Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Open letter to the supreme leader of Iran !

Open letter to the supreme leader of Iran

I'm an older American woman, and I never paid much attention to your country until this year's election. I was intrigued that the amount of people that were having rallies in the streets and the amount of voter turn out, which was awesome, I've never seen that before. Saddam Hussein said he had 99% but you know he was lying. This was real, and I thought there was actually a chance to have a real Islamic democracy.

You know how important that would be? You know what a big step that would be for the Islamic religion? It would be so wonderful to have a democracy, the same as democracies in other countries that have other religions. You know? It would be a step forward in the world politics. Ok, so you screwed up the election. Because of you stubbornness, your stubbornness which is a sin you know, Mr Ahmadinejad supposedly is the president, you've made yourself the laughing stock of the world. Nobody believes anything that comes out of Iran anymore. HE thinks he is just the greatest thing the god ever gave to the world, and let me tell you something honey, he has dilutions of grander, he is a mess. His brain is worked.

Anybody that executes their own children, anybody that executes kids under 18 years old,,,,, I wasn't even accountable for myself until I was 21, that was when I became a christian, that was when I accepted the savior and that was when I started thinking for my own instead of listening to everything, everybody els told me. Back to your country, because of your threats during the prayer, you created the violence, you are responsible for it. So if Ahmadinejad is wright, and the prophet is coming back in two years, honey you're doomed.

You're gonna roast in hell forever. You are gonna have all the bad thing that you ordered done to any person, you are going to have to experience them. Yap, and you'll be sorry, and the won't be any way to change it, because you haven't repented. And that's what god want, for people to live in Love, people to treat his creation with honor. Those people that you executed, god created those people, not for you to execute, but to glorify himself. So they could come to this world and do beautiful thing for this world and you've totally destroyed them, and you are responsible. I'm glad Im not you. The rulers of the UN, the rulers of the word, walk out on Ahmadinejad, walk out. Because he acts like an ass, he talks like an ass, he's gotta be an ass.

I prey for the Iranian people, I prey that you get overthrown,,,,,no I really don't, I prey that you could see the evil that you have done, and you could repent of it, and you could have a real democracy in your country. A real Islamic democracy, it would be great. But you can't do it the way you've been doing it. Too many people have suffered, and your country will not survive, because you know what? The pangolin swings both ways. Yeah, and you're gonna go right down the history with Christopher Columbus and the Crusades and all the other stupid people that tried to hey-sin, the lord's coming. As you stay on know I prey that you roast in hell, and I prey that god forgives me for thinking that. But I can't, and all honesty think anything els, and what god wants more than anything is honesty and a humble heart, and you have neither.


Rustam said...

what is the point of this stupid post in your otherwise excellent blog?


A prayer for the martyrs!!!

Betsy said...

I think that this woman comments on how many in the world are feeling. We are shocked by the treatment of people in Iran and the government has lowered its credibility to minus 100! The small typos add to the reality of it. Thank you for posting this.

Mace said...

I couldn't have said it better.

To Rustam: what would you think is so stupid about posting this? Which part of it seems absurd to you?
The fact that she is talking about any human beings right? about any human being respecting the other w/ integrity regardless of race, religion, sex, belief...? The fact that so many ppl feel the same?

Have you heard of secular humanism? It is in fact, also for the ones who do not have a god, believe that humanity is capable of morality and self-fulfillment without belief in god. This is in case if you don't like her christian talk! So, as a human being moral and self fullfilled, we shouldn't allow this! Should we now?

What i like about Saeed is that regardless of his beliefs, he entertains freedom of expression without enforcing or preaching his own, even if it doesn't apply to his philosophy...This is what I call the modern day leftist ideology! Isn't that the meaning of secular humanism?

Wouldn't it be nice if we, as people, could have a drop of justice and a drop of understanding in our soul?!!
AAAAAAHHH, what a beautiful world that would be:) A true meaning of UTOPIA!

Anonymous said...

this lady is not only hilarious, she is sincere, honest, outspoken and really down to earth. That's the main message.

The fact that she's also a believer in some god, (christian), makes it even more pertinent towards her target - who is ? (believer ?? I wonder) but for her, it's a religious régime and that's all that matters. So she speaks with her language that is in fact targetting the real problems of that fascist state that is killing young people, and also is supposed to be a religious state - for her, that means a moral, humane state.

Poor lady, she simply doesn't realize that religion has never been a moral state, and never will be. And never an Islamist democracy. That can simply never exist. However, cudos to Saeed for finding this video.

Anonymous said...

dude, this broad sounds like a moron. not only is she way too simple minded in understanding the true state of the middle east and its history. I'm all for the protests going on in Iran and I'm attending them here in CA as well. But the fact that she thinks you can have a true religious democracy is beyond retarded.

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