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Iran Uprising Blogging...3rd August!

  • All regime's suppression forces have to be removed from factories
Current revolution against IR that has brought millions out to the streets has blown the horn on the end of IR's sovereignty. This situation has brought out a good opportunity for workers class to make a broad movement against IR.

Not only Working class like majority of people aren't afraid of IR, but they have not stopped fighting for their right against ingratitude and their indisputable rights. That is during the jurisdiction and to move forward with their targets have exploit their right and taken their power away. Islamic council and basij and others have ben brought to factories and used against workers. All misery, low income and aggression that IR has used against workers in many different forms, would not have been possible without the use of such force.

Suppressing forces and basij's hand has to be cut off from their organizations and all anti-worker organs have to be disbanded. This is an important step towards disturbing the regime and an effective action and interfere in recent political conditions and current revolution.

In current condition the possibility to export the suppressing forces from work environment is more than ever. Worker's movement is a more prominent movement than others, organization from workers and spectral formations have step up to the plate in and the possibility of people support is more than ever.

In this situation can and must make a move to export all suppression forces. We Are calling out for all workers nationwide to get ready in solidarity to cut these organizations from their work place. Leaders and activists of workers movement play an important role on throwing out the basij and other organizations, and dissolving Islamic council and such from work environments. All this can be done by passing out flyers, regular formation of public gatherings, formation of strikes in different ways and other ways to have the last word in their wishes and to get public and other organization's support in national and international range for this request.

We sees a broad movement a necessity to cut these organizations power over working class and in current political situation and to advance worker's movements against destroyed IR and We Are calling out to all advanced workers to put organizing this important move in their most important to do list.
  • Protests and severe conflict in different parts of Tehran

  1. News coming from Vali-e Asr street and central & north Tehran: despite of large group of militia and semi-militia forces presence in mentioned area which has made kind of "Curfew",there is some clashes between group of protesters and present forces specially conflicts around Vanak Sq reportedly are so severe.
  2. According to our journalist's reports from Tehran city,today in dozens points of Tehran including main squares and high traffic intersections specially in the area of Vali-e Asr intersection and Vali-e Asr Sq to Fatemi sq and from the end of Abbas Abad Street to Vanak sq , anti-riot police forces along with Basij and plain-clothes forces can be seen every where that some eye witnesses even reported number of them in some cases are more than 20 June.
  3. Also witnesses have informed us of several police and anti-riot automobiles and dozens of plain-clothes forces in front of Ministry of Interior in Fatemi street and in front of IRIB in Vali-e Asr street.Official reports also have reported of Mehdi Karoubi's presence in protesters gathering at the end of Abbas Abad street and intersection of Vali-e Asr.
  4. Available reports collection indicates , since 5pm about 2 thousands people have gathered in Vanak sq and in silence .They don't chant any slogans.The large number of militia and semi-militia forces prevented people to do more than walking till 7 pm when the population had reached about 5 thousands.Basij and anti-riot forces attacked people with their batons and pushed people to south of Vali-e Asr street .
  5. Based on this reports, at this time over thousands of people while were chanting in Vali-e Ast street moved from Vanak square towards south. and it was while group of people had gathered at Vali-e Asr sq , Fateni Sq and around Sa'iee park.But just minutes later Basij cyclists and anti-riot police attacked protesters and beaten up everyone in pedestrian road.
  6. There are some news available that states on clashes between protesters with police and Basij and both groups throwing stones towards each other.Some reports indicate around Haqani highway and Jahan Koudak intersection are some conflicts.Same reports are coming from Vali-e Asr and Hafez street's intersection.
  7. There are some more news about firing tear-gas in Vali-e Asr street around Vanak sq and also burning the plastic garbage bins to neutralize the effect of tear-gas.some anti-riot and Basij forced have been seen while they were moving towards Vanak and Vali-e Asr squares.Around Fatemi sq to the beginning of Motahari street also severe conflicts have been reported.
  8. News received from Azadi sq : A spontaneous group of people and without any scheduled date have gathered and have moved towards enqelab sq.In some other points from central and south of Tehran including Jomhouri street and Nazi Abad roundabout also has been reported unrest .
  9. Meanwhile news reaches that between 7 and 9 pm at lots of highways and main intersections such as Parkway, Vali-e Asr intersection , Azadi and Navab intersection , Keshavarz Blvd, Shahid Beheshti St, Haqani, Molla Sadra , Chamran and etc have been a high traffic jam . In lots of high traffic points of Tehran also car horns can be heard which is a symbol of protest .
  10. Reports also show that women and girls like 1.5 months ago were participated in demonstration and protests in large number and were so active and Leading.
Some of today's slogans which were chanting by protesters are as follows :

Crime government / shame on you ,shame on you Happy Validation of cheat(fraud)/Happy Fraud , Crime / Happy validation to you Dictator ,be ashamed / leave the country Death to dictator Dictatorship leader / shame on you, shame on you Coup government /resign ,resign Iranian dies / won't accept contempt Confession, torture /don't have effect anymore

We don’t want your crocodile tears; we don’t want the state of Mesbah 30 year of lies, tricks and robbery

  • A new list of detainees during the recent weeks
A news list of arrested people, some confirmed and others with no news of their situation has been published to be sent to human right organizations and also for public information.

1- Saeed Sadr, 26 year old bachelor in social sciences, was arrested while he was being beaten down and with bloody face around the Vanak area and has been transferred to Evin prison.

2- Amir Senjari, 28 year old was arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th at Hafte Tir sqr,Unknown captivity place

3- Seid Noor Hashemi 28 old, bachelor in psychology arrested on Mordad 8th around the Mosala area, unknown captivity place

4- Behzad Jafari, 25 year old high school diploma, arrested on Mordad 8th at Takhte Tavoos and was transferred to Evin prison

5- Houman Saberi, 25 year old, associate degree in agriculture arrested on Thursday Mordad 8th, Inknown captivity place

6- Vahid Soltani Poor, 24 year old computer science student arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Keshavarz BLVD transferred to Evin prison after being kept at police station 148 for two days

7- Faramarz Eshaghi 31 year old arrested on Friday Tir 26th at Enghelab Sqr and transferred to Evin prison

8- Mohammad Mehdi Shojaee, 24 Year old high school diploma arrested on Friday Tir 26th and was transferred to Evin prison

9- Mehdi Fatah, 18 year old, student arrested at Amir Abad on Thursday Tir 18th and transferred to Evin prison

10- Shahab Noori Moghadam, 29 year old diploma and cell phone maintenance arrested on Thursday tir 18th at Amir Abad and was transferred to Evin prison

11- Kamran Ziaie, 23 year old Math student arrested on Thursday Tir 8th at Enghelab Sqr and was transferred to Evin prison

12- Vahid Sarlak, 27 year old agricultural engineer arrested on Thursday Tir 18th and was transferred to Evin prison

13- Ali Esfandiary, 22 year old associate degree in computer science arrested on Saturday Khordad 30th and was transferred to Evin prison

List of people which we have no news of

1- Mahnaz Enaiati, arrested on Saturday Khordad 30th while she participated in peaceful demonstration

2- No news from Ali Falahati whom participated in peaceful demonstration on Khordad 30th

3- No news from Mostafa Shabestari since Khordad 30th

  • Accusation of connection with American intelligence against Mousavi’s brother-in-law
The website of center of IRI documentation which is being managed by Rohollah Hosainian has accused Mir Housain Mousavi’s brother-in-law.

According to this website: on Khordad 26th, Mr. Shahpoor Kazemi brother of Zahra Kzemi, known as Rahnavard; wife of Mr. Mir Housain Mousavi who has dual citizenship of Iran and Unite States was arrested while he was participating in public disturbance, setting two motorcycles on fire at Vanak Sqr, along with his lover Ms, Fateme Rahnama and a Monafegh (referring to member of Mojahedine Khalgh) whom was sentenced to 8 year in prison due to terrorist act.

  • Mojahedine Organization of Islamiv Rev.: Country is in slop of falling point!

Mojahedine of Islamic Republic of Iran in a harsh announcement in regard to Saturday’s unreal court; by insisting on in its unlawfully trial, said the result of this court will take the country in slop of falling. In this announcement they said:

Honorable people of Iran!
What you have been witnessed during the past two nights has been the trail and insult against the most honest, pour, noble, and educated characters of these country and is an obvious proof of unblessed transformation of desires of the Islamic Republic. Today, the responsible faces of this transformation are investigating the most honest and compassionate companion of the revolution (referring to 1979 revolution).

  • Mr. Ebrahim Nowroozi Gohari member of syndicate directors, Housain Gholami retired and member of defender of worker rights, Alireza Asgari member of active workers under the collaboration committee, along with Mohsen Hakimi were arrested at Chitger Park last year and were released on bail of house title were prosecuted on Sunday 05/04/1388 at 28th branch of the revolutionary court. They were dismissed at the same court after presenting the defense case.


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