Saturday, July 4, 2009

Last updates...

  • Hashem Khastar, Reza Arab, Roohollah Shahsavar & many civilians are still detained in Mashhad.
  • In a short call from prison, Mojtaba Tehrani, asked his family for prayers, said he's in good physical condition.
  • 27 European nations all summoned Iran's ambassadors in Europe to object to detention of UK embassy staff.
  • EU recalls Iran's ambassadors in European countries!
  • The Netherlands' parliament unanimously legislated a law to forbid sale of filtering technology to Iran!
  • Farsi websites on Friday carried a statement by Resistance activists inside Iran calling for gatherings to mark the July 9, 1999 student uprising.According to their statement gatherings will be held in five parts of Tehran and other cities across Iran.
  • On the twentieth day of the Iranian people’s nationwide uprising on Thursday, July 2, a large portion of Tehran’s Bazaar went on strike, with the majority of owners either refusing to open their shops or closing shop by noon. Agents from the clerical regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security and plain-clothes agents had attempted to preclude the strike through intimidation and imposition of pressures.
  • Israel sends subs through Suez Canal | Israel | Jerusalem Post
After a long hiatus, the Israeli Navy has returned to sailing through the Suez Canal, recently sending one of its advanced Dolphin-class submarines through the waterway to participate in naval maneuvers off the Eilat coast in the Red Sea.
  • Amnesty International is tweeting for Iran. Follow here -> @AmnestyOnline. In multiple languages.
  • portuguese parliament unanimously condemned violence in Iran today
  • Protest Today! Berlin, Germany July 3, 8:00pm-11:00pm Skalitzer Str. 130 Festsaal Kreuzberg.
  • Protest Today! London, England July 3, 6:00pm-9:00pm 16 Princess Gate(Iranian Embassy)
  • Protest Today! Charlotte, NC Jul 3, 20:00-22:00 S. McDowell & E. 3rd Street (Marshall Park-Candlelight Vigil)
  • 7 arrested in Qazvin,220 in mazandaran!
  • Iran gov using waterboarding on detained protesters, with hot water!
  • Iranian TV Director: We got tired of Face book, twitter, You Tube .....
  • In Mashhad's protests at least 3 are dead & over 200 injured!
  • Protest Tomorrow! Tel Aviv, Israel Jul 4, 11pm – Jul 5, 3pm
  • Protest Tomorrow! STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, July 04, 16:30 -18:30 Medborgarplatsen !
  • Hannover Germany protest , July 4, 8-10pm, Am Kröpcke
  • Protest Today! Vancouver, Canada Jul 3 17:30-19:35 UBC Point Gray Campus!
  • Fahimeh Salahshoor, 25, female, hit on the head with a baton by Iranian Police on Khordad 21, and died at the hospital.
  • Mohammad Hossein Barzegar, 25, killed by Iranian Police in haft-e-Tir square, 28 Khordad.
  • Horrible news are slipping out of official, secret, and temporary prisons, detaining people arrested in recent unrests, which calls for a new and public movement towards revelation of the crimes occurring at the moment and immediate release – without – condition of all political prisoners...
  • Revolutionary Road...: Letter sent to BAZR student leaflet!
  • Six people were executed in Qom. 29 people scheduled to be executed in Tehran.
  • URGENT(CONFIRMED):29 people to be executed tomorrow in Karaj, Iran!
  • Film maker Daryoosh Shikoof starts hunger strike in front of Russian embassy in Germany to protest Russia gov cuz support of Ahmadinejad!
  • Many Iranian univ. professors signed a letter expressing deep anger for the attacks against universities, students
  • There are roumers that 2 people in gas & oil company of Iran were arrested for planning a national strike.
  • CONFIRMED:There are 6 people in gas & oil company of Iran were arrested for planning a national strike
FOR 30 years, the tradition has been for each newly elected president of the Is lamic Republic to travel at once to Mashad, Iran's main "holy" city, to thank Ali bin Mussa, the only...

  • Rasoul Badaghi/member of Tehran Teachers Union (shoraye senfi) Arrested!
  • Italy issued 70 visas for Iranian in protests in need of help
I'm liveblogging the latest Iran election fallout. Email me with any news or thoughts, or follow me on Twitter.
  • INDIANAPOLIS IN July 4 protest 5:30-7:30 at Monument Circle!!
  • The clock is counting down. Don't Khamenei and Ahmadi hear their time running out?
  • Tides Rise & Fall - Fires Rise & Fall - Protest can Rise & Rest & Rise Again - 79 Rev took Months - 09 Rev will Take Time!
  • Islamic Republic - how many Nedas will you kill today?
  • Disgusting video on IR state TV asking people 2 call and tell on friends or family who particular in protests!
  • Zargahmi Head of IRIB(state run TV/Radio) : "enemy" wont be able to win the cyber war against Iran
  • Only 12 countries have congratulated Ahmadinejad on his election!


A Hearts Mind said...

Trust your inner voice, Saeed. You have an uncommon ability to see clearly.
Martyrs & Angels will speak to you in silent moments... Listen & trust your instincts.

As Always
In Solidarity

Stephane said...

I don't understand ther video in farsi but it's beautiful

Anonymous said...

U2 joins the Sea of Green

screens show

Although the whole script cannot be read very well in this video, but yes it starts with "Listen, Listen, Listen". From the few words I can read, I guess it must be an alteration of an old poem (The Lament of the reed-flute) by the 13th century Persian poet Rumi.

1-The Lament of the reed-flute is a symbol of the soul's sorrow
at being parted from the Divine Beloved.

LISTEN to this reed, how it makes complaint, telling a tale of separation: 'Ever since I was cut off from my reed-bed, men and women all have lamented my bewailing. I want a breast torn asunder by severance, that I may fully declare the agony of yearning. Every one who is sundered far from his origin longs to recapture the time when he was united with it. In every company I have poured forth my lament, I have consorted alike with the miserable and the happy: each became my friend out of his own surmise, none sought to discover the secret in my heart. My secret indeed is not remote from my lament, but eye and ear lack the light to perceive it. Body is not veiled from soul, nor soul from body, yet to no many is leave given to see the soul.'

This cry of the reed is fire, it is not wind; whoever possesses not this fire, let him be naught! It is the surge of love that bubbles in the wine. The reed is the true companion of everyone parted from a fried: its melodies have rent the veils shrouding our hearts. Whoever saw poison and antidote in one the like of the reed? Whoever saw sympathiser and yearner in one the like of the reed? The reed tells the history of the blood-bespattered way, it tells the stories of Majnun's hopeless passion. Only the senseless is intimate with the mysteries of this Sense; only the heedful ear can buy what the tongue retails. Untimely the days have grown in our tribulation; burning sorrows have travelled along with all our days; yet if our days have all departed, bid them be gone - it matters not; only do Thou abide, O Thou incomparably holy! Whoever is not a fish is soon satiated with His water; he who lacks his daily bread, for him the day is very long. None that is inexperienced comprehends the state of the ripe, wherefore my words must be short; and now, farewell!

Seb said...

Now it's the hardest part... you're government took back the control and foreign countries begin to look for other stuffs to focus on... remember that a lot of ppl always think about your fight :)
Take care

Anonymous said...

Still following you here in America! Today is our Independence Day and many of us here hope that you will celebrate yours soon.

Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

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