Wednesday, July 8, 2009

From "Kindness" to "sympathy and accompany"

By:Ayda Kiani

  • How good it is that we've just learned the mottoes from civic life and with shouting them in the national media make millions of people laugh around the world.
Truly, the largest circus in the world has performance every day in Iran and by recording it and sending it on air , make people's brains torpid and paralyzed and sometimes causes hysteric laughter because of disability.Disability to deal with liars whom have looted people in the past last century with different names and by disrespecting people's basic needs and just considering their own benefits have started the next day with a new joke and a new lie.

Ahmadinejad's speech about democracy,Free elections ,ability to criticize government , Not to making the current Iran social and cultural and educational to police(militia)atmosphere and many many more lies once again and for 10th times made everyone laugh around the world.
However four years before no one trusted him but this time his lies shot in everyone's head with a greater intensity because during these time he made himself naked in front of everyone and by telling all those lies once again tried to tell people that they all are quite stupid.

And how beautiful it is to call each government by a nice word and start ruling the country by putting that name on our government even without knowing the meaning of the word and believing in it.
HE called his new government as "sympathy and accompany" ,what a meaningful name!!
And in the last days of 9th government we can see a combination of "sympathy and accompany" and 9th government's name "Kindness" in security force's treatment with people in front of Evin prison and Revolution court in a non-police atmosphere of Tehran city.
In a way they are kind to people and treat them with sympathy ,they can not get up on their feet!
Few days ago they were too kind to Masoud Bastani who did not have any news for more than 20 days from his pregnant wife,Mahsa Amr Abadi and treat him with lots of sympathy in Ahmadinejad Islamic government's way and arrested him as well to prove that they need to trust youth more!!

Truly,all the word's meanings are changed in Islamic republic dictionary and people's "equality" before the Islamic law(anti-law) is another word which Ahmadinejad by emphasizing on "Being against petrifaction" used it as a joke to make people laugh again.

Tomorrow July 9th is 10th anniversary of attack to Tehran University dormitory in 1999 and people with out considering word's changed meanings , disconnecting of SMS service , air pollution ,past four years of "kindness" and next four years of "sympathy " will "Accompany" each other and will go to streets because they owe Tehran University student's movement in 1999 and people's current movement kind of is continuation of that one.And they will keep memory of imprisoned,tortured and killed people alive forever.

With hope of a day which is not July 9th;A day which people would not get imprisoned or tortured like Ahmad Batebi;A day which no body would be murdered like Akbar Mohammadi and a day which FREEDOM means FREEDOM.

As long as there is a dictator,everyday is July 9th and everyone is in prison,tomorrow hand in hand we will continue the way that we've started and give the meanings of words back to them.


Anonymous said...

Well said Saeed! I so hope that many many people will go to the streets tommorrow and not let fear drive them into hiding.

Fear is often a bad counsellor. The dictator knows this, for fear is the only thing keeping him in power.

And so on the day that the free-minded people of Iran overcome their fear, standing together with one voice under Allah the Great, they will overcome the dictator and liberate themselves.

I look forward to this day!

Megan said...

If it was not for innocent lives being lost for the past thirty years, this would be a horror movie with bad actors so bad that is almost comedy. My heart aches as I read and helplessly watch events in Iran.

These clowns calling themselves Ayatollahs and their errand-boy, Ahmadinajad, have their heads so high up their ass they cannot see anything but their own shit. I have news for them sooner or later they will find themselves hiding in a hole just like Saddam Hussein.

We had a good laugh when Ahmadinajad was thoroughly humiliated at Colombia University in New York. It was painful to watch him not understanding that he was being ridiculed. He looks like a pathetic mouse, a Nobody, who wants to be grand. He beats big empty drum to get noticed. Someone needs to put this guy and his puppet master, the Supreme Moron, out of their misery and save humanity. Every time they open their foul mouths they pollute plant earth. They are the bottom feeder and insult to human intellect. I cannot believe Iranians have put up with their nonsense for so long.

Unfortunately, we have a rock and roll president with hotdog diplomacy. His foreign policy is “not to get involved”. And he is getting a pass by electorate who has paid big in blood and treasure removing one butcher, the butcher of Baghdad.

Aaron said...

With all respect Megan,

The current mess in Iran is a direct outgrowth of unjustifiable US and UK foreign policy, ie 1953 CIA coup against democratically elected Mossadeq which in time led to the 1979 Iranian Revolution to overthrow the repressive Shah.

Without that coup there would probably not be an Islamic Republic of Iran. And quite likely, September 11 would be just another day.

"You reap what you sow".

Do you really think the solution is more interferring? How about Iraq and Afghanistan - would you call that a success story? Do you know how many innocent civilians have died in these conflicts? Or how many US soldiers?

Nationhood and sovereignty must be respected!

It is painful to watch events unfold in Iran, on that i agree with you. But that problem is not for any other people than the Iranians to solve.

We are seeing a courageous people rise up - it's inspirational. They will succeed without any other nations interferring.

Anonymous said...

Già la spudoratezza dei "dittatori" non ha fine. repressioni, anche se per altri motivi ma con uguali metodi ci sono in questi giorni in una regione della Cina,mentre le elezioni in Indonesia sembrano far sperare in tempi migliori.Anche da noi "c'è un'aria pesante.Almeno io la vedo così. Che questo anniversario vi dia voce e non si macchi di nuovo sangue. Difficile strada quella della libertà e del rispetto dei diritti umani :-( erica

Megan said...

Hey Aaron,
I do not want to debate U.S. foreign policy or my views on current U.S. administration on this blog. Struggle of Iranians are too sacred to me and, therefore, I do not want to shift the discussion to failed U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. If you want to debate me on failed U.S. foreign policy let’s do that in another blog and not here. I, however, would like to clarify a few points:

1. I never proposed military intervention in Iran; please do not twist my words. Intervention does not have to always be landing the Marines. In addition, Obama administration is too naive and too timid to take military action against any nation. Kim Jong Il knows that well.

2. Do not relate events of 1953 in Iran with September 11. You insult every Iranian with that remarks. Perpetrators of September 11 were Arabs not Persians. September 11 was the consequence of failed U.S. policy in Palestine.

3. Russia (Soviet Union in 1953) has always looked at Iran as the gateway to Persian Gulf and U.S. has always tried to block that. In 1953 U.S. blocked Russian successfully. Khrushchev once said Iran was a rotting apple and they would pick it when it fell from the tree. They are doing that now by being in bed with mullahs.

3. U.S. administrations (republican and democrats) in the past 100 years have consistently failed to be on the right side of history with regard to Iran. I do not expect anything different especially from current incompetent administration.

Again, I will not change the focus on this blog from current struggle in Iran and bravery of the Iranians to quash oppression. I will not respond to your comments anymore whatever they may be.

Anonymous said...

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