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Chomsky on Hunger Strike, NYC
Photos by:Mehdi Saharkhiz

  • Another list of killed people:
  1. Ramin Ghahremani on 26th Tir (July 17th) after the Friday’s prayers died after he got hit on a head with a baton. His family is under lots of pressure to remain silence.
  2. 25 year old Fahime Salahshoor, high school graduate – Died on Sunday khordad 24th (June 14th) after getting hit on her head with baton on Valieasr Square. She died after being transferred to the hospital due to an internal bleeding and severe injuries.
  3. A 17 year old, Maisam Ebadi died of a gun fire on Khordad 23rd (July 13th). Maisam Ebadi’s family reported their son’s death on July 13th at Falakeie Sadeghie. Maisam Ebadi, the son of Asgar was shot at Falakaie Sadeghie at the stomach while he was returning back from work. He died due to severe bleeding on the street. The body of this young boy after getting through the legal process was buried at Beheshte Zahra.


June 20, Tehran,Bloody Saturday!

  • The list of names of some detainees that has been released for public information through human rights organizations:
  1. Kaveh Sheikhi, 23 yrs, AS(Associate of Science) in Civil Engineering, detained on Thursday July 8th, in Amirabad, transfered to Kahrizak, section 240 of Evin; etained for a second time on Friday July 16th, while attacking their house, detained him again.
  2. Sajad Abdi, 21 years old, student of Computer Science (CS), detained on Friday July 16th in Valiasr and transferred to the police station section 148 and then onto Evin prison.
  3. Hamid Tak, 26 years old, student of graduate school of Civil Engineering, detained on Thursday July 8th in Sina St., his whereabouts unknown.
  4. Nazi Kalantari, 27 yrs old, BA in Law, detained on Thursday July 8th, transferred to Evin.
  5. Ebrahim Ghanbari, 54 years old, retired, detained on Thursday July 8th, transferred to Evin.
  6. Soheil Ghahremani, 24 yrs old, detained on Friday July 16th, transferred while contacting his family to Kahrizak but his whereabouts are unknown at the present time.
  7. Reza Goudarzi, 28 yrs old, detained on Tuesday July 20th in 7Tir, transferred to the intelligence section 148 of revolution.
  8. Seyed Mehdi Mir Karimi, 30 yrs old, employee of Municipality, detained on Saturday June 23rd in Azadi and transferred to Evin.
  9. Shahab Nazari, 19 yrs old, AS degree, detained on Saturday June 23rd in front of university of Sharif Sanati by the Security Guard Forces, wounded by their clubs and then transferred to Evin. His family still are not aware of his whereabouts and condition of health.
  10. Rahim Hashempour, 28 years old, BS in Software Engineering, detained on Tuesay July 20th in Karim Khan St. without a reason, transferred to Police station section 148.
  11. Masoud Mardani, 27 yrs old, diploma in architecture, detained on Friday July 17th in Valiasr St., transferred to Evin.
  12. Hadi yazdani, 21 yrs old, Student of Mechanical Eng., dtained on Friday July 17th in Enghelab Sq., his whereabouts are unknown
  13. Amir Javadi, 27 yrs old, AS in Civil Eng., detained on Sunday June 13th in Fatemi St., transferred to Evin
  14. Pouyan Mohamadi, 20 yrs old, diploma, detained on Thursday July 8th in Karegar St., transferred to Evin.
  15. Zahra Bagheri, 24 yrs old, detained on July 8th in Enghelab Sq., transferred to Evin.
  16. Payam Hosseini, 27 yrs old, Diploma and business owner, detained on Wednesday June 25th in Ferdoci St. and transferred to Kahrizak then to Evin.
  17. Ali Nozari, 31 yrs old, BA in Accounting and employed, detained on Satuday June 22nd in Azadi Sq., transferred to Evin
  18. Ahmad Ali Saraji, 18 yrs old, detained Friday July 15th in Enghelab Sq., transferred to Evin
  19. Amin Saber, 22 yrs old, BA in Agriculture, detained on Thursday July 8th in Amirabad St., his whereabouts are unknown
  20. Amir Hassani, 25 yrs old, AS in Civil Eng., detained on thursday july 8th in Enghelab Sq. and transferred to police station section 148 then to Evin.
  21. Bijan Jalili, 22 yrs old, detained on July 20th in 7Tir and his whereabouts are unknown
  22. Mohsen Janahngir, 29 yrs old, detained on Thursday July 8th and transferred to Evin
  23. Babak Dastjerdi, 28 yrs old, business owner, detained on saturday June 21st, while he was chanting "Allah O Akbar" on the roof, the Civil Forces attacked his house and booked him.
  24. Amir Hojati, a senior student of architecture at Beheshti university was arrested on Saturday Khordad 23rd (June 13th) in front of the Kooye Tehran University and still is kept in jail.

  • According to received reports Masoud Hashemzadeh's father 27-year-old guy who was shot dead in street protests on 20 June between Shadman and Nosrat streets , was arrested 23 July .
Group of plain-cloths who possibly were from Basidj forces along with a guy in militia force's uniform at 2:30 p.m today have gone to Masoud's father house and not only have taken him with themselves but also have brought down all the photos and placards which was written by neighbors to show their sympathy.Based on this report 2 of Masoud's brothers who did not want to let them take their father have gone with him.They have been taken to Gisha zone 2 police station.

  • Mehdi Saharkhiz: They have broken my fathers' ribs while in detention.
According to the news received, The Security Forces of IRI, have broken Eissa Saharkhiz's ribs in detention and his whereabouts are unknown.He was the Head of the Internal Media of Iran within Khatami's cabinet.
Mehdi, Mr. Saharkhiz's son adds, his father, in a short telephone conversation with his family, asked them to continue their fight against Nokia.
He further said that the Security Forces of IRI, utilize the technology that this Finnish company has sold to the gov't of Iran to detect the masses communication and whereabouts.These are the same people who protested the 22nd Khordad election results and consider it " Fraudulant ".

  • Friday July 31st will be forty days since murder of Neda Aghasoltan and Massoud Hashmzadh. The two families as well as Sohrab A'rabi's family are to come together in Beheshte Zahra. These mothers say their children’s blood will not be passed.
Beginning with the passage of forty days to protest the election results in Iran so far sent five burial with full name and how information relative to murder, have been published. The five street protests in Tehran and have been killed.

So far Neda Aghasoltan, Sohrab A'rabi, Yaqoub Barvayeh, Masoud Hashmzadeh and Muhammad Kamrani are those whose bodies have been given to their families and have been buried. Among these names the first two of four have been a priority on domestic foreign news for quite some time. Nada’s tragic death’s film had turned into a symbol of popular protests in Iran. An image of Sohrab A'rabi with his green scarf and headband has been the first still photos of many websites.

Yaqoob Barvayeh was a master student in theater. According to his mother during June 26th in a police shooting in Lvlagr, a Tehran mosque-based mobilization, he was shot in the head and died a few days later in hospital. Security forces present in the hospital, His body was transferred to an unknown location while his family were present the hospital, 48 hours later his family were informed of the burial place in Behest Zahra.
Mohammad Rahmanian theater director and Yaqoob’s professor wrote him a note which was published in Etemad newspaper after his death. He wrote: «Shakespeare is now waiting at the hospital’s yard for you. You are the man in preview and he won’t forgive. You destroyed the rules of the game Yeaqoub! With blooming flowers and your head’s serious wounds, fell to earth and forgot preview is not the end of a play, it’s the beginning of love».
Masud Hashmzadeh was killed on June 21st, his home on Shadman street in Tehran upbeat. He had taken a bullet to his heart; people were carrying him on hand to the nearest clinic, when his brother had recognized him from his ring and watch. After reaching the hospital, he only had three minutes.

Overnight, with fear of security forces, his body was transferred and buried in his birth village in Rasht. According to his mother, but even there they were not allowed to hold a memorial for him. She said to Deutsche Welle: «on the third day, we were preparing the ceremony, statements were published for the seventh day, but they did not allow us to. Even the third day they said, because you do not want to have any ceremonies you can go to your home. You live in Tehran, go there. We said we are still grieving and must stay until the seventh. They said when we are visiting him on the seventh day we must be between 5-7 people, when we went on the seventh day, they were there as well. Officers were there until seven that we left. We stayed at my sister’s and after that would visit his grave every night. His brother’s would light candles for him every night until the seventh, which they told us we couldn’t go anymore, but we stayed and were going in small groups».
Friday July 31st will be forty days since murder of Neda Aghasoltan and Massoud Hashmzadh. The two families as well as Sohrab Arabis family are to come together in Beheshte Zahra. These mothers say their children’s blood will not be passed.

  • A group of detained university professors from different universities and especially professors from University of Tehran which have been arrested and kept in jail due to the demonstrations in the past few weeks have been threatened to be dismissed from university.
There are high numbers of university professors whom are threatened to dismissal. According to some news; the political settlement which would cause dismissal or early retirement for the criticizers of the regimes will enter a new phase. Numbers of these professors have mentioned; during interrogation they have been threatened to dismissal from university. Removal or early retirement is more tolerable by the Human Science professors than others due to the educational program controller insistence to removal of Human Science professors. This also has occurred in the previous years, where professors from this field have been dismissed. Groups of forced retired or fired professor whom have been able to leave Iran are witnesses to this unpleasant fact. The regime is trying to remove the rest of the remaining few intelligent professors from universities to be able to follow their dictated process. And to achieve this; detained professors will be the first whom will be sacrificed.

  • Hamdollah Namjou and Esmaeel Jalilvand 2 of Shiraz University student activists and Mehdi Karoubi campaign members in 10th election whom were arrested about 1 month ago by attacking security forces to their place in Shiraz now and after being in solitary prisons for a month were released from Shiraz intelligence office detention on 50 million Toomans(appr US $ 50,000) bail.
These student activists in the last year finishing months also during the security clashes with Shiraz University students had been arrested for couple of weeks and were released on bail.

This has to be mentioned that there are too many students who are in detention in Tehran and other cities right now and security and judicial authorities are refusing to let them free without any reason.

One of them is Hossien Estiri ,Amir Kabir university student activist who is in Evin prison since last month and also Adrian Jalali and Ezzat Torbati Tehran University students who are imprisoned in 209 security ward.

  • Two weeks has passed since the detainees of the University of Petroleum have been freed. Meanwhile, on Wednesday afternoon, two of the students of this university by the names of Saeed Shojaizadeh and Khosro Mousavi vand have been detained again.
Shojaizadeh and Mousavivand are members of th Islamic association of University of Petroleum who have been detained by the Security Forces and their whereabouts are unknown. The significant news have been received that few of the Civil Forces have visited Mousavivand's house with a court warrant while threatening their families that if they hold back on turning Khosro in, they will take his father into custody.

It is worth mentioning that the students in University of Petroleum in Ahwaz, days after the elections held assembly by sitting in demonstrations, protesting the announced results of the elections. Afterwards, during 6th and 11th of Tir (June 26 and July 1) active members of the Islamic Association of this university have been detained by the Corps Forces and have been freed on collateral.

  • Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, a well known lawyer and active member of human right group, who is still in prison since his arrest on July 9th as they continue to arrest political activists, has been accused of possession of handgun and illegal drugs in his law firm.

He is one of founders of human rights groups, whom has been under much pressure since the beginning of Ahmadi Nejad’s presidency in 2005 and his firm has been put out of business for quite some time. His family and friends in human rights groups have stated these accusations have been forged and are used as a reason for added pressure towards their activities.

Mohammad Ali Dadkhah’s brother states: “We don’t even know which organization has my brother has been arrested by.”

He adds: “We have gone to many places that are supposed to be in charge of arrestee’s files, but have not heard any reasonable answer, at this point we are in ground zero.”

In regards to accusations of possession of handgun and drugs in his brother’s firm clearly state: “this case in a hundred percent fraud and such thing is simply impossible.”

And adds: “they usually use these accusations to ruin someone’s reputation and make fraud cases on his behalf; but everyone knows these accusations are fraud and the case is forged.”

Dadkhah’s brother emphasizes as he continues to follow his brother’s case and stated so far he only had a short phone conversation with his daughter and they have no further new from him.
Mohammad Ali Dadkhah and Abdolfatah Soltani are two known human rights activists whom have been arrested after election; but other members of this organization are also under a lot of stress and have been continuously summoned and threatened by enghelab’s court. Mohammad Seifzadeh a well known lawyer and activist are amongst this group. Last week he was summoned by the court and was investigated for several hours, he stated in this investigation two people were present and one has introduced himself as “Saeidi”, they were extremely rude and have insulted Sefizadeh’s brother.

  • In accordance to news from ward 1 of Karaj’s prison, there is still no information on political prisoner Behrooz Javid Tehrani’s health condition. Him who was arrested in 2005 has been on strike since July 15th.
Due to physical and psychological tortures in ward 1, which are known as end of the line, he has been deteriorating pretty quickly. Since the beginning of his strike we have no news on his sate of health. The exact place of his arrest has not been identified yet and his family’s persistence on getting news from him has been unresolved. It’s been over a month since they have seen him and he is has not been allowed to contact his family by phone. His family is extremely worried about his recent health conditions which have been resulted by the torture he has been put through. .
Behrooz Javid Tehrani had been under sever and wildly tortures until he went on strike, and many times was blind folded and taken to torture rooms where he was tortured by large groups of guards. Due to baton strikes his body had been severely bruised, and his knees were severely swollen to the pint that he could not walk, also he has been having kidney problems which were caused by torture. Before strike, he was imprisoned in ward 1 of Gohardasht prison which is known as “dog house”. In this detention center many prisoners are suffering from psychological illnesses, and are known to be dangerous, also many have contagious illnesses such as Aids, Hepatitis, and others which makes his situation much worst. He is said to be in horrible physical condition.

  • According to Light Attracted site correspondent from Gonabad city ,Yesterday morning Thursday 23 July five dervishes from Ne'ematolahi series were arrested in front of Gonabad prosecutor .Names are as follows : 1.Ramin Soltankhah 2.Saeed Kashani 3.Zafar Moqimi 4.Saeed Shamsaiee 5.Navab
Added in the report that named people have gone to Gonabad Prosecutor's Office to follow up and complain about arresting Payab family who are in detention and were demanding release of Payab family.
Thursday morning 23 July at 10:30 a.m , a number of dervishes from Gonabadi Ne'ematolahi series demonstrated in front of Gonabad Revolutionary and Public Prosecutor's Office to protest against illegal arresting of the late Payab family were attacked by plain-clothes and anti-riot forces with cold weapon and tear-gas and about 30 of them were arrested and have been transferred to an unknown location.
Based on this report ; demonstrators demand was unconditional releasing of prisoners and despite all militia authorities and prosecutor's office threats had announced that they will not leave there till prisoners got released.
This reports writes at the end , some of people's health condition who were attacked by plain-cloths and anti-riot forces are not good and they are in danger.

  • According to received reports from Meshkin Shahr ( Khiav) Jafar Agha Mohammadi civil activist and Moghan city student got arrested in his student house by security agents on Tuesday 21 July around 1:00 a.m and so far has not been allowed to be in touch with his family.
Security forces while arresting him also searched his place and have taken his books,notes ans his personal belongings.
Ilqar Mo'azen Zadeh ,Mansour Seifi and Fardin Nowbakht are Meshkin Shahr civil activist whom were arrested by intelligence service agents while ago and have been transferred to Ardabil intelligence Ministry.Named people who are charged with "propaganda against Regime" after being in detention fore more than 1 month were released on 8 July on 30 million Tooman (appr US $30,000) bail on temporarily basis till their trial.

Following the attack of Islamic regime revolutionary guards and security forces to a residential house of Vali-e Asr town in Orumieh city, reportedly some of the members of one of opposition party were hiding there , house owner and his little daughter whom following their house being surrounded ,were putting their hands over their heads and while they'd given up and were getting out of their house,have been volleyed.Have been told by eyewitnesses that each father and his little daughter were shot by more than 20 bullets which caused both of them to die immediately.After that heavy clashes occurred between people and security forces which took more than 7 hours and caused one more citizen to be killed and also by people protests 4 of regime suppression forces cars burned in fire and also 6 of government revolutionary guards and intelligence forces have been killed and number of them been injured.

Around midnight and after neighbors and citizens get informed of this brutal murder, attack security forces and force them to retreat and break the residential house's siege and then hold a protest march which continues till morning and at last more than 4 cars belong to security forces and also a bus burn in fire and some government buildings destroys and in the meanwhile the people who were hiding in the place get concealed .
Some aware sources of this event have mentioned number of killed peopel 7 ( House owner,his daughter,4 of security forces and a armed guy who was hiding in the house) this is happening when semi-official Fars news agency has confirmed the news but has given a differnet statistics of killed people.

  • Based on reports from various news agencies there were some executions in different cities of Iran in the past few days which possibly have been done to scare people because according to the news they are not from the post-election arrested people and they have been sentenced to death with different charges and excuses.Total of 8 people have been hanged in prisons of Semnan,Isfahan,Qazvin and Qom on 21 and 22 of July.

  • On Wednesday morning at 10am in a confrontation on a street 3 people was killed and 2 wounded in Khaash city located in the state of Sistan va Baloochestan.
You could hear the sound of gun-machines and gun shots throughout the city for hours after the confrontation. It’s essential to mention that the security forces did not show up to the area until the end of the event. The confrontation began among different tribes due to some conflicts. The Khaash city which is located 160 KM from Khaash, is on high alert now.

  • A group of Armenians gathered in front of the Caspian Airline Headquarters to show their dismay and protest against the style of reporting of the Topolov accident and the negligence and insensitivity shown towards the families of the deceased.
Among this group were many Armenians and non-Armenians asking the National Airline Association to show the results of the accident and identify the main cause of it.
A week ago on Wednesday, July 12th, a Topolov airplane belonging to Caspian Airlines was traveling from Tehran to the capital city of Armenia when few minutes after take off from Imam Khomeini Airport, near city of Ghazvin, it crashed and all the 168 passengers died instantaneously and 47 of them were Armenians.

  • 42 Arab Institutions showed their solidarity with protesting Iranians!

42 Human rights organizations in Arab countries, in a statement, announced their solidarity with the protesting Iranians.
This statement from the human rights organizations of the countries such as Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Yemen, Egypt, Morocco and Jordan ha been signed.
This is the statement: «We, the organizations and human rights defenders, in a signatory by the Arab region, announce our severe dismay towards all forms of repression by the irannian authorities that has been taking place against the broad population of Iran while they demonstrated in peaceful protest to the electoral process and raised their voices to the unjust declared results."
In this statement, the recent protests are known as «The biggest challenge of the regime of Iran in the past thirty years» and the number of known actions are considered as «harsh and unjust punishment against dissidents» has raised expressive concern.

The signatory organizations of this statement, considering that it belongs to a region where its people are always suffering from "autocratic governments" added: "these regimes are looking to hide the deep rooted issues, or block the route to freedom and human rights in the arab world by using religion."

The Human right defenders of arab nations have asked the Iranian authorities to allow the freedom of activities for the journalists and the defenders of human rights and " to stop imperative government intervention, controlling telephone conversations and internet correspondence."

This statement has been issued for the " International solidarity with the people of Iran."


  • An invitation to participate in the 9th year of Shamlou's 9th year anniversary

The Writers Association of Iran issued a statement in the memory of the ninth anniversary of Ahmad Shamlou.

According to this statement, members of this Association and Shamlous's Friends, at 5pm on Friday afternoon 2nd of Mordad will gather in Emamzadeh Tahers' Cemetery in the town of Karaj. Ahmad Shamlou passed away on 2nd of Mordad, 1379.

The Writers Association of Iran in their statement have written: " Ahmad Shamlou throughout his struggling and endeavored life, never bent to the unjust and enemies of freedom, never took to silence, not ever surrendered and never bent his neck to the inevitable .

This Association by expressing one of Shamlou's poety, " There was no Freedom but in Praise", added that Shamlou by his writing and by "practical defense" of freedom of expression, was the pioneer of culture and literature.
Sites Of Ahmad Shamlou:


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