Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More footages...

  • Hundreds of relatives of those detained in the course of the nationwide uprising on Monday gathered once again outside Evin Prison in Tehran. During this protest which has continued for the past three weeks, the families demanded to receive information about the state of their loved ones and their release. However, the regime continues to refuse to give them a response.
Many families were awaiting the release of their loved ones; however, the regime’s officials have refused to release them despite the families depositing large sums to bail them out.

A number of families demanded that Heydari-Far, a senior warden at Evin, to respond to their inquiries but instead he threatened them with a gun.
Thousands of young protestors have been arrested in the course of the nationwide uprising. They have been subjected to ruthless physical and psychological torture.

  • Nightly Chants in Tehran,6 july !

  • Basij shots to death a 1o years old Boy in Tehran Riots(june 2009)


A Heart's Mind said...

Even though I know powerful waves from outside of Iran...from all around the world are crushing Khomeni & Ahmadinejad...my heart wrenches in sorrow for the pain the Iranian people are enduring...

Yet all these things you are doing will surely bring an end to the IRI:
- Solidarity in Worker's Strikes
- Preparing for times when your neighbor has no food
- Planning to walk in groups
- Staying focused on the one way forward to Freedom
- Keeping Information flowing to the World outside of Iran
- Know that even in the dark, the World is watching
- The Outside Media is being very cautious not to add flame to the fires the Iranian People are carefully tending
- People on the streets of the world despise Khomeni & Ahmadinejad
- People say universally the Iranian People WILL remove them from power...
- People know you have the history and spirit of Freedom that WILL not be suppressed
- Governments World-wide are busy in talks & agreements to condemn & isolate the vile tyrants who have seized control of your country
- I know your Freedom is at Hand

I pray it will come soon...that the healing will be allowed and New Unity will be established.

Saeed, thank you for the work you are doing and for bringing the news to the world. You are just before & right after every other thought I have...
Although prayers for protection can be quite powerful, take no chances & rest well.

As Always
In Solidarity

Anonymous said...

Saeed the chanting video was the day after election!! As the girl said who filmed this video. Please try to avoid wrong information.

Anonymous said...

Day after the election.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it is tme for people to be offensive and not defensive. They should also arm themselves with batons and other stuff to deter the Basij...If it is true the Basij or plain cloth people are raping males in prisons...one should wonder which alla the Ayatalollah beleives in and I wonder whether people still belive in any alla in these circumstances..shame on you ayatolla you are just ayato el shaytan...

Long live Iran
My heart aches for all the pain you are going through..my prayers and sympathy

Anonymous said...

Saeed Hajarian is dead. They killed him in prison and they will announce after 18Tir.

Andrea said...

In power in Iran is "the worst theocracy that time contemporaries have never thought to live." He said the italian president of the Chamber of Deputies, Gianfranco Fini, during the ceremony of delivery of the prize Alex Langeralla independent Iranian journalist Narges Mohammadi, where the authorities in Tehran had withdrawn a few days ago "withot reason" your passport. Fini has also addressed an appeal to the European democracies "because nothing convenience of realpolitik" must prevail "in the face of totalitarianism."

Anonymous said...

Down to the basigis and all the ayatollah's who are killing children like this one.
Iranian people please get guns to kill these basigis.No one has a right to kill a child or anyone.
Sham on all of you....

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