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Who is Mortazavi ,the executioner who gives order in Tehran?

  • Current repression executive man of arrested journalists and protesters in Tehran , has black background in human rights violations.Saeed Mortazavi,Tehran prosecutor manages repression from June 13 in Tehran.He has issued arrest warrant for everyone who is considered "suspected" by information Ministry officers and court prosecutor.He prepares cases and specifies detained charges and leads interrogation.According to his background we know that he is actively and directly participating in interrogation.

In 1967, Saeed Mortazavi was born in the city of Meibod.His elementary and secondary education finished in Meibod.Became a Basij member to get into university,He got into Azad university of Taft with no entrance exam and just by using the Basij quota.In 1986,started his job as an assistant in judiciary and after a while became Shahr Babak city's president of justice.He quickly recognized that for some one like him the best way to climb to the top is to get close to "Islamic Mo'talefeh" who were managing judiciary.He went to Tehran and from 1994 employed by judiciary political deputy.After sometime he head of branch No.9 of public court and then transferred to branch No.34 Judicial Complex for Government Employees.But he being "Judge Mortazavi"is coming from beginning of Reform era.He had a key rule to trample"press buds".Being head of branch No.1410 "press court" led him to become famous as"press executioner" by banning hundreds of newspapers and arresting tens of journalists.

Tehran prosecutor who gives law lessons in journalism school since 2004,in his new responsibility also kept continuing repression politics of journalists and press .He keeps imprisoned journalists in solitary cells and trials them behind closed doors.Two United Nations Special Rapporteurs,Amibi Ligabo and Loui Juane, have given testimony on arbitrary arrests and the matter of press in 2005.Earlier Special Representative of the UN Human Rights Commission ,Moris Capitorn had asked Iranian authorities to dismiss him from all judicial responsibility.

One of Saeed Mortazavi's specialty in interrogations which has been approved repeatedly by detainees is using all the tools to mentally and psychologically harass prisoners and put them under pressure.

Saeed Mortazavi is one of the main persons in charge of Zahra Kazemi,Iranian-Canadian photographer journalist's murder in 2003.Zahra Kazemi was arrested on 23-06-2003 when she was taking photos of prisoners relatives gathering in front of Evin prison.She was beated in detention and died of beating impacts on 11 July 2003 in Great Baqiyat Allah Militia hospital.In June ,Lorance Canon,Canada minister of foreign affairs announced"Two research and review reporters have confirmed that Saeed Mortazavi has issued detention order of Zahra Kazemi which caused her to be tortured and murdered".Saeed Mortazavi has forged and manipulated the government document to hide his role in this murder.Canada repeatedly asked Iran to research and review Zahra Kazemi's case seriously.

In 2004 and in a story known as "Bloggers case" which was done under Saeed Mortazavi guidanc, journalists and bloggers-Omid Memarian,Ruzbeh Mirebrahimi,Javad Gholam Tayamomi and Shahram Rafizadeh after being under torture and getting threatened in detention had to confess in a fake interview.

Shahram Rafizadeh,one of the "defendants" was a journalist in Etemad newspapers who was in solitary cell and under harsh conditions from October to December 2004.This Iranian author and poet says about Mortazi's role to Reporters Without Border"in our case he had the main role in all stages,detention, torture and compulsory confessions.But there were two things that he did directly in our case.First:After our formal freedom, three times he summoned us to his office and threatened us to repeat all compulsory confessions that we had made in prison in front of journalists or he will arrest us again and this time will charge us with a long time prison of a twenty years or more and we will be in prison for the rest of our lives and also threatened us if we don't co-operate,he will arrange a fake driving accident for us or one of our family members.He told us this"fake confession"would be your trial and if you say what i told you in front of journalists you can have hope in system(government) Islamic kindness and get back to your normal lives otherwise living in a normal situation will be taken away from you.Second:He wanted us to help him to get out of his personal problem about Zahra Kazemi and confess that she came to Iran because of one of the reformer persons in charge.

  • On 19 of March,Omid Reza Mir Sayafi,The young blogger died in Evin prison because of irresponsible prison's in charge persons.He was arrested and imprisoned by Mortazavi's order. Reporters Without Borders in its first communique demanded for an independent commission to investigate about his murder.

  • Today this is so clear that how he(Saeed Mortazavi) is treating arrested journalists in dark 209 unites of Evin prison.

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Anonymous said...

Nice fellow.......... But remember, he and many others will pay for the crimes against Human Rights.

Andrea said...


Anonymous said...

what is wrong with the site? Looks completley different?
Looks like you lost the layout!

Hope all is well Saeed

Beppe said...

I saw some negative comments about the layout of the blog but, honestly, i like much more this new style..i think it is more ordered (even if the content matter:).

I'm always following you Saeed and waiting for the national strike that seems very well organized (respecting all the laws of your country)!

*Green Hugs to your team and your people*

Anonymous said...

Saeed Aziz,
"All we want is a better world"...I like your stationary sloagan...Impressive:)
The looks of your new blog page is very professional and organized as truly a journalistic approach should be. Bravo with the new BRANDING and the sloagan...Really nice from a humble Marketer!

May you always be Red with life's excitement and happiness:-) And smell the good aroma of coffee in the mornings...:)))


The videoclip "United for Neda"

Anonymous said...

This man,Mortazavi, is known and remembered here in Canada. In the city of Montreal, Zahra Kazemi's home we remember the name and the face of her murderer. One day Mortazavi will be tried for all of the deaths and misery he is responsible for. Would that day be sooner rather than later for surely he will murder many more.

Anonymous said...

Dear Saeed, thank you for all your help. we look forward to reading your news all the time.
Down ith EVIL REGIM of iran, Down with Khamenei, ahmadinejad and Basiji.
The whole world has its eyes open and knows what this FASCHIST ISLAMIC REGIM has done to our people from young to old and to our land and our freedom. The whole world knows these animals are desperate to their teeth trying to show everything from their FILTHY, BLOODY views so that they can fool the world another few days or months and continue to kill and torture thousands of innocent people whose only request is freedom and justice. These FILTHY VAMPIRES WHO SUCK YOUNG PEOPLES BLOOD will be destroyed soon like all those with similar faith in history. These animals do not understand that when a regime has to continuously torture and kill its own people for no reason with thousands of horrific evidences , then are worse than EVIL MUDDLED IN THEIR OWN DIRTY TRICKS, they should be counting any minute a blessing to still continue butchering innocent lives. EVIL REGIM, THE WORSE DICTATORSHIP IN THE HISTORY WILL BE VANISHED FROM THE EARTH SOON, ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME. TELL ISLAMIC BARBARISM ITS OVER. LONG LIVE OUR BEAUTIFUL BRAVE PEOPLE OF IRAN. WE PRAY FOR YOU.

Roby from Italy said...

We will remember forever Mr. Mortazavi, another dirty pig fascist.
Stop to the dictatorship in Iran

Anonymous said...

Dear Saeed,
This is very powerful video is for you and the people in Iran, from Canada.

Stay safe.

In hope and unity.

Anonymous said...

Saeed Mortazavi: You are a bastard who has been raped by Mullahs. But in stead or revenging Mullahs to deal with trauma now you kill innocent people. You are not more than a serial killer who get license from Mullahs who raped you.

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