Monday, July 13, 2009

Sohrab Arabi's funeral ,Behesht zahra ,today...

Text Translate:
The person in this photo,
is lost.
He has left the house and hasn't come back.... Read More
His mother cries day and night.
... Read More
The person in this photo,
has big eyes, and hands always made into a fist.

The person in this photo,
grunts and screams on the asphalt,
and his chest is filled with estranged tulips.

The person in this photo...



How many more martyrs have to cry before the criminal regime is wiped out?

Anonymous said...

the world aches for his mother and farther, may they find peace and may his death not be in vain

/sympathy from Denmark, sent with love

neda said...

What can one say... there is no word.. we won't let their blood go in vain....:((


Moussavi and Khatami will attend the prayer led by Rafsanjani. Moussavi has also urged supporters to join him in traveling next Friday to the prayer of Hashemi Rafsanjani, seen as one of the leading supporters of the defeated presidential candidate. Over the past two months Rafsanjani has never led the prayer

Megan said...


The first image of a young innocent life fading away before my eyes was this image of this young man:

I do not know who he was I just called him and others who followed him to heaven the “Children of Lesser God". Today seeing the images of young Sohrab, I wondered if the young man in this video was Sohrab. Will you or anyone who might know that please post a comment.

It is heart breaking not to know who were the people who lost their young lives right before our eyes. The end of their lives are etched for ever in our hearts and minds but we do not know anything about the beginning of their lives. We do not know their names, we do not know their likes and dislike, their aspiration or what made them laugh. We will never know what they would have become but it is important we learn something about them so we will never forget them.

Please try documenting the identity of people who lost their lives. Please start a campaign of memorializing them by looking at the videos on YouTube and put name to their lifeless body. Tells us how we can write a word or two to their loved ones in Iran and let them know we share their loss and their pain.

mike said...


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