Monday, August 17, 2009

The desire which will never die...

  • Dear Friends; our group of friends are working hard to organize a General Strike in memory of 30th year of massacre in Kurdistan on Mordad 28th (August 19th). We are doing our best to resume to our normal activities soon. We will cover the news and events in regard to the General Strike in Kurdistan in the next few days...

  • What happened in Kurdistan's bloody summer?
In the recent years and in threshold of the 30th year attack of suppressor forces of the Islamic regime of Iran to Kurdistan; political organization along with many activists in different announcements and statements based on their class of thoughts and system; are asking people to react. Numbers of nationalistic groups in their announcements have asked people for General Mourn and 2 minutes silence by going to the martyr’s graves.

I proudly announce my support of summoning to General Strike, and I ask people to join others in masses for freedom and equality. Unity and correlation of people in Kurdistan on Mordad 28th (August 19th) can be an obvious prove of mass objection to the regime of terror, torture and execution. By closing down work places and schools or by protesting in alleys and streets, in any possible way we have to show our objection. And in the body of statements and announcements in factories, universities, and society; announce that we do NOT want the Islamic Republic in any shapes or colors.
However, this question remains in the mind of the young generation who have been informed and affected incorrectly by the cultural and other propaganda; what happened in Kurdistan? Why the people in Kurdistan are fighting against the regime?

During all these years, regime’s media along with the right parties in the society have attempt to show a picture of group of separatist, anti IRI and murders of people of Kurdistan. In this article I will try to demonstrate a picture of true Kurdistan and human disasters of Murdad 28th (August 19th) and after that, I will present the rest of the article based on statements and memories of my friends who have been there during the fight: Mohammad Asengaran, Selam Zaiji, Hosain Moradbaigi, Salah Irandoost and Ebrahim Alizadeh...

  • In memory of Mordad 28th (August 19th) and for the very first time in Kurdistan's political history,We released an album of group massacre which took place 30 Year ago!


René O'Deay said...

What a shock if everyone joined in!

Renegade Eye said...

I added at my blog, a feed to this blog.

René O'Deay said...

To Saeed Valadbaygi and Iranians,

To tell you the truth, I was unaware of Kurds, Kurdistan and Kurdish Iran, until US went into Iraq, and the Kurds there began to prosper in Iraq.

I do not remember any news coming out of Iran concerning this Holy War on Kurds Khomeini declared, nor the tragic results back in 1978-79-80.
Perhaps other Americans might remember. All we heard in the US media was about the US Embassy hostage situation.
All we American citizens knew was that Iran eagerly embraced Khomeini and his Islamic law and rule, and threw out the Shah and his progressive reforms.
Where all these conspiracy theories that the West and the US keeps fostering all these revolts in Iran come from, I can guess, comes from your own regime.
So many of you buy right into that, adamantly.

Nor did we hear of the broken promises.

All we knew is that Khomeini and Islamic is what Iranians chose. If our government and or its agencies knew any different, they did not choose to inform us.

Every question I have for you will probably offend you.

so I will leave it at that.
I wish you all love, and life and freedom.

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