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  • 26th of last mounth,Abdolfattah Soltani,the attorney of law in iran was arrested and imprisoned in ward 209.yesterday,Masoumeh Dehghan,accused of"election refutation" and imprisoned with 610 constitutional law of islamic penalty.all the legal experts mentioned that there's not exist such this law and there's not exist an accused labeled as"election refutation".in Masoumeh Dehghan's words,the order of the judge mr Soltani released by mr Rasekh which mr Soltani had complained before.and sure this is the third reason proved arresting and prisoning of Abdollah Soltani is illegal.

  • Shiva Nazar Ahari human right activist,blogger and journalist was arrested Sunday June 14th at 13:30pm in her work place.The night before that also around 1:00am Information Minstry agents had gone to her house and looked every where when she was not there and had taken some of her personal belongings.Now it has been more than a month that she is arrested and she just was able to make 2 short calls and tell her family ,she is ok.

  • General Strike in Saqqez,Mahabad, Bokan,Sardasht....
  • Saqez city people united and went on public strike uniquely. All shops in Saqez major market and all shopping centers and passage shops and the shops in main and streets and valleys are closed.The strike is so vast that even the shops in country side are closed.There's no public transportation not even taxis seen on the streets and today the government city buses had to stop working because lack of customers.
  • Though Saqez city has gone on strike compeletly and there's no one can be seen in the city but hundreds of anti-riot special forces are positioned all over the streets even allies and waiting for a moment to shoot and break this meaningful silence.Every one can feel and see the anger in their faces which is come along with their imploration and inability because of this civilized and united act of people.
  • Yaqub Barvayeh ,master degree student of Art and Architecture School in Tehran University was shot by Basij forces on Tir 4th(Iranian calender) from Lolagar mosque rooftop and transferred to Loqman hospital but He died in hospital. Security agents delivered Yaqub's body to an unknown placeand after 48 hours informed his family that his body has been buried.
  • Volleyball Federation of Australia gave a nagative response to official invitation of Iran about sending Volleyball national team of Australia to Iran.This invitation had setup in order to supply some preparing for Iran national team before they go to Volleyball World Cup final competitions .
  • Mehrdad Heydari journalist got killed by security forces in mashhad Yesterday.Since yesterday, we have no news from our dear friend, Mehrdad. Unfortunately, his body was found around the city of Mashhad...On Saturday, he had written some harsh reports and commentaries about ministry of information and the security forces, in regards to the tortures and unjust tactics being used on the youth. We send our condolences and sorrows about the passing away of this friend to the journalists' association.
  • Tomorrow at 6:30 pm , 14 people will be executed in Lale park of Zahedan city!
  • According to reported news from section 209 of Evin prison , there's no news from lots of recent prisoners. Information Minstry agents attacked Mrs.Atefeh Nabavi,Seyed Zia Nabavi's ( Council of defend organisation of education right for expelled students)house on Satureday night June 14th and arrested them along with some of their freinds na dtransferred them to section 209 of Evin prison.
  • Till present, 6 complaints signed by Ghorban Behzadyan Nejad from Mir-Hossein Mousavi's campaign against the iran newspaper have been sent to the second branch of the public prosecutor of the gov't workers.In addition, Mohamad khatami also filed a separate and harsh complaint against the same paper.
  • Delivery of dead bodies to their families has started in Tehran and other cities. Judicial and security organisation were waiting for July 9th to pass and then start deliverying dead bodies which mostly were dead on June 15 and days after that on the streets or under torture in prisons.In Shahpour police station,50 photos are available for families to go and identify their loved ones...
  • Gholam Ali Haddad Adel defended of temporary marriage.Head of parliment cultural commission along with supporting temporary marriage emphasized that Islam is nature religion and there's no way to ignore these kind of needs.Everyone has to start from himself and unfortunately we are unware of profet Mohammad saying that marriage is half of Islam religion.
  • Jondollah warned Iran statesmen : Execution of 14 Balouch youths would provide more despotic , tyrannical manner & terrorist operations in Balouchestan!
  • On Sunday, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Islamic Republic, called upon the UN Security Council to put sanctions on and convict Germany due to an egyptian woman being killed in this country's courthouse.
  • According to obtained reports from Kermanshah, those recently released say that intelligence agents in the city’s prison subject prisoners to torture. Some of the detainees have been transferred to Dizelabad prison and the so-called dangerous cell, where those with serious charges like murder and drug smuggling are being held. There have also been reports of raping teenagers in detention centers.
  • Notorious prison overflowing with prisoners:A large number of prisoners are being held in prison halls. Due to a severe shortage of space, many of the interrogations, accompanied by torture and violent beating of prisoners, take place inside prison cells instead of special interrogation rooms. In some of the cells used for solitary confinement, up to 15 prisoners are being held.
  • Interrogations start from 8:00 and continue until 23:00 local time. Prisoners are placed under cruel torture during the interrogations, with some of them unable to walk back to their own cells after interrogation.The medical and food situation at the prison is atrocious. Some of the prisoners either do not get food at all or receive at most one serving per day.
  • Jelveh Javaheri: Kaveh Mozaffari's file is assigned to judge Haddad,They've said even if Kaveh is arrested for no reason it'll take 7-8 days to process the file.The main problem is we don't know if our loved ones are safe or being tortured...
  • Mahsa Amrabadi (pregnant Journalist)is in ward 209 of prison but there's no info on Masoud Bastani (Another journalist)!
  • Students Islamic Association of Tehran University and medical sciences University Along with thier protest against recent conflicts announeced that Tohidlou and Jalai Pour are not the only prisoners but also there's 2 more , Hamid Choubineh and Alireza Ashouri are former members of Islamic Association who are in prison right now.
  • Academic staff members , doctors and dentists of Medical Sciences University gathered in Shari'ati hospital yard to protest against arresting political activists.

By:Ayda Kiani

  • I wanted to write Sohrab,Yaqoub was written.I wanted to write Yaqoub,Mehrdad was written.I wanted to write Mehrdad,Neda was written and I wanted to write Neda,IRANIAN was written.

Where should I start? It is more than a day now , I am trying to write something about Sohrab and I am not able to.I think to myself ,he was so young and i have to write something about him being so young then i change my mind and try to write something about his heart being full of hope but i remember he was shot right below his heart.

I read everything that has been written about him and try to concentrate but i can not.I am not able to look at his eyes-too innocent,his last smile on his face when they are washing his dead body-just immortal.I watch his funeral video and his mother's efforts and howls to see her son's face for the last time ...and I am speechless, everyone is.There's nothing left to say and it is so sad.

That is not fair.Where is humanity? Why should I be that useless? What kind of world is this that i must seat faraway form my homeland and just stare at monitor and see such violence is happening to my people?

Every time i read or watch one of them is dead or going to be executed , I feel a piece of my body separates and the empty place fills with rancor.It is to hard for me to close my eyes ,everything is passing in front of my eyes like a horror movie and i am waiting for the moment of revenge.Those vampires who are sucking our people's blood do not have to die , they would be released by death. They have to suffer as much as Neda's eyes asked us, as much as Sohrab's smile was immortal, as much as Mehrdad was lonely when they found him,as much as Yaqoub was innocent and as much as Islamic regime has made us suffer in 30 years and specially in past 4 weeks...

Right now,it is so hard to say I have hope and to be honest it absolutely is a lie but because this exactly is what Iran Islamic regime wants,us to be disappointed
, then there is no other options rather than being realistic and finding hope some how and shout loudly " Death to Dictator "

May they all rest in peace...


rainywalker said...

To those that value freedom in Iran I salute those brothers and sisters that keep freedom alive. Your movement and those of us that are writing blogs will not let your cause die. Our hearts are with all those who continue to resist tyranny

Megan said...


The first image of a young innocent life fading away before my eyes was this image of this young man: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD0DK5B-GtY&feature=related
I do not know who he was I just called him and others who followed him to heaven the “Children of Lesser God". Today seeing the images of young Sohrab, I wondered if the young man in this video was Sohrab. Will you or anyone who might know that please post a comment.

It is heart breaking not to know who were the people who lost their young lives right before our eyes. The end of their lives are etched in our hearts and minds for ever but we do not know anything about the beginning of their lives. We do not know their names, we do not know their likes and dislike, their aspiration or what made them laugh. We will never know what they would have become but it is important we learn something about them so we will never forget them.

Please try documenting the identity of people who lost their lives. Please start a campaign of memorializing them by looking at the videos on YouTube and put name to their lifeless body. Tells us how we can write a word or two to their loved ones in Iran and let them know we share their loss and their pain.

Steve said...

Megan, it certainly appears as though it might be.

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