Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy birthday Neda: World says

Neda Aghasoltan’s birthday was celebrated saturday in presence of hundred Iranians in Mel Letsman Sqr. This gathering was held in Toronto with presence of Neda’s fiancĂ©, Caspian Makan and many social, political and Iranian celebrities. Neda’s commemoration began with music and poetry. In this ceremony many video clips was shown of Iranian uprising along with footage of Neda and her finance. Many messages were presented in this ceremony sent by well-known figures from all around world. In later part of the ceremony Paula B. Slater creator of Neda’s sculpture, sent her message in solidarity with the Iranian people and stated: I dedicate this sculpture as a symbol of freedom to Iranian people revolution and the family of Neda.

In his speech, Caspian Makan announced, the people of Iran in a revolutionary path towards a secular and free society have had many symbols; however, Neda is one of the well-know symbols. Throughout the ceremony people gathered around a tree planted for Neda and lit candles and showed their support with the family of Neda and the people of Iran by singing epic songs.

Source: Street Journalist

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