Tuesday, July 7, 2009

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  • Mehr News Agency today quoted from Tehran Air Pollution Information Coordination Center : Amount of dust in the Tehran air has diminished and it is expected ,its intensity would diminished till Tuesday evening as well.Parviz Reza Zadeh , General Director of Meteorology Organization forecasts unit also has said , according to researches in measurement stations ,on Tuesday Tehran air has been in better conditions comparing to the day before.He also has forecast ,on Wednesday there would be a better condition.Although Yousefali Darunparvar ,Tehran governor civil deputy today evening pointing to closing down of all offices ,government organizations,banks and also private section activities,has said " At the moment we are in emergency situation due to indexes and must observe warning and safety issues"
  • Earlier oppositions to presidential election results had announced they will go on strike(in E'etekaaf coverage) on Tuesday and Wednesday and also will have demonstration on July 9th anniversary.

  • Mohammad Khatami , Mehdi Karroubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi had a meeting on Monday and exchanged some comments about political issues . Reformists main leaders in the Monday meeting demanded , presidential election results oppositions to be released immediately and urged security closed situation to be ended.

  • Nicola Sarkosy,France president demanded french teacher to be released immediately whom has been arrested last week for spying in Iran . Mr SarkosyClotild Rice has been arrested in airport while she wanted to go out of Iran.France foreign minister said this teacher has been in Iran for a 5 months duration and was teaching french in Isfahan university.

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giuzi said...

dear saeed, we'll never forget about your revolution and your suffering. We get up, go to work,pick up our kids from school, cook, see our friends, go to the cinema and we know that girls and boys in iran are still fighting for something beautiful. You all are our sons and daughters and we keep you close to our hearts all the time.

giusi and friends - london -

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