Thursday, July 9, 2009

In response to will Heaven's article "Iran's crackdown proves that the 'Twitter revolution' has made things worse"

By:Ayda Kiani

Up to now,Iran's crackdown proves that "DICTATORS" are still alive!!!

Yesterday only by looking at the title and before i start reading Will's article,i just knew what is it going to be??

The title have got something wrong in it.

1)Iran's crackdown proves : This part gives me a feeling of something that is already finished but the truth is uprising just started in Iran so it is too soon to judge.

2)'Twitter revolution' has made things worse : When we want to use the word " worse" we have to be sure that we are %100 aware of the whole situation before and after the event.That way we can be confident enough to compare those two situations.Obviously Will has never been in Iran and does not know Iran's government or the situation before election,as well as he has to.It has never been a better atmosphere to get worse.

First paragraph

The so-called “Twitter revolution” has utterly failed to achieve anything-save dead and injured young ,and up to 2000 new political prisoners:Definitely out of question,It is not fair at all to undermine all people's efforts whom have been trying via internet to help Iranians and they were successful but they were not doctors and also they are not ruling Iran.They have done as much as they could and the main purpose of twittering and putting the information on Facebook or on their personal blogs and those sort of things was to inform people around the world about what was happening in Iran .After all they were also able to save some people's lives.Iran is a country that you are not able to criticize government in no way and if you do have enough courage to do it even as a cartoon or a piece of writing ,you definitely will be in prison the day after as it happened to many Iranian cartoonists and bloggers and still is happening.Not to be mentioned if you go on the street and chant something against Islamic system ,there is no chance to be alive just in about 15 minutes.So if it was not because of this so-called "Twitter Revolution" and the fear of putting the information on-line from government side,they would have killed much much more than this.

Although I disagree with the article and what it is trying to say but I do not want to make this too long and boring so i go to the last part of article.

Last part

The “Twitter revolution” was not only impotent, it has put Iranians in extreme danger : It is a really logical ending for the article and emphasizes the title.But getting too emotional about something and bringing up facts which do not have scientific sources as statistic for an political article to be based on is called being naive.Unfortunately the same thing that has happened to Arash in will's article happened to a friend of mine few days back and it is a sad thing but it does not have a strong foundation to make a political piece of writing on its base.Despite Will i do believe that “Twitter revolution” was potent and it has not put Iranians in danger.

Here is an other story and then I will say my reasons about why I disagree with Will : Almost 8 years ago an other friend of mine went to jail for 6 months because Basij forces just found a photoshoped pic of Khamenei in his car.No one knows about it because back then there was no "Twitter".

“Twitter revolution” was potent because we all know about Arash and so many other Arashs whom they might be in prison and being informed and aware is what dictator governmnets are afraid of.Also it was potent because it made a 21-year-old journalist Will Heaven informed of what is happening in Iran and made him confident enough to write a political article though he needs to know more about middle east and Iran government and does not look at events superficially.

It is not “Twitter revolution” that has put Iranians in danger,actually they were in danger for a long time and still they are because of thier stupid political situation which their Islamic government put them in and “Twitter revolution” just made everyone knows about Iran situation.

Advantages of “Twitter revolution” are much more than its disadvantages and it maybe do not "shake" the political world in general but it DID "shake" political world of Iran.
And statistics show that most imprisoned people do not have any account on Facebook or else where , they are political activists,writers,journali

sts and bloggers and some of them even do not have E-mail addresses so it is not about "Twitter".

Iran's crackdown proves that "DICTATORS" are still alive and their number one enemy is awareness.It is not an end , it is just a begining and we, Iranian people have lots of "HOPE" in our hearts.


Θάνος Δ said...

As Eistein once asked: “do you really believe that the moon exists only when you look at it?”
Does Will Heaven really believe that dictators and tortures exist only when we blog about them? Maybe it is so in his conscience… but not in Iranians’ every day life.


Iranian authorities reiterated the hard line against dissent. "If someone wishes to act contrary anti-revolutionary and security will be crushed under the feet of our people, which is on alert", said the governor general of Tehran, Morteza Tamaddon, of any events to commemorate the tenth anniversary of a student revolt in 1999. Tamaddon has pointed the finger at some television stations, defined "anti-revolutionary" which broadcast from abroad and that, according to the governor, have called the Iranians to the streets today on the occasion of anniversary.

Infidel753 said...

Using his logic, any resistance to a dictatorship is bad. Dictators always attack people when they resist, and that means people get hurt. But resistance is the only way to get rid of a dictatorship.

Anyway, he cannot say yet what this uprising has or has not accomplished, because it is not over yet. If the uprising eventually overthrows the regime, it will definitely have made things better.

Megan said...

Bloggers and Twitters are reporters. If the news is bad blame the news makers and not the reporters. Anyone that points finger at bloggers and twitters and blames technology for murder and human rights violation in Iran is really irresponsible. If you do not report evil it does not mean there never was any evil. I wonder how many lives would have been saved during many world conflicts in the past 100 years if there was twitter, Internet, and other modern communications we have at our disposal today.

draeinoregon said...

Without twitter there would have been blogs or whatever. Not as immediate, certainly, but news would have slowly gotten out.
I believe twitters impact is not the reporting, thought that was fast and certainly helped; what made twitter "revolutionary" in this seperate, far more important revolution, was it brought people together- tightly together. I know those who have been doing this for the last weeks understand what I mean. I'm not sure zI can put it into words.
Differences melted away. Action was taken that mattered, on both sides. Care and support-love, tears. People communicated without all thee political crap about a very political and painful situation.

and no, it is far from over.


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