Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mir Hossein Mousavi & his wife Zahra Rahnavard visited Ms Fahimi!

13 july!
Mousavi is quite...

  • Parvin Fahimi says that earlier she was extremely distraught. But now she's glad that Sohrab's death (the spilling of his blood) is helping pave the way. She says it's amazing how brave and patient the kids are who attended the demonstrations... She had hoped that her son was in prison. That he would be released soon, be able to go to school and have a future. Unfortunately they (the regime) does not even know how to deal with a 19 year old.

I'm angry with them because they kept giving me the run around; for a long time, sending me to different places. I will revenge my child. I will revenge his death because they spilled his blood needlessly. My child went out with just a green ribbon. The green ribbon was his voice. But they had everything: guns, batons, electric batons, etc... They purposely forced some of the kids into less crowded areas so they could kill them. That way they would not be able to go out to demonstrate anymore. I do not like to see the youth's blood spilled. They should be allowed to rally and express themselves. Now the whole world knows. They will not get away with this. Justice always prevails.

As you know, we ourselves (she's including Mr. & Mrs. Mousavi) were kids during the Shah's time. I myself used to go to demonstration rallies, majority of which were organized by or attended by Mr. Taleghani, Mr. Montazeri, and Mr. Khomeini and we succeeded. Now too people will succeed. They will support each other and reach their goal. I just want to say that I'm proud (of her son) and thank you very much for your visit and your kindness.

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Janetta said...

Mashallah, May Allah bless her.
I feel for this poor woman and I admire her strenght.

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