Saturday, July 4, 2009

29 people to be executed tomorrow in Karaj, Iran!

According to news received by the International Committee against Executions, 29 people are to be executed tomorrow, Saturday, in Ghezal Hesar prison in Karaj. It has been reported that the 29 have been separated from other prisoners. There is no information on their charges.

The executions are being carried out in order to intimidate people and is directed at the protesting people of Iran.

We are calling for people in Iran and everywhere to condemn the executions and exert pressure to stop them.

Please send your Protest letters to:

President Islamic Republic of Iran
His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Palestine Avenue, Azerbaijan Intersection
Tehran 13168-43311
Islamic Republic of Iran

Chief of State
His Excellency Ayatollah Sayed Ali Khamenei,
The Office of the Supreme Leader
Islamic Republic Street - Shahid Keshvar Doust Street,
Islamic Republic of Iran
E-Mail: / Fax: +98-21 649 5880 (unreliable)

Minister of Justice
Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi
Office of the Head of Justice
Pasteur St., Vali Asr Ave., South of Serah-e Jomhouri
Tehran 13168-14737
Islamic Republic of Iran
E-Mail: / Fax: +98-21 879 6671/640 4018 or 4019 (unreliable)

Thank you for your solidarity and ongoing support for our Iranian colleagues.

Yours faithfully,

Saeed Valadbaygi


Kevin said...

This is awful news. Let us never forget these brave martyrs who gave their lives for freedom and democracy.

PatrynXX said...

Not good. But I think it'll have the opposite effect than what Iran govt think it will. 29 Martyrs. V for Vendetta comes to mind.

Alex said...

this violence against the ppl. cannot stop the march of history towards democracy. Their end come even closer.

l.e.i said...

what can we do?
Is tge UN doing something?
Who can do something?

Anonymous said...

This is shocking, but unfortunately not surprising news. Why can't the Iranian establishment realize that they are sealing their own unhappy fate? So sad for us all...

SepSep said...

Can you give the resource for that? And who are the 29 people?

George Georgiadis said...

Lets flood some email boxes.

Ayatollah Sayed ‘Ali Khamenei
Salutation: Your Excellency.

The Iranian Ambassador to Australia:
Mahmoud Movahhedi
Salutation: "Your Excellency".

Please keep emails polite, abusive emails will just be ignored. Remember, there are lives at stake.


Juan S. Rueda said...

I'm not Iranian but I've researched a lot about the Iranian situation and government over the last couple of days. I dated a beautiful persian girl, so this is what propelled to be interested in Iran and its current status. A similar situation occurred like); where paramilitaries tried to take over the country.. it became a serious civil war. Anyway, the reason I'm writing is to say that the government is going to continue to threaten the people by inevitably killing others. the only way that their deaths will be considered "in vain" is if the remaining people die down and let the corrupted government stand. I have an analogy for you guys: Just because somebody cuts off your toe, doesn't mean you're going to stop walking. Keep walking Iran, and know that the whole word is behind you and your benevolent protesters. History is made every day.

Peg said...

I cannot call those men Excellency. I simply can't.
They are so far from excellent, it is appalling.

Anonymous said...

Way to make the whole world aware of you as a despicable, hateful government.

Anonymous said...

OMG and I mean that only with the greatest respect to God. This is so disturbing I feel sick to my stomach....this brutality has GOT TO BE STOPPED.! It is time for other countries to step in and voice their concern....I'm so saddened by this....I'm almost speechless...God help us all. And help these people that are lambs being led to the slaughter...all in the name of Islam. I think God is disgusted as well......

sparkle said...

Yeah, I choked on the "Excellenxy" part too when I wrote my letters, but I did it. What egos these regime leaders have. Khamenei has the nerve to cry fake tears at Friday prayers on June 19th? let me tell you, that guy is crying all the way to the bank (Swiss bank). They have no respect for human life. They are not just robbing these people of their lives, they are robbing the world of these truly excellent people. Send letters, lots of them, and keep doing it. It is a small sacrifice for us to honor people who are sacrificing a lot. And join other protests (, The regime won;t respond to western governments, but mass mail from individuals in the civil rights movement is another matter. What barbaric, medievel brutes and thugs this regime is made up of.

Scott S. di Vincenzo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott S. di Vincenzo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scott S. di Vincenzo said...

Your EFFORTS Have Made Global News
We KNOW of the Blood, Suppression & Brutality
Neda Has Been Seen on ALL of Our Monitors
Now If Only OBAMA Would SAY and
DO Something to HELP Iranians !!
Be Sure to Let Those Suffering
KNOW that people are WATCHING all
the riots and the secret
cellphone videos
and tweets

Anonymous said...


shame on you, shame on the people of iran, who are and have been covering a system which allows this. shame on the people who allow a religion to cover the crimes against basic human rights! Iran, shame on you.

Palo Verde 40 year reunion said...

Although I worry it will do no good, doing nothing feels worse. I will email all contacts listed in article and pray that our Good God will intervene.

Lauren said...

I want to do something, but I worry that letters from United States citizens will only inflame the Iranian government more. What good is the condemnation of individual U.S. citizens? They don't care if we approve or not. I want to show solidarity, yet I think that there needs to be some way of expressing our disapproval with consequences... it is too bad that the U.S. doesn't have diplomatic relations with Iran so that we could impose trade sanctions or some such thing on them. Any thoughts on this, anyone?

cleto said...

Stop this killing!!
Everyone must survive. We are human, not animals.
Stop the deathpenalty in Iran.

Anonymous said...

Why the protests turned to chaos?? Some of the protesters used the situation to make problems and now many are paying for it. Instead to demonstrate peacefully people burned cars,stores was anarchy, and i dont have sympaty for anarchists who destroy they own the end the Regime won the fight(everybody new this from the begining)

Anonymous said...

This type of horrific behavior goes on every day in many parts of Africa, South America, and in North Korea. The crimes that the North Koreans are committing against their own people are many times more horrific than this. Millions of emails, faxes, and letters have been written to the UN and other organizations, and nothing has been done. For all practical purposes, 90% of all politicians are complete morons.

Michael James AKA Firedawg said...

Not too sad for the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This is their elected GOVT doing this!!! DEAL WITH IT!!! As for all of you tree huggers you would have a hay day bashing and blaming Bush even though he is not in office anymore if we went into Iran. So as far as I am concerned Peace Out Karaj 29! LOFL

His Excellency Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said...

Sorry please forgive me! I am losing control here and frankly it is starting to scare me. I promise I will do right by the West from here on out! Oh and I do believe Isreal should have a right to exist. I relize the error in my ways so go Yankees I love American Baseball!

Anonymous said...

Well that's 29 less. Keep going will ya!

IMAM Kimo AL QUDS said...

in 1979 a group of nut jobs overthrew the Shah. Now these same nut jobs have had a taste of power and do not want to give it up even though they have now rigged two elections. IF they thought the Shah was bad, then why are they acting worse than the Shah. They have lost their mantle as Religious figures and are now seen for what they really are, corrupt despots intent on holding on to power in an unIslamic way. This makes the Iranian regime ASPOTATES for violating ISlam. For this I issue a FATWA against the current Irannian regime declaring their removal to be paramount to preserving Iranian freedoms. They have lost their standing and beliefs in Islam and are behaving like Chavez and the communists

tess said...

When I see a nation hold elections where its citizens anywhere on the planet are able to vote, and then after women and men (especially women) in huge numbers protest that vote, I have to say, this is not an oppressed nation. Oppressed people never don’t come out and protest. This is a clear example of a much freer Iran - maybe not as free as you may want it - but much freer nation. And I must concede that the credit goes straight to the current cleric establishment. You can portray them as demons but clearly Iran is no Saudi Arabia, North Korea, China, or Egypt. Even in US protest all rallies strictly prohibited without a permit, and with permit only allowed in restricted zones. The free style iranian protest where people marched anywhere and everywhere, just doesn't happen in US. And Democracy in your country is only 30 years old.
from what I have read and gathered I hold both the reform and the ruling party at fault. Even before the votes were counted, Mousavi declared himself the winner and even went further to say that if the results are not in his favor then that means there has been fraud. That's creating anarchy. On the other hand, the establishment erred greatly by kicking out journalists, not allowing a full and transparent recount, and using force against people.

Anonymous said...

There is not enough information to conclude whether these prisoners are serial killers or political prisoners.

Anonymous said...

Only a bullet in the head of Ahmadinejad will help save these 29 condemnd.
By the way, there are no god !

Anonymous said...

I refuse to call any of them Excellency or anything else other than brutal beast. For those who die, God be with you! You will not be forgotten. God Almighty is making your mark in the Lamb's Book today, you can not lose!

Anonymous said...

If u say democracy and freedom ,,can u explain y many comments r erased by the bloger/site.....including this one? ironic/pathatic ?

Anonymous said...

Our prayers to God are for the innocents who suffer because of the political and religious clerics who run the government of Iran. These trants are ruled by greed.
EVERYONE KNOWS that the more these tyrants repress their own people--THE MORE it will cause their own people, to rebel AGAINST IRANIAN GOVERNMENT AND RELIGION even more.
Let FREEDOM ring! These people who hunger for peace will fight for their freedom, because they have seen and heard from others on the internet, and talked with others who have traveled out of Iran, these natives of Iran know that they will triumph.
A government divided will not stand.
To all the men and women of Iran who desire freedom: Go for it! Everyone knows you will win!
Peace to all.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

why dont all of you stop pointing the finger at iran for killing 29 prisoners all at one time because how many exacutions (death penelty) has america had in the last 30 days its ok because 1 at a time not in public if i mispelled any words i dont care :( whats the name of the last person usa executed you know cause you dont care 1 so why do you care about 29 you dont know anything about "dont tread on me"

Anonymous said...

Creating martyrs, clamping down on its own people and using Foreign Agents to do so, getting Diplomatic staff recalled in the EU,

wow they certainly know how to not make friends and influence people. These are the last actions of a flailing regime.

Anonymous said...

29 less muslim terrorists is good for everyone else, all libtards have to go the same way, muslims and liberals are terrorists

Victoria Suominen said...

What do you expect from a political leadership who considers its closest allies North Korea, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon? Iran sells oil to China, which massacred hundreds protesting at Tianeman Square. I had a lot of Persian friends in college and only one of them was happy about the Iranian Revolution. I hope she's happy now and proud of her country, which consistently violates human rights, denies the Holocaust, and blames the West for all their problems. God Bless the Protestors and F*CK "His Exellency"! Someday, Persia will be an egalitarian democracy instead of theocratic dictatorship. Godspeed "someday"!!!

mfellion said...

Why are the posters not concerned with what the 29 people did? No information on the crimes done by these people was in the story, for all we know they are all murderers which are capital crimes in most countries. Calling the Iranians names and sheding false tears for the comdemed does not change any government action. If you people are actually concerned why don't you lay down your life to change the system? Remember "give me liberty or give me death"? When the english colonies went into the revolution business to found the USA the revolutionists put their lives on the line. Irans' glorius leader told the people doing the rioting "stop or we will use deadly force". The rioters did not stop and a few got shot. These rioters were in a small part of the population of Tehran. Tehran is not Iran, the rioters do not represent the majority of the people of Iran for pre voting polls showed only 37% favored the "reformists". The reformists where not in suport of western demorcratic ideals as the whole campaign was over jobs and inflation. Why don't you people exam the facts before you make decisions? Iranians on both sides are using your preconceived ideas and fears to generate support for themselves. Both sides are using lies to help their side of the story. The real world is a lot more complicated than just blaming everything on "diplomatic morons" as one blogger posted.

Anonymous said...

If these 29 are executed, the people of Iran should hold Ahmadinejad, the Supreme Leader, and the Guardian Councle resposible and be done with them in the same manner. Del

Anonymous said...

Lets face it folks ...... the entire culture of Islam is centuries behind the majority of the World in their progresiveness and ability to make even same cjanges in regards to how the
world culture is changing, but they have sufficient enough power to still control their masses. However, I do believe that this could be the beginning of a reverse revolution since the population of Iran is more than 50% below the age 30 and they will raise their children to want more freedom and human rights too.
These antique keepers of the gate in the Islamic culture are all on their way out since all that they stand for and follow is the Islam of Murder and Revenge from the past ....... at some point you have to let go of past hatred to move forward in a positive way.
Fortunately, It appears that the youth of Iran is ready to revolt against the hardliners just as the revolutionary leaders of the 70's revolt that brought down the Shah and his corrupt government body ....these current corrupt leaders will soon be feeling the same wrath ....... irony, karma ... call what you like but it is coming.

mfellion said...

Just to set the record straight the "hardliners" are the same people who lead the revolution against the Shah. In that revolution the army and police were neutral or acted against the shah. Iran will not have a revolution until the same things happen in the present which is not the case. Most Iranians like the present system. Why don't the commenters stop wishing for what might be and figure out how to change the system like Reagon did with the USSR or Nixon did with China or Obamas' new approach to Europe and Russia? Ranting and raving will not do anything.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that we create a ribbon such as the ones you see on cars for "Support the Troops or "Breast Cancer".

The ribbon would be green with Neda on one end and Gabriel on the other end. In the center " God is Great" or "Allah Knows" in Farsi.

Anonymous said...

Iran will receive just reward for installing an unelected President.

America was punished with 8 years of Bush for our undemocratic ways. You want some of that, Iran? Apparently so.

MM.CD said...

Saeed, You are an inspiration. Your stories speak to the heart of mothers everywhere.

I have responded to a writer who was dis-satisfied with Obama's repsonse to the Iranian People.

You and your family are in my prayers.
As Always
In Solidarity

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to confirm that you know these 29 to be political executions? There is a lot of speculation floating that these are criminals, drug traffickers who were scheduled for execution anyway.

Another source of information would be helpful for those of us trying to spread the word about this.

Anonymous said...

Where is our caring president? He is a wimp! But, then what does one expect from a community organizer that has never had a real job. Shame on Obama for ignoring this!!

Anonymous said...

Response to Anonymous regarding Wimp President:

He is president only in name. He is Michael Jackson of politics, a sissy and a bona fide freak.

Anonymous said...

Do not troll here Mrs. ACORN. This site is about struggle and blood of Iranians not your damn political agenda. Don’t try to justify Obama’s incompetency. Iranian mothers should not desecrate the memory of their martyred children by sending their photos to Obama, he is not worthy of that.

You and people like you cheated to put into office of president a man who is not even eligible under U.S. constitution to be president. You are right on one point Mrs. ACORN; he is from Africa.

Mrs. ACORN, Obama is a wimp and a usurper. He is quite on Ahmadinajad’s fraudulent election because he is beneficiary of one in the U.S. Do not put him in the same sentence with Hillary Clinton. Continue to drink Obama Kool-Aid like people of Iran who drank Khomeini’s Kool-Aid and we will soon have our own Tyranny here in the U.S. Obama will destroy what Bush could not or did not have time to destroy.

Ares Vista said...

Where is the U.S. government? Where is the U.N.? They have obligations to enforce international law, and have done nothing. I guess without financial or public gains, the U.S. and the rest of the U.N. have no interest in helping people.

download music said...

It's time for us, the American people, to let our voices be heard on this matter. Let your representatives know that you want something done to free the people of Iran. Why would freeing the Iraqi people be a worthy cause to launch attacks on foreign soil, but not the Iranian cause? We have something that the Iranian people are giving their lives for: the right to choose how we live in this country, and I think we would all agree that our choice is to help these oppressed people. Be heard, stand up and speak up!

Matthew Tripp said...

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