Friday, July 31, 2009

Iran Uprising Blogging: Latest Updates...31july!

Updated:>>>List of Killed,Arrested and Released ! <<<

  • Yesterday people were mourning the 40th day of Neda and many other's death and that had formed nationwide protest around the country.

People chants :Death to the Khamene'i
Vali asr Ave. 30th july 2009

In Mashhad people were gathered in Mellat park and were chanting: " coup d'etat government/shame on you, shame on you" "do not be afraid, do not be afraid/ we are all in this together" " down with Russia" and others against the government. many have seen others get arrested and state the militia and basij were speeding through the crowd on their bikes.

تهران تقاطع ولیعصر-تخت طاووس
Tehran taxte tavous St.30th july

In Isfahan also in front of Kosar hotel and the park across from it was field with crowed that were chanting: " coup d'etat government/ resign, resign" and " down with dictator" which was accompanied by moving cars that were honking their horns and were showing their thumb in sign of victory. Amir Kabir reports plain-clothes and militia were trying to disperse the crowed, but were unsuccessful and people were still joining them in large groups.

Also In Kianpars of Ahvaz many were gathered and were chanting against Ahmadinejad and the government which many of were arrested on the spot.

Ahvaz-Kianpars St.30th july

Since this motning in Shiraz many security forces were seen and the town was military like, but still people were gathered in freedom park and Gas sq. and sang the "Yare Dabstani" which is an older leftist song. the crowd was attacked by militia and other roads towards gas sq. were colsed.

At Least 50 Arrested in Tehran's protests in 30th july
  • Public prosecutor of Iran: By end of the week majority of the detainees will be released.
According to IRNA on Wednesday; on behalf of the public prosecutor of Iran, Ghorbanali Dari Najaf Abadi; majority of the detainees has been released yesterday and will be during the next few days. He said hopefully by the Nime Shaban (Shiite religious day) they will be able to investigate the situation of all the detainees.
Dari Najaf Abadi insisted on easing the process of phone contact and visits of detainees.

In regard to the killed people in recent incidents he said: a serious investigation is in process by the public procedure office and law forces and they are responsible to fulfill their statutory responsibilities.
The public prosecutor of Iran added: according to direction provided by the supreme leader; we are trying to investigate all complains and will accelerate the process.
  • The number of arrested university students is unknown
The chief of universities form different cities informed the training and research committee that the arrested students from their universities are released and they do not have any dead student. Therefore; very few students of Tehran universities are remaining in detention. Mohmmad Hasan Dogani member of the training and research committee who is also a member of the investigator of recent detained students committee in answer to IRNA journalist in regard to the number of detained students said: unfortunately we do not have the complete list of all arrested students. However, the authorities of law enforcements have promised us that they will provide us with a complete list of arrested students and council members of all universities.
  • Latest news from Detainees
Yesterday contrary to the vast news of Saeed Hajarin release from prison, he was not released. However, Mohammd Tavasoli the chief of political office of freedom movement, Aida Mesbahi journalist and Shadi Sadr women attorney were released. Some of the detainee’s families were informed to get their security deposit ready. Ms. Ayda Mesbahi is a journalist which was released from prison by bail after 37 days. Mohammad Tavasoli was released to go back home on Monday night by personal surety. According to some news, Abdul Fattah Soltani law attorney and Abdul Reza Tajik journalist were informed to be prepared to have security deposit for their release. Also, close friends of Mohammad Atrianfar reported, he has contacted his family and has assured them of his health.

Families of arrested women which have received no news during these times are concerned about their loved ones situations. Families of Hengame Shahidi and Somaie Tohidloo reported that they are concerned about their children since they haven’t been able to get in contact with them. According to some news, family of Zhila Baniyaghoob were able to visit her and her husband Bahman Ahmadi in Evin prison separately.

Families of Abdul Reza Tajik and Mahsa Amirabadi were able to visit them yesterday in Evin prison. Reports indicate that yesterday families of Saeed Lailaz, Ahmad Zaidabadi, Ali Tajernia and Kave Mozafari were gathered in front of the Evin prison and asked for ability to visit their detained family members.
  • Mohammad Poor Abdulah Political Student Remained in Drug Prison against the Law
Mohammad Poor Abdulah a university student, who was arrested on Bahmn 2th of 1387, with security accusation, after 40 days detention in solitary cell at Evin Prison, has been detained at Ghezel Hesar (Drug prison where they keep drug dealers) for more than 4 months now. Prior to his arrest Mohammad was under lots of pressure by the ministry of security. Mohammad Poor Abdulah said, he doesn’t except the accusation against him and his intention has never been to risk the security or propaganda against the country. He also denied cooperation with any opposition group and said his activity was only under student and social demand for freedom.

  • Confession of Parliament member to Existence of Detention Barrack at the Country’s Ministry Office Amir Kabir News Agency: After almost month and a half after finding a detention barrack at the ministry office, where the arrested Kooye Tehran University students were kept and tortured; Kazem Jalali reporter of security committee confessed to the existence of the jail in the country’s ministry office.
Jalali, the house representative told the group of journalist; the committee of investigations has received some information in regard to “Detention Barrack -4 floor” at the ministry office where the recent arrested protestors are kept. The committee is in process of investigating the situation.
  • Sardar Iraqi: The dead of Neda Agha Soltan were orchestrated, we are not playing; and anyone who raises a voice against the regime will be strictly dealt with!
The chief commander of Mohammad Rasullah Army by pointing to the death of Neda Agha Soltan said; this incident occurred at one of the sub street where neither one of the Basij or security force were present. However, the video shooting of her death shows that the incident was completely preplanned.

Sardar Iraqi which was answering to some of the university students said; as it has been mentioned by our leaders this sedition was a huge sedition; which made it hard to recognize the truth for the majority of politician and the loyal servants of the regime. He indicated that we are not playing with anyone, and those who try to go against the regime with be strictly dealt with.

  • ISNA: The chief of the Evin Prison: 90 Detainees of the recent unrests have been released
Last night, 90 detainees of the recent unrests have been released and more than likely another group of 40 will be released today. The chief of the Evin prison by announcing this news told ISNA: Last night 7 members of the house visited the prison between the hours of 1700 and 2200 and spoke to number of detainees.
He also added, 40 other detainees will be released by bail or personal surety.
  • Masoud Pezeshkian: Postmortem Debugger has denied the fact that Mohsen Ruholamini has died due to Meningitis in prison!
Masoud Pezeshkian a house member of the Islamic committee council and the health minister during Mohammad Khatami’s presidency said: The postmortem debugger has denied the death of Mohsen Ruholamini due to meningitis. This statement that he died because of this deadly disease was made by Saeed Mortazavi, Tehran’s prosecutor in response to the situation of detainees in prisons.

  • The ceremony of Ahmadi Nejad affirmation will take place on Mordad 12th!
According to news agencies in Iran Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad will be officially appointed as a president by Aiatollah Khamenei during the affirmation ceremony on Mordad 12th. According to the 110 amendment of constitutions in the Islamic Republic; the election of president by people has to be approved by the supreme leader.

  • Neda’s mother, Hajer Rostami Motlagh, who had previously announced her intention to go to her daughter’s grave for the memorial service, announced last night that for unspecified reasons she and her family had canceled their plan to go to Behesht Zahra.

  • The name and identity of another supporter of the Freedom Movement, who got killed has been revealed. Mostafa Kiarostami whose only sin was taking part in the first "green" friday prayers, was beaten by baton on head in proximity of the friday prayers location, and a few hours later passed away.
  • Identity of another dead protestor has been identified; Amir Housain Toofanipoor was shot dead on Khordad 25th at Azadi Square.

  • Professor Akhavan, previous prosecutor of Yugoslavia's national court has stated although we have not seen solid proof, but reports of Iran's prison's show signs human rights is being broken. although he did mention it may be a while to catch those in charge, but has stated he hopes that one day the ones that are in charge of this brutality could be taken to court and prosecuted.
  • In accordance to IRNA's report, UN has over ruled Shirin Ebadi and some other peace nobel winner to send a representative to IRan. The report states on Wednesday Ban Ki-Moon did not agree with this idea and had state: " at this point i am personally and closely watching the situation in Iran" , he also state some commissioner in UN have pointed out the situation and have been persistent about the severity of the current situation.
  • Tehran court's prosecutor has sent out a notification regarding the recent prisoner's that are to stand in court within the next several weeks: " recent affair in the 10th election of Iran has brought out many aspects of this country, we were expecting the people to stand against the foreign intruders but unfortunately what we saw was people giving in to their lies. however the number of those is not as high, they still have to be prosecuted and their crimes consists of
1. Attacking military stations with gun and firearms
2. Attacking governmental facilities and setting them on fire
3. Destroying public properties
4. Creating scarce between people
5. Being in Contact with other against the government known as "Monafeghin"
6. Attacking militia personnel
7. destroying personal properties
8. Supplying foreign media with news
9. dispersing "knighpapers" amongst people
at the end i must add, their cases will be sent to court ASAP, and people will be notified of the results.
  • Saeed Shariati a member of Mir Hossein Musavi's campaign was arrested by Judge Mortazavi's Warrant. Norooz news has reported on Wednesday he was taken from his home, and transferred to an unknown location. we have no news as for his accusations. He was arrested back in 2000 (1979) with Shirin Ebadi and Amir Farshad Ebrahimi, which only lasted one day.

  • Alireza Davoodi was arrested by security forces on Thursday 24th of Bahman of 1387 at his house. He was released by security deposit for 100 Million Toomans ($100, 00.00). During the time in jail; he was under lots of mental and physical pressure and after he was release from jail he died at his house due to severe depression.

Alireza Davoodi an accounting student was the spoke person for the student whom wanted freedom and equality in the Isfahan University. Before his arrest he was deprived from education due to political activities.


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