Friday, December 4, 2009

Statement from the Socialist Students of Iran

In condemnation of the execution of Ehsan Fattahian who gave his life in the path of freedom, and in support of other political activists in danger of execution:

Execution is an organized crime that the most modern of regimes use to their own benefit and no doubt dictatorships of all kinds of are the most criminals minds that have used execution for the suppression and intimidation of opposition protesters. The Islamic capitalist regime is by far the most repressive regime that history has seen, that has always used execution as a tool for it's stabilization and maintenance. It has used this method as the only way to deal with outrageous predicted crimes as if its inhumane laws are not enough, but always more than the repression of opposition political and social – so it has been outrageously used that during the 60's

Now oppressive Islamic regime is at a point that can not go back or forward has and it's for this obvious reason that they have resumed the organized crime of execution and in this way they have taken the supremacy Globe from the worst regimes whom are their competitors.

Capitalist Islam by executing Ehsan Fattahian as fighters of freedom and equality showed their extent of fear from anti-dictatorship movement and also showed they have no redemption about this most deceitful act.

Now other fighters like Shirko Moarefi are in Iran's prisons awaiting execution issued by the regime's unjust courts.

It is clear that the most important task now is for each individual component of the modern movement in the struggle against dictatorship and for freedom and equality to form a campaign in support of imprisoned political activists and not allow the repressive and murderous to progress fiercely and take the best children of this land to the slaughterhouse.

Socialist Students condemn the death penalty in any circumstance and particularly express their disgust of this ruling against political prisoners. We announce our defense of any movement and campaign against the death penalty and defy the ignorance, apathy and silence of any anti-dictatorship movements, calling it an inexcusable act of disguise for the government. Now the most urgent task of all socialist freedom fighters against labor activists, students, women and all social movements and organized crime is to stop the execution process and fight against this accelerated organized crime.

Long live the Iranian people leading the movement against dictatorship,

Long live freedom,

Long live equality,

Long live socialism!

Socialist Students of Iran’s Universities

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