Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We are pursuing with questions

by Narges Sajedy,Hajir Palaschi

Translated by Elham for St. Journalist

In recent days many high profile individuals took positions towards Mir Hossein Mousavi’s recent statement and bombarded the web with their so called important words and images. We are not important people, but In the past six months have learned even those not so important people deserve to be heard. This is our main cleverness.

Mousavi’s statement, not a strategy nor tactics

We also have read Mousavi’s seventeenth statement. We read it carefully. Just like the previous sixteen statements which were published before. In this statement like the previous sixteen some positive and negative aspects were seen. At times agreed with him in our hearts and at times frowned to express our regret. Main story lies here. This statement has no value beyond his previous sixteen statement. Mousavi’s statements might move important man, but do not shake any ground. Not like earthquake has come. Mir-Hossein Mousavi has issues anther statement as always.

Of course we could like other friends take out pen and papers and cameras and come into grips with words and sentences of this statement, but our experience in the past six months shows the futility of it. The movement has gone beyond these stages. The point that it’s duty can be cleared by en and paper or in however limited circles. No force can control this movement other than the movement. This can be understood from the writings of those who do not believe Mousavi’s statement proposed any compromising solution. In fact, even if he proposed a peaceful solution no one, not even his most firm believers saw it or even if they did, they decided to put this one aspect aside. The fight has not stopped. It can’t be stopped. Mousavis’ statement’s importance measures to be this much. The genie is out of the magic lamp, this genie in the people’s politic and can not be returned to the lamp.

We are not asking for anything, we’ll earn all we want

Mir-Hossein Mousavi in his seventeenth statement named five basics as the demands of the people. Almost immediately five “religious intellectuals” out of country issued statements and stated ten basics as the demands of the people’s movement. Maybe in the upcoming days other will suddenly remember the Iranian people’s demands and will be writing about them.

This movement started the coup with a very simple demand which the clearly stated the reason for which people had come to the streets for: “Where is my vote?”. Now after sox months no sign of those central slogan are seen. “Where is my vote?” has nothing to do with the people whom field the streets of tehran on Ashoora. Internal dynamics and diversity of this movement has caused all the plans and predetermined programs, all formulas violating integral role in liberating to go down the drain. Movement, is the creator and flourishing ego. Maybe it’s because people are involved in politics whose main porous is living freely.

Based on this all the demands that are listed or will be, regardless of their content have nothing to do with the struggle of the streets of Iran. At some stage they may speak out the demands of the people, but in all reality there is no guaranty on the stability of these claims. There isn’t even any guarantee that these claims speak out people’s todays demands. Demands of this struggle are determined by the forces that faces that have stood their grounds on the streets. A force that will not trust their demands with formulated basics. They can not be listed. A force that is supported by people’s politics.


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