Wednesday, July 15, 2009

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  • Peyman Aaref who has been arrested on June 20th by police forces information protection ,for some days bed ridden in Imam Sajjad hospital because of physical tensity and then again transferred to an unknown place.Considering that his lawyer Dr.Dadkhah is also in jail ,there's no news availabe from him.This fear is existed that because Peyman Aaref is a Soldier and his case did not refer to Revolutionary Court , It could be in military court and he would be trialed in military court. Under these circumstances and in case his trial happens in military court and without his lawyer ,there's possibility of heavy sentences for him and this matter has made his family and friends to be worried about him.
  • The (BZ) letter, which social democrat representatives of Austria, the green movement, and future union of austria have signed is a letter addressed to higher positions of IRI such as Ayatollah Ali Khameni (leader of IRI), Manoochehr Taki (foreign affairs) andAli Larijani (head of parliament).
"Unconditional release of all prisoners"
The undersigns of this letter have also stated they are worried about the harsh encounters and angry convictions against opposers, have asked the heads of IRI government to give people the rights to get together and start peaceful rallies, stop this madness and release all political prisoners.

  • Vietnam President in a message congratulate re-elect of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as President of Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, minister of science in Ahmadi Nejad's cabin stated he was named "math genius of the decade" from cambridge university .
In a recent trip to france Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi, who had gone there for the visit of scientific institute has introduced himself as an important mathematician , but the scientific institute's chief did not ind that a suitable name for him, so hen he was asked his opinion about the "fields" international awards, which is like a noble prize to mathematicians he actually asked: what is this prize you are talking about?!!
Also during his visit he stated his gladness for presence of an Iranian student in that institute, which the minister had never heard the name of that student, later on he stated he has seen the name in the student bulletin board, and they discovered he has misread the french word "Samedi" as a persian last name!!

  • More than 160 people died on the birthday of Seyed Ali Khamenei, the leader of IRI. This islamic dictator whose nickname is called Seyed ali "pinoche" turned 70 years old!
  • 168 people had died in plane crash in the north western part of the country.the plane was traveling from Tehran to Yerevan in Armenia. The flight crashed 16 minutes after its take-off from the International Imam Khomeini Airport,” Iran’s Aviation Organisation spokesman, Reza Jafarzadeh, said.the Caspian Airlines jet came down near Jannatabad village, outside Qazvin city, about 75 miles north west of Tehran

An Iranian Caspian Airlines passenger plane has crashed in northwest Iran, with all of the 168 people aboard, 153 passengers and 15 crew members, presumed dead, informs Interfax news agency.
  • Teenagers Judo national team members who were going to participate in a preparing camp before the Hungary world championship (August 5th) were aboard on the crashed plane and they all lost their lives in the accident.All the members who are in the photo died in plane crash.This photo belongs to the last practice of Judo Teenagers National Team which has been taken a night before flight.

  • All the Iran junior Judo National Team members today morning died in airliner crash accident which happend in Qazvin city country side.
Miri , Judo Federation Public Relations Director in an interview with News Central Unit correspondent said : Vahid Ebrahimi (-51 kg), Iman Zeini Vand (-55 kg), Hossein Banna(-60 kg), Saeid Rasouli(-66 kg) , Mustafa Sabaqi (-73 kg) , Yahya Bagherpour (-81 kg), Mosayeb Azizollahi (-90 kg) and Alireza Lashgari (+90 kg) along with Ali Bahrami as head coach and Ali Mohades coach and Ali Amiri representative of Physical Education Ministry died in this accident

  • Reports on the death of an 18 year old boy, who had been shot during the protests and was in a coma, emerged today from Shiraz. The slain boy was named Arman Estakhripour.
  • has been reported that IRIB has prepared a “blacklist” of hundreds of names – possibly as high as 1,000 – including politicians, journalists, and other prominent Iranians. They have purportedly handed this list over to all of their TV Stations with strict instructions to NEVER allow those “blacklisted” to appear on any of the government-run stations.
  • The US State Department has asked for the immediate release of Kenyan Tajbakhsh, an Iranian-American scholar who has now been in detention for more than a week.
  • Three students of Tabriz University condemned to three years imprisone.Their names are as follows:Faraz Zehtab,Aydin Khajei and Ehsan Najafi Nasab
  • Amin Ostadi and Milad Garajian are two other students of Birjand University who were arrested last week in threshold of July 9th anniversary by security forces.
  • While the official "Etemade Melli" website has reported the request of at least 46 families of missing people's helps, execution committee has a list of 61 names who are said to have been killed in the recent riots. On Tuesday Saham news, the official website of national trust has reported over 130 people have gone the "office of followup which was set up specifically after and for those who have been arrested or hurt on the after the election riots, and have submitted their complaints. this website has reported: from this number 56 are amongst the arrested, and 46 of them are still missing, and as of now there has been no news from them.
  • The families of many political prisoners held a press conference today in Tehran. They proclaimed that all their efforts in contacting their loved ones had failed thus far. According to them, Iranian authorities were not responding to any of their inquiries. Tomorrow, families of many detainees will be meeting with a three-member committee set up by the Iranian Judiciary to follow-up on the status of detainees.
  • Blogger Mohammad Ismailzadeh has been released on bail after a month in detention. Mojtaba Tehrani has asked his family to post bail of about 150 million tomans (150 million tomans is about $150,000 US dollars.)
  • It was reported yesterday that Hamshahri Newspaper had fired some of its staff members. We have confirmations today that one of those staff members, Marjan Abdul-Hayan (a technician), has been arrested. Koroush Javan, a photographer for Khorshid Newspaper, has also been arrested. Reports indicate that three of Javan’s roommates were also detained with him.
  • The Deputy Speaker of Iran’s Parliament announced today that Iranian President-Select Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be sworn into office on August 2, 2009. Although Ahmadinejad has postponed many of his trips abroad and even within Iran in the past few weeks, it has now been confirmed that he will be traveling to Mashhad on Thursday.
  • Opposition members have started to sue government-owned newspapers for defamation, spreading rumors and slander. Sources claim that Mousavi’s office, as well as Khatami’s offices have sued Reja News, Fars News Agency, Iran Daily and Keyhan Daily.
  • Reports indicate that the security situation in Tabriz is very bad with large numbers of security forces in the area and ongoing arrests. However, there are no reliable reports coming out of Tabriz at this point. It has been reported that Iranian pop idol, Googoosh, will go to the hunger strike in front of the UN on July 22, 2009.
  • On Sunday night, the main entrance to the Ministry of Information building in Mashhad was set on fire. It has been reported that this was done in retaliation for Monday’s murder of Mehrdad Heydari - a prominent journalist from Mashhad. Heydari’s death is rumored to be by the hands of security forces.
  • More than 100 prominent journalists from 47 countries sent a petition to the Iranian government today calling for the immediate release of Maziar Bahari, Newsweek’s Tehran correspondent, who has been held without charge in an Iranian jail since 21 June.

The petition was sent by fax to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s justice minister, Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi, in Tehran. With signatures from respected journalists around the world, including Christiane Amanpour, Ahmed Rashid, Mariane Pearl, Adam Michnik, Roberto Saviano and Ali Bulaç, the petition urges the justice minister to intervene in Bahari’s case and see that he is released immediately and allowed to return to work.

Maziar Bahari, 42, was detained in late June along with at least 23 other local and international journalists amid post-election protests. On 30 June, Fars News agency posted an 11-page “confession” from Bahari in which he allegedly blames western media groups for the unrest that followed the election.

  • The names of passengers who died in today’s air crash during has been published. Tu-154 plane carrying out Yerevan-Tehran flight crashed down today in Iranian town of Kazvin, 15 minutes after taking off from Imam Khomeini airport.

So far, 6 people are reported to be Armenian citizens, with 2 being crew members. Among crash victims, there were also citizens of Georgia. There was a total number of passengers bearing Armenian surnames.

Passenger list is available below:

1. Ramon Torosyan
2. Christina Ter-Hovhanisyan
3. Teymuri Naser
4. Timash Tadekh
5. Vardan Parastivash
6. Yakhoabi Masihi E.
7. Yakhoabi Masihi R.
8. Abdulreza Yamini
9. Reza Yusefi
10. Alae Zarean
11. Khesam Zarean
12. Tarlan Zarean
13. M. Zarimakhurdyan
14. A, Zabardastarbazin
15. Zayvandnejat Iman
16. Soltanmohamadi Ali
17. Adjiabadi Sukiasyan
18. Vardanush Tahmasyan
19. Lusik Darbinyan
20. Sayid Rassuli
21. Mehdi Reikhani
22. Moustafa Sabahi
23. Davud Salaryan
24. Arian Sapekhi
25. Sayid Sapekhi
26. Samarkhandishekarsa
27. Samarkhandishekarsa
28. Mohamadkho Sanai
29. Armen Sarkrsyants
30. Armen Sargsyan
31. S. Seydaliurtekh
32. L. Shahmuradyan
33. Saavrni Shahbazyan
34. Kh. Simokhachikyan
35. Sirati Parkhan
36. Ara Siroayan
37. Amin Soleymanifard
38. Ali Soltanmohammadi
39. Khadjiabadi Sukiasyan
40. Meg Moalengordji
41. Ali Mohadesedikh
42. Fate Mohamedsafai
43. Kh. Mohamedsafai
44. Kh. Mohamadi
45. Babak Mokhtaridj
46. T. Moradinkhadjabadi
47. M. Mozafariagdam
48. Nazila Nayim
49. Tazakhan Navasardyan
50. Ali Nazarishakib
51. Ashot Nersisyan
52. Khadi Niakhi
53. Seedfard Niavarani
54. Abbas Niknam
55. M. Norosporshulami
56. Nesser Nosrati
57. Ebrehim Peydaresi
58. Pulladikhalekhmamaka
59. P. Pirmadokham
60. Alirez Purkhorbani
61. V. Rafiemansur
62. Yahub Djafari
63. Madjidj Jalali
64. Khami Djavanrashkhari
65. Vahid Djavanbaskh
66. Djazaeri Seyemdoham
67. Djazaeri Seyemdoham
68. Mohammad Kakavandi
69. Karapetyanmanokapour
70. Ahma Kermaniomakhar
71. Amir Khabarkazfomani
72. Khachik/Edward (children)
73. Hassa Khavaninzadeh
74. Ali Kheiratirunizi
75. Ahmadarza Kheradi
76. Alireza Lashgari
77. Roya Lotfifard
78. A. Mahmoudizadeh
79. Nairy Mailian
80. Arshavir Manaseryan
81. Karine Margaryan
82. Masian Mationkaraki
83. Melkomabkar Ani
84. Shogher Stepanyan
85. Djamshi Falamzapour
86. Rashid Falahzadeh
87. Fazelmohamadze
88. Meline Garanyan
89. F. Khakuristakhal
90. Ali Khezavati
91. Kha. Khaloyanvtvani
92. Hassan Halobi
93. Khoamkhoseinzadeh
94. Savarni Ghoukasyan
95. Givi Chkadua
96. Artur Grigoryan
97. Khadadi Mohammad
98. Ary Hadihanhersini
99. M. Khadihankhersini
100. Hassan Hassanizadeh
101. P. Khairoptovsepiants
102. Sayemahdi Khosseini
103. Mohammad Izadjo
104. Djavad Djafar
105. Annett Adjan
106. Ghasem Akbari
107. Mariam Allaeh
108. Allavishitkhorshidi
109. Manisheh Alirezai
110. Ali Amiri
111. Nana Antashyam
112. Edwin Asadoryan
113. Azat Avanesyan
114. Mosaeb Azizolakhi
115. Yakha Bkherbur
116. Ali Bakhrami
117. Bana Houssein
118. Mehdi Barforushan
119. S. Behenstinejad
120. Anna Bakhozyans
121. Roya Bohluli
122. Levon Davtyan
123. Vahidre Deghanina
124. Ebrahimidoloo Vahid
125. Daryoush Eghia
126. Naeiri Estepanyan
127. Hamid Abdollahazadeh
128. Ahmad Alimohammadi
129. Anahita Aminialialavi
130. Arshavir Avakian
131. Anoush Baboumian
132. Martik Deravanesyan
133. Haghparastsedaghat
134. Nadia Karimi
135. Niloufar Karimi
136. Nima Karimi
137. Kashanigharavi
138. Homa Khounharmkoush
139. Sadegh Najafilahiji
140. Natela Nikonova
141. Sahman Shabouri
142. Masoumeh Shadkhou
143. Simonianghalehmamak
144. Hossein Karimi
145. Aram Ahmadynorreh
146. Adjant Annett
147. Arash Alimohamadi
148. Aliakabar Alimohammadi
149. Kaveh Alimohammadi
150. Alirezaei Manizheh
151. Baheshtinedja
152. Vahiderezam Dekhaninia
153. Ehya Dayoush


Anonymous said...

its 153 person,

پس از خبر سقوط هواپیمای توپولف روسی شرکت هوایی کاسپین در قزوین سریعا خبری دیگر همه را مبهوت کرد، اعضای تیم ملی نوجوانان جودوی ایران از کشته شدگان این سانحه بوده اند. با توجه به مکالمه مجری شبکه سی ان ان و کارشناس هوایی، دستکاری و انفجار دلیل سقوط این هواپیما تداعی می شود. چگونه است که لاشه هواپیمایی که در دشت سقوط کرده است، با توجه به اینکه حتی اگر موتورهای هواپیما از کار افتاده باشد باید به صورت گلاید می توانسته به زمین نزدیک شود و سقوط آن باعث انهدام کلی هواپیما به قطعات کوچک نمی شود، بر طبق تصاویر مخابره شده از پرس تی وی، شبکه خبری انگلیسی جمهوری اسلامی، کاملا تکه تکه شده اند و این انفجار قوی در هواپیما را تداعی می کند. در ضمن خبرگزاری مهر، وابسته به دولت اعلام کرده است که خلبان هیچ گونه تماسی مبنی بر اشکال فنی نداشته است. حال چند پرسش به ذهن می رسد که:
آیا سقوط هواپیمای کاسپین عمدی بوده است؟
آیا سقوط هواپیما حامل تیم ملی جودو برای انحراف برنامه تجمع روز جمعه نمی باشد؟
آیا این هم از اعمال کودتاچیان برای انحراف افکار عمومی نیست و نمی خواهند در روز جمعه تشیع جنازه راه بیندازند؟
کشتن آدم برای چه کسانی بی اهمیت است ؟
جدا از آنکه دیپلماسی غلط خارجی حکوت ایران و تحریم صنعت هوایی دلیل فلج شدن شرکت های هواپیمایی ایران و کاهش شدید امنیت و کیفیت پروازهای آن شده است و حکومت بارها ثابت کرده است که جان هموطنانمان برایش اهمیتی ندارد، آنچه در این چند گزارش دیدم انهدام
طبیعی به نظر نمی آید، همه کارشناسان وطن دوست عاشق کشورشان باید نظر بدهند، باید این سانحه به همکاری نهادهای بین المللی هوایی رمز گشایی گردد.
باید مواظب بود واگراطلاعاتی بودسریعا اطلاع رسانی کنید.

Anonymous said...

Even if the previous comment is true, then it shows incapibility of Ahamdinejad who can not guarantee the safety of Iranian people!

Anonymous said...


The pass the word by the Iranian people against the Mobile Communications Company of Iran (MCI).
"I refuse to generate revenues for a government that monitors my conversations and messages".

“You don’t need 100 percent of consumers on board for a boycott to work effectively,” said the director of a major advertising firm in Tehran, who did not want to reveal his name. “Even a 20 percent drop in consumption is enough to hurt a company.”


An article in the Los Angeles Times,0,4685397.story

Anonymous said...

What really happened in University Dorms of Tehran University Iran

Azadeh said...

Has anyone knows about these audio tapes that are supposedly leaked::

These leaked audio files appear to have been recorded in 1999 during a two-day seminar following the aftermath of 18 Tir, 1378. These recordings show how government agents mix with the crowd filming people so government can build a case against protesters who have been arrested. Tape # 6 and 7 specifically are very eye opening. In tape # 7, you hear how government positions its secret agents in the crowd to change the demonstration route and direct demonstrators to streets and alleys where security forces are stationed to attach them.

Tape # 1 in detail discusses a video tape taken during the attack on student dormitory in Tehran University and in Tape # 7 you hear the speaker stating that government had paid a student to film the clash. In order word government has infiltrated the movement deeply and successfully.

Please send this audio files to any Iranian you know and post them on every Iranian blog. People in and outside Iran need to listen to these tapes. They are long but they are worth listening to. They provide an in-depth view of an oppressive government in action.

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