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  • Basidj Attacks People at Falake Etela'at Sq (Tehran No) after chanting against Dictator on the roofs!
  • SMS Service is Cut Off in Tehran again, in fear of 18 Tir (Thursday) Demonstrations!
  • Plans for general strike tommorrow, but gov has closed factories, schools, etc...!
  • Home of imprisoned, pregnant journalist Mehsa Amrabadi raided and damaged. Husband detained in court while seeking info on her!
  • France has demanded the release of a French academic who it says has been detained in Iran since 1 July, accused of spying!
  • Hamid Maddah, an activist , a member of Mousavi's campaign who was arrested and tortured in Mashhad, has died of injuries !
  • A.N wants televised debate with President Teleprompter!
  • "Death to The Dictator"s are much louder tonight ,have never heard them this loud!!! Death To the DICTATOR!
  • Naser Kheirollahi is among the ones who have been hanged yesterday!
  • Farnaz Moayerian & bita Samimi were released...(Welcome Back Comrade Bita)!
  • amilies of recent detainees have gathered in front of Evin prison & security forces are trying to disperse!
  • Despite official reports initial counts by medical personnel show more than 92 people are dead in and around Tehran.
  • SMS service has been shut down once again in Tehran !
  • EBU removed IRIB from national broadcaters invitation list at Anl Asseem. in protest of harsh censorship.
  • Haaretz: "Iran vows real and decisive response if attacked by Israel"
  • Khamenei: "We strongly warn leaders of some Western countries not to interfere in Iran's internal matters...The Iranian nation will react"
  • Sarkozy in a press conf. with Gordon Brown: "Really, the Iranian people deserve better than the leaders they have today"
  • Khamenei warned against mistaking friends with foes, and asked not to consider friends enemies only because of a single fault!
  • Protestors using sandstorm in Tehran as cover to write anti-gov slogans around city!
  • Ahmadinejad’s son-in-law was disowned by his father for siding with Ahmadi.
  • Head of IRGC claimed today BBC and British main insitigators directing rioters!
  • AhmadiMoghadam, Police commander, denied any relation between plain clothes and both police forces and Basij !
  • Khamanei, Iran's supreme leader, referred to protesters as a "depressed" and "distressed" minority !


  • In the recent reaction to the post election events in Iran, EBU has removed Iran’s IRIB from participating in its yearly public association event.

According to Iranian Student’s News Agency ISNA, European Broadcasting Union, with the abbreviated name of EBU has said that the reason of IRIB’s removal is due to Iran’s strict policy against the foreign press and media coverage of events post-election.

Due to the complete converge of post-election protests and riots by foreign media; at the beginning Iran’s Cultural and Islamic Guidance, limited quit few activities of the press, but then they completely shut down the coverage of foreign media in Iran.

In the next action; Iran accused a group of foreign media, arrested some and charged others with spying for western countries and preparation and attempt to revolution.

On the same topic; the German weekly newspaper “Eshpigel”, during the second week of protest against the result of election in Iran, announced that the regime of Iran has asked all foreign media to “stop interfering in Iran’s internal matters”.

The Iranian television authorities are calling the reaction of EBU and removing Iran from EBU’s yearly event which will take place at Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, “unprofessional and far from media morals”.

Iranian Student’s News Agency ISNA said: the spokesman for Iran’s government based TV has announced that EBU’s concerns for foreign reporters in Iran are unnecessary since it is absolutely “biased and is opposite of the truth in Iran”.

During this time, Reza Saiah CNN’s reporter after leaving Iran and reporting to CNN’s office at Atlanta said that he has been notified by Iran’s secret ministry, if he doesn’t communicate a “positive report” of Iran they will not grantee his safety, and will take his rights away from reporting in Iran.

Based on this; John Line BBC reporter in Tehran, after exiting Iran was accused of killing Neda Agha Soltan. Also, Maziar Bahari Newsweek’s reporter during a complete “Confession” in Fars news agency (a big supporter of Mahmud Ahmadi Nejad) confessed the role of foreign media’s interference and spying is “undeniable”. Mr. Bahari is still in detention in Iran.

Iranian Student’s News Agency ISNA said; Iran’s government based TV or “seda va sima” has attended the EBU’S yearly event regularly.

The EBU is consist of 75 TV and 56 Radio organizations from all around the world, which are mainly government based and the regular members are all the way from Algeria to Vatican.

  • Once again SMS service is down in Iran...
While it's less than five days that SMS service been connected since the night before election,threshold of July 9th anniversary,SMS service has faced disorders once again.

ISNA,Iran Students News Agency, reports : Disruption of SMS service has occurred on Monday afternoon in Iran.Authorities of Iran Telecommunication Company have not said anything about this so far.

SMS service which was disconnected since a day before 10th Iran presidential election,was connected from July 1st ,3 weeks after election.

However sending SMS which is so popular in Iran,was not active generally before July 5th . According to published reports, this system was operating in a very low speed from Sunday.

After disconnecting SMS service the day before presidential election,Telecommunication
Company of Iran had declared " SMS system is down due technical issues"

This happens while Mirhossein Mousavi,reformist candidate in presidential election repeatedly has announced that getting SMS down was a trick from government to change the election's results and had protested about this issue lots of time.

Mousavi mentioned disconnecting the SMS service as a reason to prove «organized manipulation in elections»

Mr Mirhossien Mousavi has said :according to SMS being the best communication tool for the election observers disconnecting this service caused so much problems for observers to be in touch with different branches.

Authorities of Iran Telecommunication Company have not said anything about SMS service being disconnected so far however government opposition say that it's not because of technical issue and they disconnected the service to stop people be in touch to protest against election.

According to span of using cellphones and SMS in Iran, it is one of the most effective tools to communicate.

Protesters against election fraud have announced that they will perform demonstrations and marches in Tehran and other cities because of attack to Tehran University dormitory 10th anniversary.

  • Purpose of false confessions in Coup government!
  • By:Ayda Kiani

Along with publishing the fake interview of Maziar Bhari,News week magazine journalist in Fars news site and few days before that confessions of journalist-Seyed Amir Hossein Mahdavi,by suggestion of a Friend of mine decided to do some researches about it because the way that government authorities have chosen to treat political prisoners whom have been arrested after 10th presidential election and as political analysts say we have to be ready to see more false confessions of journalists and political activists.
With primary reviews,although there's not much confessions yet to give a right statistics but i came to conclusion to focus on these two parts:

1)If there is any common parts in confessed contents of different people
2)Investigator's main purpose

Although I am not remembering anything particular from similar confessions back in 80's but there is something deep in mind about them all being lies because all political and non-political people no matter in what party they were active who have participated in 79 Revolution or were active afterward agree on those confessions being fake and all of them have been made under pressure and torture and have no legal value.In recent years some journalists, writers, cartoonists, humor writers, and bloggers have been made to confess to something which they have been told to say and some of the confessions have been published and some just archived in Ministry of Information.But after releasing from prison all of them said that they have made those confessions under mental and physical severe tortures and all were unfounded and none were truth.
To confirm those confessions being false,i just mention parts of interviews with two of them whom have been in prison few years ago.Faraj Sarkouhi,author and German resident who was Adineh magazine editor many years ago in Iran says to Farda Radio "Even they had put microphone in my bedroom.Naturally,in that situation interrogator is like a God to you who knows every thing about you and you are blindfolded so you can not even see his face.Under this kind of mental and physical tortures they made me to do a television interview.Although that interview never been published and maybe i am the only one believes that event has happened.In that interview i had to say I am an agent of England and France embassies and also Musad in Israel and USA Espionage Organization."
Another one is Rouzbeh Mirebrahimi journalist and blogger who was one of detainees of "Bloggers Case".He says to Farda Radio "You know what?In prison and in solitary cell after one or two days everyone feels like being isolated and lonely and thinks the only one knows about him and his location is the interrogator.These feelings increase by interrogation and prison system and at last is only you that has to decide about you.For example in my case in 7th day i asked myself ; Does it worth my resistance or not? then i came to conclusion that first thing i have to get out of this isolated place and then think of what to do in defense of myself.Because in interrogation duration,there's no situation to defend yourself.And there's a time you stick in dichotomy and do not know if you have to resistance or you should find a way to get out of that stage."

But with a glimpse on confessions in the past thirty years and the components they are sharing we can see interrogators always have followed up special purposes and with different methods of torture been able to make prisoner confess and those purposes depends on political and social situation have been changed in all those years.But the thing that all confessions are sharing so far is interfering foreign governments or media directly.The most similar confessions to nowadays ones are confessions of bloggers case which happened five years ago and similarity reason is first of because targets were journalists,bloggers,etc and also time period which is not that far and also the political situation - dipole society that we are in it right now as well.In that case they have been made to confirm ,interfering of foreign powers and media and reformists faction and they have been asked directly and indirectly after releasing and when they were in prison to say those lies and have been threatened by their case judge if they do not co-operate , their family members and their own lives will be in danger.At the end when they went outside of Iran they said all world about their lies.In the current situation what certainly is a big help for IR is that they need some journalistس,blogger and writers who have supported reformists and have two citizenship like Maziar Bahari.The advantage is they are related to reformists faction as well as one other foreign country and they can give coup government what they are looking for.

So part one -confessions common component will lead to part two-interrogator's purpose and this fact shows us it is not happening randomly and whole project is expertly organized.

Recent confessions refer these two points:

-Reformists faction venture to perform " Velvet Revolution "
-Relationship between people who have made confessions and foreigners or foreign media like BBC,CNN,etc or getting influenced by them to advance reformer's goals.

Part of Maziar Bahari's confessions which is published in Fars news agency site obviously validates above points.He says " political party which believes in " Velvet Revolution " always introduce itself as election's winner and emphasizes anything else to happen to election result would be fraud and western medias try to support that faction and make people accept above theory.
In case if the faction who has claimed to be election's winner would not announced as winner in election results , they will make rumors about fraud election and use illegal demonstrations and civil disobedience to get to its goal.They have to find their goals on the streets which is happened in recent election and the main ring in that chain is revoking the Election. "
Another decisive reason which confirms that all those confessions are planned is publishing articles with same subjects on hard-liners and government supporters sites and in their newspapers just few days before we read or watch the confessions and somehow they were predicting everything that was suppose to happen since a week before election and were making people ready to accept it but they were not successful to do that so far.
About these confessions being useless which so many journalists tried to write about it and make it clear after 2009 election,there is something that needs to be mentioned and that is almost majority of political analysts from the very first days according to cracking down people severely by coup government ,predicted,one of their main purposes is to create high rate fear in protesters and repress them and by beating them on the street and even shooting them they only are able to create the physical fear but to be successful in a political project like coups,they have to consider
psychological aspects as well which Islamic Republic is so expert in that field and to make that mental fear they need those confessions and immediately afterward group executions.

At last we come to this conclusion that IR does not want to introduce them as truth because they already know major part of society do not believe in them and will not accept those confessions and they are just following up their main purposes:

1)Repression and after that removing government opposition faction's political activists and leaders which will be available through confession false documents which emphasis on velvet revolution with help of western governments and medias and by making them related to foreigners and act against national security they even will be able to issue execution sentence for some of them.

and because removing political activists and leaders is not enough for them to get to their goals,here is the second purpose;

2)cracking down the mentioned major part of society that do not believe in them by creating physical and mental fear atmosphere.

And finally this general conclusion:Coup government just looking for its planned specified goals and does not care about lies(If lie was a big issue to them they definitely would not have such a huge lie like 24,000,000 votes and some more in their history) and they do not see it as an obstacle to continue their dictatorship government .In the history we can see all the dictatorship governments ruled their countries by lying,fraud and creating fear atmosphere and of course, eventually they all have eliminated by people.At the moment all these false confessions give Islamic-dictatorship government of Iran what it is looking for but coup d'etat government is too busy to consider the time period and level of people's awareness and the quantity of technology they are using against government and that was their main failure's reason so far and will be in future and this is a reason their dictatorship government will not last long and will be less than any other dictator government.



A French university student(girl) was arrested the first July on charges of espionage. This was announced by the Foreign Ministry in Paris which immediately protested to the authorities Iran asking for the immediate release of young.


A horror without end...


Beppe said...

Hi Saeed, the italian version of the blog doesn't let me write a normal name/url comment, it need an account. However i write it here:

Thank you so much for the poem..then i see it only in the italian space and i think it is a very nice thought.
Very nice is the way you are not only giving important news but also cultivating a "personal" realtionship with the friends who visit and care about you from all around the world.

I'm waiting for strong decisions by the G8 and for positive notes from your national strike..i'm waiting and dreaming the day you are fighting for..until that day remember that you can always express yourself using the language of poetry. Even in this deadly dinner, it allows us to hear your disperation as to see the dawn rising in your heart.

I'm always with you and your team,

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