Sunday, July 5, 2009

United Student Front announced ,on July 9th they will participate in demonstrations!

United Student Front announced ,on July 9th they will participate in demonstrations.These marches and demonstrations which have announced by group of Iran universities students and suppose to be held in many parts of country are welcomed by many people and news update and recall for people to participate in them continues from every where.
Announcement text of Student United Front is as follows:

Threshold of 10th anniversary of student uprising on July 9th and to protest beating students of Tehran Uni dormitory and other universities and killing some oppressed Iranian people by Iran and Iranian enemies on June 12th infamous coup , we supporters of Student United Front , call all students , workers, teachers , women right activist , human right activists and all freedom lover Iranians who are fighting for freedom and human rights to participate in this "Silence March" Thursday July 9th at 8 pm to support political prisoners and commemorate martyrs of July 9th student uprising and June 12th infamous coup.

Routes to march are as follows:

Tehran City:5 main areas

Route No.1 Center of Tehran close to Russia embassy-Ferdowsi Sq

Route No.2 Sattarkhan St-Sadeghiyeh Sq
Route No.3 Molavi St-Razi Sq
Route No.4 Resalat St-Resalat Sq
Route No.5 Mirdamad St-Moddares Intersection

Tehran province:

Eslamshahr :Bagh e Feyz St
Varamin : Varamin main Sq
Ray : Shahr e Ray Sq
Robat Karim : In front of city Council
Shahryar : Vali e Asr St
Firouzkouh : Imam Sq
Lavasanat : Imam Khomeini Blvd
Pishva : Shari'ati St
Qarchak : At the begining of Mohammad Abad St
Hashtgerd : Ommat St
Pakdasht City : Martyr Qomi st
Shahr e Qods : Qods Sq
Malard : Rasoul e Akram Blvd
Damavand : Khamenei Blvd
Nazar Abad : Martyrs Sq
Karaj : Gohardasht main St

East Azerbayjan province:

Tabriz : Bazar main St and in front of Uni
Maraqe : Khaje Nasir St
Miyane : Imam Khomeini St
Marand : Imam Khomeini St
Malekan : Imam Khomeini St
Hashtrud : Imam Khomeini St
Shabestar : Golshan e Raz St
Jolfa : Vali e Asr St
Sarab:Imam Khomeini St
Ahar:Martyr Rajai St

West Azerbayjan province:

Orumieh:Khayam St
Mohabad:Islamic Republic St
Salmas:Imam St
Naqadeh:Martyr Alami St
Makou:Imam St

) Sq

Ardabil province:

Ardabil:In front of Governor(Ostandari)
Khalkhal:Imam St
Meshkin shahr:Imam St
Pars Abad:Imam St
Bileh Savar:Imam St
Garmi:Imam St
Sarein:In front of Gav Mish Goli Hot Water
Kowsar:Imam St
Nir:Imam St
Namin:Imam St

Ilam province:

Ilam:General Mosque st
Abdanan:Taleqani St
Darreh Shahr:Imam Khomeini St
Ivan: Imam St

Bushehr province:

Bushehr:Taleqani St

Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari Province:

Shahr e kord:Revolution Sq
Farsan: martyr Beheshti St
Lordegan :Cheshme Barm St
Borujen :Imam Hossein Sq
Koohrang:Central Ave
Shalamzar:Mission(Resalat) St

South Khorasan province:

Birjand:Modares St

Razavi Khorasan province:
Mashhad :Mellat Park and Ahmadabad Sq
Sabzevar: Kashefi Street
Quchan: Tohid Sq
Neyshaboor: Iran Sq
Bardeskan: Central Square
Chenaran: Mobilization(Basij) Sq
Torbat Jam: Central Square
Khaf: Khatamolanbia Sq
Fareeman: Imam Reza Sq
Sarakhs: Central Sq
Taybad: Central Sq
Gonabad: Imam Square
Rashtkhaar:City Hall Sq
Bejestan: Beheshti St.
Torbat: General Mosque Sq
Dargaz: Flowers Sq
Shandiz and Torqabe: Imam Khomeini Sq
Kashmar: Central Square

North Khorasan province:

Bojnurd :Communication(Mokhaberat) Junction
Jajarm: martyr Beheshti St
Garmeh:Valiasr St
Eivar:Valiasr St
Esfarayen:Teacher St
Faruj:martyr Movafagh St
Ashkhaneh: martyr Beheshti St

Khoozestan province:

Ahvaz :Naderi St and Ahvaz Brdg
Dezful: Imam Khomeini Ave
Shushtar: Imam Khomeini Ave
Abadan:Valiasr St
Ize: Imam Khomeini Ave
Baghmalek: Beheshti St
QaleTal: 22 Bahman St
Mahshahr: Industrial area
Masjed Soleiman: Azadi Street
Lali: Teacher Street
Gatvand: Azadi Street
Behbahan: Justice (Edalat)Street
Shadegan: Imam Khomeini Ave
Ramhormoz: Azadi Square
Shoush)Susa: Hafte-Tir Square
Andimeshk: Imam Khomeini Ave

Zanjan Province:

Zanjan:Sa'di St

Semnan province:

Garmsar: Imam Sq
Shahroud:22 Bahman St
Semnan: Sa'di Sq
Damghan: Imam Sq

Fars Province:

Shiraz : Molla Sadra and Hafez St
Abadeh: Imam St.
Eghlid: Martyrs Sq
Lar:Taleghani St
Jahrom: Martyrs Sq
FASA: Opposite Governor (Farmandari)
Darab: Revolution Square
Neyriz: 15 Khordad Sq
Estahban: Imam St
Firouzabad:Ruzbeh St
Sarvestan: Sheikh Roundabout
Lamerd: Imam Sq

Qom province :

Qom:Eram St

Kurdistan province:
Sanandaj :6 Bahman Ave
Saqez: Republic(Jomhouri)Street
Divandareh:Imam St
Baneh: Imam St
Marivan:Rajaee St
Bijar: Main Square

Kerman province:

Kerman:Basij(Mobilization) Sq
Rafsanjan: Shohada St
Sirjan: doctor Sadeqi Blvd
Mahan: Imam Khomeini Ave
Kahnuj: Beheshti Blvd
Baft:Imam Khomeini Ave
Zarand:Basij(Mobilization) Sq
Jiroft: Azadi Square
Bam: Imam Khomeini Ave

Kermanshah province:

Kermanshah :6 bahman and Taleqani St and Farhangian Sq
Kangavar: Imam Sq
Dehdasht: Central Sq
Sahneh: Central Sq

Kohkiluyeh and boyer Ahmad province:
Yasuj:Ostad Landeh St,Central Sq
Gachsaran: martyr Baladian St
Soq: Imam St

Golestan province:

Gorgan:Palace Roundabout
Gonbad Qabus: Central Sq
Aq Qala:Bahonar St
Azadshahr: Central Sq
Kordkuy: Imam St
Bandar Gaz: Imam St
Bandar Turkmen: Azadi St
Ali Abad: Imam Khomeini Ave

Gilan province:

Rasht:Manzariyeh St and Golsar Sq
Anzali:Imam Sq
Lahijan:Imam Sq
Kiashahr:Imam St
Roodsar:Imam St.
Hashtpar: Imam St
Astara:Opposit of Education office
Fuman: Central Sq

Lorestan province:

Khorram Abad:Farmandari and Khorram Rud St
Doroud: 60 Metric Blvd
Borujerd: Shohada Street
Kuhdasht: Ferdowsi St
Noorabad: Imam St
Poldokhtar: Imam St.

Mazandaran province:

Sari :Enqelab and Qaran Intersection
Chalus:Darya Radio St
Babol:Opposit to Noshirvani Industrial Uni
Amol: Imam Reza Ave
Noshahr:Homaforan Sq
Babolsar:Rajaee St
Ghaemshahr: Taleqani Sq
Savadkuh: Martyrs Sq
Behshahr: Sarve Boustan Park
Tonekabon: (Jomhouri)Republic Blvd
Ramsar: Motahari St
NEKA: Imam Junction

Markazi Province:

Arak:Valiasr Sq
Saveh: Shariati St
Khomein: Shariati St
Tafresh: Imam Khomeini Ave
Komyjan: teacher St
Delijan:Taleqani St
Mahalat:Opposite Azad University
Ashtian: Imam St

Hamedan province:

Hamedan :Bouali Sq
Nahavand:Aboozar Sq
Toyserkan: Shohada St
Malayer:Khayyam intersection

Hormozgan province:
Bandar Abbas:Opposite South Star Shopping centre
Kish: Sanai St
Qeshm: 22 Bahman Blvd
Haji Abad: Imam Sq
Minab: martyr Amini St.

Yazd province:

Yazd :Hesaabi professor St
Tabas: Imam Khomeini Sq
Bafgh:Vahshi ye Bafqi St
Meibod: Imam Khomeini Ave
Mehriz:7-Tir Blvd
Ardakan: Martyrs Sq
Taft: Imam Sq
Ardakan: Imam Sq

Isfahan province:

Isfahan:Chahar Baagh Baalaa and Shiraz Darvazeh(Gate)
Kashan:Khordad Sq
Semirom:Qods St
Mobarakeh:Imam St
Naeen: Imam St
Shahreza: Martyrs Sq
Natanz: Imam Khomeini Ave
Najaf Abad: Opposite Azad University
Khansar: Imam St
Golpayegan:Seh Rah Sa'idi

Sistan and Balouchestan province:

Zahedan:Azadi St
Chabahar: Imam Blvd
Zabol: Ferdowsi St
Iranshahr:Velayat St
Khash: Imam St

Qazvin province:

Qazvin: Opposite Ostandari(Governor)



WOW .. if this materializes, it will be gigantic ...!!!
I wish luck to all revolutionaries.

Megan said...

Dear Iranian Freedom Fighters,
Please wear helmet and bullet proof vest if you can find one. Please have with you means of self defense. Do not go out with empty hands. Please designate at least 10 people for every 200 people in the crowd as First Respondents, have First Respondents wear white arm band so other people can identify them. Make sure First Respondent (FR) have some basic training to stop bleeding or can resuscitate an injured person. These First Respondents need to stay calm and if possible have access to a motor bike or other means of quickly removing injured people out of the crowd and to a safe place. Please have volunteer nurses, medical students, or doctors stationed in safe locations along the demonstration route. Make sure First respondents know locations of volunteer medical professionals so they can quickly get the injured people out of the crowd and to these safe locations where volunteer medical professionals can attend to the wounded and stabilize them.
Every person who goes to the march should have some basic first aid stuff on his/her person and plenty of water in a carrying bag. Once a person get wounded, the First Respondent should get the person identity like name, phone number and address so they can notify the injured person’s family.
I am not sure why organizers have chosen 8:00 PM for demonstration. In the dark, thugs unleashed by the government, can turn into more of blood suckers. In the dark people cannot even get a video footage of the brutality of Khameneie ‘s thugs to document their crimes.
We are praying for all Freedom Fighters in Iran. You cause is just. May God watch over you and protect you.

Andy said...

I'm a German, living in America. As I watch this unfolding for the last two weeks or so, I'm constantly reminded that we are stripped of our freedoms one step at a time. While the older geneerations are very leary of what is going on, the younger generations do not necessarily share the same ideals unless they come out of strong families that are rooted in Christin/Judaen principles. I pray for you every day that you will succeed and truly gain your freedom that you so long wish for. And if you do, do not let any other group emerge from within you to take over the reigns for self serving interests. Be alert, be vigilant.

Janetta said...

Dear Saeed and all freedom fighters, be careful and persistent! I support all your efforts, although there's little I can do here.
There was a demonstration in our town two weeks ago: 150 people showed up to protest against the violence against the protesters in Iran. My husband came home relieved, because finally he could shout out loud with all the other protesters: Margbar Khamenei, Margbar dictator, Margbar jomhuriye Islami.
You're not alone: MA HASTIM

Anonymous said...

I like what Megan said for safety, but I fear that white armbands will cause them to become more likely targets.

Anonymous said...

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