Friday, July 10, 2009

The Guards are speaking arabic!?

The Guards are speaking arabic!
July 9, at night!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Saeed,

Thank you so much that you keep us informed here in Europe. There is so little information otherwise. Thank you Iranians for being so courageous and fighting aginst this cruel regime. I hope there will be change in Iran sooner or later. and I hope it will not cost too much bloodshed. I think about the brave Iranian people all the time, you are in my heart and mind. I'm married to my Iranian husband for a long time now and in my heart I'm with you. The one thing I can do is protesting here in Europe, which I actually did. I hope I can visit Iran again after the new revolution. It's too long ago since I have met my family in law over there.


PS: that is really my Iranian name, which I chose for my Iranian wedding. I'm more proud about it now.
Take care!

Anonymous said...

i CAN NOT HEAR THEM at all, BUT in any case i THINK (sorry caps) they could just as well be from Khuzestan or Hormozgan where Arabic is spoken. Just because they speak Arabic does not mean they are not Iranians!!! I am from Khuzestan (not Arab-speaker, but I grew up there)

iransin said...

the hezbollah thugs-to-be go to Iran for training as a matter of routine. i have it from a solid connection in the Lebanon that the groups that had gone for training to Iran just before and since the recent election, have not gone back to the Lebanon.


An Italian newspaper wrote that in Iran there are Hamas'warriors from Gaza who want return the favor with Iran for the financial support granted

neda said...

yep..they're clearly speaking arabic...shame on them, invading our country again!

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