of 1988 and the chain murders in the late 1990s.

Last Friday, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, a member of the regime’s Assembly of Experts, said that protestors had “waged war on God” and urged authorities to “deal with them until they are completely eradicated”.

These executions, which are meant to spread fear and counter the Iranian people’s anger and discontent, will not resolve the very many crises the regime is facing in the final phase of its existence.

  • Protest meeting against creation of media space limitation and detention of some journalists which was supposed to be held on Thursday,second of July at the Iran journalists guild forum hall was canceled according to the national security system order.

This meeting agenda was to support members of the journalist guild who a big number of them now are unemployed because of press closure and seizure and some of them were arrested.

Therefore, Although Iran Journalists Union knows that they have the legal right to hold this meeting but to protect journalists security in the current situation, informs all members that meeting is canceled.

Iran journalists guild forum announces that judiciary specially general and revolutionary courts,should reconsidering their behaviors to press and journalists companions faster and remove recent media restrictions according to the clear liberties in constitution and press law and also release all arrested journalists immediately.

Iran Journalists Information Association Secretariat

>>Socialist Students<<
  • Hardly has it been two weeks since presidential election when violent and horrendous suppression and mass slaughter is spreading across the country, which not only does reveal the true nature of semi-facist, capitalist Islamic regime but also displays the real position of “election” for the society.

The election once deemed to be a competition between two major parties of the regime, both of which are after all favouring the regime, – on one hand capitalism-militarism ruling party and on the other hand reformists seeking a more or less balance inside the regime so as to advance causes of the regime itself in terms of internal, regional, and international policies – has turned out to be a non-settleable battle between the two parties. Oligarchic, capitalist – militarist government attempted to eliminate the opposite party in order to unify its power, minimizing the possibility of any settlement between the duo. The rationale of the game is now solely binary where presidential election does not by any means determine ordinary people’s destiny, but strike a balance between authorities; it just changes the arrange according to which different parts of the regime are benefited. However, people’s stand, which represents itself through protests in different cities and metropolises due to recent electoral fraud and coup detat, has built a huge crack in the power structure of the suppressive, Islamic regime.

Power of the mass has indeed a reverse relation with authority of the ruling dictatorship, being critically endangered by recent reactions of the mass. Thus, the regime has activated his suppressive machine, slaughtered defenceless people in the streets, and established State of Siege. The mere presence of the mass in the streets is clearly the strongest evidence of the regime’s weakness and people’s disapproval towards it. People whom the government cannot apparently satisfy and control. In addition, this is why regime’s predators are attacking universities and massacring students, having no weapon except for their pen and fists, as they know well that students are in the frontier of battle against dictatorship and for freedom and equity.

We are now in a situation where, due to sturdy dictatorship, mass suppression of the workers, massacre, imprisonment of the workers, their leaders, and activists in other social movements, workers’ protests cannot direct the mass’ movements in the streets. Nevertheless, people have correctly realized that they cannot rely on parties linked to the regime for reform and any change in political, social, and economical aspects of the country can be done merely based on their own will. Therefore, despite increasing suppressions, growth in social movements on the basis of socialistic strategies is plausible more than ever.

This, hence, calls for socialist’s not only attending in the recent protests, but also warning people about likely digression of the movement by reformists and opportunists. Moreover, it is their responsibility to manage the rallies and classify, clarify, and improve workers’ demands.

Socialist students in all universities across the country condemn mass slaughters by the suppressive government, establishment of state of siege, large scale imprisonment of ordinary people and political and social activists, and ignominious censorship of IRIB. Under no circumstances do socialist students accept dictatorship and insist on people’s right to strike and protest.

  • Long live alliance against dictatorship
  • Long live independent movements
  • Long live socialism

  • Fars News Agency in Persian on 1 July 2009 reports that the commander of the Law Enforcement Force said: Arash Hejazi who as the witness of the murder of Neda Aqa-Soltan has created uproar is being prosecuted by the International Police (Interpol).

Speaking to a gathering of reporters, General Esma'il Ahmadi-Moqaddam added: Arash Hejazi is being prosecuted by the Ministry of Intelligence and Interpol forces.

He stressed: The murder of Neda Aqa-Soltan is a scenario which has no links to Tehran's riots.

Arash Hejazi, the doctor who was present at Neda Aqa-Soltan's murder scene, has held certain sensational interviews with foreign media on this murder case after departing the country.

  • Iran halted the publication of a reformist party newspaper after its defeated presidential candidate said he would refuse to recognise Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's re-election, its website said.

Former parliament speaker Medhi Karroubi said on Tuesday that the government emerging from the disputed June 12 election was not "legitimate" after Ahmadinejad's victory was certified by the nation's top electoral body.

"Last night, after Karroubi's statement was released, representatives of the Tehran prosecutor and the culture ministry prevented the publication of Etemad Melli newspaper," his Etemad Melli party said on its website.

"They wanted the statement censored and not published -- so the newspaper will not be published today," it said.

The newspaper is one of the few reformist publications to have survived a crackdown under Ahmadinejad's rule.

However, it chief editor Mohammad Ghoochani is among scores of reformist leaders and journalists detained in a crackdown by the authorities on opposition activists and protesters in the wake of the disputed election.

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Anonymous said...

What's their problem? How can A.N collect all these polices from the people who have complexes?!? Hamashon oghde daran ina shabon bi mokha in dafe dar lebase police rikhtan to khiyabon!!!


aria said...

Thank you for posting such blatant act of vandalism by the riot police and plain clothed Basij thugs. We need more of such clips as an evidence to show the people who are in perpetual denial mode that what goes on behind their closed doors.

Keep up the good work and remember, we are all watching the regime as it unfolds. Be safe.

Beppe said...

"National strike confirmed 15-17 tir (July 5-8)"
I've read it continue to write also about your blog and your description of Iranian prisons.

How to let circle the notice of the national strike!?..I try to paste it every site i visit.

Andrea said...

Six persons who had demonstrated against the regime would have been hanged in Iran. The Jerusalem Post reports, quoting a telephone conversation with a source in Tehran. The hangings have taken place in Mashhad. There is'nt an independent confirmation of what was said by sources, but these refer to a sermon dell'ayatollah Hadi Gafouri the latter, even act against the regime, the demonstrators called for caution, because 'risk their lives.

Andrea said...

picture of the poster for the strike

Anonymous said...

why the new colour... it was so nice:(

anyway, though im a soicial democrat( a party in denmark thats is centerleft)
and fully support your views, i urge you to remember that workers and students are not alone in wanting freedom, the small buissniss man, the moderat religius the stay at home moms the ultra feminist the policeman sent on vecation the... in the end, the noble spirit of Mankind yearns for the same no matter what.

Even the most fanatic ppl of any idology be it religious or philisofical do what they do because they precive it to be *good*

Hitler really did think the Jews where behind all the bad in the world, Stalin belived that the end would be paradise and so on...

listen to them all and argue your points, but allways try to include them

W. Churchil had it right when he said

Democracy does not work very well, but it is the least bad we have found so far.

Anonymous said...

Iran doctor tells of Nedas death:


Mr Sweden said...

I'm so impressed by the Iranian people. where do you get your strength from?
still, I feel that I can not help, but I listen to you and teach me more and more about what happens in Iran.
I have started studying persian (Farsi), and must learn it, for in some way at some point I will do something.
In some way you have to win, because you can not just continue to live under oppression

Andrea said...

Today an Italian newspaper title:


Monday a green drape in any
window of Italy. In order not to leave alone the boys of Tehran

Saint Lemur said...

The socialist students at Cardiff University and throughout the world stand united in solidarity with you. Anything we can do to help, tell us.

Anonymous said...

Please don't replace islamist oppression with socialist oppression.

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