Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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  • While many of prisoner's families are still worried about their loved ones and everyday are getting astonished by going from this union to that organization and from this prison to that court and they are not getting any response from authorities,they invite some other families to an unknown place and after justifying what they have done and threatening them about other family members being in danger,make them commit not to inform anyone of their children deaths and also make them sign some papers stating that their loved ones have died in car accident or other natural accidents and then deliver the bodies to scathing families.
Quoting from one of this families who did not want her name to be revealed ; They have taken her to a cold storage for keeping fruits and dairy products in south-west of Tehran and have showed her a photo album of more than 100 killed people to identify her child's body.She also has said : It has taken about half an hour to see killed people's photos.
She added while she has been going out of cold storage she has seen hundreds of martyr's bodies which were put over each other.

This scathing mother says though i did not find my child's body there but by seeing all those corpses which were depot , I collapsed and when I regained my consciousness i was in car out of cold storage.

All these happening while Iran militia authorities have rejected using of warm weapon in recent clashes in Tehran and it's not clear how all these killed and martyr people whom their names are daily publishing have been killed.

  • Authorities have hanged in public 14 members of a Sunni Muslim rebel group!
  • Lastnight, people around Tehran’s Apadana area lit candles in large numbers in order to commemorate the death of Sohrab A’rabi. People chanted, “Sohrab is alive; religious authority is dead!
  • Mehrdad Heydari, a prominent reporter in northeastern Iran, was killed in Mashhad under suspicious circumstances by unknown individuals. Heydari had been publishing reports that were deemed anti-government in the past few weeks. This is the second death of a prominent Iranian in Mashhad in the post-election violence.
  • Mohsen Namjo was sentenced in absentia to five years imprisonment . He was accused of insulting Quranic verses. Namjo had reportedly recorded songs, using Quranic verses as lyrics. It is worth mentioning that the songs were of comedic nature.
  • Javan newspaper declared today that Saeed Hajjarian prefers to remain in prison because the medical care he was receiving there was superior to the medical care he was going to receive outside prison. Hamshahri newspaper has fired several of its staff members for reportedly having sympathies to the protesters’ cause.
  • Today group of Tehrani citizens during a symbolic action and with the idea to create peace in the world gave flowers to city council members.This has to be mentioned that since today morning people by giving flowers in main squares and streets encourage others to participate and by this symbolic act told that existing peace is necessary in the world.
  • Sunday night July 12th main door of Mashhad Information ministry orgnisation in Adabiat street was set on fire .Police forces in main streets of Sajjad blvd , Azadshar area and Shahrak Qarb in Mashhad are on alert to act in special occasions.
  • Jafar Ebrahimi ,teachers union activist ,after 33 days being in section 209 of Evin prison transferred to Evin prison public section .
  • NO COMMENT...50 executions in two weeks in Iran :According to the state run Iranian news agency Fars, 13 people were hanged in the prison of Zahedan (capital of the southeast Iranian province of Baluchestan) early this morning July 14,also Three people were hanged in the central Iranian city of Arak early this morning !
  • After 5 days of arresting over 200 protesters on 10th anniversary of July 9th ,there are many families of detainees who don't have any news from their children. pegah rashghi: There is no information from some detainees who thier names are as follows : Alireza Ardalan, Alireza Hosseinian, Hossein Emami, Hooman Rajabi, Mohsen Asghrpour, Hamid Reza Tavassoli, Maziar Zarrin and Masoud Ali Zadeh.
  • News coming from Mashhad:After Mashhadi student Mostafa Qanian who was killed in Tehran now there is another one,Hamid Madah is the second student from Mashhad who was killed.He is one of those people who did Tahason(to seat in some holly places in order to protest against something)in Mashhad Goharshad mosque and was arrested by security agents.He released after 6 days being interrogated but died after 2 days .In the recieved news indicated that he has had brain bleeding or brain stoppage because of psychological pressures in detaintion.

  • On the 20th anniversary of the assassination of the Dr. Abdul-Rahman Ghassmlou, the people of Iranian Kurdistan staged a general strike!

13th July


Andy said...

The hanging of 15 Suni rebels must be brought in proper context. It is one thing to act out violence against those who wish to see a free Iran. It is another if Muslims of one sect (Shiite) hang or kill Muslims of another sect (Suni). This goes all the way back to the times after Mohammed. I'm not saying that I'm a proper scholar of Islamic history but it had to do with the caliphate and ever since then Sunis and Shiites hate each other. Many of the Muslim on Muslim violence has to do with that. I would not look at this as part of the Iranian people's desire for freedom but rather as an age old historical feud going on between two groups of Islamic sects.

paolo said...

I hope someone will pay for committing this terrible acts. I hope also that the sun will rise for you and for your friends, and you will have, finally, the smile of freedom. Thanks for all you are making, not only for your Country but for freedom and equality in all the world.

Meg said...

Those responsible will pay for this, they always do. Call it a hunch.

Anonymous said...

I salute you comrade.

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