Saturday, July 11, 2009

Interview with Rachele Gonnelli From L'Unità (An Italian Newspaper)!

Sono tanti i camuffamenti di Saeed. Nell’album del suo profilo su Facebook si vede lo stesso ragazzo con le...con i capelli lunghi e ricci, corti e decolorati, dritti per il gel. Saeed è anche su Twitter e ha sempre il suo blog, Revolutionary Road, tradotto...rappresenta. Al momento soltanto il blog Revolutionary Road e le pagine Facebook Saeed Valadbaygi e Saeed Valadbaygi II, sono da noi confermati come fonte ufficiale delle nostre notizie e...
10 July 2009
published on National edition (page 25) “Overseas” section



Hi Saeed

You are a great person!!!


Tehran police is planning to set up a 50,000-strong special constable-like force called the 'honorary police officers' to provide assistance to the police support units.
Tehran Police Chief Brigadier General Azizollah Rajabzadeh revealed the plans during a press conference on Friday.
"After selection and training, these individuals will be equipped and deployed in police stations and with police support units," Rajabzadeh said, Jam-e-jam Online reported. The voluntary force will be set up first in Tehran, but according to Rajabzadeh the concept might be expanded nationwide."The police force seeks to utilize people's participation in ensuring security for themselves, and it is with this aim that we are trying to expand the honorary police force up to 300,000 throughout the country," he elaborated.

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