Friday, December 4, 2009

Y. Safaie’s Interview with Niloofar Baizaie on the threshold of the 11th anniversary of the massacre of Parvaneh and Dariush Forouhar

In honor of the 11th anniversary of the massacre of Forouhars, Niloofar Baizaie has brought their murder to the stage with a simple language. The play has been welcomed by many compatriots in different cities.

Ms. Baizaie, what inspired you to bring the way Forouhar’s were murdered to the stage? What role did Ms. Parastoo Forouhar played in inspiring you and creating this scenario?

I was deeply affected when the chain murders happened, as were the majority of people in Iran. I witnessed the tragic murders of intellectuals in our society who had great potential in influencing our cultural and political behavior. However, the thought of creating a play with this regard had not taken shape in my mind yet. The idea of the play came to me years later especially when I started to follow the survivors of the family. Following the Forouhars and their daughter, Parastoo Forouhar. She was not only following up on the murder case of her parents, but was also active in following up and seeking justice in the cases of those killed in chain murders. Along with her art works she became active in her social life and started to follow a mission that was no longer something related to her or her family but a mission relating to the entire society. I was inspired by her presence.

The Forouhars were a couple, man and wife both active in politics. In our political history we haven’t witnessed as sharp a presence of many female in political fields as Parvaneh Forouhar. Especially as there were other aspects to her personality, she was also a poet! We used her poems in our play. Basically the presence of this couple...[Continue Reading]

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