Sunday, July 19, 2009

English translations - Meeting of Iran Sec Forces Commanders farsi audio!

Please keep in mind 'they' means Basidj / police / guards They WANT to develop strategy to defeat the protests based on size, composition, locations, the leader of the protests!

THEY ARE USING HEZBOLLAH WOMEN to get inside riots without people know!


1) They don't have good communication between them. To report where protests are and to whom it should be reported!

2) Person who reports the protests 2 them, should know how to say it so they don't panic if it is not a huge protest! DUMB

3) They want to identify the kind [small, big, students, random people] protest & assigned priority to each of the riots .

4) They think they can easily control the most protests because of lack of leadership & organization!

They want Within themselves people who can control/lead/ make decisions to disperse the protests in any ways .

6) They, themselves don't have a common strategy ahead of time to handle riots before happening. They need to be able to tell the difference between the protesters & the observers of riots

7) They see 2 kinds of riots 1) All people are protesters 2) some are protesters & others are observers .

8) They want to play with people's emotions & take away their confidence. Which is half of the work to stop the riots. They use Mental &emotional [psychological] ways to stop rioters,through media/whatever,would do 1/2 work to stop riots .

They want to know kinds of rioters 2 help to stop them sooner. ex: if students coming to Tehran, stop their bus on the way!

10) They need to be able to know what kind of weapons protesters are using! [Stones,]

They want to have a common tactics for Decision making & leading the guards/basidj/police in & outside of the protest .

12) They need better leadership in their [basidj/guards/police] system .

They want to have secret locations to regroup in case protesters take over the police/basidj depts .

14) They want to use the Traffic Cameras in the intersections to control & know the locations of riots .

They want to use psychological & mental tricks on people to CALM & CONTROL the protesters .

They don't want to corner the protesters. Keep riots out in open, so when arresting rioters, the rest will run away! Because When they corner protesters & arresting some, the rest of protesters will respond back & create violence.

They don't want to Bring dangerous Weapons that make the rioters more aggressive & defensive [Psychological game] EX:Students/ Young protesters will get more defensive seeing basidj with deadly weapons, They want to ACT stronger like a hero!

PSYCHOLOGICAL GAME: play with protesters mind, be calm & friendly with protesters .

They say Some protesters are very religious. Use religion to make those protesters side with basijs .

20) They used "Hezbollah" women in university /hospitals as spies to "help" injured rioters & got info on rioters .

21) The Don't want to KEEP detainees in known locations: lots of families & others gathering outside, hard to control them! Prevent people & family of detainees gatherings out side of prisons by not letting them know where detainees are kept.

22) THEY want to PAY lots of money to SOME BASIJ to become "PHOTOGRAPHER", get into universities/hospitals & spy on rioters .

23) They want to PAY SOME BASIJ to be "PHOTOGRAPHER", also to control the media & controlling the photos being published .

Kerman, Khorasan, Seistan, & Baluchistan Cities/Borders needs to strength their guards & security!

"Feed the Hand" by Forbidden"


Anonymous said...

It is hardly to believe that something like this comes out just like that.
As we know they do thier best (killing, beating, arresting and turturing) to scare the people.
I think this is another tactic to scare the people and take them out of the streets.
We need to be smarter than spreading what THEY like to.


Anonymous said...

Someone should put pictures of the faces of the bassidj taken during their violence,
on the internet (like the iran gov put pictures of protesters on the internet)
Patrick (belgium)

Anonymous said...

please put Farsi version of this text in your blog so people can copy and send it to the others.

Anonymous said...

do you know for which time this audio is?

Anonymous said...

Heard this was from 1999 crackdown.
Can anyone confirm ?

Anonymous said...

latest info is that the recording was made in 2003, but that does not make it less relevant.


Another horrible story...

An Basij said that he had raped young women sentenced to the gallows, to circumvent the prohibition of executing Muslim women, when they are still virgins. In a shocking interview with the "Jerusalem Post", a member of the paramilitary militias that have been in the forefront in the beatings and repression of protests in recent days in Tehran, told the chilling 'modus operandi' of the Iranian regime. The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said that they have earned, when he was just 18 years, "the honor 'of currently married young women before the death sentence." "The night before-told-you ordered the 'ceremony': the girls are forced to have sexual intercourse with one of Secondin in fact are raped by the 'husband'." Looking backward to events, the man said to prove remorse "even if the marriages were legal." "The girls were more terrorized by the "wedding night" that from which they waited overnight. We fought with all their might, and so we had to put the sleeping pill in food. The next day, had an expression astonished: it was as if they were ready or wanted to die." "I remember having heard crying and yelling after (the rape) was done. Do not ever forget a girl who scratch your face and neck with fingernails. After it was scratched all over."

Anonymous said...

This is from 1999

Anonymous said...

I will try to answer your questions regarding this post.

1. Here is the original audio files in Farsi:

2. This is a two day training seminar held in 1999 following the protest and the massacre at student dormitory in Tehran. What is important is that anyone who has been watching 2009 events cannot deny after listening to these audio that the government security forces have followed the same training manual. If anything they probably have fine-tuned these tactics to include advances in communications technologies, for example, Face Book, Twitter, etc. The inclusion of tracking software in Nokia mobile phones or Siemens is one examples.

Please wake up people. Instead of doubting the authenticity of these audios or questioning the timing and motive for leaking these tapes, pay attention to what is happening in the streets of Iran. Pay attention to the fact that what is happening in 2009 is not new. The struggle to break free from this oppressive government in Iran has been going on for a long time and yet people have not succeeded. Ask yourself why and then you may start having an open mind and you will find part of the answer in these audio files. These files are the tip of a sinister iceberg. For every person we saw beaten, murdered, and arrested there are thousands that we have not and will never see.

3. Listen to tape # 6 (it is a long one), # 7 and # 8. You will then understand that this is for real and if you still have any doubt, you can check the name of people who are speaking on these audio. Many of these people are still in-charge today. You will hear on these tapes that government pay its thugs sizable salary, bribe them with gifts and free trips. I am sure same people on these audios are still working today. They are paid well for their criminal acts all at the expense of honest and hard working Iranians who are being rubbed of their national wealth, their dignity, their individual rights and freedom and often are paying with their blood.

4. Those of you who still have doubt about authenticity of these tapes, please listen to tape #1. They are showing a film of the bloody day and night at the student dormitory in 1999. And in Tape # 7 you hear how they obtained the film. They paid a student 100,000 Toman to film that for them. You will then realize why it is important for any Iranian who put his or her life on the line and dares to go to the street must do it wisely. He or she must recognize that there may be a government informant among them. So please people do not lose focus and question timing of these audios, instead try to study the tactic of your mafia government and be smarter than the government thugs.

5. To Reader Majid who says he has hard time to believe the timing of release of these tapes: These tapes were not released recently. They have been out there for a while. They are being published again to remind people what they are dealing with.

6. To those who are wondering who released them and why: Government pays its thugs well. If one of these thugs who is motivated by nothing but money get a better deal someplace else, would it be hard to believe that he would take it? Or if he was reprimanded by government would he not try to get even?

I ask everyone to please keep your eyes on the real problem that is a government that works like drug cartel. And please pass this on to your fellow citizens in Iran who are in the middle of this struggle and let them decide for themselves whether listening to these audios have any benefit for them.

-YT said...

The audio in question apparently belongs to meeting after 18 Tirt of 1998 student uprising in which REZAIE, the spokesman, used to be the commander [Sardar]. The entire audio file can be listened to at:


René O'Deay said...

There's some blogs out there IDing basiji

BTW, I saw some tweets that maybe Basiji are quitting en masse.

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