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Iran Uprising Blogging...Thursday 27th August!

  • Khamenei : in the post-election events some crimes took place , we encounter but no need to propaganda
Supreme leader on Wednesday evening and in a group of university students said : in the post-election events some crime have happened in Kahrizak and Tehran university dormitory and have caused some people to die .Since the very first day we ordered to encounter with the authorized people whom are responsible in those crimes but there is no need for it to be on media.He continued : some people ignore the huge injustice which happened to people and regime and pretend that the main disasters are the crimes that have taken place at Kahrizak and Tehran university dormitory while this though ,itself is injustice and not fair.
  • Abdolfattah Soltani released
On Wednesday August 26th ,Abddolfattah Soltani ,a prosecution lawyer was released after 72 days being in jail.He has been released on 100 million Toomans(appr USD 100,000) bail bond.
  • Tajzadeh demanded Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani to be put on trial
Mostafa Tajzadej ,member of Participation party who has been arrested during the post-election riots , while accepted most of his charges and accusations ,several times indicated to effective role of Mehdi Hashemi Rafsanjani in planning and organizing the recent riots and has requested for him to be arrested and prosecuted as well.
  • Kamyab private sugar-cube factory workers protest to not getting paid
On Thursday about 20 of Kamyab sugar-cube factory workers in Khomeini Shahr city gathered in front of governor's office in Khomeini Shahr and protested over not getting paid for three months .Kamyab factory is the only private factory in the city and however it got some financial hardship but the primary materials for produce are available in factory and workers want to get back to work. Due to this protest a meeting held by the presence of workers representatives , governor's office authorities ,police and jon office to follow-up on this matter .
  • Acute physical condition of a prisoner student ward 209 of Evin prison
Mahsa Naderi 19-year-old student of Qom Mofid university is suffering form Severe discomfort in kidney and bladder infection.She has been in jail for almost 6 months now and 3 of these months has been in solitary and under severe tortures.Now she needs to use toilet freely but she is not not allowed to and even they don't let her to buy liquids to drink due to her physical condition.
  • Italian lawyers call against the violent repression in Iran and for respect to basic human rights of Iranian citizens
We announce our support ans sympathy for Iranian people due to violent repression , arresting and threats which have happened from government side and its oppressive forces after June 12 election.
Italian democrat lawyers will not withhold their supports for people who showed their objection in peaceful protests .We condemn any kind of violence against human and human basic rights .
  • Arresting of some election political activist in Mashhad
Farshad Azizi member of Mirhossein Mousavi campaign in Mashhad and Seyed Hasan Ahmadnejd member of student branch of Khorasane Razavi Participation front and some other election political activists have been arrested since Monday in Mashhad and have been transferred to an unknown detention.
  • Shahou Mohammadi ,Marivani student of Mashhad university got fired
Shahou Mohammadi ,final year degree student of genetics at Neishabour branch of Mashhad university deprived from education and fired from university.He has been accused of act against national security and condemned to three years imprison , He is in Sanandaj jail now.
  • Iranian Revolutionary Guards will buy Telecommunication Company of Iran in 20 days

Largest trading in Iran bourse history will be held at September 9th and corporation foundation of Iranian Revolutionary Guards has got some plans to form a consortium in this big deal and buys the share of 1+50 percent of Telecommunication Company of Iran.
Share of Telecommunication Company of Iran were supposed to transfer to private section previously and for 3 times but every time postponed with an excuse.
  • Strike of Pars wagon-making factory workers
workers of Pars wagon-making factory following the tension with owners and managers of factory about their delayed salaries , it is 5 days that have been on strike and on Tuesday August 25th they sat on the ground in the factory yard and blocked the entry gate of factory and prevented managers to get in .But the authorities threatened workers and specially who were on contract and even the permanent ones but despite of all threats they could not make workers to get back to work .They even promised to pay-appr USD 250-to each one for now while workers must be paid an amount of appr USD 1500-2800 .Workers announced that if factory managers continue their provocative decisions they will protest more serious .
  • An other killed person in recent events was buried in Kermanshah
Yesterday noon Mohammad Javad Parandakh an other killed in recent events was buried in Gilan-e Qarb in Kermanshah province.He was post graduate student in petroleum at Isfahan university who had participated in post-election protests in Isfahan.Bsed on unconfirmed news he was arrested by security forces and after few days his body was delivered to his family at morgue .At his funeral people chanted some protesting slogans and right now the city is under security atmosphere .His family also been told and under pressure by security organization not to hold ceremonies for him and announce car crash as the reason for his death .
  • Inhuman and heavy verdict for prisoner student
Hasan Tarlani 22-year-old student condemned to inhuman verdict of 10 years imprison and exile to Kerman prison.This verdict announced to his family and his lawyer on Tuesday August 25th .He is a political prisoners and had been accused of act against national security, propaganda against regime and Moharebe(fight against God) but he has denied all the these accusations.He also accused of relation with MKO.
  • Several worker activists from Sanandaj and Kamyaran summoned to court

Shaou Hossein Panahi whom had been summoned to court in relation of holding may day ceremony in Sanandaj this year , put on trial for third time.
On the other hand on Thursday August 27th 4 of coordination committee members afshin Nadimi , Kaveh Gol MOhammadi , Sho'aib Saberi and Azad Monirinia after two days of interrogation and mental and physical pressures in intellignce office transferred to Central prison of Sanandaj city.
Mehrdad Sabouri Member of coordination committee and Reza Gol Mohammadi and Farouq Moniri Nia have been released but on Saturday August 29th they have to be in the court of Kamyaran city .

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