Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Interview with Il Riformista(an Italian Newspaper)

Il Riformista: Saeed, you are one of the most popular young blogger in Iran, your blog (Revolutionary Road) is followed by thousands of people. Are you in Tehran in these days? Can you tell us what is happening there?

Saeed: Unfortunately due to security issues, I do not reside in Tehran at the moment, but our group have been able to continue our work on recent events with direct help of several journalists inside Iran.

After millions of people's modern protest after the election was suppressed with extreme violence, the people of Iran use of every opportunity to voice their protest and demand their legitimate human rights One of those aspects These days, it is interesting that the Iranian people of all religious and political backgrounds try use these protests in their protests in their own favor. Ashura and Tasooa which has always brought thousands of people to the streets for mourning, was faced with protests and bloody clashes between the people and government forces this year. people came out in groups of hundreds of thousands, which these clashes caused more than 8 people. Intensity of violence was so the government forces were running people over by car and were using knife and chain in the beating of people.

Il Riformista: How do you young people of the Green Movement feel now? Are you scared? Are you painful? Are you angry?

Saeed: Iran's youth are smartly and patiently following these events and despite their lack of coherent leadership organize these protests themselves. I do not think these barbaric behaviors of the government could frighten the youth, day of Ashura events showed that courageous people are still out in large dimension. What makes us angry is loosing our loved ones in the streets, killing, imprisonment and torture of political and social activists, and journalists that causes the protesters more anger towards the regime.

Il Riformista: What do you ask to the authorities? Why do you go on the streets?Why and what for do you risk your life?

Saeed: We are asking the regime to respect the demands of the people. People used the election as an excuse to start the protest the asked for the change of the president beginning but as we went forward the shameless and repressive behavior of the dictators ruling Iran, caused the people's demands to be more radical like Secularism and Fundamental change in the structure of government. currently the political and social situation has left no room for any possible corrective change and the Islamic Republic is out to suppress any opposition idea. The danger of imprisonment torture and even assassination is for all journalists and social activists who are opposed to the existing situation. These event have happened in previous years and the government has used assassination of political activist and intellectuals as a way suppress the movements.

Il Riformista: What do you think the foreign countries (Europe, Usa etc…) could do in order to help your country?

Saeed: I think the European and American countries should work faster on thinking of a solution for the situation and offer intellectual support for the Iranian people and respect their right to self-determination in order to come up with a more practical solutions. Formating political relations and diplomatic pressure on the Islamic regime to accept the people's demands with the use of international relations can be a good plan as was used in the past in South Africa to eliminate racial discrimination.

Il Riformista: What do you think these same countries have not done in order to help the people of Iran?

Saeed: I think many of these countries are currently holding contracts with the Islamic Republic in the fields of economic and political relations, which do not allow them to act more freely, although change in the Islamic Republic can change many political equations and economic in the Middle East which will lead to global change in the power balance. However, in our eyes the continuance of silence in this situation from any country and by any excuse is seen collaboration with the regime to suppress the Iranian people.

Il Riformista: Did you know Neda Soltan? Do you know people who have been killed or seriously damaged during the crashes?

Saeed: Yes, today her and her family are known by all Iranians and with all due respect to her and her family she is known as a symbol of the struggle for freedom. As several witnesses and journalists as well as her family have announced she was murdered by government forces as we have seen it happen over and over these days.

Il Riformista: What would you like to tell us? Do you have a specific message you would like to give to Italian readers?

Saeed: I am asking all freedom-loving people to get up in solidarity with the Iranian people in use of all their power to create a free society and to support humanity and by reflecting the news reports from inside Iran cause their governments to react towards the existing situation in Iran.

Il Riformista: whatever you want to say and tell us…

Saeed: With love from Iranian people would like to thank you for all your support and for standing by our side in all these times you and hope for continuance of this cooperation.


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