Friday, July 10, 2009

Shame on Cyprus police!

  • Iran embassy with co-operation of Cyprus government and its police and by beating up and arresting some of Iranian protesters in July 9th ceremony prevented protests against Islamic regime of Iran,Cyprus government was trying to horrify arrested people and make them promise not to demonstrate again but they were not successful and brave Iranians did not let them and resisted.

Detained people were in detention for 5 hours and other people whom were not arrested continued their gathering till arrested people were released.This should be mentioned that Iran government by giving some advantages to some countries and by bribing them has made them to co-operate with Iran government to repress people who are supporting freedom.

>>From:One of protesters in cyprus<<
This videos belongs to yesterday's rally July 9th,2009 in front of Iranian embassy in Cyprus.
The rally began yesterday at 11.00 am and even before it begins Police was trying to disperse people and that was why they started to make some excuse.Then they said you got too much placards and you have to abandon them as well as your speakers because Iran embassy has complained and said they can not work with so much noise!!!Then ,when they encountered people's resistance and a fact that people are so determined ,they started to insult us and our flag and our country and that was the reason , verbal conflict started.

This should be mentioned that embassy's staffs carrying wooden sticks,were threatening and insulting us from inside and behind the fences.

Then after special guards beaten up and arrested some of the main leaders of rally who were taking videos and photos like myself (Committed to take videos and photos).We were in detention for 5 hours , in Police station they were trying to horrify us and make us sign some papers and promise no to do any rallies but we resisted and did not give up.
After all because of our friends whom were protesting in front of Iran embassy they released us at 7 pm ,but they said you have to be trialed in court and charged us with police battery! making turbulence! And public discipline disrupt !

But the good thing is we've recorded every thing and as you can see we were far from embassy and there was a distance and no one can claim that any attack has taken place from our side.

I and all my friends requesting :

1-By publishing this news and this video prevent happening such violence in other countries.
2-Make every knows about Islamic government conspiracy and bribery to some countries (such as Cyprus,United Arab Emirates , Russia and ...) and also whole world to know who are the terrorism supporter countries .
3-If it's possible make human rights defenders organizations hear our voice and prevent them to trial us.

Thanks to you All!
In hope of our dear Iran victory celebration

More videos:


Anonymous said...

While rest of the world sympatize with brave iranian protesters
cypro same be with iran gov sound INCREDIBLE !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cyprus has enough problems to have to worry about Iran...

Michael said...

I saw the video. It does not look bad. Police was just trying to do their job as peacefully as they could. Had this been in Turkey or some other 'backward' country, police would have been hitting and even even shooting at people, like when Turney police killed Greek civilian demonstrators Isaac and Solomou.

I agree with the previous comment - Iran is not a priority for Cyprus when Turkey is occupying half of the land. What is your position on Turkey?

Anonymous said...

This is a shame!!!

Cyrus is part of the European Union and should therefor act according to human rights. It should protect peaceful people that only want to protest against suppression and governmental terror in Iran instead of assisting the terror regime.

EU foreign ministers resolved last week how to deal with the Iranian regime concerning its treatment of the protest movement and clashing of human right. They wanted to act along graduated steps of diplomacy to strength the pressure on the Iranian regime step by step without getting in suspicion to interfere in Iranian inner affairs.

They decided to act as one - all of the 27 EU countries constistently. As far as I know, there was no option to make common cause with the Iranian regime in assisting it in suppressing free word or protest.

This is exactly what these Cyprus policemen did - assisting a suppressing regime. It has nothing to do with Cyprus inner problems or the division and Turkish occupation on the isle!
Detaining peaceful people that only protest against a terror regime is a "No-Go" for a state that wants to be democratic and part of the EU.
There is no excuse for this behavior!!! Not even the "problems" of Cyprus!!!

These Cyprus policemen attacked even EU policy from behind.
I hope the other states of the EU will watch and interfere!!!!

Barbara from Germany

Anonymous said...

Religion is the root of all evil.

shevegen said...

Shame on the EU.

They talk about freedom, but they don't really want it.

They want to make good business with iranian regime.

Anonymous said...

Barbara from germany, you said it all, well said, i am speechless. Just to add one: shame on Cyprus! and whoever is bringing excuses to Cyprus government for such an inhumanity act.

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