Monday, July 27, 2009

Masih Alinejad's Speech in San Francisco

  • In an incomparable movement in Iran’s history; the Iranian outside of the Iran on July 25th gathered in solidarity with the people inside of Iran in 46 cities in North America, 47 cities in Europe, 3 in South America, 2 in Africa, 4 in Oceanic/Australia and 8 cities in Asia. They demanded the freedom of thousands of political prisoners in Iran.

In California state as official authorities have said ; there was population about 8000 who were participated in the gathering and 20-speaker also lectured for people about election and post-election 's disaster.Masih Alinejad was the only guest who has gone there from Iran and her explanation of the recent event brought the young generation atmosphere to the mass of the people who were in the demonstration.Her lecture made people cry and to be silent for several minutes.

I’m a passenger of Iran… , Iran that not too long ago if the doorkeeper and guard of a mosque would doubt our belief in god and province and prayer for the dead, that would have been enough that a nation would have been ruined. But today the biggest doubt on their minds is the result of the election that has ruined their lives. This is the superiority of our doubt against theirs, that today these gentlemen have been stopped from over ruling. They have become guards, they are dealing with our prisoners.

Even the body of Neda, Sohrab, Ashkan and other brothers and sisters are on their hands and they do not know what to do with it. Not too long ago, we did not know what to do with them, today they don't know what to do with us? It is Seton to see them so puzzled, which has our treasure like being in an election that instead of prohibition we participated it in, we voted and know are in this and now are coming to get that's owed to us, without our being their election would have been preformed with so little votes and pride of their democratic election would have been really expensive.

I’m a passenger of Iran… which in the knights of Mahmud Ahmadinejad's debate with Mir Hussein Musavi and Mehdi Karrobi, people saw how sovereignty was skillfully showing kindness to the people, and they liked him back. Ahmadinejad's adherents were throwing flowers towards us in University boulevard, but not long later from the middle of the same crowd they shot our brothers and sisters in the chest, and beat them with baton and wrote letters so Emam Zaman which wrote the same lies to him and said told him they had no guns.

We went with the same half way laws and went to the election booths and voted, but we weren't done voting yet that they started breaking the law one after another. The early ending of the election, them rushing to announce the result of it, and early confirming Ahmadinejad as the president, introduction of Mashai as the vice president before affirmation. I am amazed of this rush, that revolution is the littlest it can be called.

I’m a passenger of Iran...The same Iran which until yesterday everything about us was great, our congress has turned back on our people, our council’s cold shoulders from our presence and more importantly our elites of short times would come to rescue us, but where the government of dishonesty and where the honest nation which trusted the elections. Where the mourn mothers and their cries for their loved ones lost and were the politicians behind the official microphones. Sohrab, Neda and my other brothers and sisters sacrificed their lives for the nation. They gave their very little pride they had left to the Iranian across the glob.

I’m a passenger of Iran… I think I’m saying it wrong! Neither you are the immigrants of Iran, nor I’m a passenger of Iran. I’m the owner of Iran. Passengers are those power hungry people how have moved to our land for a quit few years and have taken over the land. Passenger are those which don’t reflect the ideas, beliefs, desires, discussions and religions of others and would destroy mosques and other religious place because their way of practicing Islam differs from theirs. Passengers are those owners of old beliefs and supporters of dictatorship whom are making a huge deal out of a murder of a Muslim woman in Germany while in their own house corps are hidden behind corps in the city morgues. Passengers now days are owners of imaginary houses of Iran. They have become cruel. They’ve made people to stand up against one another; it seems we are reviewing the history of the gladiators again.

We are trying to stay calm and patient and stand and unite with one another, we are teaching them politeness, manners. We are continuing the fight with same law which cries outloud from unfairness. Direction is the same old direction, the fight of the gun mans vs. the people who are carrying mobile phones (to capture all the injustice events), it’s the fight of the gun vs. chants of Allaho Akbar (God is great), the fight of batons vs. spite, fight of tear gas vs. mouth full of shout, the fight of lie vs. camera, the fight of bullet vs. Facebook. The fight of TV vs. Twitter, the fight off power vs. dignity, the fight which has been forced upon the people of Iran by the government and the chant is “it will be the same until Ahmadi Nejad is in power” which is in continues of the same chant which they use to used during the war with Iraq (War, War until victory)

And what will happened to these day's appeal? Answer is clear. What should have done , is done now .What should have happened , is happened.Iran election and post-election events were bitter and also bright.

Its bitterness has not to be mentioned , a simple look to scathing mother's eyes and families with lost children who are looking for their loved-ones from this prison to that one and from this cold storage to that one is enough to see it.Your heart Burns in the fire that is in your land-mate's heart.

But bright because people's position has been changed to government's position by a wise circulation.Till yesterday women,youth,teachers,students,journalists,bloggers and even regular citizens in taxis and buses after any form of talk catastrophically had a feeling of insecurity but from now on this is the government and ruling power who feel insecure more than us.

Our protest is government's cabinet nightmare,The IRGC ,Basij and intelligence & security organizations even have scared of demonstrator's silence voice.Sleep is city powerful men's taboo.Youth go to Friday prayers and requiem becomes obligatory to power elderly.For any of their decisions they have to use thousands of special guards and agents and fight tools.Power house is non-secure.Insecurity feeling is more lethal than insecurity itself.

But these days insecurity feeling has transferred from society body to the government's as even they are afraid of "god is great" voice and the prays which people whispering on their loved ones graves and issue the order and ban saying"God is great" and go to cemetery-behshte Zahra- daily and order "pary on grave"is forbidden.They even are afraid of our mourning.I guess if Shamlou-famous Iranian poet-was alive and saw that our mourning disarrange power-men banquet ,rather than saying:Drunk,winner devil is feasting over our mourning ;would say:Drunk,winner devil is shaking over our mourning.


Anonymous said...

I wish Ms. Masih Alinejad was right that Iranian regime is puzzled and confused as what to do with protesters. On the contrary, it looks that the regime is fully in control and determined to hang on to power and for that they will do anything and everything including mass murder. I humbly believe that Iranians left this regime unchecked for too long. Mullahs should have been pushed back to mosques where they belonged a long time ago. This undemocratic and corrupt regime has spread like an incurable cancer. With so many Ayatollahs on the payroll and no place to go, they are going to continue riding on the back of hardworking people. They are not going to go anywhere unless either Iran military gets into the act or international communities.


I believe in my heart that this regime is going to fall hard. People who have tasted freedom can not live under oppression for long. The world is backing them and there is power in prayer. Evil backwards is Live so rid the country of the regime and Live. There are more of you than them. disarm them and they have no power over you unless it is given by God, and I really don't think he is on their side.

Richard said...

How can you use so many words to recount so little in the way of accomplishment? It's as if the journey is much more important than the destination

MHONA International said...

I'm not Iranian.I'm a mother, aunt, sister, daughter, wife in the world, one of millions.I read and view news and first person accounts of gross unjustness in the rule of Iran today. I was so upset by this I wrote my comments in Facebook today of how I feel how women in Iran are being treated. I share it with readers and hope others will comment and agree. Silence is the final killer of democracy and freedoms anywhere.
Let us please stand together when helpless civilians and youth are oppressed, beaten, killed for fighting for their dignity, honor, and the rights of the peoples. I support and salute the Iranian peoples. Your rights, your vote was stolen. I hear your call and stance and note for the mainstay of Iranians, Life will never be right till every life and liberty is secured. The world is with you!

My comments earlier this morning:
No woman, wife, daughter, sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, supports to be oppressed,or humilated at any age! The fact men of Iran would allow any woman to be harmed to this date, shows that many misguided men by the mullas and others in leadership of Iran today, hold no respect for women what soever.These men not only seem but are twisted in thought and action.How can any woman-any human being, honor-respect such horrors of oppression by men who hold no respect of themselves. If they respected themselves, they surely would not beat,rape, defile any woman, any age

Men - You and the peoples of Iran are not led by faith, but truly by outrageous oppression, tyranny insanity, maddness. There seems no boundaries or hesitation to harm innocent civilians or youth

Women of Iran,the global hearts of women are with you, support your stance, courage, your clarity of freedoms...

Anonymous said...

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