Monday, July 6, 2009

Plainclothes a poem by Iraj Jannati Ataee!

You , look at yourself
Make the mirror black
Cover up the song
Deprave the window

I, suspire the Star
Touch the moon skin
Cuddle the breeze
Cover up night by my look

You with bullet and I with flower
You by shoot and I with sing
You , hate yellow,spite azure
I,love red,fly green

Your job,murder of flower and dew
Execution of wind and light and sea
My job,plant of light and Daf *
Care about color and dance and dream!

Our meeting place:
Human and inhabit
Future History
Freedom(Azadi) Square!

Translated by Pegah


Not The Rockefellers said...

Very strong!
Powerful Imagery

Peace - Rene

Christine said...


Anonymous said...

I wish you could make a link to the farsi version


In Xinjiang(China)as in Iran

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