Saturday, July 11, 2009

Basij Militia Allegedly Use Axes, Daggers to Attack Iranian!



Basiji militia are consumers of cocaine: run like hares

Beppe said...

G8 hasn't decide for any penalties against Ahmadinejad, they want to talk about nuclear, talk about human rights, they want to talk..and you are still in the streets with this kind of animals around. Presidents use their fists only when someone of their country is can't they see this situation? How can't they understand that if there will be silence it's only cause Basij is beating everysingle person and creating terror!?

Also the video about Embassy in Cairo is unbelievable, poor honest people..poor human corrupted by money and hatred.

In this blog there won't be silence!
*All the best for you and you dear*

aria said...


I'm getting really tired with the way Iranians are organizing online to spread information. Can you please tell us where you got the video, any description, was this part of a longer clip. When you Iranians realize that in order to fight these people, you need to be more sync to deliver a massive blow to the regime by "properly" informing a larger group of people in a more effective fashion.

María Elisabeth said...

i'm not tired at all....Three weeks ago all the videos you posted had your name, dates and places. With the brutal repretion of IRI Regim which started that terrible Saturday when Neda was killed, things have changed and journalists like you and many other have been risking their lives to keep us informed.
You have been very brave!!!! I'll admire you today and always.
Thanks a lot. Regards and take care.

Anonymous said...

Aria, are you in the streets fighting barbaric thugs who torture unarmed protesters? Are you running from militia who run in mobs like vicious hyenas?

If so, I understand why you're tired. Yet, I haven't heard such complaints from the Iranian people who are risking their lives to film and upload this information. And, yet, YOU are tired?! Wow...


kplumb said...

I agree I am tired of all the distractions from what is really going on!!Kudos to you for risking your lives I am sorry for the shallow minds of others


Skipper said...

I do so wish that the ones opposing this oppression were not Communists. Communism is just another form of oppression. You should want true freedom and that will not come from communism. True freedom comes from the liberty of individuals, not from collectivism.

Anonymous said...

Aria, if you'd like to be informed, open your eyes. "Us" Iranians will deliver information to the best of our ability, in a "proper" manner that is suitable to the situation.

Saeed, thank you for posting and keeping the information coming. Rest assured, we're passing all the info along and informing as large a population as possible. Aria, care to join?

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