Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Interview with Il Riformista(an Italian Newspaper)

Il Riformista: Saeed, you are one of the most popular young blogger in Iran, your blog (Revolutionary Road) is followed by thousands of people. Are you in Tehran in these days? Can you tell us what is happening there?

Saeed: Unfortunately due to security issues, I do not reside in Tehran at the moment, but our group have been able to continue our work on recent events with direct help of several journalists inside Iran.

After millions of people's modern protest after the election was suppressed with extreme violence, the people of Iran use of every opportunity to voice their protest and demand their legitimate human rights One of those aspects These days, it is interesting that the Iranian people of all religious and political backgrounds try use these protests in their protests in their own favor. Ashura and Tasooa which has always brought thousands of people to the streets for mourning, was faced with protests and bloody clashes between the people and government forces this year. people came out in groups of hundreds of thousands, which these clashes caused more than 8 people. Intensity of violence was so the government forces were running people over by car and were using knife and chain in the beating of people.

Il Riformista: How do you young people of the Green Movement feel now? Are you scared? Are you painful? Are you angry?

Saeed: Iran's youth are smartly and patiently following these events and despite their lack of coherent leadership organize these protests themselves. I do not think these barbaric behaviors of the government could frighten the youth, day of Ashura events showed that courageous people are still out in large dimension. What makes us angry is loosing our loved ones in the streets, killing, imprisonment and torture of political and social activists, and journalists that causes the protesters more anger towards the regime.

Il Riformista: What do you ask to the authorities? Why do you go on the streets?Why and what for do you risk your life?

Saeed: We are asking the regime to respect the demands of the people. People used the election as an excuse to start the protest the asked for the change of the president beginning but as we went forward the shameless and repressive behavior of the dictators ruling Iran, caused the people's demands to be more radical like Secularism and Fundamental change in the structure of government. currently the political and social situation has left no room for any possible corrective change and the Islamic Republic is out to suppress any opposition idea. The danger of imprisonment torture and even assassination is for all journalists and social activists who are opposed to the existing situation. These event have happened in previous years and the government has used assassination of political activist and intellectuals as a way suppress the movements.

Il Riformista: What do you think the foreign countries (Europe, Usa etc…) could do in order to help your country?

Saeed: I think the European and American countries should work faster on thinking of a solution for the situation and offer intellectual support for the Iranian people and respect their right to self-determination in order to come up with a more practical solutions. Formating political relations and diplomatic pressure on the Islamic regime to accept the people's demands with the use of international relations can be a good plan as was used in the past in South Africa to eliminate racial discrimination.

Il Riformista: What do you think these same countries have not done in order to help the people of Iran?

Saeed: I think many of these countries are currently holding contracts with the Islamic Republic in the fields of economic and political relations, which do not allow them to act more freely, although change in the Islamic Republic can change many political equations and economic in the Middle East which will lead to global change in the power balance. However, in our eyes the continuance of silence in this situation from any country and by any excuse is seen collaboration with the regime to suppress the Iranian people.

Il Riformista: Did you know Neda Soltan? Do you know people who have been killed or seriously damaged during the crashes?

Saeed: Yes, today her and her family are known by all Iranians and with all due respect to her and her family she is known as a symbol of the struggle for freedom. As several witnesses and journalists as well as her family have announced she was murdered by government forces as we have seen it happen over and over these days.

Il Riformista: What would you like to tell us? Do you have a specific message you would like to give to Italian readers?

Saeed: I am asking all freedom-loving people to get up in solidarity with the Iranian people in use of all their power to create a free society and to support humanity and by reflecting the news reports from inside Iran cause their governments to react towards the existing situation in Iran.

Il Riformista: whatever you want to say and tell us…

Saeed: With love from Iranian people would like to thank you for all your support and for standing by our side in all these times you and hope for continuance of this cooperation.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Live report of people protests in Iran on Ashuraگزارش زنده از اعتراضات مردم ایران در روز عاشورا

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Clashes in Arak, at 7tir & Shoda Sq. and Rajayi St. Ppl set fire in Beheshti St.

درگیری در شهر اراک در میدان هفت تیر، میدان شهدا و خیابان شهید رجایی. مردم در خیابان شهید بهشتی آتش روشن کردند

Clashes b/w people & special units continue past midnight in Arak & has spread in other parts of town
درگیریها در اراک تا نیمه شب ادامه داشته و دامنه ان به مناطق دیگر شهر نیز کشیده شده است

24:45 people have started fire in front of the IRIB Headquarters. Encounters between civilians and the police is still being reported . Police is shooting in the air to disperse the masses.
مردم در مقابل صدا و سیما آتش برپا کرده اند.هنوز از درگیریهای بین مردم و نیروهای امنیتی گزارش میرسد.پلیس برای پراکنده کردن جمعیت اقدام به تیراندازی هوائی کرده است

Hundreds of plainclothes officers have taken over Mirdamad Blvd. since last hour, brutally beating people, according to Jaras News.
Currently, the plainclothes officers are attempting to provoke fear in the protesters by yelling at the crowds and chanting "Heydar, Heydar!" and "Mashallah Hezbollah!"
از ساعتی پیش صدها تن از نیروهای موسوم به لباس شخصی کنترل بلوار میرداماد را به دست گرفتند.
به گزارش خبرنگار جرس، صدها تن از نیروهای لباس شخص در بلوار میرداماد حضور یافتند و با خشونت تمام مردم را سرکوب کردند.هم اکنون نیروهای لباس شخصی با سردادن شعارهایی چون "حیدر، حیدر" و "ماشا الله حزب الله" و با عربده کشی و فریاد سعی در ارعاب معترضین دارند.

24:00 Police violence has intensified as the number of protesters continues to increase on Valiasr St and around the IRIB headquarters.
According to a Jaras News reporter, despite increased offences by the police through tear gas and physical violence, they have not yet succeeding in dispersing the protests. Crowds continue to light fires and chant slogans.
در پی شدت گرفت حضور مردم معترض در خیابان ولی عصر و محوطه صداوسیما، پلیس بر میزان خشوت های خود افزوده است.
به گزارش خبرنگار جرس، پلیس از دقایقی پیش بر حجم شلیک گاز اشک آور و خشونت های خود افزوده است. با این وجود هنوز پلیس موفق به پراکنده کردن معترضین نشده است و مردم به سر دادن شعار و روشن کردن آتش ادامه می دهند

23:45 The police have declared martial law in Najaf Abad at 21:00 local time, following the intensification of clashes in the city, the birthplace of Ayatollah Montazeri. People have been instructed not to leave their homes.
در پی شدت گرفت درگیری ها در شهر نجف آباد زادگاه آیت الله العظمی منتظری پلیس اعلام حکومت نظامی کرد. به گزارش خبرنگار جرس، در نجف آباد در ساعت 21 امشب پلیس با بلندگو در سطح شهر اعلام حکومت نظامی کرد و از مردم خواست تا از خانه های خود خارج نشوند

Protesters have gathered outside Ibn Sina Hospital, following news of the killing of Mousavi’s nephew. The crowd continues to grow, chanting in unison in support of Mir Hossein Mousavi. No security forces have been sighted at the scene thus far.
مردم معترض پس از شنیدن خبر کشته شدن یکی از بستگان میر حسین موسوی در مقابل بیمارستان سینا تجمع کردند. رفته رفته بر تعداد جمعیت حاضر در محل افزوده می شود و شعارهای منسجمی نیز در حمایت از میر حسین موسوی از سوی جمعیت سر داده می شود، در حال حاضر هیچ گونه نیروی امنیتی در اطراف بیمارستان سینا مشاهده نشده است

Released names of those killed in today’s protests: Seyyed Ali Habibi Mousavi (the nephew of Mir Hossein Mousavi), Mehdi Farhadinia, Mohammad Ali Rasekhinia, Amir Arshadi, and Shahram Faraji.
کشته شدگان امروز :سید علی حبیبی موسوی، خواهر زاده میرحسین موسوی مهدي فرهادي نيا ، محمد علي راسخي نيا ، امير ارشدي ، شهرام فرجي

Clashes outside the IRIB headquarters have spread. Tear gas has been fired in the dark of the night and severe confrontations between protesters and the anti-riot police have been reported.
درگیری مقابل صدا و سیما گسترده تر میشد.در تاریکی شب گاز اشک آور شلیک شده و درگیریهای شدید بین مردم و نیروها یگان ویژه و لباس شخصی گزارش میشود

clashes have broken out between protesters and the police outside the headquarters of the Iranian Broadcasting. Sounds of gunshot have been heard in the area.
درگیری معترضین و نیروهای نظامی در اطراف صدا وسیما.
صدای شلیک گلوله از اطراف صداوسیما به گوش می رسد

Cries of Allah-o-Akbar down with khamene'i and Down with the Dictator can be heard louder than ever in Tehran. Sporadic clashes and unrest have been reported from the streets of Tehran.
صدای مرگ بر خامنه ای الله اکبر و مرگ بر دیکتاتور بلندتر از همیشه در آسمان تهران شنیده میشود.همچنان ناآرامی و درگیریهای پراکنده ای از خیابانهای تهران گزارش میشود.

Kaj Sq. is still in chaos. Anti-riot police have occupied the entire area. Over 30 individuals have been arrested and taken away in police vans.
The streets leading up to Kaj Sq. are seeing heavy traffic , honks of protest by cars and cries of “Death to the Dictator!”
میدان کاج همچنان شلوغ است.نیروهای ضد شورش همه جای خیابان هستند.4 خودروی ون بیش از 30 نفر از مردم را دستگیر کردند.این خودروها آرم نیرو انتظامی دارند
خیابانها ی منتهی به میدان کاج شاهد ترافیک سنگین و اعتراض خودروها با بوق و شعار مرگ بر دیکتاتور است

22:10 Special forces attack people in Mohseni Sq. , people moving to Tajrish Sq.It's now more than 12 hours ppl are fighting in streets!
نیروهای یگان ویژه به مردم در میدان محسنی حمله کرده اند.مردم به سمت میدان تجریش در حرکت هستند.در حال حاظر مردم بیش از 12 ساعت است که در خیابانها هستند

22:00 Severe clashes at Mirdamad around complex.
درگیری مردم در میرداماد

Mohammad Moein,Mostafa Moein's son arrested (Former Khatami's minister).
محمد معین فرزند مصطفی معین بازداشت شد

21:30 Streets leading to Mohseni Sq, where Sham-e Ghariban ceremonies are expected to take place, have been blocked by security forces. At the moment, the number of security forces exceeds that of the people.
راه های ورودی به میدان محسنی توسط نیروهای امنیتی مسدود شده است/تا این لحظه حضور و انسجام نیروهای امنیتی بیشتر از مردم است

Some sources and eye witnesses have reported that the bodies of victims of the clashes today have been transferred to a government office in Taleqani Street. A Jeep has been seen entering the building, while desperately trying to cover up the bodies in the back of the car with jackets.
Moments later, a Peugeot carrying bodies in the back was also seen going into the building and taking off when the bodies were removed from the car.
برخى منابع و شاهدان عينی از ورود اتومبيلهای حامل اجساد قربانيان درگيريهای امروز به ساختمانی اداری در خيبان طالقانی خبر ميدهند. اتومبيل جيپ دو کابين در حالی که اجساد عقب آن قرارداشتند و به طرز ناشيانه ای سعی شده بود تا با کاپشن روی آنها را بپوشانند و نيروهاى بسيجی روی اجساد ايستاده بودند، وارد اين ساختمان شد.

پس از آن اتومبيل پژو که عقب آن نيز اجسادی قرار داشتند به اين ساختمان رفتند و مدتی بعد با تخليه اجساد در ساختمان ، از آن خارج شدند

21:00 Protests continue in different pockets of Tehran. The number of participants in demonstrations has reached over hundreds of thousands. These protests have largely been concentrated in the central, southern and northern parts of Tehran. People are also preparing for extensive demonstrations at Sham-e Ghariban ceremonies tonight. They have resisted the violent attacks by government forces and a large number have become injured or lost their lives.
Some of the chants heard on the streets today have included: “Ya Mahdi! Eradicate the roots of oppression!”, “This is the month of blood! Seyed Ali [Khamenei] is going down!”, “Down with the Dictator!”, “We are not from ‘Koofeh’ to support Yazid!”, “Rape, Murder, Down with the Jurisprudence!”, “Dictator should know, he will be toppled very soon!”, and “Death to Khamenei”, among others.
اعتراضات مردم در نقاط مختلف تهران همچنان ادامه دارد. تعداد شرکت کنندگان در اين اعتراضات به صدها هزار نفر مي رسد.اين اعتراضات بيشتر در نقاط مرکزي ، جنوبي و شمال تهران متمرکز است. و مردم براي اعتراضات گسترده تري آمده مي شوند. مردم با يورشهاي وحشيانه نيروهاي سرکوبگر مقابله مي کنند و تا به حال تعداد زيادي از مردم زخمي و جان باختند.
مردم در حالي که با نيروهاي سرکوبگر مقابله مي کنند اقدام به سر دادن شعار هاي مختلفي مي کنند که بعضي از شعارهايي به قرار زير است؛ يا حجت ابن الحسن ريشه ظلم را بکن/ اين ماه ماه خونه سيد علي سرنگونه /مرگ بر ديکتاتور/ ما اهل کوفه نستيم که پشت يزيد بيستيم/ تجاوز جنايت مرگ بر اين ولايت / زنداني سياسي آزاد بايد گردد/ ديکتاتور بدونه بزودي سرنگونه/ مرگ بر خامنه اي و شعارهاي متعدد ديگر

20:40 At least 11 Peopl got killed in 2days demonstrations they're mostly shot by pistols bodies in several hospitals in tehran.
در دو روز گذشنه بیش از 11 کشته و زخمی بر جای مانده است

According to eye witnesses, a navy-blue peugeot 405, plate# 846H69 kidnapped three protesters this afternoon. The car was escorted by several motorcyclists
بعد از ظهر امروز به گفته شاهدان عینی یک دستگاه اتومبیل پژو 405 سرمه ای رنگ به شماره پلاک 69ه846 اقدام به ربودن سه نفر از مردم معترض در خیابان کرده است. به گزارش خبرنگار جرس این اتومبیل که توسط موتور سواران اسکورت می شده است سه نفر از معترضین که هویت آنها هنوز مشخص نشده است را به زور سوار خوردو کرده و همراه خود برده اند. اخبار تکمیلی متعاقبا ارسال می شود
20:25 Security forces of Mashhad attacked people and student’s mourning event in Ayatollah Saneyi’s residence. Dozens of people and students from Mashhhad were arrested.

Reports show that security and plainclothes forces have arrested at least 7 of Ferdowsi university students in Mashhad and 10 other people around Azadi-Shohada intersection in Mashhad.

Hossein Ghabel, Ahmad Ghabel’s nephew, Hadi Sajadi and Ali Mansoori, all student activists from Mashhad, were among those arrested. The name of other arrested people has not been published yet.

Also on December 26 after the mourning event for Tasoa finished in Ayatollah Saneyi’s residence, some people started shouting “Allah is Great” and were dispersed by police forces and 3 were arrested.

Some dispersed protest in Imam Reza Avenue has been reported.

It is to be noted that Mashhad protesters today made plans to continue chanting “Allah is Great” from rooftops.

نیروهای امنیتی شهر مشهد با حمله به مراسم عزاداری مردم و دانشجویان در بیت آیت الله صانعی ، دهها تن از مردم و دانشجویان مشهدی را در حاشیه این مراسم بازداشت کردند

این گزارش حاکیست نیروهای امنیتی و لباس شخصی دست کم 7 تن از دانشجویان دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد و 10 تن از مردم عادی را در حوالی خیابان آزادی و چهار راه شهدا مشهد بازداشت کردند

حسین قابل، برادرزاده احمد قابل ، هادی سجادی و علی منصوری از فعالان دانشجویی مشهد هستند که امروز در از اطراف بیت آیت الله صانعی بازداشت شده اند. اسامی دیگر بازداشت شدگان ظهر روز عاشورا در مشهد تا کنون منتشر نشده است

در روز تاسوعا نیز پس از مراسم عزاداری در بیت آیت الله صانعی ، جمعی از مردم الله اکبر سر دادند که با حمله نیروهای پلیس متفرق شدند و 3 تن از مردم بازداشت شدند

برخی اعتراضات پراکنده نیز از خیابان امام رضا مشهد پیش از ظهر روز عاشورا گزارش شده است.
شایان ذکر است معترضان مشهدی در حاشیه مراسم امروز برای الله اکبر شبانه از پشت بام ها قرار می گذاشتند

20:05 Saderat Bank (many floors) in middle of Tehran set on FIRE
نزديك پل چوبى جوانان ساختمان چند طبقه بانك صادرات را آتش زدند

20:00 Clashes in Ghazvin, people are chanting "DEATH RO DICTATOR". Heavy clashes between people and plain clothes.
درگیریها در قزوین:مردم شعار میدهند مرگ بر دیکتاتور.درگیری شدید میان مردم ولباس شخصیها در جریان است

از ساعت 8شب به وقت ایران مجددا این گزارش را ادامه خواهیم داد

We will return with our reports on Iran at 8pm, Tehran time

عکسهای بیشتر را اینجا ببینید
ویدئوهای بیشتر را اینجا ببینید

Sec forces shooting people on the Azadi st close to Azadi sq.
2night, 8 pm Shaam Ghariban in Mohseni Sq. and other Squares In Tehran
نیروهای نظامی در خیابان آزادی به سمت مردم شلیک کرده اند.ادامه اعتراضات تا مراسم شام غریبان هم کشیده خواهد شد.مردم ساعت 8 شب در میدان محسنی تجمع خواهند کرد

Published a news article titled “Mousavi and Khatami supporters have done Ashura a great dishonour” and called on Basij and plainclothes officers to move towards Enghelab St.
The News Agency wrote, “These individuals have exploited Ashura to articulate slogans against the Islamic Republic and the pillars of the regime, celebrating in tune with the wishes of our enemies and the Western media.”
Meanwhile, the Special Forces have, alongside the plainclothes officers, carried out the most ruthless actions against mourning protesters since early this morning, with confirmed reports so far of 4 martyred dissenters and many others injured.
The Fars News Agency has described the current situation in Tehran as ‘calm’!
خبرگزاری فارس نوشت:" اين افراد در روز عاشورا به جاي عزاداري با طرح شعارهاي انحرافي عليه نظام جمهوري اسلامي، اركان نظام و مطابق خواست دشمن و رسانه هاي غربي به جشن پرداختند."
خبرگزاری فارس در حالی از حرمت شکنی هواداران جنبش سبز در روز عاشورا سخن گفته است که نیروهای گارد ویژه در کنار نیروهای لباس شخصی از صبح امروز به صورت بسیار بی رحمانه ای با معترضین عزادار برخورد کرده و در این میان بر طبق خبرهای تایید شده تاکنون 4 تن از هموطنانمان را به شهادت رساندند و جمع زیادی را نیز زخمی کرده اند.
خبرگزاری فارس همچنین وضعیت کنونی تهران را آرام ! توصیف کرد.

15:15 Two Police cars burned in Karimkhan St, Clash in Baharestan sq, North Kargar st and roudaki st still continuing .
دو ماشین پلیس در کریمخان به آتش کشیده شدند.درگیریها همچنان در بهارستان ، کارگر شمالی و رودکی ادامه دارد

15:00 Intersection of Hafez and Jomhoori, is filled with injured patients. The hospital is operating above capacity, thus increasing the chances of death for the injured. According to one eye-witness, the people brought into the hospital have been wounded on their heads and chests by bullets. Also, there is a report from the city that people in Vali-Asr St. have put the police station on fire. The protests have extended to the suburbs of the city. Meanwhile, people in subway stations have been surrounded by regime forces.
به گزارش شاهدان عینی بیمارستان نجمیه تهران واقع در تقاطع حافظ و جمهوری مملو از مجروحین است. به دلیل کثرت مجروحان و غافلگیری کادر بیمارستان احتمال مرگ مجروحان بالا رفته است. یک شاهد عینی می گوید کسانی که به بیمارستان آورده می شوند از ناحیه سر و سینه مورد اصابت گل...وله قرار گرفته اند. همچنین از سطح شهر خبر می رسد مردم در میدان ولی عصر ایستگاه پلیس را به آتش کشیده اند. دامنه ناآرامی ها کم کم به محله های حاشیه شهر کشیده می شود. همچنین مردم در ایستگاه های مترو در محاصره وحشیانه نیروهای رژیم هستند

14:55 The Austrian embassy has declared its willingness to give citizens of Iran any needed medical care. The doors of the embassy are open to all.
سفارت اطریش آمادگی خودش برای ارائه خدمات پزشکی به مردم رو اعلام کرده. درهای سفارت باز هستند

Heavy clashes in 7 tir sq, Baharestan Sq & some locations in Amirabad , still continuing.
From Keshavarz Bld. فخ Fatemi st. is in control of the people.
درگیری شدید در میدان 7 تیر،بهارستان،و برخی مناطق امیر آباد همچنان ادامه دارد.از بلواز کشاورز تا خیابان فاطمی در کنترل مردم است

14:45 The Special Forces the 1st Division have disobeyed the order to shoot at people.
In Tehran the anti-riot police and police have taken control of many areas.
People have disabled traffic cameras
ماموران یگان ویژه از دستور تیراندازی به مردم سرپیچی کردند.در تهران نیروهای گارد ویژه و انتظامی کنترل خیلی مناطق را از دست دادند.مردم دوربينهاي كنترل ترافيك را از كار انداختند

14:35 People have set the van of special guards on fire in Rudaki ave.Clashes Continue in Amirabad.Heavy clashes in Shohada sq, Damavanی St, People firهng garbages against tear gases
مردم خودروی ون پلیس در خیابان رودکی را به آتش کشیدند.درگیریها در امیرآباد ادامه دارد.همچنین گزارشها حاکی از درگیری شدید در میدان شهدا و خیابان دماوند است.مردم سطلهای آشغال را به اتش کشیده اند

14:25 A big mass of people are moving on Somayyeh St as well as Taleghani Sq. Chants of "Death to the Dictator" and "Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein" can be heard. The city’s waste management staff are cleaning up pieces of broken glass and several ambulances are present in these area.
جمیعت زیادی خیابان سمیه و همچنین چهارراه طالقانی در حال حرکت هستند. شعارهای « مرگ بر دیکتاتور » و « یاحسین، میرحسین » شنیده میشود. ماموران شهرداری مشغول جمع کردن خوردههاش شیشه هستند و چند دستگاه آمبولانس در این مناطق دیده میشوند

Clashes at Valiasr Sqr; many police forces and protesters have been injured. People have taken over Valiasr Sqr.
خيابانهاي منتهی به كشاورز از جمیعت مردم بسته شده است.درگیری شدید در میدان ولی عصر, چندین نفر از نیروهای انتظامی و مردم زخمی شدند.ميدان ولی عصر درکنترل مردم است

Following the heavy presence and involvement of Special Forces in Esfahan and Najafabad, thousands of mourners have begun clashing with security forces in the two cities.
According to Jaras News, clashes have intensified in Enghelab Sq, the Hossein Abad district in Esfahan, and Sepah Shahr St. in Esfahan.
A Jaras reporter in Najafabad describes the clashes in the city as “quite severe”.
در پی مداخله و حضور یگان های ویژه در شهرهای اصفهان و نجف آباد هزاران تن از مردم عزادار این دو شهر از ساعتی پیش با نیروهای نظامی درگیرهای گسترده و شدیدی را آغاز کرده اند.به گزارش جرس، در میدان انقلاب و منطقه حسین آباد اصفهان و همچننین خیابان سپه شهر اصفهان درگیری ها گسترده گزارش شده است.خبرنگار جرس در نجف آباد نیز سطح درگیری هایی این شهر "بسیار شدید" توصیف کرده است

Valiasr Square has been completely taken over by the people and many police minivans have been put on fire! Based on live witness reports, security forces have lost their control over Valiasr Sq since this afternoon. Prolonged and deafening honks of victory can be heard from cars on the streets.
The people yell out loud: “We have conquered Valiasr! We will conquer all of Tehran by night!” Many police cars are on fire.
فتح ميدان ولیعصر تهران به دست مردم، آتش زدن ونهای پليس به گزارش شاهدان عينی از تهران ،ميدان ولی عصر تهران در ظهر امروز از کنترل نيروهای امنيتی کاملا خارج شده و در دست مردم است .صدای بوق ممتد اتومبيل های مردم در اين ميدان و خيايان اطراف بسیار زیاد است .مردم به يکديگر می گويند : ميدان ولی عصر ...را فتح کرديم. همه تهران را نيز تا شب فتح می کنيم.اتومبيل های پليس که در اين ميدان مستقر بود به آتش کشيده شده است

Tehran's main bazaar is also reportedly the scene of protests and clashes
.Body of a killed protestors remains on the street for 30 minute while an ambulance was there, but did not pick the body up to take to the hospital.
درگیریهائی از بازار تهران گزارش میشود.پیکر یکی از جانباختگان برای مدتی روی زمین برای آمبولانس ماند اما وی را به بیمارستان منتقل نکردند

Shiraz:The street leading to the Namazi intersection and Shohada Sqr, which had been occupied by government forces, has now turned into a scene of heavy clashes, with mourning and angry people throwing rocks at the forces.
All routes leading to the centre of the city have been shut down; however, a large group of youths, including a notable number of women and girls, are moving towards the Shahcheragh Shrine and the house of Ayatollah Dastghaib, which are currently surrounded by security forces.
The Copper Bazaar, which is one of the entrances to Vakil Bazaar, has also been shut down. People are chanting slogans from inside the bazaar and moving towards the Ahmadi intersection and Bianolharamin.
lشیراز:مسیر منتهی به چهار راه نمازی و میدان شهدا (شهرداری) محل استقرار نیروهای سرکوب گر توسط مردم عزادار و خشمگین شیراز با پرتاب سنگ به صحنه در گیری تبدیل شده است
مسیرهای منتهی به مرکز شهر را بسته اند ولی جوانان و تعداد قابل ملاحظه ای از زنان و دختران از طریق کوچه های نزدیک خود را به حرم شاهچراغ و بیت آیتالله دستغیب که در محاصره هست نزدیک میکنند
بازار مسگرها که یکی از ورودی های بازار وکیل نیزهست بسته شده و بطرف سه راه احمدی وبین الحرمین مردم از داخل بازار شروع به شعار دادن کرده اند

13:46 There have been shootings outside of the Polytechnic Residence. One person has been killed and many others injured.
تیراندازی مقابل خوابگاه پلی تکنیک یک نفر کشته و تعدادی زخمی داشته است

Special Forces Unit has attacked people at the end of Shademan street.
Pثخpl are chanting "I'll kill who killed my brother"
نیروهای سرکوب در خیابان شادمان به مردم حمله کرده اند.مردم شعار میدهند میکشم میکشم آنکه برادرم کشت

Vali-Asr Square: Massive clashes have been reported; many protesters and officers have been injured. Due severity of the physical attacks, many women and girls are lying on the streets in different parts of Tehran. The anti-riot forces have broken the legs and arms of many protesters.
میدان ولیعصر ، درگیری شدید گزارش شده بسیاری از ماموران و مردم معترض زخمی شده اند، به علت شدت جراحات زنان و دختران در اکثر نقاط تهران زمین گیر شده اند، نیروهای گارد ویژه تا کنون دست و پای بسیاری از معترضین را با ضرب و شتم شکسته اند

13:30 Shiraz: Protesters have covered all streets leading up to the Shah Cheragh shrine and Beinol Haramein and are chanting slogans alongside religious groups. Government forces are firing tear gas at the crowds and have arrested several individuals.
شیراز :خیابانهای منتهی به حرم شاهچراغ و سید علاالدین الحسین (بین الحرمین) صحنه شعار گویی مردم معترض به همراه هیئتهای مذهبی و نیروهای سرکوب گر در بین مردم و هیئات گاز اشک آور پرتاب کرده و عده ای را دستگیر نموده اند

way from Sa'di Cinema to Paramount, all chanting against Khamenei. Government forces are shooting bullets in the air and firing tear gasses to the masses of people, but people continue to resist and clashes have become quite serious. All routes leading to the “Shah-Cheragh” shrine are under tight control. Security forces have also surrounded the Ghaba Mosque, where Grand Ayatollah Seyed Ali Dastgheib's is expected to deliver a speech.
شیراز :در خيابان زند غوغایی بپا هست. از سمت سينما سعدي تا پارامونت نزديك به بيست هزارنفر تجمع كرد اند وهمه شعارها عليه خامنه اي است درگيري شديد هست . مزدوران شليك هوايي ميكنند وگاز اشك آور ميزنند ولي مردم به مقابله پرداخته و زد وخورد شديد است مسیرهای منتهی به حرم شاهچراغ بشدت تحت کنترل است مسجد قبا محل سخرانی آیت العظمی سید
علی محمد دستغیب را محاصره کرده اند

Beitol Mehdi, the burial place of Ayatollah Pishva, has been occupied by security forces. They are beating people and removing them from the site by physical force.
بیت المهدی آرامگاه ایت الله پیشوا پس از محاصره به تصرف نیروهای سرکوبگر در آمده و مردم را با ضرب وشتم آز آنجا خارج نموده اند

Severe clashes outside the Polytechnic student residence
درگیری شدید مقابل خوابگاه پلی تکنیک

Clashes in Qom in front of montazeri & Sanei's houses
درگیریها در قم مقابل بیت آیت اله منتظری و صانعی

Chaدting "Death to Khamenei!" ... "Prison rape? Was this written in Quran too!?" ."This is the month of blood! Seyd Ali [Khamenei] is going down."City of Najaf Abad, is all out war between people and Basij militia.
شعار مرگ بر خامنه ای،تجاوز توی زندان اینم بود توی قرآن؟ این ماه ماه خون است سید علی سرنگون است.شهر نجف آباد شاهد درگیری نیروهای حکومتی با مردم است

12:45 In a tragic incident, three people were killed and two others badly injured in clashes that took place on College Bridge. According to a Jaras reporter who was present at the scene, the three mentioned people were shot dead by police forces, while the two other injured individuals were brutally beaten and injured by plainclothes officers. Details of this news to follow..
در درگیری های صورت گرفته در پل کالج متاسفانه سه تن از هموطنانمان شهید و دوتن زخمی شدند.به گزارش خبرنگار جرس که خود در صحنه حاضر بود این سه تن در پل کالج و توسط شلیک مستقیم نیرهای نظامی به شهادت رسیدند، همچنین دو تن دیگر از مردم توسط لباس شخصی ها به شدت زخمی شده اند.اخبار تکمیلی متعاقبا ارسال خواهد شد

People leaving their house doors open to let people rest and take refuge.
Chanting: Basiji Hayaa Kon, Irani ro raha kon = Basij shame on you, leave Iranians alone.
مردم درب خانه های خود را باز کرده اند تا به مردم پناه دهند.شعار:بسیجی حیا کن ایرانی را رها کن.

More than 3000 forces heavily armed settled at Azadi Sqr. CNN: Something must change in Iran. People are chanting slogans in buses.
بیش از سه هزار نیروی امنیتی در میدان آزادی مستقر است.گزارش سی ان ان حاکیست:تغییری در ایران رخ خواهد داد.مردم در اتوبوسها شعار میدهند

In order to control and suppress the protesters, government helicopters have started flying in the skies of Tehran, particularly overlooking the central part of the city.
According to reports received from Jaras News, protestors believe that the sole purpose of these flying helicopters are to evoke fear, as the police officials are well aware of the protestors’ whereabouts.
از لحظاتی پیش و در پی عدم کنترل جمعیت معترض از سوی پلیس، هلی کوپترهای پلیس پرواز خود را در آسمان تهران به ویژه بر فراز مناطق مرکزی شهر آغاز کرده اند.
به گزارش خبرنگار جرس، معترضین معتقدند که پرواز این بالگردها بیشتر برای ارعاب مردم است زیرا پلیس به خوبی از مسیر حرکتهای مردم آگاه است.

The people of Tehran have come out on various streets, with chants directly targeting the regime. At present, people are on Azadi St, Enghelab Sq, Ferdowsi Sq, Azadi Sq, the intersection of Eskandari & Vesal Shirazi, Somayyeh St, the Bazaar, Hor Sq, Imam Hossein Sq and various other points, and are chanting against Khamenei.
The chants that can be heard are as follows: "This month is the month of blood, Seyyed Ali will be toppled!", "Death to dictato!”, "We are not from 'Koofeh' to support Yazid!", "Rape, Murder, down with this Jurisprudence!", "Freedom for Political Prisoners!", “Dictator should know, he will be toppled very soon", "Down with Khamenei", and many others.
مردم تهران در نقاط مختلف به خیابان ها آمده اند و شعارها راس رژیم را هدف قرار داده است . در حال حاضر مردم در خیابان آزادی ، میدان انقلاب ،میدان فردوسی، میدان آزادی، تقاطع اسکندری- وصال شیرازی ،خیابان سمیه، بازار ،میدان حر ،میدان امام حسین و سایر نقاط در خیابانها هستند و علیه شخص خامنه ای شعار میدهند.
شعارهایی که در نقاط مختلف شنیده می شود عبارتند از ؛ ؛ این ماه ماه خونه سید علی سرنگونه /مرگ بر دیکتاتور/ ما اهل کوفه نستیم که پشت یزید بیستیم/ تجاوز جنایت مرگ بر این ولایت / زندانی سیاسی آزاد باید گردد/ دیکتاتور بدونه بزودی سرنگونه/ مرگ بر خامنه ای و شعارهای متعدد دیگر

Protestors are moving from Shohada, Nezam Aabad and Imam Hussain Sqr towards Azadi Sqr. They are chanting “Khamenei is a murderer! His leadership is illegitimate!” and “We are not from Koofeh (a holy city in Iraq) to support Yazid (Khamenei)!” There are buses full of people chanting slogans and moving towards other protestors.
جمعيت از ميدان شهدا , دماوند ,نظام آباد وخيابان انقلاب وميدان امام حسين به سمت ميدان آزادي ميروند . مردم شعار ميدهند مرگ برخامنه اي /خامنه اي قاتله ولايتش باطله /ما اهل كوفه نيستيم پشت يزيد بايستيم. اتوبوسها پر از تظاهر كنندگاني است كه شعار ميدهند و به مردم مي پيوندند.

People have stopped a bus on the Eskandari & Vasal-e Shirazi intersection and closed off the street to prevent an attack by guards on motorcycles. There have been people of all classes present at the demonstrations today. Many have been families and children. Police forces have launched attacks on the people but the city is practically under the people’s control. The security forces have become undermined and many are visibly afraid of the people.
مردم در تقاطع اسکندری – وصال شیرازی یکی از اتوبوسهای واحد را متوقف کردن و خیابان را بسته اند تا مانع یورش موتورسواران شوند . در نقاط مختلف صدای تیراندازی به گوش می رسد.در تظاهرات امروز از تمامی اقشار مردم در آن شرکت کرده اند حتی تعدادی از نیروهای نظامی مخالف رژیم ،کودکان و تعداد زیادی از خانواده ها هستند.نیروهای سرکوبگر به مردم یورش می برند ولی عملا کنترل شهر را از دست داده اند و قادر به انجام کاری نیستند خیلی از آنها روحیه خود را باختند و وحشت از مردم در آنها عیان است.

Large group of protestors moving towards Enghelab St while chanting slogans.
جمعیت زیادی در سه راه طالقانی شعار گویان به سمت خیابان انقلاب در حرکت است

Clashes in central Tehran have intensified, and people have taken control of the alleyways surrounding Enghelab St. Ambulance sirens can be heard all across the central part of the city, and smoke and fire have covered the skies.Also, clashes have expanded from central Tehran to the areas around Vali-Asr square and Hafteh-Tir.
بر حجم درگیری های مرکز شهر تهران افزده شده و مردم کنترل کوچه های اطراف خیابان انقلاب را به دست گرفته اند.
صدای آمبولانسها در سطح مرکز شهر به شدت شنیده می شود و ستون هایی از دود و آتش مرکز شهر را در برگرفته است.
همچنین دامنه درگیری ها از مرکز شهر به حوالی میدان ولی عصر و هفت تیر نیز کشیده شده است

The areas surrounding Enghelab Sq. and the Valiasr Intersection are covered in thick smoke.People are being prevented from leaving Namjoo St. in Tehran by the Basij and security forces. Many are being beaten by the Basijis.
حوالی میدان انقلاب و چهار راه ولی عصر آسمان پر از دود است.نیروهای امنیتی و بسیجی مانع خروج مردم از خیابان نامجو تهران شدند؛ بسیاری از مردم توسط بسیجی‌ها مورد ضرب و شتم قرار گرفتند

The security forces are filming the people and cars passing on the streets. There are severe clashes on Valiasr St. and smoke has covered the entire area. Ambulances pass frequently on the street.
نیروهای امنیتی از مردم و ماشین‌هایی که در رفت و آمد هستند فیلم می‌گیرند
در خیابان ولی عصر تهران درگیری شدیدی وجود دارد، دود سرتاسر خیابان را گرفته و ماشین‌ها آمبولانس در رفت و آمد هستند

12:00 People have mostly gathered in the small streets surrounding Enghelab Sq and are making their way to the main street.The majority of slogans today are being chanted against Khamenei. Clashes are underway under the Hafez Bridge. Several Basijis have been severely injured by the rocks thrown at them by the people.
مردم عمدتا در کوچه‌ها و خیابان‌های اطراف انقلاب هستند و با تشکیل جمعیت عظیم به سمت خیابان اصلی می‌روند.عمده‌ی شعارهای امروز علیه خامنه‌ای سر داده می‌شود و مردم کم‌تر شعارهای دیگر سر می‌دهند.در درگیری زیر پل حافظ چندین بسیجی با سنگ‌هایی که مردم می‌انداختند به شدت زخمی شده‌اند

There is a chance of severe clashes on Keshavarz Blvd. There have not yet been sufficient police forces stationed on that street.
در بلوار کشاور احتمال درگیری سنگین می‌رود،‌نیروهای نظامی هنوز آن‌جا به اندازه‌ی کافی وجود ندارند

Keshavarz Blvd. in Tehran is now completely in the hands of the people, who shout extreme chants against Khamenei.
بلوار کشاورز تهران به طور کامل دست مردم است و در حال سر دادن شعارهای بسیار تند علیه خامنه‌ای هستند

According to Aljazira TV, police forces have lost control over situation in Tehran.People are attacking bajij with stone. Clashes continue at Imam Hussain Sqr.
بر اساس گزارش تلویزیون الجزیره وضعیت از کنترل نیروهای پلیس خارج است.بسیج با سنگ به مردم حمله کرده است.درگیریها در میدان امام حسین ادامه دارد

Moments ago, a large group of protesters forced the police to retreat outside of Daneshjoo Park In Vali Asr Street.The police has just blocked Hafez St. in central Tehran. Clashes in Kharak St. have intensified. Witnesses report that a massive crowd has gathered in the area.
لحظاتی پیش جمعیت انبوه مردم پس از درگیری با پلیس در چهار راه ولی عصر و مقابل پارک دانشجو موفق شدند پلیس را وادار به عقب نشینی کنند. در مرکز شهر تهران، هم اینک پلیس خیابان حافظ را مسدود کرده است.درگیرای اکنون در خیابان خارک تشدید شده است و بنا به مشاهدات حاضرین جمعیت معترضین حاضر در خیابانها بسیار چشمگیر و فراوان است.

Report of clashes in Shiraz, Isfahan, Ardebil.This is a real war, people fighting with Sec forces and Plain clothes right now in Enghelab St.Tear gas all over the place in Ferdowsi
درگیرها از شیراز،اصفهان،اردبیل و تهران گزارش میشود.مردم با نیروهای امنیتی درگیر شده اند،کانون این تجمعات میدان انقلاب است.گاز اشک آور همه جا را فراگرفته

Peopl chanting "this mnth is mnth of blood - Yazid(Khamenei) will be toppled" in Ferdowsi Sq while tear gases were fired .All streets and intersections are full of people, heavy clashes; motorbikes of Basij are set on fire by protestors. People are being attacked by teargas.
مردم در میدان فردوسی شعار میدهند این ماه ماه خون است ،یزید سرنگون است.همه خیابانها پر از مردم است،پلیس با گاز اشک آور به مردم حمله میکند.تعدادی از موتورهای نیروهای سرکوبگر به آتش کشیده شده است.

Reports indicate that a large crowd gathered in Karim Khan St. is currently headed towards Enghelab Sq. using Villa and Iranshahr streets. Several people have been injured in clashes outside of AmirKabir University and the crowd is being slowly dispersed.
گزارش‌ها حکایت از حرکت تعداد زیادی از مردم از خیابان کریم‌خان و از طریق خیابان‌های ویلا و ایرانشهر به سمت خیابان انقلاب دارد. همچنین در درگیری مقابل دانشگاه امیرکبیر تعدادی از مردم مجروح و جمعیت تا حدودی متفرق شده است.

The police have closed down Valiasr St. to prevent people from reaching protests in Imam Hossein and Enghelab Squares.
پلیس برای جلوگیری از پیوستن گروههای مردم به تجمع کنندگان در میدان انقلاب و میدان امام حسین (ع)، اقدام به مسدود کردن چهار راه ولی عصر کرده است.

People in masse are on streets. They are chanting: “don’t be scared we are all together”, "Hojtolebne Hassan, end the roots of tyrant".
مردم در دسته های بزرگ به خیابان میایند .شعارها نترسید نترسید ما همه با هم هستیم.یا حجت بن الحسن ریشه ظلم رو بکن

In the intersection of Hafez and Somayyeh streets, the number of people has reached more than a thousand. Meanwhile, there is a mass of people gathered quietly on Emam Hossein Sq. in complete silence and without chanting any slogans.
در تقاطع خیابان‌های حافظ و سمیه جمعیت به بیش از هزار نفر رسیده است و همچنین جمعیت زیادی از مردم در میدان امام حسین بدون هرگونه شعار و در سکوت کامل تجمع کرده‌اند

Despite extensive security preparations by the military forces, a large body of people have currently gathered in Enghelab St. in Tehran.
There are severe clashes underway in central Tehran between the people and military forces, around the Valiasr intersection, the College Bridge and the Daneshjoo Park.
A motorcycle belonging to the Special Guards was moments ago put on fire by the people.

علی رغم تدابیر امنیتی نیروهای نظامی جمعیت بسیار زیادی از مردم هم اکنون در خیابان انقلاب تهران هستند
در مرکز شهر تهران، هم اینک درگیری شدیدی بین مردم و نیروهای نظامی حد فاصل چهار راه ولی عصر و پل کالج و در برابر پارک دانشجو در جریان است.موتور سیکلت یکی از نیروهای گارد به آتش کشیده شده است

Security forces have attempted to scatter the crowd of protesters through physical attacks as well as the use of tear gas on several occasions. Meanwhile, BRT bus passengers have voiced their protests against the crimes of the regime by chanting: “Today is a day of mourning! Iran’s green nation mourns today!”
علاوه بر ضرب و شتم کلیه حاضرین ، در چند نوبت نیز مامورین با پرتاب گاز اشک آور سعی در متفرق کردن معترضین داشته اند، این در حالی است که مردم از داخل اتوبوسهای "بی آر تی" با سر دادن شعار " عزا عزاست امروز روز عزاست امروز، ملت سبز ایران صاحب عزاست امروز " اعتراض خود را نسبت به جنایتهای نظام نشان می دهند.

Heavy clashes in the Ferdowsi sq & Darvazeh dolat ,Security forces chasing people in the alleys.Angry people chanting allaho akbar in Imam Hossein Sq.Security forces beating people in the crossing Mazandaran st & Imam Hossein sq
درگیرهای شدید در میدان فردوسی و دروازه دولت.نیروهای امنیتی مردم را در کوچه ها حبس میکنند.مردم معترض و خشمگین در میدان امام حسن شعار میدهند.نیروهای امنیتی به مردم خیابان مازندران و میدان امام حسین حمله کرده اند.

11:13 Shiraz:
People are still headed towards the designated locations of protest. A massive crowd can be seen but there has not yet been any chanting.
شيراز:مردم همچنان درحال رفتن به سوي مسيرهاي تظاهرات هستند جمعيت زيادي مشاهده مي شود اما هنوز شعار نميدهند

People are chanting "God is Great!" and "Our leader Abolfazl, get rid of the dictator!"
مردم شعار میدهند الله اکبر،ابولفض علمدار دیکتاتور رو برش دار

People are being attacked by teargas at the religious places where they are gathered.
مردم به شدت مورد ضرب و شتم بسیج قرار گرفته اند.پلیس برای متفرق کردن مردم از گاز اشک آور استفاده کرده است

Based on reports, a large number of special guards are currently moving from Enghelab Sq. to Imam Hossein Sq., eastward from their current location.
بنابر گزارش رسیده تعداد زیادی از نیروهای ویژه از خیابان انقلاب به سمت میدان امام حسین در حرکت هستند .

A huge crowd has gathered on Dabire A'zam St. and Mossadeq Sq. in Kermanshah and is growing by the minute. This is while the plain-clothes and Basij forces ride their motorcycles along the streets carrying large flags.
مردم بسیاری در خیابان دبیر اعظم و میدان مصدق کرمانشاه تجمع کرده اند.لحظه به لحظه به جمعیت اضافه میشود این در حالیست که نیروهای لباس شخصی و حزب اللهی با موتور و پرچمهای بزرگ در حال رفت و آمد هستند

The police have attacked a group of protesters around Ferdosi Sq. Heavy traffic has been reported around pol e choobi ( on Enghelab square)
حمله نیروهای پلیس به گروهی از تظاهرکنندگان در نزدیکی میدان فردوسی .در روی پل چوبی در خیابان انقلاب ترافیک بسیار سنگین گزارش شده است

police has attacked a group of protesters around Ferdosi square. heavy traffic has been reported around pol e choobi ( on Enghelab square)
حمله نیروهای پلیس به گروهی از تظاهرکنندگان در نزدیکی میدان فردوسی .در روی پل چوبی در خیابان انقلاب ترافیک بسیار سنگین گزارش شده است

People are being attacked by forces for no reason. About 2000 people gathered between Enqhelab and Imam Husain Sqr. Clashes reported at 17shahrivar Sqr.
مردم بی دلیل در خیابان مورد ضرب و شتم مامورین قرار میگیرند ،در حدود دو هزار نفر بین انقلاب و امام حسین تجمع کرده اند

Multiple unconfirmed reports coming in that people are being beaten to death and Basij brutally cracking down.
گزارشهای تائید نشده ای حاکی از ضرب و شتم شدید مردم توسط بسیجیها در مناطق مختلف تهران است.

Hundreds of security forces and Basij militia have stationed in different parts of Tehran. These forces that the number of them grows with time are mostly present in central Tehran in the Imam Hossein SQ to Azadi SQ. This is the route where the Green protestors have planned to hold a rally today on the anniversary of one of the most sacred Shia holidays
تعداد زیادی از نیروهای بسیج و لباس شخصی در مناطق مختلف تهران مستقر شده اند.بر تعداد این نیروها افزوده میشود اما بیشتر این نیروها در مرکز تهران از میدان امام حسین تا خیابان آزادی مستقر هستند.این مسیری است که از قبل برای تجمع و اعتراض در یکی از مراسم مذهبی شیعیان اعلام شده بود

Plain-clothes forces are brutally beating people on 17 Shahrivar St.
نیروهای لباس شخصی به شدت مردم را در خیابان هفده شهریور مورد ضرب و شتم قرار میدهند

Severe clashes at Valiasr Intersection and Imam Hussein Square
چهار راه ولیعصر و میدان امام حسین به شدت درگیری است

They are not allowing people to gather and are dispersing people at Imam Husain Sqr. They are beating people down to death. People are being chased by Basij forces
اجازه تجمع به مردم داده نمیشود.جمعیت در میدان حسین را متفرق کرده اند.مردم را به شدت مورد ضرب و شتم قرار داده اند

There are many Basij members in the Enghelab alleys around Imam Hossein Sq, Azarbayejan st, Valiasr intersection, Ferdosi Sq .Small groups of people walking seperately in Damavand St to Imam Hossein Sq.
تعداد زیادی از نیروهای بسیج،سپاه و لباس شخصیها در کوچه های اطراف میدان انقلاب ،امام حسین ،خیابان آذربایجان،میدان فردوسی و چهارراه ولیعصر هستند.گروهی کوچکی از مردم از خیابان دماوند به سمت امام حسین در راهند

Plain-clothes and military forces are scattered around Emam Hossein and Enghelab Squares. They are being moved around by minivans.

در تمامی خیابانهای اطراف میدان امام حسین و میدان انقلاب نیروهای نظامی و لبتس شخصی ها مستقر هستند.خودروهای ون بسیاری از نیروها را در خیابانها جا به جا میکند

Special brigades deployed to protect Khamenei Residence.In Tehran, heavy security presence. Riot police, IRGC, Basij all on full alert.Extensive military presence in the central city of Tehran

حضور گسترده نیروهای نظامی در مناطق مرکزی شهر تهران. صدها نیروی نظامی و انتظامی از صبح امروز در مناطق مرکزی شهر تهران مستقر شده اند

We dedicate this to those who have devoted their lives to the cause of freedom and equality, and to all those who once worked shoulder-to-shoulder with us for a better future but are no longer among us. We dedicate this to Mahin Gorji, whose departure took with it a world of humanity and compassion.
تقدیم به همه جانباختگان راه آزادی و برابری.به همه عزیزانی که روزی شانه به شانه کنار هم برای آینده ای بهتر فعالیت میکردیم و امروز در میان ما نیستند.تقدیم به مهین گرجی که با دنیائی از انسانیت و مهر از میان ما رفت

Sunday December 27th is one of Shiite religious occasion (Ashura) where many people go to the streets to participate in religious mourning ceremonies. However, the people in Iran have proven that they take any opportunity or occasion to protest in solidarity against the current situation and to build foundations of free and equal society.

We, as part of journalists, social and political activists opposing the current regime of Iran have decided to cover the live minute by minute reports similar to all the other protests taken place in Iran in the previous months. This decision made by us is not to support any part of the regime officials, or to reflect religious ceremonies. We believe religion is a personal matter and not only it should be separated from all social aspects, but also it should be controlled. However, in the day of Ashura thousands of people are suppose to protest in streets all over Iran against the regime. It is our responsibility to be the voice of this mass freedom and equality seeking movement just like any other protests in the recent months.

  • We will have live and minute by minute reports from the streets in Iran on Sunday morning 10:00am Tehran time.
  • This news coverage is result of unity of political activists and social journalists inside and outside of Iran.
  • Our Activities are not related to any political party or organizations.
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ahmadinejad: 'Iran is solid and united'

Exclusive: as police and protesters clash in Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denies that troops intimidate opponents while warning the West not to assume his country is weak.
By Jon Snow

There have been fresh clashes between Iran's security forces and opposition protesters at events to mark the death of leading dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri.

In an exclusive interview for Channel 4 News the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has denied that his forces have attacked and intimidated opponents and warned the West not to assume that his country is divided.

He spoke exclusively to Jon Snow:

Jon Snow
"Mr President do you accept that this country is at a cross roads? We are one week away from the end of the year and that the deadline when you have to give a response to the nuclear offer made by the P5+1.

"The P5 group that meets with Germany from the security council of the United Nations - apparently representing the security council that has made this proposal about enrichment taking the material outside the country, bringing it back. And they say by the end of this year that is the deadline for a response."

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
"I think part of this question must be corrected. Actually we have given the proposal for the exchange of the fuel and according to the regulations they have to provide the fuel without any conditions.

"We have offered a proposal in order to provide opportunity for them - in order to have an opportunity for cooperation instead of confrontation. And it is a very simple procedure.

"But they are insisting that to have conditions for giving us the fuel - political conditions I mean - while the exchange of fuel is a technical job. I have not yet heard anybody who has given a deadline for this because it is meaningless.

"We are in a position to produce 20 per cent grade uranium. We have given this offer in order to provide an opportunity for them. If they do not use the opportunity we are in position and we are able to produce that grade of uranium. We have no problem doing it.

"The current regulations in the IAEA allow us to do so and we will make it ourselves. From our standpoint there is no problem for that."

"You say there is no problem Mr President but the United States is already taking about sanctions other countries, certainly France and Germany and Britain are also talking about sanctions - that would suggest they don’t see it the same way."

"It is something else the question or issue of revolution or imposing sanctions. We are against the expansionist policies of the United States. We say it frankly and explicitly. We do not accept the policy of intimidation and aggression.

"It will be good for US policy makers to say that Iran is against their policies and the expansions. I think it has become an old issue to talk about the nuclear programme. The story of these claim of US and its allies have turned into a TV series. More our standpoint it has no value."

"It's not just the United States, I mean, the UN inspector you had to tell you had another facility for enriching uranium at Qom and that was something that you had not declared but you should have declared under the regulations."

"According to the regulations in the IAEA six moths before the beginning of enrichment activities we should have informed them. We did it one year before the activities but unfortunately they have misinterpreted our cooperation. When we cooperate with them they show negative reactions - what does that mean? They said themselves - one that is not a member will remain immune from the investigations and verifications. When you cooperate the reactions are negative. What does that mean?

"Does it mean we should not cooperate at all? Or course we do not do not accept this - this is not acceptable for us. But their attitudes are wrong. They want to say that a country which is not a member is free to do everything more than the member. And those countries enjoy more rights and any government who fulfils its obligations would be under pressure. Do they think they can run the world with this logic?"

"But this is the United Nations, this particular group - and Mr al Baridi is supported by both China and Russia on this matter - you were keeping this particular enrichment facility secret and that has broken confidence and that's really where the new crisis has now developed. A breakdown of confidence between you and the UN inspectorate."

"That's not true. That's not true. They make some claims. They say that the construction of the site started when Iran had accepted certain arrangements but we believe that after we suspended those arrangements we started the construction. And it is very normal for the relations in between countries and the agency.

"Does the US give any reports to agency itself? They have 8,000 nuclear warheads. Who is more dangerous in world and who should be concerned about these things? From what point should they start inspections? The UN has been founded on the basis of veto right can never run the world."

"But Mr al Baridi has said that the friendly relationship that he has enjoyed with Iran had ended. That is a pretty strong statement and it comes from a UN body."

"I have not heard about it. We are keen to have friendly relations with all. But the basis of judgement and cooperation is on a legal basis. We have the official documents from the IAEA and it has endorsed all our activities. We do not regulate our relations based on rhetoric. We do it on the basis of the law and the documents. We cooperate with the agency. And the agency has no right to express political opinions under the pressures of certain governments. The agency has a commitment to inspect the nuclear facilities of the US and other nations too. And the agency should disarm them."

"Mr President this battle with the IAEA has been going on for years now why do you bother to remain a member of the non-proliferation treaty. Why not just dump it and stay like Pakistan, India and Israel outside the treaty and do what you want to do?"

"We never been fighting against the agency - what should we do?"

"I'm asking you - why do you stay in the treaty?"

"We stay in the treaty and according to entity we have rights and obligations. We have fulfilled our obligations and we should also enjoy rights. And we will never allow political claims to enter into our works and activities."

"This is very difficult for ordinary people to understand. You have the US, you have European powers, you have Russia, you have China, all these countries are very dissatisfied with the answers you have been giving. It's not just the US. You say that it's them that is pulling the strings, if you like, but it's much more than that."

"There are other countries that are unaligned and they have given their votes against them. Shouldn't they adapt themselves with the votes of these 120 countries?"

"Mr President I'm being warned that our time is very short and I would like to move on. President Obama offered you when he came into power an extended hand… "

"Let me say one more sentence. The number of countries or campaigns of countries do not bring any legal right. That is the law that prevails and it defies your rights. And we are doing everything according to the law. We will never be influenced by the political campaigns. We make the decisions on the basis of our national interests and on the basis of the laws and regulations. The US is against us and we are used to it."

"President Obama did come in and he made this speech in Cairo to you. He offered an extended hand of you would greet it. But you haven’t greeted it. The relationship now, I mean…there is no way that the extended hand is going to stay extended."

"Which hand did he extend? His right hand or left hand?"

"He extended the hand of friendship, let's be honest…"

"What has he done in practice?

"I sent a message to him and we participated in Geneva negotiations. We talked with them and we offered the proposals for a fuel exchange. And we have announced that we stand ready to have a debate in New York. Who has extended his hand in practice? He extended the sanctions against us. What step has he taken?"

"Is the matter of extended hands finished?"

"Extended where? We hope he will succeed in making changes, real changes. And we have helped him. However we are concerned about his avenues - he has failed to meet the expectations of the people in the US and the people of the world."

"But it has been complicated by what has happened here in Iran. There have been disturbances there has been awful scenes of violence on the streets and that has disturbed people inside and outside Iran. That makes it difficult to extend hand doesn't it?"

"We are facing same problems here. While the US has a military build up in Afghanistan and killing our brothers in that country. At same time the US is supporting killing of Palestinians, and they extend the resolutions and sanctions. Worse than that the American police beat people, they arrest people and use batons and tear gas against people… "

"Well, two wrongs don't make right do they Mr President? The Basij here, and we have this firsthand from a member of the Basij, he says they were given the permissions to go in and use no restraint and attack people who disagree with you. Women, men were hit with batons - and some were killed."

"In my opinion you have access to some information which I don’t know."

"Well we have spoken to a Basij who told us what orders they were given."

"With whom did you talk to?"

"We spoke with a member of the Basij who has now run from Iran."

"Clearly this source of information must be very exact. I think it is not correct to judge in this way. In our country the law prevails."

"But you can see videos Mr President. You've scene the pictures of what the Basij were doing and what the Revolutionary Guard were doing. And what he has seen too is the beating and the raping of men and women in detention."

"Did you see all of these things on the pictures?"

"We saw all of the things in the streets - of course we do not get the stories of what happened in the containers where people were being detained."

"There have been clashes amongst some people - how can you find out if he was Basij or another person? Let me repeat that. In my country the law prevails."

"You deny that the Basij beat up these people?"

"No, we are not concerned with these things as you claim. The law prevails. Some people may violate the law in any place anywhere. And maybe they have not observed and respected the law during demonstrations or protests they may have participated in illegal demonstrations. Or they might get involved in clashes whether they are ordinary people or from among the Asians...

"The law will certainly investigate. Iran is a free country. Do you believe that Iran should be like West? We have freedom in Iran - people are free to express their views. They can also cry for their rights…you are making a mistake…"

"But you have sent journalists out of the country…"

"You are making a mistake. And the Western politicians think something happening in Iran and Iran has become weakened. That is a mistake. They do not know Iran. The people of Iran are united and they would certainly defend rights and interests. They would protect their independence. There are different views that exist in this country. There are differences of opinion there are rivals, competitors and they are serious. But the majority of the nation is united and they are determined to protect their independence."

"But, Mr President you contrast today…"

"You can see the scenes on the streets of London where people are being beaten by British police."

"But you can contrast today in Iran with even two years ago there were many foreign journalists here, there was much for freedom - people could watch what ever they wanted on the interest or whatever. Now, for example any broadcast or internet appearance by the BBC is jammed, there are no, or very few foreign correspondents. And it is very difficult now to report on… "

"Who is the BBC owned by? Is it a state owned company or private?"

"It is a state owned regulated company which has independence from the government - we have to pay individually to the BBC to fund it."

"Alright. How can a government institution or state owned company be independent from the policy of the government? Do you know anywhere in the world where the BCC has acted against the policies of the government? The BBC is the instrument of British government foreign policy and the British government has shown that it is against and hostile to our nation. They have shown that for about 100 years."

"But is that the same for example with Newsweek? Take Maziar Bahari who worked for Newsweek. He gets thrown into jail he is beaten in jail, he is tortured in jail, he has told me that himself."

"And you have accepted his claims?"

"He is a man I have known for a long time - I trust him…"

"People say a lot of things. Do you think freedom prevails in US? And do you think the media in the US is free? Why aren't people allowed to have demonstrations against the Zionists? Do you think all the media in the US I against the Palestinians? They are clear facts. We are not going to deceive each other - they are political and media games. And that period is over. It will have not effect in the world. They offer interpretations based on some lies.

"That period is over we should focus on realities and we should talk to each other based on those realities, based on the law. And I think that is a mistake made by the political politicians in the West. They make the media themselves - they create them and they say lies. And based on those lies they take political positions. And at the same time they insist that others should believe them."

"Let's take a story in The Times this morning. They say that bin Laden's wife lives here in Iran - is that true? Is that a lie or is that true? That one of Bin Laden's wives lives here in a compound outside Tehran with some family. Is that true or false?"

"Why should it be in London? How did they receive that information? Let me…"

"But you haven’t answered me yes or no Mr President. However they found out this information the questions is, is it true or is it false?"

"Let me tell you something else which is more important. Because there are many things like that - they are producing these things everyday. Because this is the instrument to control the world they create these things everyday and wise people would never waste time answering all these things."

"How do you change that…"

"Statesmen in the UK and the US must accept the realities in the world. The period of influence in the environment through the media campaigns is over. And we know everything about these tactics and policies. We would never be deceived by media campaigns. It has no value to us. We will never base our time on that.

"For example, about Neda Agha-Soltan. What has the BBC done about her? They created a false scenario based on political campaigns and it has been proven to us. That was a lie…"

"Let's look at a reality. You have 15 per cent inflation. You have real economic difficulties, we have economic difficulties - many countries in the world have economic difficulties. If there is to be more tension between us, more trouble over sanctions, more trouble over who is doing what - wouldn't it be worth just trying a different path? Trying to re-extend a hand of friendship and open up maybe to people coming in and maybe to people going out?"

"I agree with you. We are saying same thing to the Americans and to the British. Why have they been against our people for more than 50 years? There are governments around Iran and they are dictatorships - they are friends with those dictatorships…"

"So what's your offer?"

"Before the revolution we had a dictatorship in Iran. And they had friendly ties with the dictator. But since we have had democracy and freedom in our country they have risen against us."

"Ayatollah Montazeri said this is an Islamic dictatorship."

"One is free to express one's views in Iran. It is not like some European countries where scientists are in prison. Everybody who says anything against the Holocaust goes to prison even if he or she is a university professor."

"This not situation in Iran. The government is criticised and people are free to do so. I believe it will be good for the US and British officials to could change attitudes. They should experience friendship."

"What about both changing attitudes - you and them changing attitudes?"

"We would certainly welcome any step in that direction. We have never wanted anything beyond our rights.

"We have never sent our troops to borders of the US or UK. We have never threatened Britain or America with military threats. We have never issued any resolutions against them.

"We want our own rights and of course we are for talks. We are against confrontation. But experiences indicate that those who have chosen to confront us damage their policies."

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