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Iran Uprising Blogging: Latest Updates...

  • After the election some of religious resources have decided to move to Najaf!
It’s been said after the recent indidents in Iran, several of religious referances have decided to permanently move to Nahaf, Iraq.Fraction new station states, one of Shie online sources says: “ It has been estimated these people, will finalize their decisions in the next couple of days.”I must add some of the recent decisions in the government and parliament have played a big role in this decision.This reliable source adds: “ recent news states Najaf domain and others around them have stated their state of joy, and are ready to be welcoming them to their town.”
in another hand they have extremely reacted towards Mshai being introduced as the vice president of Iran, and have announced it to be illigal.

  • Shadi Aadr has been released!
couple of hours ago Shadi Sadr was released after 11 days in Evin prison. Despite the authorities telling her family she was going to be released at 6 p.m., she got home a couple of hours the time of her arrival, her family were planning a welcoming party for her, which made them all really happy and excited.
it seems she was released a little earlier, to avoid crowding in front of Evin prison by her friends and family.


  • National security commissioner and foreign affairs representative states, Tehran's Parliament have reported of 140 people being released from Evin prison and stated only 150 remain imprisoned.
In an an interview with Mehr online newspaper's reporter Doctor Kazem Jalali reported from yesterday's meeting that was specifically put together for recent arrests and stated: " although in this meeting we have been told to encounter recent prisoners with Islamic laws, about 140 of them are being released today."

He also made a point of 150 of them remaining in prison and said: "in regards to prosecutors' statement, and the evidence in hand, they were armed of and have destroyed public and personal properties around town.he also stated, we are hoping to get their sentences in the near future.

he said 50 of these people are political prisoner and some are from different partitions against IRI, and other foreign prisoners are proven to have a hand in recent riots.


  • Kazem Jalali, stated the ones remained in prison are anti-Islamic, and have had a major role in recent riots. and also stated they have destroyed public properties and have played a role in riots and recent scares.
Ahmad Khatami, had asked the authorities to "encounter with leaders of riots, which have been planned by USA and Israel."
Saeed Mortazavi has promised to get to their cases as soon as possible and give his final verdict in the near future.
They have announced that 300 people are imprisoned at the moment, but Human Rights activists state the number has to be much larger than stated.

  • In a recent signed statement about 150 of Iran's lawyers have asked for the freedom of 3 of their colleagues who are still in detention.The statement reads as follows:
Iran's protests has also seen the arrest of noblemen and lawyers. thos statrted when one of the best lawyers in Iran Abdolfatah Soltani was arrested in his firm, only 3 days after the election, but it did not end there. later on Mohammad Ali Dadkhah a human rights activist as well as a wonderful lawyer was arrested accompanied by his coworkers.
The worrisome new we have heard about him and not being able to contact him has his family extremely worried.
By signing this statement we all ask the authorities to stop making false cases against lawyer and many writers who have peacefully defended their client in regards to finding him in possession of handgun and drug, because this is against humanity.
On the other hand Shadi Sadr has also been brutally attacked and arrested by plain clothes and we have no news as for her current condition.

  • Yesterday, after the parliament's meeting Behrroz JAvid Tehrani, was brutally beaten and transferred to ward 5 of Gohardasht prison. it has been said that he was transferred so Human rights who had gone to visit ward 1 in Gohardasht prison. His family were able to visit him, and state torture marks have been noticed around his body.
  • Ali Kalai a committee member of Human rights , weblog writer and a student activist was once again summoned to Enghelab court and has a court date for september 25th (4 mehr) at 9:30 a.m. he was first arrested in 2007 (1386) and was released after 57 days in Evin prison which he spent 36 of them in solitary confinement.
  • 16 days have passed since the arrest of Kaveh Mozaffari on july 9th around Enghelab sq and the condition of his case remains unknown. in the past couple of days he was transferred from ward 240 of Evin prison to ward 7 of Andarzgah solitary.
Although he remains prohibited from visits has has some minimal contacts with his family. he was arrested while he was driving his mother-in-law to the hospital and was taken to Zhandarmeri detention facility for further questioning. his accusations include: "riot against national security, acting against police's wish and destroying public. properties. at this point many who have been arrested within the first week have court dates for the next couple of weeks and might get sentenced without having the chance to defend themselves.

  • Waht goes on in women's prison?
Mahboobe abbas gholizadeh an activist who had spent some time in ward 209 of Evin prison states: " cells are like 3 by 2 rooms with a small bathroom in one side and green colored cement walls. showers are in the beginning of the corridor ad all together it was a u shaped hallway. she continues: "the in the same hallway we you could see the guard's room that had a TV and teapot in it."
Mahboobeh, who had spent 2 weeks in this ward says the solitary area consists of several small rooms, with metal doors which no one knew what's going on behind, the bathrooms were also in the area so during that time the prisoner would not even get to go out for anything. but there is a small garden in the begging of it that holds the only clean water within ward 209. with all that said it seems that all others that are not even in solitary would be in a bad condition due to the size of their cells, not having clean air and not even being able to get clean water.

  • Mostafa Ahookhosh, another of Ahvaz university students has been arrested.
he was threatened yesterday during a phone conversation with the security forces to turn himself in. this happened while 2 other students with the names of Saeed Shojayizadeh and Khsoro Musavi are still imprisoned and their conditions are unknown. according to Fars news yesterday their families were informed of their transfer to Ahvaz from Tehran and were told they are dong pretty good.Ahvaz university authorities will not take responsibility and have only stated they were arrested by the militia.
  • 5 guys who have been arrested last year in Kurdistan have been accused of Moharebeh (act or fight against GOD) in Sanandaj Enghelab court on Sunday 26 July .Their families are worried about them because they would be sentenced to death by Sharia law for being accused of Moharebeh crime.
  • Based on received news from released detainees who were kept in Kahrizak camp , the health conditions of detainees have been so awful and they even haven't had enough oxygen to breath as these camp had been built for addicted people and it was unused for sometimes and just some of addicted who are dieing and there is no hope for them to live have been keeping there , this camp is actually out of order and also this camp is ruling under direct inspection of General Radan and reportedly ,he was going to this camp during the past few weeks by helicopter and was beating up and torturing detainees by himself and arrested people just 2 days before getting released were transferring to Evin and during the time that they were in Kahrizak ,they were kept in an unhygienic environment despite of all their injuries.
  • Kahrizak camp(detention)was closed.Kahrizak is the detention which Khamenei ordered it to be closed because of lack of necessary conditions for detainees rights.
  • According to the news 140 people were released yesterday but non of them are the famous political activists .
  • Following disputes between Mohseni Ejeiee and Hosseinian with parallel information authorities and dismissing of Mohseni Ejeiee, all the security responsibilities will be provided to Ahmad Salek former representative of leadership in Intelligence protection of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Hossein Taeb former commander of Intelligence protection of Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
  • Hassan Salehzadeh ,Saqezi teacher was arrested on 13 July and after few days being in detention and when he was supposed to be released and in the prison's yard while he was going to door to go out to his family ,he was arrested again and transferred to prison! He is accused to act against national security but there is no evidence to prove this charge in his case.He just demanded for Farzad Kamangar and other imprisoned teachers to be released in Saqez teachers gatherings.
  • Ali Maghami was arrested for the second time after election on Monday evening 27 July .
He was a active member in Karoubi campaign and he was arrested for the first time during the first week after election but released 3 days after being in detention but this time he was missing since Monday evening and by following up by his family , they recognized that he is in jail again.


  • Hossein Akhatr Zand who was killed by Basij forces on 15 June in Isfahan actually was thrown down by them from third floor and despite all the efforts people did to save him from Basijis and bring him to hospital ,he died the same night that he was thrown down in hospital and in front of his mother,brother and sister's eyes.
  • Head of Education Office in Tehran city : for Islamic trainings we will install surveillance cameras in schools.
He added : I don't think that installing cameras will cause any kind of limitation for students and actually it will help them to be in a more secure place to educate in and we just got some problems about some girl schools where the girl students have no hijab inside classrooms and are free to act in schools and it makes us to be unable to install the cameras in those kind of schools and there is also not any restrictions in law to prohibit us from doing it.

  • Some authorities and to do more censor ordered newspapers booth and kiosks not to put critical newspapers such as Etemade melli ,Etemad ,Aftabe Yazd and Sedaye Edalat(which is banned yesterday) in front of their kiosks and in a place where can be seen easily.And this order was done on Monday 27 July in Tehran ,specially in sensitive areas of city .
  • Hossein Akbari is one of those people who was killed by security forces after arresting during the unrests in the first week after election and his family could not get any news about him by referring to Evin and Enghelab court till 21 July but they have been called on 22 July to go to Imam Khomeini hospital and take their son's body. His funeral was on 26 July .
  • Saeed Abbasi 27-year-old was shot dead in head on 20 June and in front of his father's eyes.
His body was delivered to his family only after charging them an amount of money and also an assurance stating that the do not have any complaints and when some agents went to their house after funeral to give their condolence ,his family were told if they want to use martyr organization benefits they have to admit their son was killed by rioters(people)but his family reaction was to drive them out.


  • Mansour Ghoujazadeh a young guy from Khoy city(north of Iran) was killed by plain-clothes in Tehran's demonstrations.His death reason was because of hard and severe beatings.His funeral was very quite and even many people didn't know how he was killed.And all these happens because of Khoy city being a small,limited city and security control can be performed easily and that's why peopel are afraid and are not able to complain.


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Saeed, what you're doing is extraordinary and brave. It shows how brave and truthfull inranian movement is in defying the Evil and fighting for freedom and democracy. I am certain, in a very near future, you and all iranians will be rewarded with joy and happiness they deserve for having democracy and a peacefull land for generations to come.

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